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    Default LibberToon NWO Party

    LibberToon NWO Party


    Dear Al:

    The LibberToons are even more goofy than you figured. Recently,
    Harry Brown, the likely presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party
    said a number of stupid things concerning the wonderfulness of unrestricted
    Mexican immigration. A journalist named Don Feder from the Boston Herald
    of course made this LibberToon look ridiculous, with an article called
    "Goofy is a Libertarian" or something like that.

    I am trying to show LibberToons (my name for them) how ridiculous
    and idiotic and corrupt and treasonous they look to normal people.
    After all, if LibberToons really believed in the wonders of getting
    to live next to Mexicans or Chinese or Africans, then they would
    already live in Mexico City or Peking or Lagos Nigeria. But they are
    liars as well as fools.

    However, I think this article you wrote a while ago might well
    be what is necessary to show LibberToons why they are justly despised
    by most Americans. There are a few who might listen and grow up, if
    the consequences of their folly are explained to them.

    --Martin Lindstedt
    Missouri Reform Party Candidate for U.S. Senate




    LibberToon NWO Party

    by Powerstroke/Al

    A READER OF MY WEB PAGE sent me this email which was sent
    to him in reply to some questions he had asked about what the
    Libertarian Party (LP) stood for from a representative of the LP:
    Joseph W. Dehn III. Perhaps in the past you have thought the LP was a
    possible alternative to the big two parties. After reading this, if
    you are racially conscious at all you will no longer be interested
    in the snake oil that they are selling.

    When asked if he could clarify his position on immigration he replied:


    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Dehan/LibberToon Activist

    The LP favors allowing people who want to move to the US
    to do so, and elimination of any arbitrary barriers such as
    quotas by country of origin. The LP favors elimination of
    the "welfare" programs that you mention. This does not
    mean there would be "unlimited" immigration. Not
    everybody wants to live here. But migration is a natural
    process that has gone on throughout human history, and on
    the individual level the right of a particular person to live or
    work someplace -- any place where other individuals are
    willing to sell or rent him a place to live or hire him for a job
    -- should not be abridged by government.

    When asked about examples of how massive immigration results in a
    lower standard of living for native born Americans the reply was:


    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Dehan

    Changes in the labor structure of particular industries
    happen all the time, due to changes in production
    methods, demand for products, as well as changes in the
    availability of labor. Workers in a certain industry may find
    their job prospects or pay reduced, but on average it
    typically means an _increased_ standard of living for
    Americans overall. Remember that every new worker is
    also a new consumer. Remember that every reduction of
    costs means that consumers can buy more of that product
    or service for a lower price (on average, talking about real
    prices in terms of their wages, whatever may be
    happening to nominal prices due to inflation and such).
    Yes, specific people suffer, hopefully temporarily. But trying
    to make a policy that "protects" everybody's job from
    change at the local level is a recipe for economic
    stagnation at the national level.

    When having the fact pointed out that Americans have cut their birth
    rate to the zero growth level, and then being asked why should we not
    be able reap the benifits in our environement, quaility of schools and
    medical care, that a smaller population would allow, Mr. Dehn said:


    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Dehan
    (1) Because not everything the "zero population growth"
    people say is true -- but even if it were, the right question
    would then be how to limit overall population growth, not
    how to keep people from moving around.

    (2) Because it is a question of basic human rights. If I may
    answer a question with a question, please tell me this:
    Assuming you consider your local area already too
    crowded -- the traffic is getting annoying, the schools are at
    capacity and you can't find a quiet place in the park
    anymore -- would you favor a law saying that people from
    Chicago cannot move to your town? Would you favor a law
    saying people from Beijing cannot move to your town? If
    your answer to these two questions is different, why?

    When next asked about the children of immigrants who arrive to work
    today, and as to what their role would be in the area of jobs and
    educational oportunitys, in comparision with the role of the children of
    the native Americans here today, the reply was:


    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Dehn
    As has happened generation after generation in the past,
    their children will compete with your children for
    educational opportunities and good jobs in the future -- but
    there will be more educational opportunities and good jobs
    in the future, and everybody will be better off.

