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Thread: I knew TraitorGlenn Miller/Cross, the Drunken Lumbee melungeon injun rat

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    Default I knew TraitorGlenn Miller/Cross, the Drunken Lumbee melungeon injun rat

    I knew TraitorGlenn Miller/Cross, the Drunken Lumbee melungeon injun rat


    This is the #1 TraitorGlenn Miller/Cross thread on WhiteNationalist.org. It is dedicated to the drunken Lumbee Melungeon Injun that has been snitching for ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final since it was in the Army snitching on young enlisted Klansmen in order to get five more years in of twenty so as to get a retirement.

    TraitorGlenn Miller was not only a murderer and a criminal and a drunken non-white informer, the drunken melungeon rat was also a closet homosexual.

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    Default A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement (Part Four)

    A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement (Part Four)
    -- The Drunken Shambles of Glenn Miller


    From the Johnson County Sheriff

    In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the largest and most active unit of the National Socialist Party of America (NSPA) other than the Chicago headquarters itself, was the North Carolina unit led by Harold Covington. At one stage the unit had almost two dozen active and reasonably high quality people in North Carolina who wore the uniform, plus over a hundred supporters of various kinds, which for a Hollywood Nazi group was pretty good for one state.

    Covington's main aide and lieutenant at the time was an Army Master Sergeant named Frazier Glenn Miller, who approached Covington in 1977 after hearing the NSPA's recorded White Power Hotline phone messages in Raleigh, N.C. Miller was at that time still an active-duty soldier at Fort Bragg, NC but was living in Johnston County, NC and commuting to the base. He was married to a white woman, Marge Miller, and had several white children. It was later revealed that Miller had previously been married to a Polynesian woman and had several half-breed mulatto children, whom he occasionally allowed to play with his white children on visits. One NSPA member, Karl Kessler, later recalled being shocked when he pulled up to Miller's home in rural Johnston County and saw "the little white Millers and the little brown Millers playing together like something out of Sesame Street."

    After a very short time, Miller made himself almost indispensable to the unit, but it turned out that he had a number of extremely serious skeletons in his closet. The in addition to his miscegenistic marriage, his most immediately apparent failing was his uncontrollable alcoholism. The man gave the old ad slogan "It's Miller Time!" a whole new dimension of meaning. Miller was one of those alcoholics who gets up in the morning and immediately pours himself a drink. He drank all day, steadily, from morning until night. He appeared completely unable, not just unwilling, to stop. He had to have it. When he was finally arrested in 1987, after his ridiculous comic-opera "Declaration of War," all the FBI had to do to break him was withhold his liquor for a few hours. Miller folded like a lawn chair and confessed, telling them everything they wanted to know, groveling at the FBI's feet and begging for whisky.

    Covington freely admits that he screwed up with Miller. Covington now concedes that recruiting Miller and tolerating his dysfunctional and drunken behavior was arguably the worst mistake he ever made. "I feel like Doctor Frankenstein, " he once said, "Because I am the one who created the Glenn Miller monster and turned it loose on the Movement." He knew about Miller's dipsomania from the very beginning, and yet he was so desperate for help that he made the classic Movement mistake of trying to get mileage from a creep. This is a mistake which has brought down many Movement groups. Covington paid, the Cause paid, and everyone else paid a terrible price for his carelessness and incompetence in the Miller matter. Some, like Steve Miller (no relation) eventually paid in lengthy prison sentences. Some, like Tony Wydra, Jacksonville bondsman J.W. Waters, and others paid with their lives. The number of broken marriages, broken families, and ruined lives caused by Glenn Miller is beyond calculation.

    At first, it seemed that the benefits of Miller's activity counterbalanced the problems caused by his constant drinking. He owned a large farm in Johnston County which made an ideal rally field, and which was used for all kinds of functions and meetings, notably the Hitlerfest of 1980 and also various functions related to the Greensboro case. It was also the Party firing range and training ground. He donated money and paid for a lot of printing and other expenses out of his own pocket. Love him or hate him, in his day Miller was dynamic. He installed his own recorded message in his home, and he was constantly out distributing literature and recruiting. He organized massive literature distributions of tens of thousands of Thunderbolt and New Order newspapers and leaflets, with military precision. On the surface, he was ideal.

    But Miller was literally never seen without a beer in his hand, and later a mixed drink, and later a pop bottle full of straight whisky. Much of his recruiting was done in bars, and the men and some of the women he brought into the group were barflies and drinking buddies of his own stripe. (One of these women later streaked a Klan rally and then when Miller threw her out, she went to a local motel room, took off all her clothes, and began making drunken phone calls to Miller and the local media and the police threatening suicide. This is really the kind of publicity that the White Nationalist movement needs, eh?)

    Miller's increasingly bizarre White Power Messages were nothing more than drunken ravings, a fact which if anything increased their listenership, but listenership of the wrong kind. People listened to Miller's recorded messages in order to lay bets on how drunk he was, and in order to laugh at him. Hr brought the NSPA into great disrepute because he came across as what he was, a drunken redneck yelling "Nigger! Nigger! Nigger!", sometimes literally.

    Miller drove all over eastern North Carolina in his truck or his car on Party business, boiled as an owl behind the wheel. Inevitably, he got pulled over and arrested and charged with DUI. On more than one occasion, Harold Covington had to drive many miles through the dark to the jail in Smithfield or Rocky Mount or wherever and bail him out. When Miller's license was revoked, he drove anyway and got arrested, again and again and again, for driving drunk while his license was suspended. It is unclear to this day how Miller escaped a prison sentence.

    Miller's constant drunkenness, his foul mouth, and the personality problems that emerged when he was wasted, were driving away the very type of solid, intelligent, and able people the Party needed. How often did we hear this: "I agree with the Movement its message, but I'm not going to try and work with a bunch of drunks, people I wouldn't associate with in my regular life?" Glenn Miller was the classic Movement example of the dangers of trying to get mileage out of creep: the bad slowly overtaking the good, then outweighing it, then the bad driving out the good altogether.

    Miller's behavior with firearms while drunk grew increasingly reckless, and the behavior with firearms of his growing clique of soaks while drunk, was becoming increasingly erratic and dangerous, including at least three accidental discharges in the North Street headquarters building which fortunately didn't hit anyone, although one shotgun blast blew out a street front window, fortunately not when there were any cars or pedestrians going by. Covington let Miller stay in the HQ during one of his out of town trips (his wife had thrown him out of his own house) and when he returned, he noticed the bullet hole in a table leg. It turned out Miller had undergone some kind of DTs, and he admitted that he fired at a .357 Magnum at a hallucination.

