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Thread: The TraitorGlenn Miller/Cross Archival Thread

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    Default The TraitorGlenn Miller/Cross Archival Thread

    The TraitorGlenn Miller/Cross Archival Thread


    This is the #1 TraitorGlenn Miller/Cross Archival thread on WhiteNationalist.org. It is dedicated to the drunken Lumbee Melungeon Injun that has been snitching for ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final since it was in the Army snitching on young enlisted Klansmen in order to get five more years in of twenty so as to get a retirement.

    TraitorGlenn Miller was not only a murderer and a criminal and a drunken non-white informer, the drunken melungeon rat was also a closet homosexual. Which everyone knew all about. Yet there were fellow ZOGbot tards, like Hadding / Scott David Spiedel, Ron "Duck's Doggie" Doggett and WhiggerSwill Williams which wanted to hide TraitorGlenn Miller's past criminal history of snitching, lying, informing until now in which it is revealed that now TraitorGlenn Miller is a cowardly murderer of innocent White People. But the biggest TraitorGlenn Miller enabler is none other than the gut-sick kiken-weasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS, Rabbi Alex Linder, who loved TraitorGlenn Miller's financial support as part of working for the $outhern Poverty Law Center.

    In this thread we will reveal old v-bulletin and media coverage in which it was revealed a long, long time ago exactly what TraitorGlenn Miller was, i.e. a murderous Lumbee melungeon who was snitching for ZOG/Babylon a long, long time ago, since in the Army way back in the 1970s. The federal government and the Southern Poverty Law Center have used this drunken cowardly mongrel since then, along with the ZOG false-fronts of StormFront and especially VNN ever since then.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


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    Default I have recruited Glenn Miller to run for US Senate

    I have recruited Glenn Miller to run for US Senate


    I've been busy fighting with the local piglice over bogus traffic tickets the past few months and have spent a night in jail on Jan. 23rd and an hour and a half in jail for contempt of kort Feb. 23rd. I hate pigs and it shows. Today I made arrangements for a jury trial on April 29, 2004 for an alleged seat-belt violation. Even if I lose before an expensive jury, the most that can be done about it is a 10 ZOG-buk fine -- and no kort costs, which the county gets to eat. This is why I like to juggle the seatbelt when I see a particularly stupid pig, sometimes. I'll probably end up having four jury trials this [s]election year already, and I should win if it is a matter of ZOG's 'law.' If not, then I'll get to eat jail swill for a month or so and fight with the pigs. And this is an election year. But onto the matter at hand.

    Since I have reserved running for governor of Missouri as an open White Nationalist for myself, I needed to find someone to run for US Senate on the Republican-racialist ballot.

    After a good deal of soul-searching and some desperation, I decided to ask Frazier Glenn Miller, the former head of the White Patriot Party or something like that, to run for that office and for him to find some of his Klan friends to run for office as Democrats, or whatever is to a tactical political advantage.

    Frazier Glenn Miller took $200,000 from The Order, turned on David Lane, became a Federal Informant, and lied his ass off against Louis Beam, Richard Butler, David Lane and others at the 1987-88 Ft. Smith Sedition Trial. Miller condones himself by saying that he was such an obvious liar and perjurer that nobody in their right mind on the jury believed a single thing he said and that is why nobody he testified against ever went to prison.

    I have a great problem with that. I printed part of his 'comeback' book with the grudging permission of Louis Beam because I wanted to show how ZOG uses weak, cowardly people and turns them, and so Revolution isn't meant for the weak-willed or naturally cowardly. Miller in effect admits in Chapter 3 of his book that he ran out and abandoned his friends and allies at the Greensboro NC communist shootout in 1979 or so. Miller was excellent at organizing political events -- but as a Movement we should have had a vetting process to make sure that physical and moral cowards never were placed in combat positions.

    http://www.martinlindstedt.org/gm_index.html <--- Defunct Link

    http://pastorlindstedt.org/lindstedt/gm_index.html <--- Operational Link

    However, Miller was good at political organizing, getting 300 White men dressed in BDUs marching in formation in Carolina in the mid-80s. And Miller has the money -- I am not asking from where -- to pay a $200 filing fee to run for office. Insofar as I know of, Miller meets the residency and age requirements for running for US Senate.

    Miller has also expressed an interest in opening up his own WWW page and actually spending money for content.

    Therefore, I have decided to use Miller's talents and money to political ends, and to keep an eye on him. I am not asking anyone to have anything to do with him; his function is to run his own campaign for US Senate funded by his own money. He has no more chance of beating Bullshit-Kit Bond in the August 2004 Republican Party than I do of beating RuntBlunt for governor. If anyone wants to make fun of him being a coward and a traitor, then I'll say that he is no worse than the ordinary run-of-the-swill Repubican politician.