    Joseph W. Dehn III
    PO Box 2372
    Stanford, CA 94309
    Libertarian Party: the Partnership for a Free America


    Nothing like a cold shot of stupidity to wake you up in the morning eh?

    1. LP thinks that the limiting factor, and therefore the only
    consideration, as to whether people should be allowed to immigrate to
    the US is whether or not they "want to live here."

    This is a complete rejection of the idea of country and nation. It is a
    complete acceptance of the NWO agenda of destroying all the
    national boundaries of the earth. What it does is rob the United States
    citizens of their birthright. Just like the communists who nationalize
    private property so those who have earned more cannot pass it on to
    their children, these socialist minded people think that the blood that
    our fathers have shed for us, and the effort, creativity, and pure honest
    sweat they invested in our future counts for nothing, and is to be given
    to those who are not rightful heirs to this land.

    2. LP considers any barriers such as quotas to be "arbitrary."

    This is absurd on the face of it. Is a levy along a river bank arbitrary?
    Is a fence around your yard arbitrary? How about a fence around a
    prison? A desire to protect what is yours is neither arbitrary nor wrong.
    The asinine suggestion that you have no right to protect that which is
    yours, both individually and nationally, is arbitrary and contrary to all
    the United States history. This is a land of capitalism and of the right
    to the private ownership of property. That implies, by definition, that
    you have the right to defend what is rightfully yours. Our nation is
    rightfully ours and therefore we have a right to protect it with quotas
    or with guns if necessary!

    3. LP feels that citizens have no more right to their own country than

    Again this absurd idea flies in the face of what America was made to
    be, and what it has been throughout its history. The LP obviously has
    no concern or love for American historical thought. I wonder if Joseph
    W. Dehn III would object to a bunch of gypsies camping out in his back
    yard? Or perhaps if a drug gang purchased the house next door to his,
    and started plying their trade with his kids? I fail to see any difference
    between that and what he suggests, except he would be the one suffering
    instead of mainstream Americans.

    4. LP is completely unconcerned with the rise in crime, the lowering of
    security and quality of life for those who are American citizens when
    foreigners arrive in large quantities LP's only concern is whether
    someone will hire these aliens and rent to them.

    People hire and rent to illegals every day. Those illegal aliens clearly
    do not raise the standard of living of those around them and they do
    not create jobs or educational opportunities for anyone. Instead they
    disrupt the community, alter the schools to suit their own needs at the
    expense of the folks already attending the schools, and generally run
    the entire area down into a lower strata of human existence from
    where it was before. LP doesn't care.

    5. LP does not consider protection of the jobs, neighborhoods,
    security and happiness of the citizens of the United States to be of any
    concern of the US government.

    Protecting the borders of the US is the primary job of the US
    government. Welfare, social security, integration/desegregation,
    feminism, and education are not inside the sphere of tasks that were
    originally assigned the federal government. Protecting our borders
    as and is inside that sphere. LP has no understanding of the
    concepts of country, nation, and citizenship. Instead they have a
    communistic idea that the whole world is an equal brotherhood, and
    personal accomplishment is nothing, and should not be rewarded.
    According to LP, all citizens of the world are equal and have equal
    rights to all property and opportunity, and a nation of people has no
    right to pass the fruits of is own labor down to only its own children. It
    must instead, share them with the world. (Boy does this sound familiar!)

    6. The LP is so arrogant that it believes that the US should do the
    impossible -- set policy for the world, and "limit overall population
    growth" -- rather than the easily accomplished -- set policy for the US
    to control how foreigners "moving around" from their country into ours.

    Here we have the standard liberal ploy. They are always proclaiming
    an ideal (see WHY LIBERALISM FAILS ) that is a "utopia" that can
    never be in this world -- in this case, zero world population growth --
    while using pursuit of that "ideal" as justification for destroying an
    important and beautiful part of our way of life. (e.g., The oneness, and
    the harmonious meshing, of Americans who were born and raised in
    this country, living their lives in their own communities, safely, securely
    and happily.) LP throws away the rights of the citizen with a simple
    wave of the hand by calling the loss of the control of our borders
    merely, "allowing others to move around."

