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Thread: Pastor Lindstedt 4 Meyer of Granby

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    Default Pastor Lindstedt 4 Meyer of Granby

    Pastor Lindstedt 4 Meyer of Granby


    Instead of running for Municipal jewdge against Steve White, this year I decided to run for Meyer of Granby, especially since that bitch Donna Fullerton decided to pass on it.

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    Default Full election results

    Full election results


    Carl Brand casts his vote Tuesday afternoon at the polling place located at New-Mac Electric.


    Votes then Percent
    Precincts counted (of 22) 22 100.00
    Registered voters – total 35,066
    Ballots cast – total 2,749
    Voter turnout – total 7.84

    Neosho R-5 School District
    Jonathan Russell 410
    David Pevahouse 154
    William G. Weber 384
    Mike Stauffer 539

    Seneca R-7 School District
    Vote for 2
    Lee Hall 386
    Suzanne Brown 348
    Roger Robertson 292
    Frank Ikerd 286

    East Newton R-VI School District
    Vote for 2
    Vicky Rawlins 433
    Mark Knight 486
    Keith Guinn 445

    Martin L.D. Lindsted 47

    East Newton School Bond Issue
    Yes 306
    No 468

    McDonald County R-1 School District
    Vote for 2
    Chris A. Smith. . .789 36.80
    Frank Woods . . . .830 38.71
    Camille Graves. . 517 24.11

    McDonald County School Bond Issue
    Yes 1,015 76.26
    No 316 23.74

    Anderson East Alderman
    Gene Cantrell 101 99.02

    Anderson West Alderman
    Chester Neel 37 97.37

    Goodman Mayor
    Greg Richmond 81 65.32
    J.R. Fisher 43 34.68

    Goodman Tax Collector
    Dawn Bunch 105 99.06

    Goodman North Alderman
    Crystal Vaughan 11 14.47
    Kristin Lett 21 27.63
    Alice Wilson Kezar 44 57.89

    Goodman South Alderman
    Bill Hess 40 97.56

    Noel Mayor
    John D. Lafley 58 41.13
    Steve Kelly 32 22.70
    Lewis Davis 39 27.66
    Maurice Haney 10 7.09

    Noel City Collector
    Nancy Irish 126 99.21
    Noel Marshall
    Paul Gardner 81 60.90

    Noel North Alderman
    Linda Glendenning. . . 22 100.00

    Noel South Alderman 2 YR
    Tammy White 48 92.31

    Noel South Alderman 1 YR Unexp.
    William Rose 40 88.89
    Noel West Alderman 2 YR
    Faye Davis 36 73.47

    Noel West Alderman 1 YR Unexp.
    Genaro Salas 8 42.11
    Nancy Zoerlin 1 5.26
    Gary Poynor 1 5.26
    David Cristie 1 5.26
    Lonnie Huckaby 1 5.26
    Don Amos Jr. 1 5.26
    Warren Penn 1 5.26

    Noel West Alderman 1 YR Unexp.
    John Bunch 1 5.26
    Lonnie Stetina 1 5.26
    Sherry Shurback 1 5.26
    Almeda Freeman 1 5.26

    Pineville North Alderman
    Jim Gray 17 23.94
    Larry W. Henson 15 21.13
    Gregg Sweeten 39 54.93

    Pineville South Alderman
    Ann Crowder-Sani 30 96.77

    Diamond R-IV School District
    Vote for 2
    Beth Nickolaisen 204 28.06
    John Littlefield 172 23.66
    Max Struewing 82 11.28
    Chris Macy 265 36.45

    Westview C-6 School District
    Vote for 2
    Max Drake 32 48.48
    Michele Babbitt 21 31.82
    Amber Haase 13 19.70

    City of Neosho Councilman
    Vote for 2
    Steve P. Hart 297 47.83
    Tom Workman 298 47.99
    City of Diamond Mayor
    Shane Hunter 83 57.24

    City of Stark City Trustee
    ack N. Cook 14 50.00
    Gene Stickler 14 50.00

    City of Granby Mayor
    Ronald L. Arnall (RL). . .104 34.44
    Craig W. Hopper . . . .98 32.45
    Paul Ferguson . . . . . . 90 29.80
    Martin Lindsted . . . . . .5 1.66

    City of Granby Municipal Judge
    Steve White 278 99.29

    City of Granby City Collector
    Sharon Stephenson . . .201 67.45
    George Kelly . . . . . . .. . . .97 32.55