    Miller would dress up in full Nazi "uniform," strap on a .357 Magnum, and go out driving to bars and elsewhere around Johnston County with his young children in the car, asleep in their pajamas because he had no baby-sitter. His wife would leave him for long periods, sometimes to stay with her family in Chicago and sometimes for a stay in a local mental institution. Life with Miller was literally driving her around the twist.

    The ultimate disgrace came in November of 1980, at the time of the Greensboro acquittals. The NSPA were expecting some problems from Reds and general scum at the HQ in consequence of the Not Guilty verdicts, so Covington kept some men in for all night duty. The next morning a reporter from the Raleigh Times showed up at the North Street HQ, another comrade came down, and let him into the literature room. (This was about 9 AM.) There behind the duty desk, in a litter of Old Milwaukee cans, lay "Stormtrooper" Glenn Miller, passed out on the floor drunk in full Nazi "uniform" and regalia, jackboots and all, .357 Magnum on his hip, his trousers soaked and a pool of urine soaking into the carpet. He had pissed himself.

    That was finally it. Covington sat Glenn down and told him that the camel's back was broken. "Either the drinking stops or you're out." After a series of hysterical scenes and "open letters" attacking Covington as a Jew and a Fed and all the usual crap, Glenn left the NSPA. Thus was born the White Patriot Party, lifted on a tide of beer and bourbon. And Hell followed with it, for a lot of people.

    The First Morris Dees Lawsuit

    Morris Dees sued Glenn Miller on behalf of Bobby Person and the entire black population of North Carolina in October 1983. According to the suit, three members of the CKKKK, Mike Lewis, Gregory Short and JoAnn Short had harassed Person, allegedly at Miller's orders.

    The reliability of Person was never very good, though, as Person had been arrested early that year for allegedly pointing a shotgun at Lewis after discovering Lewis was a member of the Klan. After Person had been arrested, he had filed a cross warrant against Lewis accusing Lewis of assaulting him. The Shorts had been witnesses in Lewis' defense, and all criminal charges had been dropped.

    The court process was marked by a number of unusual occurrences. First, Dees took the depositions of perhaps 70 or 80 members of Miller's Klan group as part of an effort to harass them. During the taking of one of these depositions, an assistant of Dees' was arrested for assault after initiating a shoving match with a CKKKK member. Later, Morris Dees was accused of offering money to Mike Lewis in exchange for false testimony against Miller. Miller also filed a number of comical motions during the case, including one asking Dees to be tested for AIDS so Miller "could feel safe in the courtroom". Such motions eventually led to a court order threatening Miller with contempt. Miller apparently never understood just how serious the danger was until the hammer fell on him. Witnesses from the time confirmed that he was often drunk in court, and walked around in a kind of drunken haze all the time.

    Miller settled the lawsuit with Dees in January 1985, but that was not the end. The terms of the settlement were that he and the Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and any other group he might lead, agreed not to assault, harass, or intimidate black citizens, march through predominantly black neighborhoods, or break either of the several North Carolina anti-Klan laws, including a North Carolina law barring operation of a paramilitary organization. It was an unprecedented example of White Nationalist groveling and humiliation at the hands of Dees, and a "victory" which the Southern Poverty Law Center still crows and cackles about to this day. Miller later claimed that when he signed the "consent decree" he was too drunk to understand what he was signing, and it was therefore invalid, a contention that was thrown out of court.

    Miller continued to operate his group as a paramilitary organization, and this resulted in charges of contempt against him (see below).

    Miller's Involvement With The Order

    In April of 1984, two members of the Order, Andy Barnhill and Denver Parmenter, met with Miller at his home in order to scout him out. The two gave Miller a $1000 donation.

    In August 1984, Bob Matthews of the Order, along with his girlfriend Zillah Craig, met with Miller, giving him $75,000, and followed it up with another $125,000 that September. According to Miller's account of the deal, Miller accepted the money knowing that it was the proceeds from a recent armored car robbery the Order had conducted. Miller used the money to transmute his Confederate Knights into the uniformed White Patriot Party, to buy camouflage fatigues, Confederate Flags and flagpoles, and cases of Jack Daniels, all in bulk. He seems to have spent all the money; no trace of it was ever found and in less than a year Miller's WPP was so cash-strapped that its members were hatching hare-brained plots to rob Pizza Huts to raise money.

    The Order was broken up in December of that year, because of informer Thomas Martinez. Miller was subpoenaed to appear in front of two grand juries in the Order case in 1985, one in Seattle, Washington and the other in Fort Smith, Arkansas, but took the Fifth Amendment both times. He was also interrogated by FBI Agent Jack Smith and then US Attorney Sam Currin in Raleigh that year, but claims not to have given up any information. It wasn't until later, when he was facing jail time, that Miller became an eager accomplice of the feds.

    The Second Morris Dees Lawsuit

    In April 1986, Morris Dees filed charges of criminal contempt against Miller and his assistant Stephen Samuel Miller (no relation), accusing them of violating the January 1985 agreement that had bound them not to engage in paramilitary training.

    The trial began July 21, 1986, and Miller was convicted of contempt of court for operating a paramilitary organization on July 25, 1986. During the trial, Robert Norman Jones, who was in prison for illegal firearms deals, testified that Miller had given him $50,000 of the Order money to purchase LAWS rockets, Claymore mines and hand grenades, among other weapons, and that Miller, Stephen Samuel Miller and others had been leading training with such weapons for the purpose of overthrowing the government. In particular, Jones testified that Miller had purchased 13 LAWS rockets for $1,000 each, and a number of other weapons, which Jones had led federal prosecutors to and which were displayed at the trial.

    Miller testified that he had never met Jones, and that Jones had associated exclusively with White Patriot Party members Stephen Samuel Miller, Douglas Sheets and Jack Jackson, thus establishing an endearing and lifelong habit of offering up his comrades to save his own skin. Miller claims he was ignorant of any dealings in weapons Jones had had with other members. Former member James Holder, then in prison for murdering a fellow member of the White Patriot Party after one of the group's drunken post-rally bashes at Miller's farmhouse in Johnston County, testified that Miller had confided in him plans to overthrow the government.