    7. The LP is skeptical that zero population growth is a real benefit, and
    if any such benefits are real, that US citizens should not reap those
    benefits, even though they achieved zero growth.

    More of the same. It is a clear indication that LP does not respect the
    right to own property or to pass the property down to your heirs.
    Instead all people have a right to all things. Karl Marx would love this
    organization. Lenin could use it to start up another revolution should he
    be alive to do so.

    8. The LP sees no real difference in a citizen of the US moving from
    one part of the country to another part of the country, and a citizen of
    Communist China moving from his country into our country.

    Again our country is not our own. It belongs to the world. All that we
    have is really the Chinese's as much as it is ours. The Mexicans
    should be given Los Angeles, just because the white man built it
    doesn't matter. LP thinks that building a country does not create a right
    to own the country. I ask again if Mr. Dehn would feel that way about
    his own house that he built? Does the bum down on skid row have as
    much right to Mr. Dehn's living room as does Mr. Dehn's family? How
    about if Mr. Dehn should die? Does his family have any right to inherit
    his property, or should it all be given to a nice family from Iraq?

    9. The LP refuses to see that in all areas where large scale nonwhite
    immigration has occurred, the standard of living has gone down, the
    crime rate has gone up and the final result is always negative. There
    are no additional jobs, and there are no additional educational
    benefits for the native born Americans from immigration.

    I would be willing to bet that members of the LP are not willing to move
    their families into neighborhoods where foreign born nonwhite families
    are the majority. Yet they lie to us all and say that diversity is a
    wonderful thing, when they prove by their own actions that they know

    They are zeroing in on your country and mine folks. They hate the white
    side of America and they are doing all they can to wipe it out. Time is
    growing short.

    Home: http://www.ilovewhitefolks.com/TOC.html

    Originally posted on Mon May 22, 2000 5:29 am

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    Default Goofy May Be a Libertarian

    Goofy May Be a Libertarian

    The Boston Herald
    May 15, 2000
    Don Feder


    The Libertarian Party is having its national nominating convention at the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim, Calif., from June 30 to July 3.

    But there's a much better site in the same city Disneyland.

    What could be more fitting for these laissez-faire visionaries than to convene in the theme park's Fantasyland? Goofy might even be available for their national ticket.

    I recently sat down with the man who will likely be the party's presidential candidate this year (as he was in 1996), Harry Browne. An author and investment guru, Browne is charming, articulate and, well, about what you'd expect of a Libertarian ideologue.

    The party boasts that there are "over 270 Libertarians serving in public office" nationwide. But its highest elected official currently is a Vermont state legislator. Of course, there is also Art Olivier, who served one term as mayor pro tem of Bell Flower, Calif. Based on his resume, Olivier is now running for the party's vice presidential nomination.

    In 1996, Browne drew 485,120 votes. As the candidate of the Green Party (which wants to repeal the Industrial Revolution), Ralph Nader pulled in 651,771 votes.

    Still, I'm surprised Browne did as well as he did. I have to assume that most of those half-million voters didn't read the party's platform and were unaware of the nominee's more exotic stands. Libertarians have taken a good idea opposition to bullying government and turned it into a crusade for a utopian agenda.

    The party's ideal society could exist only in the realm of theory. Its platform calls for "the elimination of all restrictions on immigration." If 50 million Mexicans chose to move to California and Texas, resulting in chaos and the obliteration of national identity, why should that concern Libertarians?

    If these new Americans (then constituting a majority in the states where they settle) wanted to secede and reunite the territory with Mexico, presumably Libertarians would not stand in their way.

    The party's position on national defense is equally loony. In a Browne presidency, no American soldier would set foot on foreign soil. "What if China invaded Taiwan?" I asked. None of our business, he replied. Well, what if it invaded Mexico? In that case, Browne said he'd fortify our southern border and await an invasion.

    Is there never a role for alliances or the use of U.S. forces abroad? According to Browne, even our involvement in World War II was a mistake. The Nazis and Japanese posed no direct threat to us, Browne claims (a la Pat Buchanan).

