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Thread: The VNNF vs WhiteNations Forum War

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    Default How to save your forum, your honor, and do something for White People too.

    How to save your forum, your honor, and do something for White People too.


    Quote Originally Posted by ZOGling whigger ass-clown View Post
    My conclusions based on the recent bruhaha.


    Craig Cobb is a very well known commodity, well respected, but a bit of a loose cannon from their perspective. They believe they can use Craig to make WNism look bad and that was their focus. Craig isn't a danger to them.

    White Nations Forums is not controlled or compromised by them, and it won't be. I will shut it down before I allow them to use it against whites, the way they have done with SF & VNN.

    Many WNs, especially those who have been in the movement for any time, know that SF is loaded with kikes & antis, and the admin uses WN dedication and love for their race to support DB, but that surely isn't all the funds DB receives. I personally believe SF was sold-out, ideologically and compromised. Mercs are always for sale.

    When Jackboot bans the good WNs, he always references VNN. It is my firm belief that SF is run by the ADL and VNN is controlled by SPLC.

    For instance, Donnie in Ohio is a well known commodity, it has also been very well demonstrated that he is Mark Pitcavage of the SPLC. Alex Linder has dumped excellent and dedicated WNs to keep Mark Pitcavage. It is no mistake, because he has been informed, over and over. Linder now is saddled with him, for having kept him on his site for 12 years. So, either Linder can't spot a kike by his works, or he has become a kike enabler. Either way is bad, but the latter is what I believe to be true, that he sold out to them, or as has been stated many times, Linder is actually a kike or crypto-kike. Either way, he isn't on my Christmas list anymore.

    Now for me. I was employed by The General Services Administration by contract, from 1983 to 1991. That is easily verified and proves that the fellow everyone is in a tizzy about isn't me. I met another guy with my name via being paged at a football game and researching the name turns up several others, same name and similar birth date. I won't spend time trying to prove a thing didn't happen, that's impossible.

    Why me? Because Mark Pitcavage in Ohio, a/k/a Donnie in Ohio, and I have been at war for well over 3 years. He works for the SPLC, as demonstrated by his logging in to hate-watch to congratulate the kike hack who wrote the hit piece. Also, he wants this site gone, because we are the only site on the web that I know of with fidelity to the white race.

    That whole hit piece was put together by Donnie in Ohio and Varg (who I very strongly suspect is a kike because of his hatred for white nationalists and love for kike Pitcavage). They contacted hate-watch. If not them, then who? Linder himself?

    WhiteNations.com is effective and is not controlled by them. They can't have that. Shit, their frontman, Alex Jones contacted me to do an interview. Imagine that.

    If they were after Craig Cobb, why did they drag me into the fiasco? Because Donnie in Ohio was the lead, and Varg is also a hater. They really wanted me and whitenations.com, not Craig, who they used as a vehicle.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZOGling whigger ass-clown View Post
    I can probably use some real good help about now.

    From "Fred O'Malley"
    to: "PastorLindstedt@gmail.com" <PastorLindstedt@gmail.com>
    date: Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 2:53 PM
    subject: Re: Forums Contact Us Form - Alliance?

    Hi Marty,

    I'm behind the kikes' 8-ball now. The kike Donnie in Ohio, a/k/a Mark Pitcavage of SPLC infamy has taken a shine to me. :-/

    Anyway, I know of at least 3 other men, 2 my age, with an identical name to mine. They are trying to use that against me. Of all people, Alex Jones wants to interview me, as if I would talk to any kike minions.

    Smoky told me you are aces. I can probably use some real good help about now.

    OK, Fred. Looks like Da jewboyz & Da ZOGbots got you down and rather than whine and squeal like a pussy you are beginning to figure out who isn't your friend (Rabbi Linder, Donnie Shitcabbage from Ohio, Vargina the Colostomy-Bag Likkin' Meercunt, Rabbi Lender's kikepuppets, et. al.) and who might be useful to you even though not necessarily friends and allies -- yet.