    An FBI agent using the ridiculous undercover name of Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (the actor who starred in the 1960s television series The FBI) then testified that he was an expert in the Turner Diaries and The Order, gave evidence that Miller had been a member of the Order and had received money from them and worked in concert with them, and that his purchase of weapons and training of an army was part of the Order's plot to overthrow the government-which is, technically, true, in light of what is now known about Miller's relationship to the group.

    Nonetheless, it has to be admitted that the proceedings at this second trial had a distinctly Kafka-esque element to them. It is interesting to contemplate Miller's growing horror as he found himself drawn deeper and deeper into the legal machine's nightmare from which he could not wake up, and from which his self-medication with whole grain beverage could no longer insulate him. There is something to be said for the theory that from approximately this time Glenn Miller literally went mad; certainly his subsequent behavior was hardly that of someone in his right mind.

    Miller was convicted by a jury of 11 whites and 1 black, despite the help of public defender William (Bill) Martin. His appeal of this judgment was denied August 18, 1988 by the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals, but by then Miller was already in prison and screaming out every piece of information he knew about White Nationalist people and activity, in exchange for his daily ration of whisky.

    After the verdict was rendered, Miller signed another agreement with Morris Dees agreeing to go free on bond on the condition he would not have any contact with any member of the White Patriot Party while awaiting sentencing. Drunk or not, it is quite likely that Miller was not legally competent to sign such a consent order because of his mental condition.

    In September, Frazier Glenn Miller was sentenced to a six month active jail sentence, a six month suspended jail sentence and three years probation. Stephen Samuel Miller was sentenced to a six month suspended jail sentence and three years probation. The White Patriot Party was fined $2000.00. More sinister for Miller, though, was that the agreement he signed with Morris Dees not to associate with the White Patriot Party and its member was made an order of the court to take effect during the entire time of incarceration and probation. The imposition of the judgment was suspended pending appeal, and both Millers were released on signature bonds with the condition they not associate with the White Patriot Party. The fact that these conditions were completely unconstitutional under pre-9/11 law was simply ignored by the court.

    A Drunk Declares War

    Shortly after the verdict, Miller sent the White Patriot Party mailing list to numerous white organizations and personalities, including David Duke, Dr. Ed Field, William Pierce, Tom Metzger, Bob Miles and Richard Butler.

    In December 1986, Miller's co-defendant, Stephen Samuel Miller was arrested on charges of conspiring to murder Morris Dees, for which he was convicted in April 1987 and sentenced to ten years in prison. It was the usual thing, a "conspiracy" based on the unsubstantiated word of a single Federal informant.

    Miller sold his farm in Johnston County in 1986 and moved his family to Hillsville, Virginia in January 1987. (There is an interesting coincidence in the timing of this move with the Shelby bookstore murders, described below.) Despite the court order, Miller started a new organization in Hillsville called the Southern Patriot Party and began publishing a newspaper called the Dixie Leader, which he folded six weeks later.

    On January 18, 1987, Miller broke the terms of his appeal bond and marched in a White Patriot Party event in Raleigh, North Carolina. On March 18, 1987, Miller took out a $100,000 life insurance policy on himself, handed his wife $10,000 cash, and declared he was "going underground" . He drove to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where he met with Douglas Sheets and Jack Jackson, later picking up Tony Wydra in Asheville, North Carolina.

    The group fled to Monroe, Louisiana, where they rented an apartment and printed up 2,000 copies of their "declaration of war", mailing them to the major media, the entirety of the US Congress and Senate, as well as several white nationalist groups and individuals involved in Miller's prosecution. Three days later, Miller phone the US Attorney via WPTF radio in a state of intoxication and made a number of demands, threatening civil war if they were not met. The demands included:
    "(1) $888,000 in damages for violating the rights of 5,000 members of the White Patriot Party,

    (2) Restoration of my constitutional rights,

    (3) Release of Stephen Miller from prison,

    (4) A meeting with the State Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Attorney Sam Currin, with media present,

    (5) An investigation into the Southern Poverty Law Center and Morris Dees for malicious and illegal use of the federal courts to persecute members of the WPP,

    (6) Null and Void my July 1986 conviction for operating a paramilitary organization,

    (7) Allow me to return as leader of the White Patriot Party unhindered by federal authorities, and

    (8) an apology."

    48 hours later, Miller phoned again, still drunk. All his demands were denied, needless to say, and the news media were all laughing at him.

    At 6 AM in Ozark, Missouri, after a night of heavy drinking, the group was surrounded in a rented trailer by US Marshals, who opened fire with tear gas, compelling the group's surrender. Inside the trailer were found C-4 explosive, dynamite, pipe bombs, hand grenades, fully automatic M-16s and AR-15 rifles, shotguns, pistols, crossbows, and over 1,000 pounds of ammunition. Not one single item of this arsenal was ever fired at a racial enemy; instead, Miller had spent the entire revolution getting drunk and staying drunk.

    Eugene "Jack" Jackson once told Harold Covington that their brief career as revolutionary guerrillas consisted of Miller dragging Jack and the late Doug Sheets every night to bars, getting stinking drunk, and then jumping up on a table and yelling "My name is Glenn Miller, and God, guns, and guts made this country!" Miller also accused Jackson and Sheets of plotting to betray and murder him, but stayed with them because Jack made sure to hang on to the booze money. But all that came later.

    Douglas Sheets was sentenced to six and a half years in prison, as was Jack Jackson. Tony Wydra was killed by an "accidental" shot to the back in 1989, from the gun of one Cecil Cox, a sinister figure who appears to have been some kind of deep cover spook or hit man. Wydra's murder seems to have been connected to the Shelby case (see below) since Wydra was scheduled to be interviewed and give a deposition to the defense. Whatever Wydra might have known about the Shelby incident, he took it to the grave with him, and no charges were ever filed against Cox, who is known to have killed at least three men without a legal scratch on him. Miller himself, facing 200 years in prison, turned government informant.

    Turning Federal Informant:
    Miller's Testimony Against Other White Activists

    In July of 1987, Miller was offered a plea deal by the federal government. He would plea to one count of possession of a hand grenade and turn federal informant, agreeing to testify against other white activists and reveal the entirety of his involvement with the Order and other groups. In exchange, he would be guaranteed no more than a five-year prison sentence and immunity from any further federal prosecution, plus financial support and protection in the Federal Witness Protection Program. In Miller's words: "A five-year sentence sounded a little more palatable than 200, so I accepted."