    Libertarian aversion to government often leads to strange dichotomies. Browne assumes "life begins at conception." He believes Washington should be neutral on abortion. (Roe vs. Wade was "an example of judicial activism at its worst.") Sound reasoning.

    Abortion policy should be set by states, Browne says. However, "Do I believe the states should outlaw abortion?" the Libertarian rhetorically asks. "I do not."

    I said, "You assume that the unborn child is human life, but you don't think government at any level should act to protect that life? What about laws against murder?"

    Browne doesn't think much of them, either (look at all the murders despite the law) though he hastens to add that he's not calling for their repeal.

    A Libertarian government would consist of open borders, no troops abroad, no alliances and the repeal of laws against prostitution and drugs. If someone on crack cocaine kills your family, you can go to your private arbitration agency for adjudication.

    Impractical? Delusional? Let's just say that if there were Libertarians in the Third Reich, they would have probably been drawing up plans to privatize the autobahns when the Gestapo arrived to take them away.


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    Default Libertarianism -- The Jewish Substitute For Sanity

    Libertarianism -- The Jewish Substitute For Sanity


    "Libertarianism" stands as a devilish master-stroke among the many Jewish control measures to which we are subjected. It's a hobby which was invented by Alice Rosenbaum ("Ayn Rand") and a whole bunch of other Jews -- just exactly in time to fill the idle hours of that emerging portion of the White intelligentsia which had seen through Jewish TV and the Jewish one-party political system. That was close! Thinkers who might have otherwise become dangerous to Jews have now been diverted into endless pilpul, insane, hair-splitting Talmudic argument -- theoretical discussion about how many free markets could dance on the head of a pin if everyone acted just like educated White people. Oops! Since these are not racists -- racists-they-are-not! -- they can never speak that essential truth. There are only 14 million Jews in the whole world -- they have not the numbers to do anything but divide other groups, subdivide them, and divide them again in this manner, sending everyone running off in a thousand nonproductive directions while Jews cleave to the One Commandment -- Is It Good For Jews?

    Libertarians really are lost in the Jewish science fiction novels which they seem to like so well. Their Utopia, their make-believe world is somehow anarchic yet orderly, a glittering construct of financial towers with solar-powered gliders flitting around -- something like Blade Runner with free needles, and pay no mind to the concrete benches with that hump in the middle so that the homeless can't lay down. Here, a bedazzled Lew Rockwell ascends into the sky, buoyed up on a cloud of Blue Light Specials. A genuine Jew could do no better -- what a phony display, what a grasping at straws! He sticks a smiley-face on the shattering fact that consumer spending is all that's holding the American economy together. The man affects to be as open-mouthed in awe over some lousy department store as would be an aborigine shoved into a space station. He pretends to be absolutely beside himself at the sight of a Wal-Mart stuffed with Chinese-made plastic dish drainers and annoying "Have A Nice Day" decorations for women to put over perfectly good doorknobs. The right of the people to buy refrigerator magnets shaped like Doberman Pinschers shall not be infringed!

    He takes you by the elbow and ushers you into Tomorrowland as though you were a sixth-grader on a field trip. "Look at the stunning availability of a huge range of consumer goods at very low prices. Note too that such an array would be inconceivable without the work of international trade." What a lie! It's not as though all of those air conditioners and telephones hadn't been invented by White people in the first place, and hadn't previously been made by White people for White people, to the benefit of a stable and prosperous White community. All we are seeing today is fervid, bug-like Oriental copycopycopying of the White man's infrastructure and inventions. From highways to medicines to air travel -- right down to the T-shirts and sneakers and baseball caps which flood Rockwell's beloved discount outlets -- everything, everywhere, that is more recent than stone pyramids for human sacrifice is undeniably the White man's work.

    Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day -- yet White people produced more genuinely useful innovations in 300 years than any other race did in 30,000 years. However, it is crucial to the Jewish version of events that this tremendous, earth-shaking fact never be mentioned. Whites cleared the trees and leveled the land and made the bricks and built the school -- and now Mrs. Goldsteinmanbergwitz comes tripping into the room, click-click-click, brandishing her chalk and ready to hold forth, to teach us a Jewish lesson! These Rockwells consider our blackboard on our wall to be their tabula rasa, their "blank slate" upon which to re-vise, re-invent, re-make their version of other people's history! The carpeting and climate control and fluorescent lighting were always, well, just...sort of...there...