    You are right about the current state of the bowel Movement v-bulletin forums. $permFront is a ZOG false front with the funding by ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final and the geezergelt and whiggaz-mites raked off the top and given to David Duck and Milton Munster Don Black. Nobody should be surprised to see that nothing is accomplished other than bannings of the dis-illusional newbies and the scamming off of the herd animals.

    VNNF, run by the jew Alex Linder, is even worse. Linder has pretty much gone ass-to-mouth with TraitorGlenn Miller since 2004 and ever since the Christmas Coup of 2004 when Billy Roper was forced to address the issue by both us Christian Identity and the David Lane loyalists "Free Speech for Whites" has been a dead letter, nothing other than a lie.

    Same with the rest of the Circle of Crust. Harold Covington is right about how someone with some ZOGbux to scrape together, usually $400 for v-bulletin license and year's web hosting, gets together his crew of butt-buddies and they proceed to flame and censor their weaker elements and then ban their enemies. The end result is an ever-expanding "Circle of Crust" which is decaying from within from the crapulence and degeneracy of their sub-animal inhabitants, sorta like Atlanta and itz suburbs. The better element, like Hunter Wallace, set up their own blogs, and run things to suit themselves with their most worsesheepfool meercats and fluffers, leaving the cumstains behind, like the STNG Episode "Skin of Evil".

    So how do you save your forum, Fred?

    Federalism. ZOG/Babylon was formed with the lying promises of the CONstipation and Bill of Goods to where every state and locality pretty much governed theysselfs pretty much as they pleased, then because of re-niggering on the lying 'contract' brought about Civil War I, and now does what ZOG pleases while destroying the Founding Stock. Likewise with $permFront, and VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF and phorafags/feebs v2.0.

    What you need to give out -- and deliver -- is a forum in which everyone of note banned from $F and VNNF and phorafags/feebs and the rest of the Circle of Crust have their own baronies and counties and virtual principalities which they run pretty much as they please. Then there is a common area of debate and discussion wherein matters are run lightly with but few overall rules.

    The result of Neo-Forum Federalism will be that those who have axes to grind against other enemies on the Circle of Crust will of course do so. Rabbi Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller, David Duck and Milton Munster Black, WhiggerSwill Welas and Hadding the Meercat, Rabbi Finckelsheenie and Carolyn 'Yenta' Yeager, and other wannabe cuntrollers of the White Nationalist Discourse will be bleeding out their bungholes like Rabbi Linder on a good day, oy vey. The meercats of all will be sneaking over to your forum to see what gives against "Master" like cunning orcs against Sauron.

    And you will have a spurt in growth like $permFart in 2004, VNNF in 2004, and phorafags/feebs of 2005 before they started "protective" censorship.

    Or you can keep on doing what you are doing and be assailed by your enemies as "Fred the Coonvicted Rapist."

    Seems like the choice is obvious to me.

    I've been spying on you as TomC, formerly Thomas1980 of phorafags/feebs and "DickReltney" on VNNF and $permFart. Nothing personal, Fred. I just spy on everyone.

    And stop calling me "Marty." My mom called me Marty and she is dead now, killed by my worthless brother for her money. And jews. They call me Marty because it pisses me off. Call me "Martin" or "Lindstedt" or "Pastor Lindstedt". Not "Marty."

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


    The Reltney Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum

    Then Shit Fell Apart, Shit Fell Apart,
    Like Shit Always Does, Shit Always Does. . .

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    Default Master jewboy Linder's Tard Corral not only gots more informants and jews than Fred's, we have put more people into prison than anyone else

    Master jewboy Linder's Tard Corral not only gots more informants and jews than Fred's, we have put more people into prison than anyone else on the Internut