    Miller then testified at the Fort Smith Sedition Trial that he had been involved in a conspiracy with thirteen other White Nationalist leaders to overthrow the government, including Robert Miles, Richard Butler, Louis Beam, a number of minor players, and a couple of hapless Choctaw Indians who got dragged in because they owned the rental house where Gordon Kahl had been murdered and the government wanted to shut up their complaints about the FBI burning the house down. The center of this conspiracy had supposedly been the Order. None of the white nationalists he testified against had ever testified or given information against Miller.

    The Mysterious Shelby Murder Case

    In April and May of 1989, Miller also testified against his former comrade Doug Sheets in a multiple murder case, in one of the strangest and most obscure incidents to occur in the long and checkered history of the White Nationalist movement-the Shelby Bookstore case.
    In January of 1987, a group of armed and masked men entered a pornographic bookstore in Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina.

    The store specialized in homosexual material and also served as a trysting spot for the local "gay community," specifically a number of private booths where sodomitic acts took place. The men bound and gagged the clerk, the owner, and two customers and shot them through the head execution style. The cash register was not robbed, but the assailants did tear through the office and filing cabinets looking for something. It has been alleged that the bookstore had some kind of organized crime ties, and that the owner was running a profitable sideline in blackmail, secretly photographing and videotaping his often wealthy and eminent clientele committing perversions, and then bleeding them dry for every penny. The assailants appear to have been searching for photographs or documents of some kind. It is not known whether they found what they were looking for or not.

    Almost immediately after the faggot-killings, rumors started to be floated from some unknown source that "white supremacists" were involved, and that the killings were the work of either the White Patriot Party or the nebulous "Phineas Priesthood," which so far as anyone can tell, has never existed anywhere outside the imagination of Morris Dees and such persons who make their living out of spreading anti-White Nationalist paranoia. It is unknown who circulated these rumors. The sub-rosa rumor beneath the rumors was that the attack on the bookstore had been a deliberate hit carried out either by professionals or by elements of the White Patriot Party acting with Federal complicity and protection, the object being to remove evidence of a certain highly placed individual's homosexuality and bizarre sexual fetishes, and to silence anyone who knew about this man and his deviations.

    Eventually, Robert Eugene "Jack" Jackson and Doug Sheets were charged with the murders and taken to North Carolina for trial. The case against both men was so weak as to be virtually non-existent. Jackson had a rock-solid alibi in that, being a considerate neighbor, he had been out shoveling snow for his elderly neighbors on the morning after the killings at his home in Oklahoma, which had been snowbound by a massive blizzard the night before. It was literally, physically impossible for Jackson to have been present at the murder scene in North Carolina and back in Oklahoma ten hours later through a massive blizzard, and yet he was charged anyway.

    A young single mother whose trailer Jackson had also shoveled out that morning was visited by the FBI and Child Welfare and threatened with the loss of her child if she did not retract her story; to her eternal credit, the woman refused and the Feds backed down.

    The only witness against Doug Sheets was a black professional jailhouse snitch with an already established record for repeated acts of perjury; incredibly, the prosecution' s case was that once he was arrested, "white supremacist" Sheets shortly thereafter confessed to a multiple murder to a nigger criminal he had just met.

    Repeated efforts by the prosecution and the FBI to get local people in Shelby to identify Jackson and Sheets as having been seen in the area that night, accompanied by threats and offers of cash, failed. The case was so weak that the state decided to try Sheets first in hopes of getting one conviction that could be used to pressure Jackson into copping a plea. Jackson and Sheets were at one stage offered time served if they would simply plead guilty to a single count of second-degree manslaughter. (For four execution-style murders?)

    Although a state homicide case, the entire investigation and trial was crawling with FBI and other federal agencies from top to bottom, coordinated out of Sam Currin's office, and stage-managed by the notoriously corrupt Ed Meese Justice Department under President Ronald Reagan. Clearly, somebody very powerful wanted the Shelby case neatly concluded and tied up with a bow and no loose ends.

    Finally, in desperation, the state brought in Frazier Glenn Miller and another alcoholic former WPP member, Robert Stoner, to testify against Sheets. (This was a death penalty case, remember.) Miller failed so miserably on the stand that even a hand-picked jury refused to believe his palpable lies; a jury acquitted Doug Sheets, and charges against Jackson were later quietly dropped. The Shelby case remains officially unsolved, but in actual practice it has been flushed down the Memory Hole and is now forgotten.

    It should be mentioned that the Shelby trial saw the emergence onto the White Nationalist scene of crusading Texas attorney Kirk Lyons, who was part of the defense team that got Sheets acquitted. Lyons later served as an attorney in the private wrongful death lawsuits brought by survivors from the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas against the Federal government. Lyons went on to found the Southern Legal Resource Center (SLRC) in Black Mountain, North Carolina, one of the few remaining legal offices willing to defend poor white people in court. He has also been highly active in the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and is one of Morris Dees' pet hate objects.

    The "Peaches" Incident

    Miller's handlers were not pleased with him, and they let it show. Now might be a good time to discuss the infamous "Peaches" incident, and also present an alternative theory as to exactly who the Shelby bookstore raid was undertaken to protect, but after some reflection, the compilers of this report have decided against it. This is because the source of the "Peaches" story was later traced to deliberate leaks to the Sheets defense team from Sam Currin's office, as was a story that Miller allegedly had AIDS, which since he is still alive and drinking today, is palpably untrue.

    The "Peaches" episode sounds credible in view of what we know about Miller's mental and emotional state, and it is also credible in view of the long history of sickening misbehavior by so-called "Great White Leaders." However, in view of the strong possibility that it may be disinformation from the U. S. Attorney designed to get revenge on their own stumblingly incompetent witness, we will redact it from this report. There is more than enough attested fact to condemn Frazier Glenn Miller in the eyes of all White Nationalists and all decent people; there is no need to gild the lily with Sam Currin's bullshit.

    Miller often brags that "not one single soul ever served one day in jail on account of me and not one single soul was ever indicted for any crime whatsoever on account of me." Apparently he has acquired the notion that this somehow excuses his betrayal of men who trusted him. It is correct only insofar as that, while he testified against dozens white activists after reaching this agreement, his testimony was never deemed credible enough by the court to cause a conviction. Basically, Glenn Miller was so full of shit that no matter how much lipstick the prosecuting attorneys put on this pig, they couldn't sell him even to a jury of dumbed-down Americans and blacks and liberals.