    These Libertarians are worse than cargo cultists. The simple New Guineans who constructed and worshiped straw DC-3 airplanes were merely hoping for further air-drops of the White man's toilet paper, aspirin, and canned corned beef, but Rockwell, with no better excuse than a wobbly-wheeled, squeaking shopping cart full of gimcracks, is blasting the Jewish trumpet of tikkun olam -- "re-making the world," unbidden -- until all cover their bleeding ears and stumble away deafened. My, some people come cheap! What kind of pathetic excuse for a White man points to racks of baggy pants and shelves full of brightly colored things for Negroes to stick in their hair as justification for the dissolution of a White nation? Lew Rockwell. "Average people" love what's going on, he claims -- as "president" of some "institute" named after some big Jew or other, he'd surely know -- and the only thing wrong is that huge, anational corporations aren't on the U.N. Security Council! With his stomach full, his behind warm, and his feet planted firmly on the surface of another planet, he decries the "tendency on the part of everyone to judge a historical moment by our own daily affairs" -- i.e., whether or not we have food to eat or a place to stay. No jobs left here? Get out! "Emigration [will become] a more viable option for American workers -- there are always and everywhere jobs to do." Cleaning toilets in Gabon?

    Rockwell is assisting a mugging. He's advising the victim not to make a fuss. "The quality of life in these distant lands is increasing in ways that would have been unimaginable even a decade ago...[this means] more revenue for the governments of [countries like China and India], which, if driven to build up militaries to fend off U.S. political influence, could eventually challenge the supremacy of the U.S. in world public affairs." In other words, "Put yo' wallet down on de sidewalk and back away befo' Ah gits violen'." What's in it for you, White man? That toilet job. Oh, how these Libertarians -- these Jews and their willing shabbas goyim -- hate the White West. The lip service which they pay to "Western Civilization" -- from whence flows everything they affect to value -- is merely temporizing. As befits the product of an ancient tribe of wanderers who survive by sticking together while atomizing all other groups, it's jingo without a land to refer to -- a waving of the flag-that-is-no-flag of "Individualism," just attractive, idle, time-wasting talk about "freedom." This sprinkling of stars into your eyes keeps you distracted while the Yids wreck the place -- and wreck it they do.

    "Americans thought" -- note the past tense Rockwell selects -- "of themselves as a self-contained people with a nationally bound culture and economy...trends on this scale...[will soon render that impossible.]" Again, there are only 14 million Jews, so they compensate mightily, always referring to themselves as though they were a natural force -- the proverbial Jewish Whirlwind, some huge, unstoppable storm. "Trends on this scale..." How well servant Rockwell has learned his masters' copybook formula! He makes us laugh. People like him even make Jews laugh. "Frayer!" What a sucker!

    Lew parrots the standard Semitic canard that's used to justify every Jewish assault. "America is not a nation, but an idea" -- to wit, "a decline in the power, might, and influence of the US is not the same thing as a decline in America." This is repeated over and over again -- yet cannot qualify as an article of faith because these people do not believe it themselves. Chaos is their goal. It's vastly profitable. The normal, straightforward White has, until now, had trouble grasping the Jewish precept of "It doesn't matter whether [something] is moving up or down as long as it's moving." Disorder, disarray, and uncertainty all serve to shake coinage out of pockets -- and the instantaneous and unerring ability to snatch up a loose nickel is what distinguishes the Jew from superior species. Similarly, Rockwell's obeisance to the Hebraic market-god renders him incapable of getting his nose out of the cash register long enough to even look up at the fellow Whites he has chosen to disown -- after all, his next paycheck's in there.

    As Col. Jeff Cooper says, "In view of this queasy multiculturalism with which we are continually affronted, it occurs to us that Western Europeans gave the world to the human race, and there is nothing harder to forgive than a favor." Forgive? Ha! Rockwell will never even acknowledge this salient fact -- one of the many facts upon which our resurgent, vital White Nationalism is based.

    -- Chuck Pearson

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