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Thread: Jason Richwine Purged From Heritage Foundation

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    Thumbs down Jason Richwine Purged From Heritage Foundation

    Jason Richwine Purged From Heritage Foundation


    District of Corruption

    I can’t say that I am surprised. I have believed for several years now that it is a waste of time to work for anyone affiliated with “Conservatism, Inc.”

    Note: In 2010, I bought into the notion that it was possible to reform the Republican Party by pushing better candidates at the state and local level (we had some success with that here in Alabama), but over the course of 2011 and 2012, it became clear that voting for “good Republicans” (remember Rand Paul?) only swells the ranks of a party that is controlled by string pullers like Sheldon Adelson.

    The “good Republicans” like Sen. Jeff Sessions and Rep. Mo Brooks are marginalized in Washington because of the existence of the Union. As long as the Union exists, the tidal wave of liberalism will continue to sweep across the Northern states (Minnesota is the next stop for gay marriage), and every novelty that strikes the fancy of the Northeast will eventually be imposed on us by the federal courts.

    The Southern states will continue to fight this (Alabama and Missouri recently nullified gun control), but federal courts, executive orders, and acts of Congress will continue to gut any glimmer of hope that comes out of it like Alabama’s HB 56 or Arizona’s SB 1070. The final nail in the coffin will be a liberal majority on the Supreme Court.

    John Derbyshire and Jason Richwine are proof that it is a waste of time to work for a Conservatism, Inc. DC-based false flag organization or New York-based publication where your career can be destroyed at the whim of the liberal media.

    Posted on May 10, 2013 by Hunter Wallace

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    Default We need a Southern Party

    We need a Southern Party


    I have noticed a tendency for “conservatives” to play defense as Rob Roy Simmons mentions. It is definitely a losing strategy.

    We need a southern party. We don’t need to contest federal elections, just win the state level elections. For that we would need people willing to pony up and take a chance supporting the new party. Of course, if people were willing to take risks, we’d already have one.


    Roger U says:
    May 10, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    Numero Uno of Meercats

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