    In modern times, Miller also often claims that the men he testified against had testified against him. In reality, the only men who had ever testified against Miller in court were James Holder and Robert Norman Jones, none of whom were defendants in either trial.

    Miller would end up serving three years of that five-year sentence, most of it at a Club Fed minimum security facility Otisville, New York. He was released August 23, 1990. The Federal Witness Protection Program then set him up with a home in Sioux City, Iowa (an almost all-white part of the country. How considerate of them!) He was barred from living in any Southern state for five years under the terms of his parole.

    Upon his release, Miller laid low for a while, driving a truck and writing his autobiography, A White Man Speaks Out. One of the oddest things about this very odd man is that he honestly doesn't seem to get it, to understand that he did anything wrong, and he is genuinely puzzled as to why the overwhelming majority of White Nationalists hold him in derision and contempt.

    By early 2002, settled in Aurora, Mo., Miller had retired from trucking and decided to stage-his comeback into the White Nationalist movement. It might seem hopelessly divorced from reality that he could believe even in his wildest moments that the Movement would take him back after his acts of treachery, miscegenation, and drunken foolery-and yet, incredibly, he found a sponsor in Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network, at that time one of the primary "net Nazi" computer bulletin boards.

    To be fair, hundreds of White Nationalists protested to Linder against his taking the former denizen of the Witness Protection Program under his wing, and at one stage Billy Roper of the White Revolution group forcibly seized the VNN servers and expelled Miller and his small group of internet butt buddies and sycophants. But Roper lost his nerve and handed the board back to Linder after a few weeks, and so back came Miller, and anyone who dared to protest against the presence of this creature in any White Nationalist context was expelled. The result has been a permanent decline in the quality and quantity of VNN posters. It is now down to about 50 active participants, and many of the present posters appear to be mentally and emotionally unstable.

    Miller now puts out an occasional tabloid newspaper and also runs for public office (interesting, since he's a convicted felon and is technically banned from the ballot or even voting, unless he's had his citizenship rights restored-which in itself would beg some even more interesting questions, along with issues like David Duke's passport.) Nobody takes Glenn Miller seriously any more, and everything except Miller and Linder seems to understand this. The Miller-Linder relationship is one of the minor mysteries of the Movement. No one can understand how the seemingly intelligent Alex Linder could shoot himself in the foot like this. One rumor is that he and Miller, who lives but a few miles away, are simply drinking buddies.


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    Default Milton Munster Don Black squeaks out about TraitorGlenn Miller

    Milton Munster Don Black squeaks out about TraitorGlenn Miller


    I'm sure many of the "guests" visiting this thread are lamestream media looking for quotations from "the largest neo-Nazi website" for tomorrow's hitpieces, showing just how nasty and violence-prone these "anti-Semites."

    All the work done by David Duke and I, along with many others here, telling the truth about Jewish supremacists, the most hate-filled "racists" in the history of the world, working to destroy all other races, gets lost because some nutjob siegheiler kills three people, including two Christians.

    I'm sure they are also frantically trying to find out if he's ever posted on Stormfront. I'm sure we'll find out tomorrow. The ADL and the Poverty Palace always seem to know more about posters here than I do.

    It's still remotely possible he's a Jewish nutjob. According to news reports, two of his victims were Christians, a fourteen-year-old boy and his grandfather.

    As a legal issue, our enemies will nod to "freedom of speech." Then they'll note, "The First Amendment doesn't protect shouting fire in a crowded theater."

    That phrase was used by Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1919 (though he qualified it as "falsely shouting") in promulgating the "clear and present danger" doctrine. The Supreme Court would much later reverse themselves in Brandenburg v. Ohio, ruling in favor of a Klansman/s free speech rights. But it more recently carved out "an exception to the First Amendment" in Black v. Virginia, again involving the Klan (no relation to me), in which it ruled a private crosslighting ceremony was illegal because it might cause non-Whites to "feel intimidated."

    In the meantime, the rest of us try to keep Stormfront alive and moving forward, telling the truth to reasonable people who can understand the truth, but don't take kindly to homicidal whackjobs. Anonymous posters here doing the enemy's bidding, consciously or otherwise, reinforcing their stereotypes of us, aren't helping.

    So if anybody like that wants to continue, I only ask you now use your real name, like I do, with your real photo and location, like I do. You can optionally include your phone number and home address, like I do.

    Just remember my nineteen-year admonition in our Guidelines for Posting:

    "Before you post anything, remember that words have consequences, both for you and others. This is true even if they're posted pseudonymously on a discussion board.

    "Don't post anything you wouldn't want attributed to you in a court of law, quoted on the front page of the New York Times, or read by your mother. Don't come back in a few months or years and ask us to delete all your posts because you can't take the heat or you've "changed your mind." It wouldn't make much difference anyway, since public posts are cached by search engines and recorded by countless other people with varying motives."


    Tell Me What To Do, O, Fearless/Dickless/Mindless Leader!!!!
    I Need A Zero!!!!!!

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    Default I knew Traitor-Glenn Miller

    I knew Traitor-Glenn Miller

    http://whitenationalist.org/forum/sh...0525#post10527 (down for now)

    I knew TraitorGlenn Miller, drunken Lumbee melungeon and ZOGbot agent provocateur, since June or July 2000, when I was running for US Senator as a Reform Party candidate. Why, TraitorGlenn Miller ran out of my office at the foot of the hill in my mother's doublewide, in which I have half ownership, because TraitorGlenn Miller was afraid that I was going to kill itz lying rat ass.

    Instead, with the go-ahead of Louis Beam and Katja and David Lane, I pretended to be the mamzer-rat's Internet asshole buddy, for four years until March 12, 2004, when TraitorGlenn Miller found out what I was saying about it over on Rabbi Alex Linder's Greater Free-Range ZOGtard Corral & Colostomy Bag, otherwise known as VNN/TraitorGlenn Miller News Nutwerk.


    And, because of my meanness to Flounder, er, "Rounder" and later calling that pore gut-sick guido kiken-weasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS an Ashkenazi jewboy, i.e. Rabbi Alex Linder, I've been banned over at the Virtual Colostomy Bag since the failed Christmas Coup of 2004. This post, for instance, is a bannable with extreme prejudice offense over at Rabbi Linder's Virtual Colostomy Bag & Free-Range ZOGtard Corral.

    One thing that shouldn't be discounted is that TraitorGlenn Miller went on a colostomy bag re-supply run for itz Beloved jewboy with Crohn's pangs and thought that an Old Kikes Home was the best place to start looking.