    Glenn Miller has turned on his own before and therefore I don't want any 'underground squirrels' talking about doing anythang 'ill-eagle' to him or to me. As said before, I'll be watching him like a hawk. I told him that when he ran that he could rail about them spawn-of-Satan jews to every jewspaper outlet giving him free publicity all that he wants. I couldn't care less if he makes a fool out of himself. It was when Glenn Miller decided to play Army against ZOG that he screwed the pooch in the 80's. If he has enough money to pay 185 ZOG-bux to the Aurora weekly jewspaper for an ad railing about jews, then he has $200 to pay for a filing fee and $500 for a good WWW page, plus whatever is needed to get a few good 'ol boys interested in the local county political process.

    Next week I intend to drive up in caravan to Jefferson City and do the filing of any and every warm racist body I can find.

    Anyone else want to file on either Republican, Democrat, or LibberToon primary ballots in Missouri for either a statewide or county office before the filing deadline at 4:30 p.m. March 30, 2004, please get in contact with me. I know how to file paperwork before the 'Ethics Committee' to where none of you need to file much in the way of paperwork. I really could use a few ZOGUS kongress-kritters. Nobody needs to file any campaign-finance paperwork for a federal office if they get or spend less than $5000. I'll even help token-niggers from the St. Louis 1st Congressional District if a White man will vouch for them.

    --Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
    Republican Candidate for Governor of Missouri -- 2004


    Originally posted on VNN Forum on March 4th, 2004


    Screenshots of Rabbi Linder's hiding proof that the jewboy was warned about the Melungeon Lumbee Rat at the time.





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    Default I will not be associated with Glenn Miller

    I will not be associated with Glenn Miller


    This is a press release cancelling my attempt to have Frazier Glenn Miller run for US Senate as a Republican candidate while I run for Governor of Missouri as a Republican and wishing to have a 'Racial White Republican' ticket.

    My plans changed when Glenn Miller called me at approximately 7:46 p.m. and informed me that he didn't wish to have any contact from me again. Given that Frazier Glenn Miller has a 'history' of narking on behalf of ZOG against such Resistance chieftains as Louis Beam, Richard Butler, David Lane, much of the rest of The Order and Christian Identity, as well as being in the Federal Witness Protection Program, this request from Glenn Miller I have every intention of honoring, since I was not asking anything of Miller except that he pay for his filing fee of $200, ask others to run that he has wormed his way into their confidence to run as well at the state and county level, and pay me five dollars per hour for any work on a WWW page done for him. In fact, in one of the previous two telephone calls today, when Miller tried to back out of running for US Senator in favor of running for Congressman, Miller asked me if it wouldn't be best if I 'distanced myself from him politically.' [Doesn't look like THAT will be a problem now.] I pointed out that I had no choice but to distance myself given his past, but would say that this was a political arrangement.

    My common-law wife picked up the phone, and then called to me, "Martin, phone."

    I picked up the bedroom phone and said, "Hello!"

    Glenn Miller: "This is Glenn Miller and I want to . . . . "

    Me: "How ya doing?"

    GM: "Shut up, motherfucker, and listen . . . . "

    Me: ?????

    GM: "I read what you posted on that forum and the e-mail you sent me and
    you've insulted my manhood . . . "

    Me: (Saying nothing but thinking that he brought it all upon himself.)

    GM: ". . . and I never want to ever hear from you again, you sonofabitch.
    I was thinking of doing something to you but . . . . "

    Me: "Like what?"

    GM: ". . . . you had better not ever contact me again . . . . " Click

    Me: "Hello?" Then I hung up on the dead line.

    I walked around in the rain for a half hour, thinking that at least I
    didn't need to be conflicted about this matter ever again between those
    like Louis Beam and Katya Lane and The Order survivors who hate Glenn
    Miller and my duty to cause political mischief and destroy the Missouri
    Republican Party in an effective and economical manner by helping cause a White voter's revolt against Bull-Shit Kit Bond. Thank YHWH that this matter blew up in my face now.

    I called up a Old Resistance elder and told him what happened. He
    agreed that it was good that it happened now, rather than when I had expended political capital on him. He did express doubt that Miller had used that language with me, as Miller is very soft-spoken, almost humble, given his past. I said that I had heard what I had heard. It was almost as if Miller was deliberately alienating me, letting me off the [ZOG] hook, and that he was torn up inside. It was so quick and so surprising what happened. It didn't make much sense.

    Glenn Miller printed a book and four years ago I had Web-printed some
    chapters of it -- with the acceptance of Louis Beam and over the objections
    of Katya Lane. The idea was to show what happened to people who were not
    hard core enough to stand up to the forces of repression against Revolution
    when they played at Revolution. Frazier Glenn Miller was a physical coward
    who ran out of his Klansman/Nazi brethren at Greensboro when they had to
    kill five commie jews in self defence. He admitted to running out on them
    in his own book. See bottom of page 51 to 52 at:

    http://www.martinlindstedt.org/chapter3.html Defunct web site

    http://pastorlindstedt.org/lindstedt/chapter3.html Operational link

    We in the Resistance need to screen out cowards for combat situations.
    I had hoped that Miller would be suitable for aboveground political action.
    Miller had claimed to have looked at my WWW page and loved it. Well then,
    how could he have missed this, which had been posted for years?

    http://www.martinlindstedt.org/llinks.html#regimeist Defunct web site[/B]

    http://pastorlindstedt.org/lindstedt...html#regimeist Operational hyperlink[/B]

    A White Man Speaks Out by Glenn Miller is the book about someone
    rightfully exiled from the White Nationalist Revolutionary Resistance
    because he turned traitor and testified against members of the Old
    Resistance as part of his deal to get into the Federal Witness Protection
    Program. . . .