    City of Diamond City Councilman E. Ward 2 YR
    Billie Jo Hardy 49 96.08

    City of Diamond City Councilman W. Ward 2 YR
    Brenda Schmitt 70 76.09
    Jennifer A. Towe 21 22.83

    City of Fairview Councilman N. Ward
    Florence Belt 13 100.00

    City of Fairview Councilman S. Ward
    Pam McNee 14 87.50

    City of Granby For Alderman N. 2 YR
    Travis Gamble 55 48.67
    Melinda Stribling 58 51.33

    City of Granby For Alderman S. Ward
    Ira Hawkins 165 98.21

    City of Seneca Alderman Ward 1 2 YR
    BJ Baca 15 16.13
    Bob Wilson 60 64.52
    Donald Ackerson 18 19.35

    City of Seneca Alderman Ward 2 2 YR
    Cecil Vance 53 52.48
    Skyler Jones 14 13.86
    Bruce Jeffers . . . . . . .33 32.67

    City of Seneca Alderman Ward 3 2 YR
    Hack Zane 70 95.89

    Town of Linda For Trustee
    Vote for 2
    Bruce Anderson . . . . .86 34.40
    Denny Holdgrafer. . . .83 33.20
    Douglas Reid . . . . . . . . 27 10.80
    Robert W. Maples . . . . .48 19.20

    Village of Newtonia Trustee Vote for 2
    Arlinda Riggs 19 52.78
    Dale Landreth 17 47.22

    Village of Stella Trustee Vote for 3
    Bill Alsop 14 35.00
    Betty Jean Bishop. . .14 35.00
    Peggy Clarkson . . .12 30.00

    Village of Ritchey Trustee 2 YR Vote for 2

    Tamara D. McDonnell. . . .17 48.57
    Jerry Hawkins . . . . . .18 51.43

    Village of Ritchey Trustee 1 YR
    Vote for 2
    Lewis L. Marion 18 51.43
    Carolyn Marion 17 48.57

    Seneca Special Road District Road Commissioner 3 YR
    Gale Webb 228 42.38
    Robert (Bob) Murray. . .190 35.32
    S. Dale Ramsey . . 116 21.56

    Seneca Area Fire Protection District Board of Directors 6 YR
    Roy Lankford . . . 206 99.04

    Seneca Area Fire Protection District Board of Directors 4 YR unexp.
    Rayma L. Hinz . . .. . . 65 35.52
    Brook A. Leonard . . .118 64.48


    The Neosho Daily Douche

    All the ZOGling-Approved Shit That Sorta Fits We Print

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    Default DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt Finishes Fourth In Granby Mayoral Race And In East Newton R-VI School Board Race

    DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt Finishes Fourth In Granby Mayoral Race And In East Newton R-VI School Board Race


    American Nazi Party Chairman Rocky Suhayda has literally been begging white racialists to run for elective office as a more conventional and credible means of activism. Specifically, he has urged white racialists to target local races, preferably running "under the radar".

    One resident of Granby, Missouri has been doing that for years, and he did it again in 2013. Dual Seedline Christian Identity Pastor Martin Lindstedt, who runs the Christian Nationalist Forum, decided to run for both a two-year term as mayor of Granby and a three-year term on the East Newton School Board. Here are the results from the Neosho Daily News:

    Granby Mayor:
    -- Ronald L. Arnall (RL): 104 votes, 34.44 percent
    -- Craig W. Hopper: 98 votes, 32.45 percent
    -- Paul Ferguson: 90 votes, 29.80 percent
    -- Martin L.D. Lindstedt: 5 votes, 1.66 percent

    East Newton R-VI School District:
    -- Vicky Rawlins: 433
    -- Mark Knight: 486
    -- Keith Guinn: 445

    -- Martin L.D. Lindstedt: 47

    The "Daily Douche" couldn't even spell Lindstedt's name right in their report, omitting the "t" at the end.

    Lindstedt discussed his candidacies from time to time on the twice-weekly Da Dik-Dik Show, which he hosts on Talkshoe under the nom de guerre of Dick Reltney. While he didn't delve into many specifics except to say that as a school board member, he would work to get illegal aliens out of the school and mandate head lice checks periodically, his mayoral candidacy may have been prompted by a dispute he had with the city of Granby over one of his properties. In December 2011, city council members were asked to bring a list of addresses deemed as unsightly locations in the city. They listed about 20 total locations, including a property Lindstedt owns across the street from his house. Lindstedt subsequently approached the city council to dispute the findings and to discuss the possibility of suing the city. Lindstedt acknowledged several times on his Talkshoe show that he expected to finish last in both races.

