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Thread: Douglas Pearson, Christian Nationalist's Canuckistan Reporter

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    Default Douglas Pearson, Christian Nationalist's Canuckistan Reporter

    Douglas Pearson, Christian Nationalist's Canuckistan Reporter

    Douglas Pierson here. I'm Christian Nationalist Forum's Canuckistan Reporter.

    Pastor Lindstedt offered to give me a posting status and a sub-forum of my own to report on events in Canada/Soviet Canuckistan. I've been sending Pastor Lindstedt a lot of e-mails and so Pastor Lindstedt offered me the opportunity to post one post of the lot to his forum per day. When Pastor Lindstedt works out the permission status, these posts of mine will go into the proper subforum and I'll post there. But for now, most of my posts will be in the General Discussion subforum until enough of them are gathered together to move to the Canuckistan forum.

    As seen below, I give Pastor Lindstedt license to edit and moderate my posts, provided the general gist of the communication is retained. As I learn more of how to do this, I'll be editing for myself.

    I guess the other one posted. That's great. Anyhow, its off to be for me. You can delete this. Moderate all my comments. I'm not stuck in Canuckistan, just a small delay is all until I make it to the NorthWest, be it British Columbia or in Amurrikwa.

    Douglas Pearson
    Reporter, Soviet Canuckistan

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