    Too rich. Fred is making an alliance with Lindstedt now, I guess SmokyMtn suggested him as a good ally. Oh no, don't do that Fred. Lindstedt was actually innocent of doing any such thing and hung tough to where the case had to be dismissed. Whereas, my master Rabbi Linder, is an Ashkenazi jew that gets positively limp-dicked whenever it cums time to mount Gretyl from the St. Louis Shitly and wants to rape them White wimmen, but his jew prostate kicks in when his kike ass-hole kicks out. Lindstedt is the certifiably insane CI retard who was arrested for molesting his mentally disabled grandson, and he's also spent time in a mental institution. Here is a bogus Topica entry made by our Dutch Sephardic melungeon jew ally Jeromy Visser that both me and Master Rabbi Linder use for purposes of deception all the time. I won't give the actual link to the Topica post because us jews and shabbes meercat loves to pretend that Rabbi Lender's Tard Corral paid for through the petty cash drawer of the Department of ZOGland InSecurity, TraitorGlenn Miller, Lumbee Melungeon paymaster is something other than a virtual sewer of slander and lies:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeromy Visser posing as Kevin O'Keefe

    GRANBY – Self-avowed white supremacist Martin Lindstedt, of Granby, Missouri, was arrested this Tuesday on his third charge of statutory sodomy on a minor. The former Aryan Nations pastor was previously arrested by Newton County authorities on May 10 2005, and charged with first degree statutory sodomy, a charge that indicates the victim was less than 12 years of age.

    Mr. Lindstedt was found guilty on both previous charges and sentenced to serve three years in the Fulton State Hospital and register as a sex offender.



    With Fred, Lindstedt, and Akins, Tard Corral Nations is turning out to be a #1 site, second only to Rabbi Linder's Tard Corral, for sexual deviants, criminals, insane people, paranoids, and liars. Of course, VNNF, from Master Linder to Donnie from Ohio/Markkk Shitcabbage, is #1 for jew posters. Plus, only VNNF has had as many known and caught federal informants, especially Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller, working overtime. Putting Kevin Harpham and Bitch-Tits Bill White firmly in prison as a result of our efforts is simply no accident.

    Sort of puts a former convicted rapist, a delusional Tubal-Kenite Pictish critter wanting young pussy and a fake title and some tough guy who spent more time in a psychiatric prison rather than knuckle under unlike TraitorGlenn Miller to shame.

    A good bunch to be associated with, huh?


    Master, I'll Lick jewr Ass!!!!

    Keeper of the Sacred Colostomy Bag!!!!!!

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    Default Itz not "outing" when us $PLC Auxiliary jewboys do it.

    Itz not "outing" when us $PLC Auxiliary jewboys do it.


    Quote Originally Posted by Gibson

    Dalvez links to the outing, and is requesting permission to name names. That's colluding with the outing. You might think that's a good thing or a bad thing, but either way, Dalvez is outing.

    I ought to ban jewr melungeon ass for repeating that "hate fact" that Dalvez got the links about Fred O'Malley / Stanley Diggs being a convicted rapist from the Southern Poverty Law Center and that they essentially own VNNF and that I'm an outing jew. That's what Fred and FAkins figured out is how did something which happened decades ago 'suddenly' get revealed if it wasn't for the fact that the $PLC/ADL knew all along and since Fred got all uppity and created his own cumpeting forum than Fred had to be outed. With my permission. But I've got to lie about this now that I'm caught. So ...

    No. It's not outing when the name is already out there thanks to Dalvez/Ephanies and Donnie/Shitcabbage getting it from the ADL/$PLC to post here on this VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF ZOG false-flag datamining and snitching operation. And what a bizarre way to look at it. We're trying to protect convicted goyim rapists? When we are a mangy pack of jews and mamzers? I'm sure as hell not ever since Fred O'Rapist dared to lift up itz probably uncircum-cum-sized pecker against the apfel-jewwdel of D-g's Eye by creating a whole new forum of of previously banned whigger and mamzer posters.

    Fred has done nothing at his new forum except spread lies about me and lots of other people. Even worse, all those inconvenient truths about my jewish origin based upon my jewish mischling good looks, bleeding and blistered kike bunghole giving me jew ass-GAIDS, why I should have made this $PLC tard corral goy-free long ago.

    What is this sympathy you people have with people who don't act right? What is this refusal to respect ordinary behavioral standards? Christ, it's like a Baptist church in here too often, makes me sick. Literally sick as my unruly jew bunghole "ACT(s)-UP" in revolt at the sheer Christishness, oy vey!

