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Thread: Premature Populism

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    Default Premature Populism

    Premature Populism

    by Greg Johnson



    William Pierce’s article “Skinheads and the Law” is a useful point of departure for discussing an important problem with the White Nationalist movement, a problem that I call premature populism.

    White Nationalism, as I define it, is a form of populism in the following sense: no system of government is legitimate unless it promotes the common good of a people. A system is illegitimate if it promotes the interests of one class or faction, or even aliens, at the expense of other parts of the body politic. But, as a populist, I believe that the interests of the whole are best served by an elitist political system, as long as the elite remains accountable to the rest of society. The problem of politics always boils down to how one can find leaders who are better than the common man. Furthermore, I believe that any movement that aims at creating a populist White Nationalist system needs to be as elitist as possible. Finally, I believe that to create such a movement, we need to focus first on creating the leadership caste before we reach out to the masses.

    I also believe that White Nationalism needs to be populist in the more common sense of the word, for in terms of present day society, the white social elites are disproportionately responsible for our decline and the white masses are disproportionately victims. Thus to gain power, White Nationalists should not merely represent the interests of all whites, but we should also be willing to address the genuine and just resentments of the masses against the existing elites, who will not be allowed to keep the wealth and power they have accumulated by dismantling white America. Although my tastes in music and art are generally elitist, and my SWPL quotient is a matter of public record, all of my political sympathies lie with the middle and working classes, who have suffered the most from white dispossession. But you won’t catch me dead at a Taco Bell.

    By “elites” in the strict sense of the word, I mean people of above average intelligence, taste, and virtue. I am not talking about the social upper classes–or upper income brackets in the case of the United States and other European Anglo-Saxon societies which do not have real social classes. By “masses” in the strict sense of the word, I mean people of average or below average intelligence, taste, and virtue. I do not mean the lower classes or people in middle and low-income brackets.

    There is, of course, a correlation between income and IQ as well as certain virtues and tastes. But given the perilous state of white societies world wide, we can say with confidence that these are not the kinds of intelligence and traits of character that White Nationalists should particularly prize. The excellences of bourgeois man have brought our race to the edge of oblivion. Our salvation will come only by recovering the virtues of the sages, warriors, and bards of our pre-modern ancestors. And those traits can be found in all segments of existing society.

    Thus premature populism does not mean recruiting a new elite from the best of our people, regardless of contemporary social distinctions.

    Premature populism means recruiting people who are merely average or below average in intelligence, virtue, and taste before we have constituted ourselves as an elite with the authority and ability to lead them. Mobilizing the masses can also be premature if the historical situation makes it impossible to make real political headway.

    By focusing on Pierce’s essay on skinheads, I do not wish to give the impression that my criticisms are confined to Pierce or to skinheads, since the problem I am describing is much wider. Furthermore, I am not criticizing either Pierce or skinheads across the board. I have discussed my views of Pierce, both positive and negative, elsewhere on this site, and have I reprinted many of his articles. I also hasten to add that some of the finest people I have known have come out of the skinhead movement, in confirmation of my conviction that people of quality can be found in all segments of the existing society.

    William Pierce was by conviction an elitist. But he was an elitist in a hurry. Thus he was tempted again and again by what he called, in his less hurried moments of reflection, the “buffoonery” of populism. In his 1995 essay on skinheads, Pierce shows a realistic understanding of the problems of the skinhead subculture. But when he weighs the question of whether it would be better to direct scarce time and money to influencing college students or skinheads, Pierce, a Ph.D. in physics and a former college professor, shows a marked preference for skinheads. Pierce allows that college students are more likely to have greater power and influence within the current system. But Pierce was more impressed by the fact that skinheads are more racially-aware, macho, and aggressive than your average college boy. (It is hard to say how many skinheads there are in the world, but it may well be that there are more tough, athletic college boys than there are skinheads, even though genuinely tough men might be a minority among college boys.)

