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Thread: Image & Coonduct of Anonymous ZOGling mamzer and jewboy ass-clowns

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    Default Image & Coonduct of Anonymous ZOGling mamzer and jewboy ass-clowns

    Image & Coonduct of Anonymous ZOGling mamzer and jewboy ass-clowns


    If we listen to marty it is very obvious that THAT us mongrels cannot pretend to have any say as to whether or not what is believed by the actual Remnant. But us spawn of D-g want to pretend that we have a say that is NOT how a faithful Christian Identist of whatever color or even of the Sephardic melungeon ethnicity should conduct themselves. It's a no brainer. Everyone really really needs to listen to us anonymous mamzers and/or jewboys that refuse to identity ourselfs. But can an individual who is an active White Nationalist be a faithful Christian Identity adherent at the same time? I am making an assumption that I, as an anonymous mongrel pisser-possum get any say in what others, more likely whiter than me, choose to believe. Clearly there is a lack of standing to kvetch on my part, but I wish to claim, anonymously, that there is a difference between the two, as well as a varying degree of faith (or lack there of) displayed amongst the scope of WN organizations due to it's heavy influence of militant socialism, cum-cum, cum-cum.

    With that being said do we as anonymous mongrels and jewboys pretending to be Christian Identity adherents want our image -- not that we have any "image" because we be anonymous because we can't afford to show our snout -- to continue to be that of a Nazi socialist in full salute and goose step? Or do we say "who cares what the world thinks, it matters not anyway because we be anonymous jewboys and mongrels playing CI"? Clearly there is a purported difference between the Wandering Mamzers of WikiPedia-Talksjew Christian Identity religion and White Nationalist ideology. How much should the two be seperated if at all? And if so how soon do we enforce the fact that we worship our father, D-g while pretending to worship Yahweh, not Hitler to those new to the faith that come from a WN background? Dare we ever show our kike mamzer snouts and tails?

    If we are to be an effective anonymous example unto the world should we not be clear unto ourselves what image or example we should keep?

    I really would like to see some input to these questions. I would also like to see whigger imput into my transgendered mamzer mangina. Are these things we should be discussing or are they simply non-questions? Thoughts and opinions?

    I really want some support into my pretense of being Israelite and having something to say whilst remaining anonymous here with my fellow mamzer and jewboy Pisser-Possums.

    Frenz' Law of White Nationalism:

    Whiggers are always replaced by mamzers playing whigger.

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    Default The Racial Fraud that is Finckelsheenieian Hitler Worsesheep

    The Racial Fraud that is Finckelsheenieian Hitler Worsesheep


    Pastor Butler used to call it "raising holy hands to Yahweh." Of course, back when I was going ass-to-mouth with my Ashkenazi melungeon coonterpart Bryan Wright/Billy Wood, I was calling both Pastors Butler as well as Swift sum mamzers.


    ...but personally I think it's lame. Nazism took away from his message, much like it does Fink. Plus Rabbi Finckelsheenie is Ashkenazic, whilst we be Sephardic

    I think the bigger question is should somebody who promotes an obvious kike, established liar and known snitch like that meth-goobering Pisser-Possumette mounting, Sephardic melungeon like myself, Jeromy Visser, Chief Running Lying Pisser-Possum, the Anti-Marty be allowed to infect our forum? You can't serve two masters, cum-cum, cum-cum. That's why I had to send my transgendered pissers-poofter possum Obie-gender-bender away. That and Obie was cutting into the sent ZOGbux, what with being mean to Gary from California, the lighter injun mongrel that sent me ZOGbux for a plane ticket to collect Bridget Da Idjit and four of the lil' pisser-possums when she run home to katlick hiber-mamzer-nigger momma back in Feb. 2009.

    Jeromy Visser
    Sephardic Jew Red-Nigger Felonious Mamzer

    jewromy Visser @
    Cornholing Mamzer's Ministry & Pisser's Cinder & Pisser's Pussy Palace/DSCI VNNF
    Box 256, Brooks, GA 30205

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