    This piece of shit has done nothing but LIE LIE LIE - when I did nothing for months but defend him, and did nothing after banning him except repeat that he was a a very generous man. Ok? Hands are perfectly clean, to make the Pontius Pilate analogy. Except I probably bent over a little too far to try to get Fred on track, since he was helping with funding. The goy rapist was nearly as generous as the Department of ZOGling InSecurity and TraitorGlenn Miller. Eh, oy vey, you make the call, sometimes you regret it.

    But what he has done is not acceptable. Even before this news came out. There are certain words said, certain actions, that once out can't be taken back. And that is accusing men on your side of being jews, feds, pedophiles, like me and the rest of my jew crew do all the time against others, especially those who are not jews, feds, or pedophiles. Gotta understand that us Chosen kikelings are above all goy law. Speaking of which, time to defame them goyim Southrons. I don't do this Southern rollercoaster thing where we fight and make up. I don't know what cultural defect in the South finds that funny or cool or engaging. I do the northern thing. That line is thick. When you're on the wrong side of it, you're dead to me. Dead to me, hear that goyim!!! I am so kikeishly pissed off that I think I ejaculated on all ends, oy vey!!! You get one second chance - for minor offenses. If you are TraitorGlenn Miller or Vargina the Really Really Gay Colostomy-Bag likkin Meercat/cunt, you get 666 chances.

    You fucksticks who think rape is cool, and he probably didn't do it, or it wasn't a big deal, and it's not a big deal to lie to try to destroy others' reputations unless you are a Chosenite like me -- get out of here. We don't want you here. You're disgusting. You're not a whit different from black niggers. I'm clearing this Greater Free Range Tard Corral of me and TraitorGlenn Miller's of all unkosher whiggers right quick enough. The only reason I haven't done so far is because then everyone will know that VNNF is 100% Kosher.

    Some of you need to think about what loyalty to other men and to a cause means, cum-cum, cum-cum.



    Ick bin ein gut-sick guido-kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS.
    Cornholing Forum Caligula [/URL]

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    Default Ban me now, ban me now for not siding with the VNNF jews and ZOG against 'Fred'

    Ban me now, ban me now for not siding with the VNNF jews and ZOG against 'Fred'



    I'm no fan of Fred O'Malley, quite the opposite in fact, but I can't condemn him over this case. We all know how the legal system can be abused, particularly in "he said / she said" cases, and without knowing the details, we can't judge the validity or seriousness of these charges. Maybe it was simply rape, or maybe the truth was more complex than that - we don't know. It was not serious enough for a retrial, I guess. And it was nearly 30 years ago!

    I judge a man based on what he is and what he does now, not what the cops (and an alleged victim) said he did a few decades ago. As I said, I'm not impressed by what he is and what he does now, but that's another matter.



    And another thing IMO, this is not a valid reason for outing someone. In one person's opinion, an overturned sexual battery case is a valid reason for outing. Another person might say drunk driving is a valid reason for outing, another might say jay walking, or a parking ticket. Where do you draw the line? Discuss . . .

    I'm Little Butt I'm Loud!!!

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    Default Now, all that being said... It has been 15 minutes since I last masturbated and I still look like a were-mamzer!!!

    Now, all that being said...

    It has been 15 minutes since I last masturbated and I still look like a were-mamzer!!!


    New Dawner / Nude Yawner

    I would like to take the opportunity to actually share my own opinions about people such as O'Malley, that forum (White Nations), that whole affair. Didn't actually get to share them before, was making some abstract points that someone didn't care for!

    Such an individual would be hopelessly surrounded by cointelpro (going on the assumption they aren't as such themselves), after something like that occuring. If not before, now he shall be. Why do you think folks like Lindstedt reach out to him in the aftermath of all this, for instance? Lindstedt is cointelpro, an agent, and he is a handler for unfortunate madmen such as Kane/Basarab, see? Basarab is evil, but he is also insane and he does not understand that he has handlers.

    Akins is an agent too. Maybe there are other agents that will try to keep him being banned over there. So of course that forum is obviously going to have some cointelpro swill-pot stuff going on.