    Following this logic, in 1999, Pierce purchased Resistance Records, a skinhead music label. Pierce found the music unlistenable, but it gave him access to the skinhead scene world-wide and brought in quite a lot of money. Although the National Alliance continued to publish materials aimed at high- and middle-brow audiences, the skinhead outreach alienated some National Alliance members, and after Pierce’s death, the skinhead element (and other associated tough guys) took over the National Alliance and have pretty much run it into the ground. Pierce, of course, tried to raise up the best people in the skinhead movement, but the National Alliance was dragged down in the end.

    The decline of the National Alliance is a textbook example of premature populism. Pierce’s basic error was trying to imagine a viable White Nationalist political movement in the present society. If one asks who today is likely to go out and actually fight for a white society, the answer is obviously not people from upper and middle income brackets. The people who have the racial awareness, toughness, and meanness to fight for a white society are predominantly from the working and sub-working classes. These are the people who have been hardest hit by white dispossession. These are the people who have the least to lose and the most to gain from attempting a white revolution. But the problem is that, in the present circumstances, White Nationalists are not in the position to credibly organize and lead these people, and even if we were, we are in no position to destroy the current system.

    Premature populism is bad because:
    1. It undermines our ability to create and sustain viable elite vanguard White Nationalist organizations.

    2. It encourages good, sound, salt-of-the-earth people to waste their time, money, and efforts in premature political activism when they could and should be pursuing families and careers.

    3. It encourages tolerance of sleazy, skanky, crazy people, who destroy everything they touch and prevent us from attracting superior people (including the better sort of high-functioning eccentrics). If we really believe in our message, then we have to believe that it will appeal to sane and normal people. Thus we have to stop coddling every stray dog of humanity who shows up at our door because we are just so desperate to hear from new people who seem to understand. We have to stop counting the crazies in front of us and think instead of the legions of superior people they are keeping away.

    4. It encourages what I call jock-sniffing: the fetishization of guns, muscles, and machismo–including one of the greatest self-inflicted plagues on our race, alcoholism–at a stage of history when our movement needs to focus more on building up brain-power, technological competence, communication skills (especially writing and speaking skills), media savvy, organizational competence, and good taste, particularly in matters of design and advertising.

    Don’t get me wrong: every white man should be fit and capable of self-defense. And yes, feminism is still wrong. And no, nobody should try to be a wimp. But jock-sniffing is deadly folly. How many of our efforts have been destroyed by drunken brawls, bragging, and indiscretions? How many of our people are dead or in prison because of testosterone, alcohol, or guns, in various combinations? How many of our people are suckers for tough, clean-cut men in uniforms who are, objectively, our enemies? How many of our organizations have been ruined by promoting tough-guys and golden boys to positions beyond their competence?

    I hold to Jonathan Bowden’s ideal of the cultured thug, but we should always err on the side of culture, whereas Pierce and too many others err on the side of thuggery.

    The net result of premature populism, kook-coddling, and jock-sniffing, is failure, burnout, and bitterness for all involved.

    But what’s the hurry? Yes, I know that our population is aging and shrinking. I know that non-whites are demographically swamping us. But in 20, 30, or 40 years–after the lifetimes of many of the people reading this–there will still be hundreds of millions of white people, including millions of tough, angry, macho white men. Indeed, there will be more of them, because although our population in absolute and relative numbers will be smaller and older, white dispossession will have worked its way up to the higher income brackets. The system is manufacturing armies of tough, angry, dispossessed white people for us. They’re not going away any time soon.

    So we have time to focus on other things. It is too early for politics, so let’s take the time to lay solid metapolitical foundations for successful politics when the conditions are right. Metapolitics boils down to two things: propagating ideas and building community.

    The basic metapolitical questions are: Who are we? Who are our enemies? What is right? What is possible? We need to answer these questions for ourselves and our people if we are going to lead them successfully. And we need to hone our message and the skills and media necessary to propagate it to all white groups.

    Community building means, first and foremost, the creation of a new leadership caste, a guiding intelligence, for our race. This caste will first lead the way to the White Republic. Then it will lead the White Republic. History is made by elites. Racial populist societies will be ruled by elites. Effective racial populist movements will be led by elites. So let us become that elite.