    Everyone in the bowel Movement is running from this shit. But not me. While I'd have preferred that TraitorGlenn Miller be found skinned-out with itz genitals in itz rat mouth in Appy's San Antone dumpster, the down side is that if that had happened, I'd be in Ken Copeland's Newton County Detention and Torture Center refusing to talk to FiBbIe piglice. So this was all really for the best, Praise YHWH.

    So to start out as a primary resource, go to VNNF and slurp down what you can while you can.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Man yells 'Heil Hitler' after fatally shooting 3 at Jewish centers

    Man yells 'Heil Hitler' after fatally shooting 3 at Jewish centers

    Posted: Apr 13, 2014 1:27 PM CDT
    Updated: Apr 14, 2014 2:09 PM CDT
    By DeAnn Smith, Digital Content Manager
    By Laura McCallister, Multimedia Producer

    http://whitenationalist.org/showthre...0521#post10521 (not working)

    OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) - A white supremacist yelled, "Heil Hitler," after he was taken into custody in connection with the Passover Eve fatal shooting of three at two Jewish-related sites in the Kansas City area.

    A 14-year-old boy and his grandfather were killed outside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City. They were apparently inside a car. A female was killed a few minutes later in the parking lot at Village Shalom, an assisted living facility.

    The suspect shot at two other people, but the bullets did not hit them, said Overland Park police Chief John Douglass.

    A dozen or more shots may have been fired based on evidence at the scenes.

    The victims apparently did not know their killer, Douglass said.

    Glenn Frazier Cross, 73, was arrested at 1:28 p.m. He is being held by Overland Park police on multiple charges including premeditated first-degree murder, according to online jail records.

    Cross, who also goes by Glenn Miller, is a known white supremacist and known for his anti-Semitic thoughts. He is a former Grand Dragon of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. He is a perennial candidate for office, including running in 2006 against then-U.S. Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO). He ran against Blunt in 2010 when Blunt was elected to the Senate.

    Cross made headlines in the 2010 campaign for his racist and anti-Semitic campaign ads. Federal law required broadcast stations to air the ads even though they did not want to put such vile rantings on their airwaves.

    Miller quit high school as a senior to join the U.S. Army. In 1979, he retired from the Army as a master sergeant after 20 years of active duty, including two tours in Vietnam and 13 years as a member of the elite Green Berets.

    Douglass said the suspect wasn't known to Overland Park authorities before Sunday.

    The suspect's vehicle had Missouri plates.

    Douglass also wouldn't say whether the shootings were anti-Semitic hate crimes. He said authorities are evaluating comments that the suspect made after he was arrested.

    It is a joint federal-state investigation with the offices of U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom and Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe involved.

    The 14-year-old boy, Reat Underwood, was a freshman at Blue Valley High School. His grandfather, Dr. William Lewis Corporon, had moved to the Kansas City area a decade ago to be closer to his grandchildren.

    "I'm in shock but I want you to know that I appreciate all of you being here. My name is Mindy Corporon and I'm the daughter of the gentleman who was killed and the mother of the son who was killed," said the grieving family member of the two victims at Sunday night's interfaith vigil at St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church.

    Mindy Corporon remained stoic as she spoke about her son and father.

    "I want you to know that I came upon the scene very, very quickly. I was with police and an ambulance and I knew immediately that they were in heaven and I know that they're in heaven together," she said.

    The mother and daughter told listeners that she was the last person in her family who saw both victims and she takes solace in the fact that she got to tell them both that she loved them. Despite the horrible tragedy, she told those in attendance to take this moment, but keep pushing on.

    "We were in life, we were having life. And I want you all to know that we're going to have more life and I want you all to have more life and just know that he'll (Reat) be remembered and my dad will be remembered," Mindy Corporon said to a sobbing group in attendance at the church.

    The two attended the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood. Prayers were held during the church's evening Palm Sunday service.

    The woman who lost her son and her father in a matter of moments was stoic as she thanked everyone for their support. Others sobbed as she described seeing the two prone bloody bodies and knowing immediately that her beloved father and her son were now in heaven together.

    The Rev. Adam Hamilton said he met with the family Sunday and at their urging they went ahead with the Palm Sunday evening church services. He will again minister to the family on Sunday during their grief.

    Reat was rushed to Overland Park Regional Medical Center for surgery but died from his injuries.

    Corporon, who was a family doctor, leaves behind a wife of 49 years. Reat was an Eagle Scout who loved camping and hunting with his grandfather, father and brother, the family said.

    The Kansas City Star says that the third victim is 53-year-old Terri LaManno, a mother who worked at the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired.

    The center released the following statement following her death:
    "The Children's Center for the Visually Impaired and the Kansas City community has experienced a great loss. Terri LaManno, occupational therapist at CCVI for eight years, was a victim of the senseless shooting yesterday at Village Shalom. Our deepest sympathies go out to Terri's husband, Jim, and their two children, Alissa and Gian. Terri was a gracious, generous, skilled, and deeply caring individual who made a great difference in the lives of so many children and their families with whom she worked at CCVI. She will forever be missed by all of us in the CCVI family."

    Cross was arrested at the Valley Park Elementary School, which is a mile away from Village Shalom. The suspect appeared to yell "Heil Hitler" as he was being led away in handcuffs by Overland Park police.

    The suspect made "several statements" when he was put into the back of a police patrol car, Douglass acknowledged.

    "We are sifting through and vetting those for accuracy, No. 1, and No. 2, we're looking at them for their evidentiary value," the police chief said. "It is too early to tell you what he may or may not have said. We're trying to determine that at this time."

    Douglass said Sunday evening that it is being investigated as a hate crime but said it's too soon to know whether it's a hate crime or not.

    "We know it was a vicious act of violence, and we know obviously it was at two Jewish facilities," he said. "So one might make that assumption, but we're going to have to know more about it before we'll label it."

    The suspect used a shotgun in the fatal shootings, Douglass said. The suspect may have also used a handgun in firing the shots that didn't strike the two. In addition, Douglass said the suspect may have had an assault rifle.

    Douglass said the first 911 call about the JCC shooting came at 1:03 p.m. This happened outside the Lewis and Shirley White Theatre, which was packed for performance-related events.

    Teens were auditioning for KC SuperStar and parents were frantically trying to get to their children.

    In addition, a performance of To Kill a Mockingbird was to start at 2 p.m. when the shots rang out at the theater. The back door to the theater suffered damage that may have been from gunshots.

