As a fat delusional Pictish Tubal-kenite jewboy chomo I can buy quite the fake pedigree at

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[B]There are significant differences between a 55 year old Aryan and a 46 year old mamzerkike. I notice that you took the picture of me from your fellow Ashkenazi jew ZOGbot MildSwill Finckelsheenie's web page. Not too smart because Finckelsheenie is another jew criminal, one who loves to pretend to be a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pastor.

What amuses me is how quickly you kike mamzers age. I'm 55 and jewr 46 FAkins, and while we both weigh the same, I'm doubtless 8 inches taller, three inches 'longer' and look like I'm the one who is 46. You jews, on the other hand, look like you are waiting for the SS knackers bullet to render you jewboys down for soap and lampshades. You have the reptilian look like Visser, but more like a sick kike, waiting to be put out of jewr misery.

You don't seem to have any defenses, you sick fat old kike. Which is fine. I can't help but glad that there is a YHWH, and I'm a Son of True Men and you are the Spawn of D-g.

Your Christian Identity delusions of being a Hebrew and worshiping the Israelite god, are merely evidence of your own pronounced dementia. Seeking to appropriate the identity of the Jews, then claiming that pure 100% European Whites like myself are "Jews" - it's simply ludicrious. Of course the bits and pieces of crap that I post cums from Christian Identity Israelite-migration articles. This is not to say that I'm a smart plagarizer since I'm a mongrel syphilitic mamzerkike fuktard.

You won't find a single berg or stein in my family tree. Lots of them kikes with other names, but not berg or stein. At least not thanks to my purchased pedigree from


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