    There is no need for premature populism. The people will still be there when we are worthy of leading them and political action can actually make a difference. Thus White Nationalists have the time to get things right. And if there is no time to get it right, then one more repetition of a failed strategy will not save us anyway.

    Counter-Currents Publishing
    Books Against Time

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    Default Now is the time for all good whiggers to turn belly up and die.

    Now is the time for all good whiggers to turn belly up and die.


    This is the sort of “status quo plus” prediction Sovietologists used to make in the last few years before the Soviet Union collapsed, revealing them to be idiots, but we should try to answer the questions, “if not us, who; and if not now, when?” so…

    What will things be like on 30 April 2045, a hundred years after Hitler’s death?

    The Holocaust industry will be having a 100th birthday, and it will be bigger and badder than ever. Jewish wealth, power and influence will be greater than ever, with networking encouraging a virtuous cycle (from a Jewish point of view) in finance, politics, the law, academia and the mass media and culture industries. And ruling class whites will be more intermarried than ever with Jews and Zionists. (Besides, even the non-Jews will be almost uniformly Zionist themselves.) The ruling class will be more convinced than ever that Hitler is today’s news, and that also means that the lessons of Hitler, including a fatally damning judgement upon the whole white race, will be taught more vigorously than ever. There may be more Holocaust museums and monuments in relevant places like America, Australia and New Zealand.

    Israel will be stronger than ever, demographically and in every other way, and the lot of the Palestinians will be worse. (And they’ll still hate whites, so I don’t care.) Muslims will not have come around to thinking this is fair, and Arabs will still dislike Israel.

    I think the war-drums will have beaten continually for three more decades. I don’t think the neocons will be able to whip up a war of annihilation on Iran, because whites are and will remain war-weary, and I don’t think the neocons are capable of realizing that enough is enough. I think their attitude will continue to be that they’ll keep nagging at the whites till every conceivable military action in favor of Israel has been taken, and then they’ll think of more.

    I think whites will still love their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers in the military, but white enthusiasm for war will be through the floor. I think a thuggish, pseudo-military image will be a non-starter in appealing to war-weary mid-century whites. I think people who want to stop white genocide through mass immigration and forced integration should toss the costume party look right now. I think they should never have been attracted to it.

    I think America is going to become less democratic for the next 32 years straight as it becomes browner. I think it’s that simple.

    I think the situation of whites is going to be much worse: demographically, legally and in every way. It’s going to be more obvious that whites are not the strong horse, and as their legal disabilities increase, as they age and become weaker on average and as they lose more territory and political influence, forces that are already tacitly anti-white, such as mainstream Christianity, will become more anti-white, siding with the bullies.

    I think in 2045, racially aware whites will still be mocking the “patriotards”, but the “patriotards” won’t have moved, because they don’t and won’t have anywhere else to go. There isn’t and won’t be any other major banner, hallowed by tradition, that they could rally under.

    “White flight” will have continued, even though it clearly means flying to nowhere. (I mean extinction.)

    I think “good schools” will be even more obviously than now an excuse for living white. Except for Hebrew schools, there basically won’t be good schools. The brown tide will have taken them, and for whites the alternatives will be home-schooling your kids or abandoning them not only to be indoctrinated in anti-white hatred but to be mugged etc..

    In 2045, the backbone of any pro-white movement will be people who aren’t even born today, who will in many cases see few job prospect except serving in the military like daddy did and grand-daddy did, and who will have been home-schooled. At that time, it may be obvious in retrospect that the most useful pro-white effort anyone was making in 2013 was to prepare helpful materials for home-schooling, and to see that any white parents that were potentially interested got to look at those materials and judge them useful for getting their kids academically qualified. (No, as far as I know no-one is doing that yet. But this is important.)