    It seems like the school board route is more promising for him than the mayoral route.


    Posted by Anchorage Activist at 2:03 PM Wednesday, April 03, 2013


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    Default Tuesday marks deadline to file for city, school board positions across Missouri

    Tuesday marks deadline to file for city, school board positions across Missouri

    By Susan Redden news@joplinglobe.com
    January 18, 2014


    JOPLIN, Mo. — Tuesday is the filing deadline for most candidates seeking to fill posts on city councils and school boards in Missouri.

    Voters will decide the contests April 8, but among many cities and school districts in the region, competitions for those offices is limited.

    Filing closed Tuesday, Jan. 14, for City Council seats in Joplin, where nine candidates are seeking five council vacancies. Candidates for general council posts are Trisha Raney and Mike Woolston, both incumbents, and Jim West, Harvey Hutchinson, Miranda Lewis and Ryan Stanley.

    In Zone 4, the incumbent, Mike Seibert, is challenged by an incumbent who currently holds a general seat, Jack Golden. One incumbent, Gary Shaw in Zone 1, is unopposed.

    The filing deadline is 5 p.m. Tuesday for other vacancies, including the seats to be decided on the Joplin School Board.

    Eight people — two incumbents and six challengers — had filed as of Friday for three open seats on the board. The incumbents are Randy Steele and Jeff Flowers, and challengers are Shawn McGrew, Lynda Banwart, Jeffry Koch, David Guilford, Debbie Fort and Shane Reed.

    Incumbent Phil Willcoxon, who has served since April 2008, has said he doesn’t intend to file for re-election.


    In Carthage, incumbents are the only filers thus far for posts on the council and school board. While all three school board incumbents are seeking additional terms, there currently are some council posts that are lacking candidates.

    Candidates for Carthage School Board are incumbents Tony Diggs, Elizabeth Streich and Jeff Jones.

    In Carthage city races, the only candidates who have filed thus far are Mayor Mike Harris, who has filed for re-election, and Jason Shelfer, for re-election to a 5th Ward council post. Other council seats up for election are those held by Kirby Newport, 1st Ward; Donald McLaughlin, 2nd Ward; John Studebaker, 3rd Ward; and Lee Carlson, 4th Ward. Newport and Carlson have picked up filing paperwork, according to Lynn Campbell, city clerk.


    In Neosho, one incumbent and two other candidates have filed so far for the three vacancies to be determined on the Neosho School Board. Candidates are Brett Day, a board incumbent, Kim Wood and Keri Collinsworth. Caroline Perigo and Lynn Otey also hold board seats set to expire with the April vote.

    Residents will be deciding only one seat on the Neosho City Council. Charles Collinsworth, a council incumbent, has filed along with Heather Bowers, a former council member.


    So far in Webb City, races have developed for the mayor’s post and for one council seat.

    Mayor John Biggs has filed for re-election and is facing a challenge from Randy Cahoon.

    In Ward 3, Cynthia Young is challenging incumbent Jerry Fisher. Other candidates are Ray Edwards, 1st Ward; Don Darby, 2nd Ward; and Bill Otter, 4th Ward. Edwards and Darby also are incumbents; the 4th Ward post currently is held by Gene Mense.

    The only candidates who have filed for Webb City School Board are the three incumbents — Jeanne Newby, David Collard and William Roderique.


    Incumbents also represent the only candidates for Carl Junction City Council. Those who have filed thus far are Don Marshall, 1st Ward; Tim Smith, 2nd Ward; Mark Powers, 3rd Ward; and Roger Spencer, 4th Ward.

    Four people are vying for three posts on the Carl Junction School Board. Candidates are incumbents Lisa Knutzen, Glenn Coltharp and Claudia Cox, and challenger Travis Spencer.

    Filing closes at 5 p.m. at city halls or school board offices in each community or district.

    If there are no more than three candidates for the three vacancies to be filled on school boards, districts are not required to hold school board elections. Cities still are required to hold elections whether or not there are contests for council seats.

    [Jasper] COUNTYWIDE

    In addition to city and school board races, filing also closes Tuesday for seats on the Jasper County Emergency Services Board.

    The posts of board chairman and three directors will be decided. Jeffrey Fries has filed as board chairman and Tim Wilson and Ron Brewer both have filed for re-election as Western District directors.

    One Eastern District post now held by Fries will be decided. The chairman’s post, a countywide position, is currently held by Jerry Neil. Candidates must file at the elections office in the Carthage courthouse.

