There's No Devil but There is a Debbie-el in Mrs Klunt!!!

The Seedline is a doctrine, no more, no less, and a very divisive one at that. It holds that as a lascivious vicious skank that I'm not supposed to be telling White Israelite men what to do. After all, Mother Eve went ass-to-mouth and pussy to nigger-Satan pecker and she then raised Cain. Something quite apropos to me being the Klan whore and fucking and sucking after the Klan meeting was over as both the Klan Klailiff and the Klan Klunt. The more we put actual DSCI doctrines aside, the more jew truth we shall see and come to a powerful junity under my skanky stanky. I was Seedline for about 20 years until I came across some very unChristlike behavior from some online Yahoo Groups Seedliners. I'm talking about Wholly_Whores@jewhoogruppen.cum-cum wherein me and Andy Blanchards-Mamzer Belialsson Anderson, Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts of Tupelo Mississippi, Lt-Kernal Khazar-Dick Niemela/ Nieme-toad/tard/turd proceeded to censor and ban every single Dual-Seedliner that we could because they knew that I was an evil whore setting up a Cybelene Cult of the Sapphiracy of Klunt.

I invite any addlepated ass-clown pussy-whupped pretend Christian to read and research the following messages. Bear in mind, the author of these messages is not anti-Seedline, but a true student of the Bible, searching my deep stanky for lice, veneral warts, herpes, and anything left from me being the sexual mascot of the Washington State Klan. As "No-Devil" Gerda-Kochite prostitutytes for the jews me and Meerkkkat Markkk workfor them jew Spawn of Satan and against that "good, acceptable and perfect will of God".

We must put these types of doctrines aside. You must listen to us whigger ass-clowns serving jew femnishevikism.

Suppose Satan is Real; What Difference Does it Make? Idiotic Gerda-Kockite jewess-shit from an addlepated meercat serving the Sapphiracy of Klunt.

What If Satan Isn't Real; Can Christianity Survive Not Getting Klunt Stanky?