    I think the second most useful thing, in retrospect, will have been BUGS. I think the people who think that the Mantra was a nice start but now it’s time to move on to new and better mantras are deluded. I think we’re very early phase, and will be for years to come. After thirty years of hammering, which is what I think is needed, you’ll see real effects. I think Mantra thoughts and phrases can become common in private conversations among whites, and I think that will sharpen the divide between whites and non-whites, who will be more anti-white than ever and completely intolerant of anything like this.

    I think the third most useful thing will be the Occidental Quarterly etc.. (Counter Currents counts too.) The mainstream embargo on reading or citing OQ scholarship is holding up, and I’m “impressed” by the gutlessness of mainstream “conservatives” and “right-wingers” like Samuel P. Huntington. But I think in 2045 there’ll be a lot of smart, nice white kids with a heavily military-influenced culture and background, who will talk Mantra daily (when away from snooping anti-white ears), who will accept as a matter of course that the mainstream educational system is a sewer of lies (which is a major reason why their parents will have kept them out of it), and who will have the brains and qualifications to evaluate scholarly material relevant to white interests. Which they will need.

    I have no idea if the Republican Party in America will still exist in 2045. It might go on, like a zombie continually animated by the money of sponsors like Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer. That would be bad. Or it might suddenly come apart. It is no representation at all for whites, as things stand, so that would be good.

    I’m pretty sure the European Union will have cracked up by 2045. Economically it doesn’t add up, and I don’t think people can delay the inevitable for another thirty-odd years.

    The prospects for white European kids, expensively educated and then unemployed, and increasingly displaced and abandoned in non-white cities and states (you can’t call them “nations” any more) are poor. I don’t think they’ll have left a useful mark on history in 2045.

    I don’t see a lot of good things happening in Europe. I don’t see whites combining as whites, and overcoming their regional and national differences for the general good of the white race, which is what I think they need to do. You can say things “must” get better, but Guillaume Faye’s New Jewish Question is a good reason to despair of the Europeans. If they haven’t figured out basic things like this now, then when? If the “intellectual leadership” is this bad, how can anything honest and genuinely in white interests get started? I think 2045 is going to see Islam and anti-white forces stronger and whites weaker in Europe, and that’s pretty much it.

    I would love to be wrong, and 30 years is plenty of time for Golden Dawn or some similar force to rise up and make (at least some) Europeans great again.

    I think Russia should be considered another part of the world, as different from Europe as Europe is from America, and of (great and brotherly) concern to us only because the “ethnic Russian” population is by definition white. I think things will be only a little a bit better than in America or Europe. I think the “fourth political theory” is already a fiasco, and I think the natural energy of Russian reassertion will be misdirected by bad intellectuals (as usual) into hostility against other white ethnicities and nations. There will be no hope from the East and no great alliance.

    What about potential / new nations? The biggest white idea now is “North-West!” I don’t think that will happen. But it might do a lot of good, in an Irish Easter Rising sort of way, by forcing the federal government to “go on record” with armed opposition to any homeland where whites could be able to breed among themselves and survive in the long run.

    My worst case for America is South Africa write large. In South Africa, whites continued to believe the lie of Apartheid right up to the end. They believed that their country was theirs, even after the continuing mass influx of black workers made it really a black state in which the position of whites was necessarily unsustainable. Physically, white South Africans could have concentrated and made a small white homeland for themselves, writing off everything that their unwise leaders had already destroyed by permitting the non-white influx and Jewish control of key parts of the media. But psychologically they couldn’t do it. And so the end came. It may be that the generation of whites that will have grown up in 2045 will also lack the necessary psychological strength to act to save themselves as whites. If so, they too will go into the cannibal’s pot.

    But they might be strong enough: emotionally, intellectually and physically. (Which is relevant because in the undemocratic, browning America of 2045, gringos ain’t gonna get nothin’ for being right and wimpy.)

    And they might have lost the habit of fawning on non-white, especially Jewish leadership. If they don’t, they won’t survive. I agree with Kevin MacDonald on this (and much else): whites will not survive under implacably hostile leadership.