    All the shit unfit to print


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    Default Granby raises sewer rates for repair work

    Granby raises sewer rates for repair work

    Charge goes into effect with February billing

    BY ALLIE HINGA, ahinga@joplinglobe.com
    Joplin Globe, Thursday January 15, 2015


    GRANBY, Mo. — The city of Granby is hiking sewer rates to run, repair and rejuvenate its wastewater system.

    The Board of Aldermen voted this week to raise the base rate for sewer charges from $20 to $28 for the first 1,000 gallons of water usage — a 40 percent increase — and the rate after that from $2.22 to $4.15 per 1,000 gallons of water usage over that first 1,000 gallons — an 87 percent increase. The charge will go into effect for February billing.

    “While it is a rather marked increase in rates, this is the level that we think is going to be needed in order to do the work that needs to be done on the treatment plant and the collection system,” said Eugene Spears, senior vice president of Allgeier, Martin and Associates, who has been working with Granby on plans for its wastewater treatment plant for about a year.

    On Tuesday, Spears told the board that he had met with Mayor Richard Eutsler and wastewater Superintendent Victor Coggin to determine the amount of money the city would need to address issues at the wastewater plant and sanitary- sewer system.

    That budget came to $356,600 for the forthcoming fiscal year. That number includes $50,000 in capital expenditures for items needed at the plant or collection system, $30,000 toward equipment and $25,000 for infiltration inflow work, Coggin said.

    Spears said that the budget doesn’t leave a lot left over each month for items such as repairs, wages and other costs.

    “It’s going to be tight, but we think we’ve got a handle on it,” he said.

    Eutsler said the rate increases should give the city enough money to operate its wastewater treatment plant more efficiently.

    “We had to have that money,” he said.

    City Clerk Paula Carsel said that after the rate increases, the average monthly sewer bill will be just under $40 for residential customers. For January, the average monthly sewer bill was $25.54. That amounts to an almost 57 percent increase.

    Patti Farmer, who lives in Granby and owns JJ’s Restaurant, said she might be able to take steps such as doing less laundry or making bigger loads.

    She said that while she hated to see rates go up, she understood the need for repairs to the wastewater system.

    “I think most people understand the need for it,” she said.

    Likewise, Danny Tanner, who lives in Granby and owns Granby Auto and Hardware, said that while the increase would mean less money in his pocket, he doesn’t feel too bad about it because the money will go toward helping the city.

    “You never want your rates to increase, but I understand the reasoning why, they’ve got to do it,” he said.

    Farmer did point out that the increases might hit some people harder.

    “It’s sad it has to go up because it’s going to be really hard for people on fixed incomes,” she said.

    All the shit unfit to print


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    Default Letter to the Editor: Top Three Things Destroying Granby’s Heritage

    Letter to the Editor: Top Three Things Destroying Granby’s Heritage


    When I arrived in Granby in July 1967 as a child fresh from Central South Dakota from the farm, the huge beautiful buildings were astonishing to me. While Ft. Pierre was much older, neither the French fur trappers nor the cowboys left the like of the buildings.

    But as time went on, the buildings fell into disrepair. The #2 destroyer of Granby’s heritage, the pigeons, would fly into the roofs and proceed to do what pigeons do, rotting the joists and beams, and collapsing entire buildings. When I got out of the Army in 1984 or so I watched as the former Lux theater collapsed across from Burnett’s store and laundrymat. However, the Granby Community Building had chicken wire stretched across the top entrances to keep the pigeons out.

    But now the #3 destroyer of Granby’s Civic Heritage has run wild – using TIF financing, to destroy Granby’s Heritage. They destroyed the Old Chester Clinic and gave it to the school so that this Heritage building could never ever be used for small classrooms, but rather a 3.5 million tax levy be established for a new building. Twenty-some years ago “jew lightning” claimed the old Granby gymnasium so a new “Neil Goade” school gym could be built.

    Now there is talk of tearing down Granby’s Parthenon/Pantheon justifying a new Granby municipal place for parking Granby’s municipal vehicles. Granby city kouncil-kritters with TIF money burning a hole in their pockets bids fair to destroy more Granby city heritage than even pigeons.

    So what is the #1 destroyer of Granby City Heritage? Why the Granby city inbreds, who let the #2 and #3 destroyers, the Granby Pigeons and Granby Kouncil-Kritters run wild, of course!!! A people too stupid and degenerate to care for their patrimony and heritage won’t have any to speak of for long or forever. (309 words, including title)

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt,
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Granby City Candidates Forum -- March 26, 2015

    I am The Librarian

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