What exactly is a KWAN?



A kwan is a white person who has sucked on the jewish dick called TV his or her whole life.

Kwanism is their religion. Here are some of the tenets.

1. Jebus is their savior, the golden haired son of god and an amerikwan who used to be killed by jews, until the jews controlled the church. Now jebus loves everyone except racists and whoever the jews (the chosen ones) don't like.
1a. Jebus loves war and sports and is always on our side.
1b. Killing is wrong in the bible, but not when it's the enemies of the jews, then you can kill them because they are evil.
1c. Being a republican and a christian are the same thing.
1d. To a kwan jews are the chosen people. This is strange of course to the thinking man or 'human' as kwans are the only people who worship those who have killed and still hate their so called 'savior'.
1e. To a kwan an eagle crying a tear as it flies before a flag is the epitome of amerikwa.
1f. To a kwan all other people in all other countries are stupid, even though the kwan's IQ doesn't peak over 100.
1g. To a kwan amerikwa is gonna be ok, and pull through this, and black people and brown people care about the amerikwan way, and will carry it on.
1h. To a kwan racism is a sin.
1h2 Caveat - kwans have never read the bible.

2. All sports niggers are gods. A kwan man may not want to be around an 'average' black, as evidenced in their moving away from areas once their neighborhood becomes darker, but they embrace the sports nigger.
2a. A kwan does not want a black having sex with his daughter unless he can run fast with a ball, then he is a good guy and better than white men who cannot run fast with a ball.
2b. To a kwan, watching something (sports) is equivalent to doing it. To a kwan they are an essential part of the team.

3. To a kwan thought and analysis is evil.
3a. People who question the television are uncool and stupid.
3b. People who question the government are anti-amerikwan.

4. A kwan is perpetually 17.
4a. To a kwan having sex is getting a piece of ass.
4b. To a kwan, going to strip club, watching (interracial) porn and gettiing a 'piece of ass' (kwanspeak) outside of marriage is ok as long as it is not their daughter or wife.
4c. To a kwan emulating niggers, even when you are 40 is acceptable and desirable.
4d. To a kwan country music should be about your kids and wife and about how much crap you own.
4e. To a kwan a weekend 'tailgating' and getting drunk off you ass in front of your kids is acceptable parenting.
4b2. Caveat; actually kwan don't care about their daughters and don't care if they are a stripper or whore as long as it doesn't affect their lifestyle.

5. All kwans are traitors to their people as well as imitators of jews.
5a. As a kwan, if you can save $4 you should hire a mexican and introduce him and his friends to the neighborhood where your neighbors are trying to raise their kids.
5b. Kwans don't believe in fidelity to wife or husband.
5c. As long as the flat screen tv is larger than the one you already have, with a crisper picture it doesn't matter to the kwan if the nigger stole it if you are getting a good price.
5d. If a kwan can betray his own race in favor of a nigger or spic, to look like a good multiculturalist he will.
5e. Kwans laugh about their neighbor's daughter being raped or molested by blacks and think it is high comedy that a white guy will get raped in prison by blacks or hispanics.

6. Kwans are a slave class.
6a. They are fat. Eating for them is the only sport they play.
6b. They are stupid. They become arrogant and indignant if their stupidity is challenged.
6c. Kwans emulate niggers more than they know.
6d. Kwans are armchair bullies.
6e. Kwans are real life cowards.
6f. Kwans are child like.
6g. Kwans worship their oppressors.
6h. Kwans think facts are anti-amerikwan.
6i. Kwans think they are respectable regardless of ever having proven that they are to be respected or not.
6j. In groups kwans become dangerous.


Frank Tolliver
March 18th, 2009