    If, a hundred years and more after Hitler is dead, it’s still too soon for any assertion of white interests, I think that would be a logical reason for being pessimistic about our prospects. We would have proved too educable; so much so that we could be “educated” into doing nothing much about being genocided.

    So, if anything is going to work out, by 2045 whites are going to need the intellectual self-confidence (which white “leaders” in the mainstream clearly lack now) to go their own way on the advice of credible pro-white experts only of their own race. They need to say: “This is correct, and we will act on it. And if Jewish, Arab, Asian, black and brown scholars disagree, that is only what we would expect given their different interests.”

    If that generation doesn’t have the needed intellectual self-confidence and moral courage to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, if they’re still going, “uhh… OK, Professor Traitostein, I guess if you say so…” and if in 2075 white people are just starting to say, “OK, now we see what our ancestors should have done in the early part of the century…” then I think we’re probably going the way of Edomites and Amalekites.

    I think that might be about the right time-frame for racially aware whites to be thinking about. 2045. White anti-genocide populism might be premature in 2013. Not in 2045.

    Posted May 3, 2013 at 7:48 am

    I'm Little Butt I'm Loud!!!

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    Default Everythang needs to revolve & devolve around muh Great North-Wettt!!!

    Everythang needs to revolve & devolve around muh Great North-Wettt!!!


    I would like to add a little about my perspective of a White Republic in the Northwest.

    I have personally been working on promoting the idea of creating a conscious White community in Kalispell Montana. I have promoted this for about 5 years, give or take. My promotion of this plan for a Pioneer Little Europe has been in the direction of mainly encouraging White Nationalist and pro White individuals and families to move to our general area and secondly to network with immigrants and locals who feel the same way about our race.

    I discourage open meetings, and most forms of advertisement to the local community at this time since they can often be used against us. This is what led me to completely disconnect from any involvement with the NW Front group.

    Harold has encouraged the creation of Youtube videos which are silly at best, videos of ARA types shooting and blowing things up with highland music playing in the background as one example. After many of the Kalispell PLErs, who had previously supported the idea of a NW Front, realized that the NW Front was only interested in ways to live out their violent anti government fantasies, we decided to remove ourselves from any even slight connection with them, which resulted in one brave soldier threatening to have me ” stabbed in the back with an ice pick”, when I went to take out the garbage, an attempt at our vehicle being set on fire and interference with out David Irving event.

    Meanwhile I keep plodding along, reminding new people who move here to enjoy the area and that their lives and that of their family are much improved just by the relocation. We do have to wait to have numbers and leaders before we do anything and that will take at least 15-20 years by my calculation. Right now we just need to build community and later we can worry about what to do with it.

    April Gaede
    Posted May 4, 2013 at 1:34 pm

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    Default The greatest strength of the Northwest Republic is that it offers an Analytical Model

    The greatest strength of the Northwest Republic is that it offers an Analytical Model


    Daybreaker’s excellent response to Greg Johnson’s excellent piece calls for a response to one section where, I must confess, I am far from neutral.

    Daybreaker in blockquote:


    What about potential / new nations? The biggest white idea now is “North-West!” I don’t think that will happen. But it might do a lot of good, in an Irish Easter Rising sort of way, by forcing the federal government to “go on record” with armed opposition to any homeland where whites could be able to breed among themselves and survive in the long run.

    The Northwest Republic, as defined by Harold Covington, might happen for the best of reasons, that there is nothing else remotely as good out there, or on the horizon, for a COMPREHENSIVE solution to the genocide of the White race. Period.

    The greatest strength of the Northwest Republic is that it offers an Analytical Model that can be used to define how the sad state of affairs in which we find ourselves can be used to answer the question, “How could this not come into existence n a White country, a White Racial Homeland?”

    Everything begin with a Thought. Linking that Thought to an Emotion, and then moving that Thought from the abstract level to the “practical” level, all leads us to the idea that This Is Possible. Making it run down the probabilistic density function from possible, to probably, to real, starts with us transforming what the Mind sees as obstacles, into the Opportunities the Spirit sees in the same place.