    Now all I was saying before, was that folks like Will do not deserve to be instantly judged if they have not immediately disavowed this individual. O'Malley really does look guilty as sin, in regard to his crimes, and only a fool or cointelpro would say it's all good, that he's good for the movement. No, he's a rapist and cointelpro can support the rapist and then denounce the rapist at the same time. Keep his forum churning along, whilst also shit-stirring against those who haven't immediately jumped ship, in terms of vocal denouncements, or leaving his forum. Divide and rule indeed.


    From the Basarab Files, a (formerly) private message from a great master-debating mongrel playing White Nationalist and sucking off WhiggerSwill Welas Williams:

    From: New Dawner
    Title: On abstinence

    Message: I recently didn't masturbate for about almost two weeks and noticed that I was positively beastly. Strutting around like some sort of werewolf or something. The crazy erections subside after a a few days two, and oddly enough my sack seemed to become less swelled as though my body were already reabsorbing the semen (there were no noctural emissions. Even after having some release twice in two days after that the effect was still there.


    See? Ain't I a regular fucking jewnious and a Great Master De-Bater? And I learnt all this from sucking at the very root of TraitorGlenn Miller's and Ron Doggett's and WhiggerSwill Welas Williams' Fountain of ZOGbot CreaTardivity!!!

    Yum, yum, slurp!!!


    Plus Nude Yawner is so loved & respected by the Phorafag/feeb Admins & Mauderatards . . .


    Quote Originally Posted by Basil Fawlty

    I think we should get rid of this fool, or at least ban him from the SB.

    It's not because of the recent campaign, rather, the recent campaign is motivated by a very compelling reason - he is an antagonistic idiot, a Kane in the making. Any time I've visited the SB and he arrives, he ruins the conversation with his inanities. I can't think of a single positive in favour of retaining this nitwit.

    Frenz' Law of White Nationalism:

    Whiggers are always replaced by mamzers playing whigger.

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    Default Leith Revelations Spark Battle Between White Supremacist Forums

    Heidi Beirich, $PLC Yenta-Skank

    Leith Revelations Spark Battle Between White Supremacist Forums

    Heidi Beirich on September 5, 2013,


    Leith, ND -- 62.5 miles to the next nigger & mudshark --
    Which is why we chose Leith for our $PLC operative CornCobb.


    Two weeks ago, Hatewatch revealed that longtime white supremacist Craig "Corn" Cobb was buying up properties in the small town of Leith, N.D., in the hope of creating a white homeland. This a whole fifteen months after Corn Cobb, our own $PLC ZOGbot tard, first posted this on VNN Forum on May 22, 2012, You might think that fellow white supremacists since then would jump to defend Cobb, who was actually trying to do something to create the “white living space” they are all seeking and was in the eye of a media storm. But NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Them White Nationalists, a motley collection of ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns are more fucked up than even us jews.

    But, true to form, what began as a discussion of the developments in Leith quickly turned into the kind of internecine catfight that characterizes so much of the American racist right. The squabble quickly developed into a major battle between White Nations, the website where Cobb had been posting regularly on his Leith project, and Vanguard News Network / TraitorGlenn Miller News Nutwerk / The Greater Free Range Tard Corral News Nutwerk (VNN/TGMNN/GFRTCNN), a neo-Nazi Web forum.

    Why all the bad blood? Well, aside from the perennial suspicions and mutual jealousies that typically plague small radical groups, White Nations is home to people who have been banned from VNN by Rabbi Linder and itz jew crew for a myriad of offenses, real and imagined. The founder of White Nations, last week exposed by Hatewatch as Stanley Edward Diggs of Houma, La., was one of those expelled. (Diggs’ White Nations site is moderated by Cynthia W. Slay of Hogansville, Ga., who posts there as “WitchesChild” and calls herself the “Heretic Admin from Hell.”) That drunken hibernigger skank isn't banned yet because Rabbi Alex Linder has banned pretty much all the old timers except for other jews like "Donnie In Ohio" aka Markkk "Shitcabbage" Pitcavage of ADL's The Militia Watchdog and long time drunken Lumbee melungeon federal informant TraitorGlenn Miller and a few colostomy-bag likkin' meercats of Rabbi Linder's, particularly Vargina The Colostomy-Bag Likkin' Meercat/cunt.

