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>> Greetings to you in YHVH,
>> Why was Gordon Winrod jailed in Missouri.
>> I would appreciate an answer as soon as possible. Thank you.
>> YHVH bless.
>> Pastor James Wickstrom

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> Pastor I really don't know. I heard it was because he kidnaped his
>grand children. But he has been a thorn in the side of the government
>for years now, because he would not bow to them. He has stood
>against them and the Jews and everything that is evil in the
>government and they hate him for that. At least that is what I
>believe. I have not been in contact with him for several years
>and thought he was dead. Willie

This news was the big thing in Springfield last week or so. From
what I gather, the Khazar ADL/SPLC have been gunning for Winrod for
some time now. They have Winrod's daughters imprisoned in North Dakota
on child abduction charges. Winrod's daughters married brothers who were
unbelievers, the marriages went sour, and the North Dakota Supreme kort
overruled the county district courts which had ruled the mothers fit to
have custody. This was done on the basis of our religion. Somehow the
children got away, and for several years were on Gordon Winrod's property
southeast of Springfield, Missouri in Ozark County.

For some reason, the FBI and Sheriff's office thought they had enough
evidence to charge Winrod with kidnapping recently, and they arrested him.
However, the kids, six of them, lead by a 16-year-old girl, refused to
come out of the house, and the pigs were scared of getting shot coming in
after them. After a four or five day siege, Winrod was released to tell
the kids to give it up. They surrendered, but the two oldest girls refuse
to go back with their fathers to North Dakota, and so the authorities
are stymied, because it might well be that they cannot prove it is
kidnapping if the kids don't agree, but rather an usurpation by the
criminal regime in enforcing its decrees.

Today the process of demonization continues, with the sheriff
releasing some stuff supposedly written by the oldest girl to show that
they are a bunch of religious fanatics. It is the MSNBC TV affiliate,





The Winrod plot thickens with recent discoveries

GAINESVILLE, Mo., May 30 (2000) –“I hope they kill me . . .” haunting words
from the 16 year old Winrod grandaughter.

Anti-Semitic pastor Gordon Winrod helped end a four day standoff
involving six of his grandchildren and authorities May 20th. Now, KY3
has obtained a letter written by the 16 year old . . . as well as a videotape
showing the make-shift compound where the grandchilren hid out.

Ozark County Sheriff Steve Bartlett provided the letter and the
videotape to KY3. He’s shocked by the contents of the letter...six
children ages nine to sixteen were prepared to die rather than surrender
to authorities.

From the naked eye . . . the basement in Gordon Winrod’s home looks
like a typical basement. A closer look reveals what the Winrod’s call
the priest hole... It’s a very small room with a little crawl space
thru a bookcase. It’s about 5 by 8. Within this small hideout there was
food and a 357 magnum pistol, fully loaded. A hideout where the Windrod
grandchildren bunkered down... refusing to talk to authorities...except
through a small vent.

Authorities also found a letter written by the 16 year old
grandaughter. Addressed to Gordon Winrod. The letter tells of the amount
of food and water inside...and how authorities attempted to contact
the children. She writes- “We don’t plan on them getting us, unless they
either get shot or us.” Also in the letter, the grandaughter is ready to
use their guns and knifes....”I hope they kill me trying to get these
children.” Sherrif Bartlett said, “The letter that the oldest girl wrote
when she was in the so-called priest hole pretty well confirms what our
fears were, that they were planning on fighting us if we came in there.”
Authorities also found a printing press...books full of Winrod text, and
a short wave radio Winrod used to broadcast his religious message.




This story is not only slanted, but obviously written by a lying
idiot out to display only what they think looks bad.

The local newspaper, the Springfield News-Leader has had stories
about this matter which I made xeroxes of last week at a public library.
It also has a WWW page with nothing on it about Winrod today. The archive
link is down.





To get down to brass tacks. Is there anything we can do as a Church
to help Winrod, or at least scare the Beast a bit?

Could we do things expected of a Church, such as lay a curse on the
Missouri Highway Patrol, Ozark County Sheriff's Department, FBI like
was laid upon the House of Ahab? Or convene an ecclesiastical court and
find the government guilty of a capital offense, the enforcement of which
we will leave until another day? Put what the Moslems call a fatwa on
some sorry dirty rascals like they did on Salman Rushdie? I am not
kidding, I am serious, and I think it merits discussion as not only a
political and military issue, but an issue of religious law as well,
and thus a legitimate point to bring before this Identity listserver.

I think that this matter should be dealt with from a religious
approach, with our ecclesiastical courts ruling against the regime
korts, and from a political approach as well, as a matter of a evil
criminal regime persecuting Christians in their own homes. At this
time we simply do not have the military muscle to engage in civil
wearfare over this matter. However, if we press our advantages and
play our cards right, we can perhaps anathematize the Evil Empire
as a tyrannical criminal regime which suppresses religious liberties.
These cowards are scared of us already, scared of what a 73-year-old
man and six kids represent, and if we raise the price the Evil Empire
has to pay, perhaps it will back off maybe a bit.

I am concerned that if there is no adverse consequence, that the
Evil Empire is going to wacoize Christian Israelite churches,
congregations and families with impunity.

--Martin Lindstedt
Missouri Reform Party Candidate for U.S. Senate


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