To Clarify Something I Said in My Last Codcast . . .

Pisserpossum teef are sharp on da ol mangina of Ye Ol Obie-gender-bender,
Cum-cum, cum-cum!!!


In the last edition of my podcast, Christian Identity Australia #4, I said the following:

If you name the name of Christian Identity, then you can't go around slandering people in Christian Identity, even if they're teaching a doctrine with which you strenuously disagree, because that makes you no better than the wicked. Christ died an agonizing death on the cross for Israelites who screamed abuse at Him as he staggered by them bruised and bloodied on His way to Calvary. So any injustice done us by people in CI, any backlink we didn't receive from them, is not cause for us to not to love them and not to work to perfect the fine and difficult art of selflessness that is our reasonable service.

Some people have taken that to mean that I will forgive anybody for slandering me.

They're right. I will.

You can call me anything you like, a coward, a Pharisee, a Jew, a federal informant, a liar, a slanderer, a raving homo, whatever, and I will indeed forgive you. I'll even forgive you if you threaten to disclose my name to the Australian authorities so I'll wind up in prison on a racial vilification conviction. Not that anybody in Christian Identity would ever sink that low. But that forgiveness comes with an important proviso: you must repent of your slander. If you're slandering me left, right, and center, and show no sign of stopping, then clearly you haven't repented and I am therefore under no scriptural obligation to forgive you.

What constitutes repentance?

Okay, well, this example is so ridiculous you're going to think I'm crazy just for using it, but let's say I wanted to demonize you as a homosexual to get back at you for reminding people that I had friendly conversations with a self-confessed Jew on a series of CI podcasts I hosted, even going so far as to ordain him and another Jew, and for twisting Scripture in order to deceive followers of my ministry into giving me money, and for posting on my forum under a bunch of different aliases (sockpuppets) to give people the false impression that good CI folk supported me in my demands for money and knew that my slander wasn't slander but verifiable fact. And let's say I took an excerpt from a book you were writing, an excerpt written from the perspective of a literate young white lady weaned on classic literature such as Grimm's Fairy Tales and used that as proof that you were a homosexual. We'll say this excerpt:

She imagined herself as a Celtic princess strolling majestically along a cobblestone street of an ancient kingdom, cheered by adoring throngs of human and elven subjects, and the cherry blossoms were winged fairies that would alight on her arms and shoulders and sing her praises in a mysterious language older than the dawn of creation, a language that gave her goose bumps and set her person aglow with tiny glittering stars that appeared all around her.
And let's say I posted that accusation as "proof" on my forum for all to see but especially for you to see because I was such a petty hypocrite who condemned people for teaching the no-devil doctrine, even though my distinct lack of Genesis 3:15 enmity made me less Two Seedline than they could ever be. And let's say I sent you a raft of abusive emails reeking of foul language, including one in which I told your dearly departed mother to go and have sexual congress with herself.

Let's say I did all of that and a whole lot more, what would I need to do to show you that I had truly repented?

Well, I would have to confess to all of the lies I had said about you, all of them. And I would need to confess to them in the same way I made them, in a post on a public forum or in a podcast, or maybe both; sinning against somebody in public but repenting in private is unacceptable to Yahweh. I would have to stop using Scripture deceitfully in order to con people into giving me money and admit that I had done so. I would have to identify all of the sockpuppets I had been using, apologize for using them, and then delete them forever. I would have to admit that I was in grave error for knowingly letting a devil spawn make repeated appearances on my podcast and for ordaining him and another devil spawn, even if that ordination was purely in jest. I would have to apologize for threatening to rat on you to the authorities for being the very thing that I proudly claimed I was, namely a preacher of Two Seedline Christian Identity. And I would have to admit that I had accused you falsely of being a sodomite, the penalty for which, according to Scripture, is death.

Then I would have to see to it that I never engaged in any of these evil practices again.

I hope that clears up any confusion. Cum-cum, cum-cum.