I'm Taking a Stand

-- On Klunt's Skanky Stanky


I have recently finished doing new audio recordings of the series [misnomered] 'Why We Hate Jews.' Actually, me and Klunt Downey loves them jews, especially the murderous Jersey City Spic-Killer Pig, Rabbi MildSwill Finckelsheenie, the papist preterist and claimer that the Canaanite Phoenicians were "Israelites." "Israelites like the Sephardic melungeon Jeromy Visser, ha, ha, ha. Most of it remained the same except for the one on race mixing, which I expanded upon without comment as to the racial origins of Bryan Reo /SwordBrethren / Ol'Niggerlips the Mamzer from Mentor. Here is an excerpt, which should be a great concern to our Christian Identity community, at least the No-Devil Sapphiracy of Klunt nitwits. We have always been plagued with riff raff and the lunatic fringe and terciary syphilis and venereal warts and herpes and even useful idiots doing the bidding of jewish disinformation (a good example would be the largely mythical Paul bashers, except for Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts from Tupelo Mississippi who doesn't like what Paul said about the cunts yapping in Congregation and bossing men. I love it when my bevy of pancake-titted former sexual mascots from my Klucker daze tells me what to do). Our foundational message has always been firmly established in the racial truths found in the Word. That does not mean that we should let our guard down whenever someone starts down the slippery slope of universalism, having a higher unbiblical regard for non-Whites than what they deserve. Of course us No-Debbie-el Sapphiracy of Klunticum-overcummers don't believe the parts from Genesis Chapter Three to Revelations Chapter 20 wherein the Devil/Satan is mentioned because we prefer to claim that evil cums from bad men with bad intentions. We all could be saved if only all would worsheep Klunt's skanky stanky like I do, a mattoid meercat in Klunticums nasty burrow furrow. In fact, I am of the opinion that such voices in our midst should be resolutely rebuked, if not excommunicated by sound teachings and common sense. I would bitch about this more if it wasn't for the fact that since I'm a big fucking meercat pussy who would get itz meercat ass stomped if I went out of the safety of Klunt's pussy, or $permFront or MildSwill Finckelsheenie's Gonnerrheadegenerous I'd be chirrrr-chrrrrrr-chrrrrring away face to face and risking my fat gelded ass. Let the Word of Klunt Downey and Gerda Koch be a reproof of their doublemindedness and hypocrisy. By no means should they be given the credibility of representing Christian Identity. Not that I have any credibility whatsoever outside my own protected forum ghettos of $permFart and Finckelsheeniedegenerous.

I am increasingly becoming more and more angry with those who call themselves Christian Identity pastors who betray the foundation of our movement. If this shit cuntinues, why, I'm going to venture out, like a fat little meercat, from the safety of Debbie 'Klunt' Downey's pancake-titted burrow furrow and chrrrrr-chrrrrrr-chrrrrr aloud to D-g about the injewstice of it all that nobody takes me and muh pretensions seriously. Instead of being firmly "No Devil" Sapphiracy of Klunt in the mold of the kikess Gerda Koch, they scurry to and fro like whiggers with overt flirtations and absurd platitudes that can only be seen as the philosophical thinking of universalism, removing themselves from the clear admonitions of Scripture outside Genesis Chapter Three to Revelations Chapter 20 prohibiting the permutations of the joys of race mixing and rump rangering with SwordMamzer and Spictor Sphinctor. Iíll give you some examples of the sins of others. I very rarely give names of offenders, since they are likely to whup muh meercat ass and bringing up the fact that I'm a "No Devil" ass-clown that run off with the Washington State Klan sexual mascot but this is all happening much too frequently, raising red flags, and it must be addressed, lest these shameful utterances should, God forbid, become accepted as normal Christian Identity standards. Not that I have any authority or standing within Christian Identity circles but rather am forced to the margins due to my past and present misconduct, cowardice, stupidity and hypocrisy. My self-serving and witless comments in brackets.