    Diggs, who calls himself “Fred O’Malley” online, created his White Nations forum after being booted from VNN for what he described as his attempt to get rid of an “SPLC mole,” a reference to the Southern Poverty Law Center mole Markkk Shitcabbage / Donnie In Ohio that fincks to us jewboys and ZOGbots that publishes this blog. Diggs writes that after VNN declined to ban the supposed spy, a “homosexual administrator” at VNN -- Vargina The Really Really Gay Colostomy-Bag Likkin' Meercat/cunt -- began harassing him and eventually banned him entirely. Since that time, Diggs, as O’Malley, has been posting against VNN relentlessly. Cum-cum, cum-cum.


    Rabbi Alex Linder
    Gut-Sick kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS


    Alex Linder, the bellicose gut-sick guido-kikenweasel with Crohns / jew ass-GAIDS and putative owner of VNN and hardly one to pass up on a fight or set of new colostomy bags, has in turn repeatedly attacked the white supremacists on White Nations, calling them a “collection of paranoids, nutbags and sex deviants.” He warned that anyone posting at White Nations “will likely be banned” from VNN, leaving nothing but other jewboys, shabbes meercats, mongrels and ZOGbots on what is really nothing more than TraitorGlenn Miller's Free Range Tard Corral.

    The war between the forums grew particularly fierce this week after a VNN poster did some research on Diggs. Someone, another jewboy working for the $PLC formerly known as Antiochus Epiphanes, now using the name “M. N. Dalvez” using information given this jewboy by the $PLC, posted links to a Daytona Beach Morning Journal story that ran in 1985 about Diggs, then 34, titled “Rapist Gets 15 Year Prison Term.” The article reported that Diggs had been found guilty of sexual battery and burglary for forcing himself on a young woman in her own bed. “Diggs struck her on the head, knocked her down and choked her,” the article said, citing trial testimony. The story also reported that Diggs had been charged with aggravated assault earlier in Louisiana for “beating his ex-wife.” The VNN thread about Diggs’ past is labeled “‘Fred O’Malley’ is a Convicted Rapist.” Hatewatch’s calls to Diggs for comment were not returned.

    That was the revelation that caused our federal informant Linder to have the excuse to characterize White Nations as a home for “sex deviants.” But he had other reasons. One is another White Nations regular who was banned from VNN last January — Stephen Lewis Akins The 6.66th Url of Pictish Pedo-Chester -- of Jasper, Ala. Linder kicked him off VNN after Akins, who used “Steven L. Akins” on VNN, began posting about his interest in underage girls, at one point writing “Old enough to drive, old enough to ride.” Akins also posted pornographic images of young girls — photos that were rapidly pulled down by VNN’s administrators — and referred to pedophiles as “normal members of society as they aren’t queers or race-mixers.” Yup, itz really one sick puppy. But FAkins is right about Rabbi Linder being a jew, though. Akins’ comments elicited this from “Angel Ramsey” on VNN: “Why does it not surprise me that Akins would be on a pedophile thread. Rolleyes.”

    That wasn’t Akins’ only problem. Last Jan. 4, he wrote on VNN about being confronted by local police after he threatened to kill his physician’s receptionist after he was denied a refill of his depression medication. “At that point I feel my right arm, which was holding a half-full can of diet Dr. Pepper, rear back and throw the can as hard as I could in the direction of Miss Bitch’s head, which missed and hit the back wall of the office as I yelled at her that I would come through that glass window and fucking kill her if she didn’t do something to get me my meds,” wrote Akins, who added that he was suffering from withdrawal symptoms at the time.