    Jenessa Watkins, a dance instructor, said she was with a group of children when they were rushed to the theater. She said when she learned about the shootings that she tried to stay composed, but she couldn't help but think of the 2012 massacre at a Connecticut elementary school.

    "I kind of couldn't help but think about Sandy Hook, looking around at these young children," she said. "I was really scared. ... People were calling their loved ones, and I thought I was fine and under control, but when I called my mom and she started crying, I started crying."

    A second shooting was reported a few minutes later at Village Shalom, which is an assisted living center at 5500 W. 123rd St.

    Brian Brookbank was running errands when he saw chest compressions being performed on the injured person.

    "We saw a large quantity of blood flowing down the slope of the parking lot," Brookbank said. "We then went around the corner and saw a white male ... being handcuffed with multiple assault rifles and a couple of handguns pointed at him. He was laying in the grass and did not appear to be resisting."

    Worried relatives of residents told KCTV5 that Village Shalom was placed on lockdown.

    Phyllis Cantor, who is undergoing rehabilitation at Village Shalom, said she heard the sound of sirens. She said many police officers are at the scene and their focus appeared to be on a white car in the parking lot.

    Sophia Porter was at the Jewish Community Center for the SuperStar auditions. She said contestants helped lighten the mood by performing as they were forced to stay holed up inside a safe area.

    "The sense of community in that room," Porter said. "I felt very comforted by the presence of the other people and by the performances that were going on."

    The Jewish Community Center will be closed Monday. The JCCC said that "our hearts go out to all those affected and touched" by the tragedy.

    "Our hearts go out to the families who have suffered loss on this tragic day. Our heartfelt gratitude as well to all those in Kansas City and around the world who have expressed sympathy, concern and support," the JCC said in its statement. "Everyone participating in JCC programming has been released to their homes."

    In a statement, Blue Valley School District's Tom Trigg said Reat sang the national anthem earlier this year at an educational breakfast.

    "His talents were on full display that morning. I found Reat to be an engaging and exceptional young man," he said. "Our hearts go out to the families who are dealing with this senseless tragedy."

    Trigg said other Blue Valley students were at the Jewish Community Center. Classes were already scheduled to be off Monday, but counselors will be at the school to speak with grieving students.

    "As a community, we will come together to support each other. We encourage you to be especially sensitive and offer supports to your child during this time," Trigg said. "We are a strong community and will do everything possible to support each other and our students. Our thoughts and prayers are with all families who have been impacted by this tragedy."

    Temple Israel and St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church held a vigil at 8 p.m. Sunday. About 200 people came together in their grief and devastation. Christian pastors and Jewish rabbis stood shoulder to shoulder in offering words of comfort.

    "As we pray Gold's comfort for those who grieve and for our wounded community, let us also resolve to be the hands and feet and very heart of God," said Bishop Dean Wolfe of the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas.

    U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder, who represents the district, expressed his sorrow in a statement.

    "I'm heartbroken to learn of the senseless shootings this afternoon at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom," he said. "Brooke and I send our prayers and thoughts to the families and victims of this tragedy and our office stands ready to provide any needed assistance."

    He attends the church where the boy and his grandfather also attended.

    President Barack Obama issued the following statement:

    "This afternoon we heard reports of a horrific shooting in Overland Park, KS. Michelle and I offer our thoughts and prayers to the families and friends who lost a loved one and everyone affected by this tragedy. I have asked my team to stay in close touch with our federal, state and local partners and provide the necessary resources to support the ongoing investigation. While we do not know all of the details surrounding today's shooting, the initial reports are heartbreaking. I want to offer my condolences to all the families trying to make sense of this difficult situation and pledge the full support from the federal government as we heal and cope during this trying time."

    Rabbi Mark Levin of Congregation Beth Torah offered prayers.

    "May God bring comfort and hope to the victims and their families. This is a very difficult time, and our best response is to support those who have suffered a loss and be alert for those who are feeling threatened and grieving. This is a time for this community to come together," Levin said.

    Blunt, the Republican senator from Missouri, said the Jewish community in the Kansas City area is doing good work to help the community.

    "My thoughts are with the victims and their families who have been impacted by this tragedy," Blunt said in a statement.

    Worried relatives of residents told KCTV5 that Village Shalom was placed on lockdown.

    Refresh this page for updates and watch KCTV5 News.

    KCTV5's Bonyen Lee, Ken Ullery, Jamie Oberg, Jeanene Kiesling, Nathan Vickers and Dave Jordan contributed to this report.

    Copyright 2014 KCTV (Meredith Corp.) All rights reserved.

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Listen up WN-Tards

    Listen up WN-Tards

    http://whitenationalist.org/forum/sh...0525#post10525 (down for now)

    Look Tards:

    TraitorGlenn Miller was sick and ailing. The sick old Lumbee melungeon wanted to "go out" like James Vonn Brunn. So, probably liquored up he shot what he could, then surrendered. Took TraitorGlenn Miller thirty years since declaring war on ZOG, but better late than never.

    I'm hoping that TraitorGlenn Miller will turn on the gut-sick guido-kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS, i.e. Rabbi Alex Linder of the Greater Free Range Colostomy Bag & Tard Corral, i.e. TraitorGlenn Miller News Nutwerk. Maybe there were some spare colostomy bags in the Old Kikes Home.

    Well, this is better than the day in March 2008 when I heard that TraitorGlenn's last male spawn, other than FaggotGlenn Miller, had killed some local and shot a Missouri Highway Piglice trooper and was justly skragged by piglice. Now THAT was a golden moment while locked up in the NutHouse. But this is even better.

    Could have been even better if the drunken old melungeon rat had been found skinned out with itz genitals shoved in itz rat mouth in a dumpster in Aurora Missouri forty miles away, but then again, not to belabor the negative, I'd be the #1 suspect. I had asked Louis Beam and Katja and David Lane for permission to pretend to be his friend after he ran out of my office back in July 2000, and tell everyone around what a piece of rat-shit TraitorGlenn Miller was and is. Oh well.

    Remember this thread from March 18, 2004, after WhiggerSwill Welass and Ron Doggett fincked me out about insulting TraitorGlenn Miller on Rabbi Linder's tard corral? Entitled "Glenn Miller Responds to M. Lindstedt":


    I told all you tards that TraitorGlenn Miller was a drunken ZOGbot since the drunken mamzer rat was selling young Klansmen back in the Army in the early 70s. In fact TraitorGlenn Miller admitted as much on the Carolyn "Yenta" Kahant-Yeager show last year.