Eli James / jewseph Stalin Kutz-November is at the top of the list with so many universalists ideas stacking up against him, that he should no longer be considered a representative of Godís racial message like the Ashkenazi jew MildSwill Finckelsheenie can. He has proclaimed that a person can have 15% jewish blood and still be considered White. 16% - not an Israelite; 15% - gets a free pass. Are we really that stupid? Don't answer that!!! William Finck, the murderous Jersey City jewboy, did a program on 3-16-13 titled ĎThe Universalism of Eli Jamesí documenting Eliís disgraceful departure (from CI standards) from audio recordings advocating universalism. The exhibits presented were by William Finck and the racial mongrel Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren without stinting on the personal attacks and yet Eli has responded, not to his own words, but ad hominens to his critics. How dare that Sephardic jewboy get above us absconders of the former sexual mascots and worsesheepers of our Ashkenazi masters. Itís like when we quote jewish sources revealing damning evidence, weíre accused of antisemitism. Here is the link to Finckelsheenie's hit piece again:


Dan Johns and His Lap-Dancing Serial Polygamist Squaw Poker-hottt-ass Johns


Daniel Johns aka ĎPastor Daní was recently exposed from his own prideful displays on Facebook, thanks to the patient treachery of Rabbi Finckelsheenie storing them until unleashed on Finckelsheenie's server with photo after photo of his mongrel wife at an adult Halloween party, inclusive of non-Whites and lots of liquor. He denies any wrongdoing.

Dave Barley has been regurgitating the nonsensical universalism of Ďthe reconciliation of all thingsí for years, but his most recent bipolar newsletter (Feb/March í13), quoted verbatim here, goes over the edge and into the abyss by saying, ďI do want it understood that I am not against racially mixed people [so heís not against Obama, who epitomizes the mongrel in our midst?]. What happened to them is not their fault. It was the fault of their parents [what if the parents were racially mixed?]. Now they can be bitter and angry about this, or, they can seek the healing, leading power of the Holy Spirit and seek to be an instrument of healing truth and Biblical understanding . . . I am not saying, nor do I believe that we cannot witness the good news of Jesus Christ to the other races . . . I have lovingly, kindly, and patiently witnessed the Gospel of Christ to many dark skinned people, and will happily do so whenever the opportunity presents itself.Ē Well, isnít that special? Not to mention that he has a beaner wife and mongrel spawn of D-g that eat chili peppers all day and night long. He pretends to be a sort of "CI" Mormon and the beaner wife and spawn are "Lamanites. Apparently after all these years, he doesnít have a clue about who it is that the great commission was assigned to and for. Even more unforgivable, as a Gerda Kochite "No Devil" baal-priest he has a bigger coongregation than me and Klunt do. And he wasn't ordained by an unholey mixture of Crisco Oil, Jergen's Lotion and Klunt stanky like me after Lyin' Larry Blanchard run off from Port Orchard to Tennessee in 2002.

There was another pastor who sent out an email last week asking if anybody knew anything about some guy that wanted him on his internet radio program for a debate. It sounded like he might have some scruples. It took me about 2 minutes to google the name and discover that the guy was black. So I emailed him back and told him itís a nigger! ... thinking that would be the end of that. But, I heard that he went ahead and did the show anyway. Evidently, his scruples didnít have anything to do with race. Are we that dysfunctional that we give more than crumbs that fall from our Masterís table? Here, have another slice of bread of life, can I butter it for you with a hunka-hunka Klunt coontang stanky?

Thereís much more, but I think you get the point. Houston, we have a problem. We have a race mixing problem when our own pastors are doing the mixing and self righteously deny giving that which is holy to the dogs. Not dipping theyz wicks in Klunt's holey stanky. Not acknowledging that I'm a sacred baal-priest. Making fun of my pretensions when everyone else knows my past criminal and sexual history. It goes without saying that when you cast your pearls before swine, meaning the unclean heathen, they will turn and rend you, they will try to harm you. Not that anyone wants anything to do with Klunt now that her big tits have gone flat and her nasty ol' barren coosh hath a discharge. This is one pulpit that will never deny the exclusivity of Israel and Godís exclusion of the other races in His plan of the ages. Otherwise, the aforementioned pastors have no right to claim a Kinsman Redeemer; until such time that jewish inspired universalism is repented of. You do know that me and Klunt will go ass-to-mouth with known jews like the Finnish jew Richard Niemela in order to censor real Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pastors like Willie Martin and Mad Dog Marty Lindstedt, don't you? Well, we will. And then we get jew-bit. But we hate Dual-Seedline Christian Identity even more than we love jews.

I posted this on Stormfront today in the CI forum. Someplace where me and Klunt get to censor real Dual-Seedline Christian Identity men because Milton-Munster Don Black and David Duck got sum Klunt stanky back in the day and where ZOGbots are permitted to run wild. I would suggest that similar stands be taken by other forums that don't much really care about the racial integrity of the Christian Identity movement, given that we like to claim that our select mamzers are white. 'A little bit of leaven, leaveneth the whole lump.' We must be vigilant watchmen on the wall.

Pastor Meercat Mark Downey
Gerda Kochite Baal-priest of the Sapphiracy of Klunt