    I had assumed, since I always told him that I couldn't and wouldn't pave his way back into the Movement that he had betrayed, that he was used to his place as a known snitch and traitor to the Movement. Glenn Miller has claimed that nobody he testified against went to jail. What does one expect when one does rat against one's former comrades and betray them -- love and understanding?

    Miller was humble because Miller has much to be humble about. My
    offering to help him run for US Senate was my attempt to let him earn a
    measure of forgiveness for his betrayal in return for his money and support
    of political measures. I am not Jesus Christ, who forgives all sins
    against YHWH's Law. I have never read where Christ has offered
    unconditional forgiveness to those who owe debts to others. So if Christ
    doesn't forgive crimes against others, then how can I forgive Glenn
    Miller's crimes against Louis Beam, Richard Butler, David Lane? I should
    be slaughtered myself for my presumption if I did such an act. Only those
    who have been wronged can forgive their wrongdoers. This is why the
    Revolutionary doesn't forgive regime criminals, but rather welcomes the
    Revolution that destroys all of the mighty Evil Empire and most of its
    minions and herd animals, as let the rubble from the collapse of the
    civilization these vermin did so much to destroy be most of their judgment.
    Then we mop up on the rest of the criminal regime's surviving parasitic and
    predatory regime criminals.

    I thought that our understanding was entirely a political partnership.
    Miller claimed that he wanted to 'expose the jews' through political
    activity. Miller was to be responsible for paying his own filing fee, for
    paying me by the hours spent on building him a Web page, and for rounding
    up some political talent from the Klansmen and Nazis that he said that he
    was close to, and not to put them directly to my door. I have quite a few
    friends and acquaintances that are Klansmen and Nazis and we work together
    to achieve common Revolutionary political and propaganda goals, but they do
    not tell me what to do in my area of expertise and I likewise do not tell
    them what to do in theirs. Glenn Miller has quite a few liabilities and he
    acted as if he knew about more of them than I did, and accepted his exile
    from the Movement community for just cause. I never said that I would
    cover up for him, if fact I said the exact opposite.

    This Old Resistance statesman and elder that I talked to said that
    Miller is trying to worm his way back in where he lives in the South. This
    Elder advised me to completely sever any political ties to Glenn Miller
    lest I be rounded up before my time by the FBI, local piglice I am feuding
    with, or John Ashcroft's PATRIOT Act enfarcers for 'domestic terrorism.'
    Well, it seems like Glenn Miller has severed any ties with me, and I thank
    YHWH for that. I shall not reconnect these ties.

    Therefore, I shall not contact Glenn Miller by phone, e-mail, or written
    communication, starting with this press release. Glenn Miller can read
    whatever I have to say about him on my WWW page(s).

    Secondly, I will not provide any political service for Glenn Miller and
    advise anyone else within the Movement to avoid him. I've felt the
    breath of Babylon on my neck and have escaped the noose, and anyone too
    stupid to learn from others' mistakes deserve whatever they get. There is
    no dealing with this traitor, not even in polytricks.

    Third. I've gotten permission three years ago or so to publish Miller's
    book on the World Wide Web. I shall retain this permission, but am loath
    to give Miller any free publicity. I also retain the right to publish any
    material that Miller has sent me, unsolicited, in order to worm his way
    back into the Resistance.

    Fourth. If Miller chooses to run for public office, it is most
    certainly not with my blessing. If Miller chooses to run for Governor of
    Missouri, something that I have reserved for myself within the White
    Nationalist community, then it is an act of sheer maliciousness with no
    redeeming characteristics.

    Fifth. Since Miller wants no contact with me, then this cuts both
    ways. He is not to further contact myself through telephone, e-mail,
    electronic transmission or by written or oral communication. It was Miller
    that re-contacted me this February, not me him. I am both disappointed that
    this political, not personal, arrangement fell through and relieved that it
    fell through before Miller invested ZOG's money for my professional
    political services and I wasted political capital, time, and inner-conflict
    on this self-serving treasonous critter of ZOG.

    I have no way of knowing if this political arrangement was destroyed at
    Glenn Miller's 'crocodile-tear' anger at my 'insulting his manhood' or at
    ZOG's decree. I suspect ZOG decided what its critter had to do, because
    for the last two days it has been as if ZOG has been flipping Miller's
    switch on and off.

    I made a mistake. I am glad that it wasn't fatal for me.

    Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
    Republican Candidate for Governor of Missouri -- 2004

    Originally posted on a now-secret thread on VNNF on March 5, 2004

    Screenshots of Rabbi Linder's hiding proof that the jewboy was warned about the Melungeon Lumbee Rat at the time.








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