    Kevin Phillips just wrote a great book, 1775, where he describes the “American” Revolution in the eyes of the English leadership, and the eyes of many Americans who were involved in it. It was led by an Elite, which had a metapolitical purpose, and was not favored by the vast majority of the colonists. Yet, it succeeded, against the longest of odds.

    So will we, if we just believe we will, and act to make it so, all in an “apple pie, strictly legal, sort of way.” (HT: Jim Giles)

    This journey of a thousand miles (literally!) begins with the single step of sending money to counter-currents, each and every month, without fail. Let me not mince words here. Greg is taking all of the hits for us, and the least we can do is support him in the most tangible way possible.

    Absent that, we might as well start learning Spanish, in some places, as a new first language.

    Look at any social horror around you , and remember, if this was a White country, this wouldn’t be happening.

    Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted May 3, 2013 at 11:35 pm

    Numero Uno of Meercats

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    Default The Ten Thousand Warlords as applied to the NorthWest Imperative

    The Ten Thousand Warlords as applied to the NorthWest Imperative


    I read your blog as I do other Movement blogs. All White Nationalist web pages, forums, blogs, etc. of the sundry Movement leaders and tendencies try to do one thing which fails in an age of Collapse, which is trying to build something like an organization out of what is essentially nothing in terms of human material.

    Even, or especially, Christian Identity, is, as my friend Pastor John Britton told me two years ago, nothing but wall-to-wall jews and mamzers. So why bother fighting it and so isn’t it better to simply wait for the Great Tribulation to sweep all away and for Jesus Christ to return and set things right? Well, yes and no.

    I am an ally of Harold Covington and support movement to the Northwest for some categories of people, like the young and those who have no prospects except waiting for their destruction in certain locations which have long since turned. But mainly I support what I call the Ten Thousand Warlords Project in which roughly ten thousand warlords rule their local area over only ten million ex-whiggers with roughly everything else dead, especially 120 million whigger herd animals, 180 million muds/mamzers, and all of the jews. Just as attempts to bring back Rome failed for the roughly 1000 years of the Dark Ages, so too is trying to build anything with the mud without straw which is all we have to work with. Creating pockets of order and ‘whiteness’ in a world going dark and chaotic is something stupid LibberToons dream of. Betting on destruction, hatred and anarchy is a safer bet. In fact the best survivalist picture is watching the ZOGling Zombie Whigger Apocalypse series “The Walking Dead.” I’ve been cheering on The Governor for the entire third season, in fact.

    William Pierce ran a sort of Elohim City for CreaTards. Nothing more. He was owned by ZOG because everyone knew about the $400,000 in Order money. When Pierce found out he had pancreatic cancer, he turned it over to the skinhead set who promptly ran it into the ground as opposed to making for an orderly managed decline.

    Since Counter-Currents doesn’t have a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Bob Matthews to give them a sackful of ZOGbux, what you need to do is what you are doing now: Providing intellectual value on the cheap by publishing new authors and reprinting old known authors. You should take public domain works by authors such as Lothrup Stoddard, write new prefaces to them, redo the covers, and put them out on e-book Kindle and Smashwords. In fact, you already do exactly that.

    Let’s understand something: None of us can build any Movement which won’t be infiltrated in short order. Harold Covington can’t. William Pierce didn’t. Me, myself I ordained two people and the one which worked out the best was this fellow half-bearded maniac I met at the NutHouse who killed his daddy with a claw hammer who does nothing, as opposed to the 85 IQ former Klansman with one testicle infected by mumps petty criminal who I think is a ZOGbot and tells anyone listening what a maniac I am. Altogether too often the smarter and better human material is an undercover pig and what you are left to work with are largely idiots.