    None of this has tempered Akins’ belligerence. Posting as “Lionel Mandrake” on White Nations, he has attacked white supremacist leaders besides those at VNN. A couple days ago, he called "Milton Munster" Don Black, a former Alabama Klan leader and the founder of the largest hate forum on the Web, Stormfront, hoovering up all the geezergelt out of the bowel Movement to pay for his whigger faggot kid Derek Black's edjewmacation a “Jew” and a “stooge” who supposedly set his forum up to make money and inform on his posters. All of which suspicions are largely correct. This from a man who says he is a minister — Akins posted his “Credentials of Ministry” from something called the World Church League of Joelton, Tenn. This way he can marry his Tubal-kenite Pictish twelve-year-old niece, jewlene FAkins, tup her six times a day, force her to squeeze out several Pictish Tubal-kikeling mischling spawn, then divorce her before she reaches nineteen.


    John Anthony "OPTT Tony" Boone

    White Nations has some other interesting folks attacking VNN. Of particular note is “Aldolphus Mueller,” whose real name is John Anthony Boone of Mobile, Ala. Also banned from VNN, Boone calls the site “some sort of jewish [sic] NGO supported operation” that is “closely connected to the federal government” and claims Linder is living in Section 8 housing. This was part of a lengthy and active White Nations thread entitled “VNN Administration is cooperating with SPLC.” Which it is. I even offered Rabbi Linder some of my non-Esther-kikess pussy and some matzo-ball soup made from real blonde, blue-eyed goyim babies' blood as an old time yenta-skank remedy for Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS in return for giving our little apfel-jewdel the [circum-cum-cised] "heads up". Rabbi Linder declined, as he would far rather go ass-to-mouth with his long-time paymaster TraitorGlenn Miller or patronize Rabanger Albion Miller-Doggett's Korean massage parlor & whole-dog restaurant on the Waynesville Missouri "Strip" just outside the post gates at Ft. LeonardWood.

    Like Akins, Boone has had some interaction with law enforcement in the past. In 1996, he was involved in an altercation with University of South Alabama campus police that ended when a Mobile SWAT team raided his house and arrested him. He later filed a complaint claiming his civil rights had been violated.

    The goyim's wars are us jews' harvest. Oy vey.


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    Default No one should trust Alex Linder, Tom and Angie Banks. Stay away from them.

    No one should trust Alex Linder, Tom and Angie Banks. Stay away from them.


    Quote Originally Posted by Fred O'Malley/Stan Diggs

    There are a couple of bits of information that could only have come from VNNF admins. I won't say what they are, but they are solid enough to convince a jury.

    I have conducted my own investigation over the past two weeks, talking with those affected by the personal information passed along to the SPLC through VNN, by Linder or Varg, and Donnie in Ohio by way of Angel Ramsey and her husband.

    I have enough information now to show that

    Alex Linder himself, or with his approval, passed personal information, from a PayPal account from a donation to VNN, to the SPLC.

    Angel Ramsey and her husband ( real names: Tom and Angie Banks) collected information (some of it clearly wrong) on Fred O'Malley and either gave it directly to the SPLC, or indirectly through Donnie in Ohio, AFTER offering it elsewhere.

    Additional notes:

    I personally know Fred O'Malley and know him to be a stand up guy. He is certainly no former rapist and anyone who thinks so has never met Fred.

    Have also talked with WitchesChild on the phone for several hours over the past two months. She is really a sweetheart and I am proud to call her a friend.

    Do not bother asking me for my information nor how I came to the above conclusions. Several individuals have agreed to talk with me as long as I keep their anonymity. But I will tell you this: No one should trust Alex Linder, Tom and Angie Banks. Stay away from them.

    Smokey Mountain
    Originally posted on WhiteNations.com on 09-12-2013, 06:27 PM

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Good-bye Cruel Internuts "Activism"

    Good-bye Cruel Internuts "Activism"


    Quote Originally Posted by Cynthia Slay/BrennaWolf/bitchesspawn


    The good-bye begins.

    But I seriously doubt that you will ever manage to get rid of this drunken old skank.