    So what to do? What can you do? Well, simply point out that TraitorGlenn Miller was never anything other than a drunken, cowardly Lumbee melungeon snitch that ran out on his Klan buddies at Greensboro in Nov. 1979, that The Order gave Miller $250,000 and that Miller drank some of it up, declared war on ZOG, got caught drunk and pissing itz pants in Ozark Missouri in the mid-80s, and then snitched out everyone it could at the Ft. Smith Sedition Trial. That includes those who gave Miller stolen loot like The Order, and all the Christian Identity element which gave Miller nothing. Either way TraitorGlenn would roll over on you.

    So what to do? Whine like a pussy that you are all piss-full, er, peaceful, and that you all just love jews and niggers and beaners, and want to do your little rallys, and will get secession without bloodshed and civil war -- when thanks in large part to TraitorGlenn Miller a "white supremacist" like me can't even run for US Congress? And I did try to file up in Jefferson City on the last day of filing, March 25, 2014, and was refused by the Democrats, especially the Republicans, LibberToons, and the CONstipation parties. When White men aren't even allowed to run for US Congress, then why do you idiots "think" that your little waving of pathetic signs will accomplish anything?

    Stop trying to prove to ZOG and ZOGlings that you all are ZOGling whigger pussazoids. They already think you all are "Nazis" and want to kill all the jews, niggers and beaners and all the other muds. Me, I'd start with the whiggers first, and then finish off with the rest at my leisure. Anyways, if you don't have these 6th Day Beast of the Field's fear of you as a White Man, then you get to deal with their hatred of you as a White Man. I only got assaulted by niggers in the NutHouse twice, far less than normal whiggers, because everyone thought that I was a sociopathic Christian Identity half-bearded Nazi who would have all their families killed. Which, was admittedly fun to think about doing. Haet saved my sanity, such as it was.

    So say nothing. If you must say something, then say that TraitorGlenn Miller was on a Mission from ZOG. Either that or that TraitorGlenn Miller was scrounging for colostomy bags for Rabbi Linder's blistered and bleeding kike bunghole afflicted by Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS, and a place full of old sick jews was the best first place to look.

    By the way, Brad, that guido mongrel prison faggot Chris313 is talking shit about you over on Linder's tard corral/TGMNNF. Send the goofy guido prison-faggot a pack of fresh ramen noodles and tell it that you'll hold off on the butt-fucking in repayment until later. Chrissy313 (nigger tattoo area-code for Detroit) will just have to wait.

    By the way, Bryan Reo / SwordBrethren / SoredMamzer / Ol' Niggerlips the Mamzer from Mentor, Eliar James / jewseph Stalin Mordaicai Kutz-Putz-November, and MildSwill Bill Finck-el-sheenie, took down www.whitenationalist.org/forum on bogus DMCA cumplaints last week for the thirteenth time or so, and it'll take me a while to get it back up again. Yesterday, an A-rab sephardic kikess skank, working for Rabbi "Eli James", also got me TOSsed from Fedbook because I posted pictures of the Chicago sephardic jewboy with Rahm Emmanuel.

    But I am on Talksjew. See The Movement Turd, especially the first two hours @


    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri'
    http://whitenationalist.org/forum (To be restored soon)

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    Default Frazier Glenn Miller, Longtime Anti-Semite, Arrested in Kansas Jewish Community Center Murders

    Frazier Glenn Miller, Longtime Anti-Semite, Arrested in Kansas Jewish Community Center Murders

    By Fat-Heidi Beirich,
    Deutch-Yenta-skank Do-nut Whore desperately wanting "whigger input"
    Intelligence Special jew short-bus Project Director

    http://whitenationalist.org/forum/sh...0526#post10526 (Temporarily down thanks to Eli James and Bryan Reo)

    Frazier TraitorGlenn Miller, 73, of Aurora, Mo., who told this yenta-skank that he would pork her greasy fat goy coosh, was arrested today for the murder of three people which means that no jews were hurt at two separate Jewish Community Centers in Overland Park, Kan, i.e. Hymietown. TraitorGlenn Miller, who was arrested using the alias Frazier Glenn Cross which was his Federal Witness Protection alias, has been in the bowel movement as a federal and ADL/$PLC informant nearly his entire life. Miller is the former “grand dragon” of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which he founded and ran in the 1980s before being sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for operating an illegal paramilitary organization and using intimidation tactics against African Americans.

    After subsequently forming another Klan group, the White Patriot Party, he was found in criminal contempt and sentenced to six months in prison for violating the court settlement. He went underground while his conviction was under appeal but was caught by the FBI with a weapons cache in Missouri. He served three years in federal prison after being indicted on weapons charges and for plotting robberies and the assassination of SPLC founder Morris Dees. As part of a plea bargain, Miller testified against other Klan leaders in a 1988 sedition trial.

    Miller is a raging anti-Semite who has posted more than 12,000 times on Vanguard News Network (VNN), whose slogan is “No Jews, Just Right.” VNN founder Alex Linder has openly advocated “exterminating” Jews since December 2009. Miller, a close partner to Linder, has called Jews “swarthy, hairy, bow-legged, beady-eyed, parasitic midgets.” Miller is also one of VNN’s largest donors and he printed and distributed thousands of copies of VNN’s newsletter, The Aryan Alternative.

    This isn’t the first time a VNN user has been arrested for violence. On January 17, 2011, less than 12 hours after posting on VNN, Kevin William Harpham placed an improvised explosive device concealed in a backpack along a Martin Luther King parade route in Spokane Washington. The lead sinkers in the radio-detonated IED were coated with Warfarin rat poison, evidently intended to increase bleeding. Had the device functioned, dozens of men, women and children would have been killed or injured. Harpham also distributed The Aryan Alternative.

    Our research shows that racist killers are hiding among us in plain sight. A forthcoming two-year study by the SPLC will show that nearly 100 people in the last five years have been murdered by active users on another prominent racist website, Stormfront.org.

    In a phone conversation with his wife Marge, who has apparently never been active in the white supremacist movement, the SPLC was able to confirm that Miller had gone to a local casino in Missouri yesterday afternoon. He called his wife this morning at about 10:30 AM to tell her his winnings were up and all was well. She has not heard from him since, but law enforcement was at her door at 8:30 PM and she told the SPLC that they told her Miller was arrested for the shootings.

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