    Nope, ZOG is falling apart and the only place wherein we can create pockets of order is around us with people we know who we want to save with us. Anything of what Lothrup Stoddard called the “Neo-Aristocracy” will come about, not by planning and work, but by how this “Natural Aristocracy” manages to make their followership survive and prevail. From what I gather, many of the wandering Germanic tribes which scattered out of the pine forests of Germany headed to the remnants of the Roman provinces were killed and destroyed in the Migrations or subsumed within that which they conquered or died trying to conquer. And Whiggers will have it rougher because they ain’t nearly as tough.

    Ruthlessness and good husbandry practices of culling the weak as ZOG implodes is what any would-be leader needs. Survival is its own reward.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default You are undeniably accurate in believing that ANY attempt by us to organize will be infiltrated, at first by fools, and then by skilled operatives.

    You are undeniably accurate in believing that ANY attempt by us to organize will be infiltrated, at first by fools, and then by skilled operatives.



    Your missive offers the sort of cold, hard, clarity and ruthlessness of thought that is all too useful, and all too rare.

    While I might take moderate issue with you on some points, you are undeniably accurate in believing that ANY attempt by us to organize will be infiltrated, at first by fools, and then by skilled operatives. As a leader of Britain’s National Front told Covington, “We will be allowed to do everything but organize politically.”

    So we first organize spiritually, and temporally, with a metapolitical perspective, and a metapolitical Purpose.

    Covington offers a more comprehensive solution in that he offers a Mindset; not just to e formula, but a complex range of choices that can used and melded to meet the specific needs of the moment.

    Covington once said that, if he had it to do over again, he would start with a religion. Most astute, as you can do amazing things with a church, all done in broad daylight, and all as part of what Wells called the Open Secret. You can even start your own educational systems/school system, and take the Cultural war to the Enemy in broad daylight.

    It is useful to consider what Brigham Young did with the handful that followed him to Salt Lake. From a horrific first winter, with starvation all too common, the Mormon Church has laid the organizational groundwork for the Mormon Community – the heirs of those who found a desert, and turned it into Our Beloved Deseret.

    Another example of the effectiveness of churches in building Empires is the Roman Catholic Church. When the Church’s missionaries went to a new country, they started out, not by building a church, but by building a school.

    Let’s learn from the successful.

    Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted May 6, 2013 at 8:10 pm


    Tell Me What To Do, O, Fearless/Dickless/Mindless Leader!!!!
    I Need A Zero!!!!!!

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    Talking Mr. Pot, Meet Mr. Kettle.

    Mr. Pot, Meet Mr. Kettle.


    Well, first of all, I'll be damned if I'm gonna be lectured about symbolic "jock-sniffing" by someone who engages in actual jock-sniffing.

    Secondly, that post of April Gaede's was just begging for some Lindstedt commentary in blue text. For instance, where she says: "I have promoted this for about 5 years, give or take", you could've added "a few hundred whigger and anglo-mestizo peckers".

    What a stupid, chickenshit cunt. Either she actually thinks ZOG will allow Whites in the Northwest to peacefully secede from it, which makes her dumber than even I had previously thought possible, or, otherwise, she secretly doesn't even want ZOG to fall apart in the first place, which makes her a fucking TRAITOR, plain and simple.

    It just goes to prove my point that TWATS HAVE *NO* BUSINESS IN POLITICS. Period. Paragraph. End of story. Whenever it happens in the Movement, all it leads to is either a watering-down of the message to appeal to their silliness and cowardice, or, in the worst case scenarios, either to actual betrayal. like that of that vile little cunt, Iantha Buschbacher, and God knows how many others, leading to people going to prison, or ideological betrayal, like that of Axis Skanky, who decided to turn her coat and do a "skank and tell" on us the moment the other side offered her more money. (Assuming, of course, that she wasn't an infiltraitor from the beginning, which may well be the case.)

    If our women LEGITIMATELY want to contribute something to the cause, and not just boss White men around, let them do so by having lots of White babies, and raising them to value their racial heritage, and by making life as easy as possible for them and her husband. After all, God made woman for service and sacrifice, and those that rebel against their true purpose have the spirit of Lucifer enthroned in their hearts. Feminism, like Communism, is Satan's religion.


    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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