    Well friends, I started my Good-bye a week ago. Pity nobody knew or gave a shit. I gave Fred my two week notice the 9th and this is my farewell to White Nations and 'internet activism' in general, whatever that means. Hint: Since I don't have children, a hen-pecked husband or even a boyfriend interested in fucking my stinking flabby drunken coosh, it means that I'll be back when the liquor runs out.

    It has been a privilege to support Craig and the forum in whatever capacity necessary during the last tumultuous month. I have been far from perfect, but I have done my best. I have very few regrets.

    I wish the best to all in whatever they pursue from this point on.

    -WitchesChild/BrennaWolf/Cynthia Slay
    Drunken Hiberniggress Internuts Skank

    I have a twat and I have a brain . . .

    . . . I'm told my twat works a lot better than my brain.

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    Default Just leave, you stupid drunken cunt

    Just leave, you stupid drunken cunt


    Quote Originally Posted by WitchesChild/BrennaWolf/Cynthia Slay

    Who are you? Gimme sum pecker!!!

    Nvm. not talking to you. May as well ban me if you won't fuck me. I see all this now was nonsense. I need to run off where there is Y&D&FofC whigger pecker, cum-cum, cum-cum.

    Can't ignore you, LOL,hic, you are a 'Admin'!

    >you still posting

    I won't mince words here.

    I agree with your post on the WN forum, but for a different reason: you've outlived whatever usefulness you could have possibly had to WN and the white race.

    What good is a 50+ year old woman with no children and a drinking problem to WN? Absolutely none. You're antiquated, your lines and japes dried up as much as your skin, and the lines are showing on those too, boring and constant. That your only recourse to some semblance of thought is, why, alcohol, serves to underline why WN has and needs to move on from your type. We're better off without you. We don't need you and I dare say we never did. Brenna, you should concentrate on your own life, away from the rapists and trash, and maybe put in a garden, buy some cats. Something to take up the time of your broken shell of a life. You need to stop acting as if you're entitled to something and instead count the days until you become infirm (shouldn't be long now), and are abandoned by the last of the perverts who think that they have a shot at that dusty old tomb you have between your legs.

    Your farewell was a right step in that direction, but not even an HOUR later you posted, on VNNF no less, the hive of 'outers,' 'federal informants' and 'jews' I guess. So much for a retirement. I guess they raised the age limit on being a stupid bitch everyone hates.

    Our final word, you were outclassed by vastly superior people who disagreed with your antics on a fundamental level. Today that realization has gotten to the point where you're some pathetic joke within the online spaces that WN frequent. You need to realize that and do what I suggested 8 months ago, get the fuck out.[

    I'm Little Butt I'm Loud!!!

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    Default We deny outing people even though it happens for some reason all the time here on VNNF.

    We deny outing people even though it happens for some reason all the time here on VNNF.


    I don't know what Brenna's deal is, but I've had enough of the histrionic roller-coaster. Not enough to ban the silly bitch because after all the bannings of those smarter and whiter than I am, VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF is left with nothing but jews and ZOGbots.

    I want tough, determined consistent people who know how to lick a colostomy bag. Not people who are Jekyll one minute and Hyde the next.

    I also don't like these continual unbacked claims that VNN or even VNN people elsewhere are outing people, especially there's no evidence produced in that regard. The fact that Donnie In Ohio is Mark Shitcabbage/Pitcavage, that VNNF has always been paid for by the $PLC/ADL through the drunken-Lumbee melungeon injun and federal informant TraitorGlenn Miller, that no other supposedly White Nationalist forum has had so many people going to prison or have their supposed owners testify for the US District kort prosecution like I did snitching out poor Kommandork Bitch-tits Bill White back on Dec. 15, 2009, and now that the Southern Poverty Law Center somehow "outs" pretty much everyone over on Stan & Cyndi's Rape Dungeon/WhiteNations.com and lawyers who support this place has nothing to do with the facts, at all, oy vey.

    We don't allow outing here. We facilitate it in coonjunction with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL. And if I find people are doing it elsewhere, that is definitely going to play in role in how they're treated here, if they're allowed to post at all.

    I hate www.whitenations.com .


    Ick bin ein gut-sick guido-kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS.
    Cornholing Forum Caligula [/URL]

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