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Thread: CofCC Facebook Group

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    Default CofCC Facebook Group

    CofCC Facebook Group


    New CofCC Facebook group


    The CofCC has a new Facebook group. We’re already up to 119 members.

    The previous Facebook group which had nearly 1,000 members was deleted without warning last March. My own Hunter Wallace account was deleted in that big purge.

    Since our return to Alabama, Renee and I have been talking about what we can do for people who are pro-White and who are dealing with the same problems that we have been fighting here in the South, but who live in the North and the West.

    At my own wedding, two of my groomsmen were from the Northern states: Kyle Rogers, who is originally from Ohio and who runs the CofCC website, and William Rome, my old roommate from Virginia who drove from New York City to be there. Jack Ryan rode a train down from Chicago to be at our wedding service.

    In Tennessee, Jack Ryan bought a billboard attacking Tyson Foods on I-24 and participated in both our demonstrations in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville. Stephen Dalton was also in Tennessee and drove all the way from Illinois to participate in our first protest in Uvalda and Vidalia, GA in August.

    Among other places, Renee and I were touched when we received wedding gifts – whether through Target, PayPal, or the P.O. Box – from Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Montana. We also received wedding gifts from South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Florida and too many other states to name here.

    In terms of real world activism, there are geographical limits to what even our most dedicated supporters can do. It is a real haul to travel to any protest that is more than 5 or 6 hours away. Even in the South, it is too far a drive for League activists in places like South Carolina or Virginia to attend a protest in Texas.

    Hopefully, the CofCC Facebook group that we are rebuilding can be used as a resource to organize similar events in other regions, places like Chicago or the Northeast where there are lots of people who are pro-White, but who currently have no way to get in contact with each other or any banner under which they can organize.

    There is nothing stopping anyone from getting involved in the CofCC and holding pro-White-themed protests anywhere in the United States. The CofCC has done this many times in the past and could do so again.


    Posted on October 29, 2013 by Hunter Wallace

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default Long-term readers of Occidental Dissent have seen mature growth over the years

    Long-term readers of Occidental Dissent have seen mature growth over the years


    Over the past several years, long term readers of OD have seen it develop (mature) in stages, from the original unique ‘School of Athens’-headed WN blog into a southern ethnonationalist discussion site, and now into a CofCC- and LOS-related, northern as well as southern, real world political activism-oriented news and support center. I like the change!

    Mosin Nagant says:
    October 30, 2013 at 12:10 am

    Second To One!!!

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