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Thread: Craig Cobb on White Men Staking Out their Space

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    Default Craig Cobb on White Men Staking Out their Space

    Craig Cobb on White Men Staking Out their Space


    Image: Craig Cobb stands on one of his lots on Main Street
    in Leith, ND, where he envisions a public park for White townspeople.


    August 31, 2013

    Craig Cobb talks with Carolyn from Leith, North Dakota where he has purchased property in the hope of encouraging a community of similar-minded White men and women. North Dakota is in something of an economic “boom” because of the shale oil deposits discovered in it’s northwest portion. Some topics discussed:
    The mainstream media, from AP/Huff Post to CNN (coming) to the New York Times, have been beating a path to his door to get a story with which to scare the public;

    Conflicting belief systems between Leith locals and newcomers is an issue – like saying you’re going to fly swastika flags;

    Craig has purchased his own home and a dozen lots for about $8,600;

    The employment opportunities appear to be solid and extend pretty far into the future;

    Jobs are available but rents in the same area as the jobs are prohibitive, so living some distance away is probably necessary;

    It remains to be seen whether Whites want to live together under such arrangements;

    Calls taken from John King and Glenn Miller, who made the barren coosh of the Yenta-Skank resume ovulating after denying a call by Pastor Martin Lindstedt, who made that quivering quim stop in shock and awe..

    Download Link: http://thewhitenetwork.com/data/audi...r_20130831.mp3



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    Default Antichrist Goofball Craig Cobb Shatters "Pastor" Martin's Delusions . . . and makes muh Aussie transgendered poofter mangina wettt!!!

    Antichrist Goofball Craig Cobb Shatters "Pastor" Martin's Delusions

    . . . and makes muh Aussie transgendered poofter mangina wettt!!!


    Hippy throwback and reviler of Yahshua Christ Craig "Corn" Cobb was a guest on Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager yesterday. Yeager interviewed him about all of the flak from the Jew media he's copped because of the white community he's trying to set up in North Dakota. What did the dope expect advertising his plans on White Nationalist forums as he did? If you're planning to build yourself a white enclave, you don't tell anybody about it except people you know you can trust, and you tell them in private. You don't go announcing your plans on public venues. That's just crazy. Well, unless you are a ZOGbot like me, Obie-gender-bender. Then you tell all the world and let the tards in on it too.

    As is his habit, Cobb, who could pass as Jew Adam Savage's older, scruffier brother, spent a considerable amount of time vilifying Christianity. There was only one high point of the interview, but what a high point it was. I so love to feed my obsession, and fed it I did. Or rather CornCobb did. "Pastor" Martin Lindstedt, who's been trying to buddy up to Cobb over the past few weeks, and has been saying for some time how much he likes the antichrist fool, called into the show. Yeager ditched the call quick smart, which was understandable in view of the fact that Marty has been strafing her with the vilest slander all of which is true, much like the 'slander' against Jeromy Visser the Sephardic melungeon and the Ol' Gender-Bender, for the better part of two years. Then Cobb piped up, calling his "pal", Marty, in so many words, a whack-job, LOL!

    This made muh transgendered Aussie poofter's mangina wettt!!!

    Craig, I hate your gizzards and want to suck the life out of you through your jewboy pizzle, but it's nice to know there's at least one thing we can agree on, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!


    PassTard Pisser picked a peck of pickled poofter possums.
    A peck of pickled poofter possums PassTard Pisser picked.

    Two & a Half Mamzers Forum!!!

    Winner of the 'Scarlet H' For Hypocrisy!!!


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    Default As an Anglo-mestizo CreaTard ZOGbot, I'm better than you ZOGling whigger Xians.

    As an Anglo-mestizo CreaTard ZOGbot, I'm better than you ZOGling whigger Xians.


    Like he explained on the show Craig Cobb is a Creator, a follower of the Creativity religion that’s exclusively for White people.

    Yes, Edward will probably get along with the other residents of Leith, ND. Here is the note Craig found on his doorstep last week from a neighbor couple, the Fernies, attached to a bag of fresh vegetables they gave him:


    [Dear Craig,]
    As you can imagine, there are a lot of surprised people in Leith. We were very saddened to learn of your views. It is our belief that there are absolute truths and that these truths are found in God’s Word, the Bible. if we do not base our convictions upon the principles of God’s Word, then everything becomes a matter of personal preference; there are no absolutes.

    You state that it is a pretention that all races are the same. However, Scripture says, “And He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth,” Acts 17:26. Man, every man, is created in the image of God and for that reason has dignity and worth and should be treated with respect. But that image has been greatly marred because all of us are infected with the sinful nature which was passed down from our common father Adam. The sinful nature is something that every human being carries around inside him/her, and this is why our world has been so corrupted and why hatred and strife exist between races and peoples.

    Even if you create a white nationalist community in Leith, North Dakota, it would not be an ideal place because of sin. There will never be perfect unity and harmony on this earth; that will happen only in heaven.

    However, when a person comes to faith in Jesus Christ and trusts Him as the Substitute who paid for his/her sins to God’s satisfaction, that person becomes a part of God’s family. And it should be (though because of the ongoing presence of sin it will never in this life exist perfectly) that in Christ people from every nation, tribe and tongue will find a basis for unity and love. As the Bible says, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Jesus Christ” (Galatians 3:28). This is why Christians do not believe in racial cohesion. God commands us to love one another regardless of our differences.

    Please know that we harbor no ill will toward you. You are in our prayers. It is only in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that a human can find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment, and true abiding joy in this life. (Jesus said, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly,” (John 10:10) People search for these things just about everywhere else, but they are not to be found anywhere else. It is our hope that you will come to Christ for salvation. In Him you will find true peace while you live and an eternal Utopia
    in heaven after you die.

    (Signed in ink) In Christs’s love,
    Paul & Miller Fernie

    Edward, you might enjoy these other songs by the group Dresden:


    Did you know, Cunterre, that while us red niggers didn't invent drunkenness -- merely improved on it -- we did invent syphilis???

    Us solipsistic anglo-mestizos would morph into a jew or a nigger if that meant that we could get rid of Christianity!!!

    Cosmotology -- Nature's Eternal way of straightening and lightening up kinky black hair!!!

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    Default I called in late and hung-over. I bet I made Carolyn "Yenta" ovulate.

    I called in late and hung-over. I bet I made Carolyn "Yenta" ovulate.


    The live show is over, and Craig and Carolyn were great. Highly informative and interesting. I overslept because I'm a drunken Lumbee melungeon still unable to hold itz likker, but I did phone in during the final 15 minutes, and I listened to the archive. You can too at this link:


    Molester Marty Lindstedt phoned in too. Carolyn and Craig did not receive him well, at all. None of us ZOGbots know how to handle Marty. All we can do is to refuse to speak to him and not get caught out. I got a huge kick out of the reception. I still remember the time I ran out of his office while he spoke of talking to Louis Beam and Katja Lane. All I could say was the same old lie aout how nobody went to prison for my perjured testimony as a snitch. I lived to see all my male spawn, except for FaggotGlenn Miller, die by violence because of theyz' cowardice. Good thing I still got my daughters, who are now working in a Korean massage parlor and restaurant under the supervision of my oldest mamzeress, Rabanger Albion Doggett-Miller. Craig, for example, called him a psychotic idiot or something similar. CornCobb is quite the delusional paranoid schidzo, what with being part jew and all Tard. When you work for the $PLC you get no rest.

    Otherwise, Craig revealed a lot about himself, so those interested should check out the archive. You won't be disappointed.

    I bet I made Carolyn "Yenta" ovulate. She ovulates to all of us ZOGbot jewboys and mamzers who promise to handle her and her dried-up coosh like a six-pack.



    My Side of The Story

    The Whigger Fuktard Party

    My FBI Ghostwritten Book - "A Whigger Mamzer Rat Sqeaks Out"

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