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Thread: Bad, bad jewccyfruits jewst begging to be banned from $permFart

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    Default Bad, bad jewccyfruits jewst begging to be banned from $permFart

    Bad, bad jewccyfruits jewst begging to be banned from $permFart


    A lot of mongrels and addlepated ass-clowns pretending to be Christians have left Stormfront for the reasons you mentioned, but this website has been officially declared "secular." Which means that me and Klunt, Moan Cybelene Sapphiracy of Klunt temp-el prostitute and me can't ban any real Christian Identity followers any more. Anti-Christian bashing has been a gratuitous sport for some time; even Don Black recently characterized it as "Christ-insanity" and told people of faith to "keep it in the asylum" (meaning Theology). He simply got tired of me and Klunt's/Debbie's antics in causing trouble and then begging like pussies for the persons we rile up to be banned. Why, Jack Poot has wanted to finish off this shit for years because it puts no slop in Milton Munster Don Black's and The Duck's virtual trough. And this was over a self admitted jew like MildSwill Finckelsheenie, that murderous Ashkenazi jewboy pig trying to crash the CI forum and incredible as it may seem, some WN's just didn't get the jew thingy. They do understand that me and Klunt are nothing but trouble and Klunt is now too pancake-titted and slack-twatted to provide much in the way of sacred whoredumbs, although she can still suck a golf ball through a garden hose when she neglects to put in her dentures. As long as I've been here, as a ZOGling baal-priest there has always been interlopers and fifth columnists playing the old 'divide and conquer' game which gives me and Klunt the excuse to ban them. We got away with that shit of banning only the Dual-Seedliners mainly, until Klunt fucked up and banned someone who gave Don Black over $8000 over the years. I can see how some of our kindred could get frustrated and leave for greener pastures, especially given that me and Klunt banned them and that is what the enemy wants. I know what I am speaking of for once because I work for ZOG/Babylon. You don't think I support myself and the pancake-titted old whore on my earnings as a graphic artist, do you? Time to plagarize: They came cum-cum for the Christians and no one said anything because we banned them; then they came cum-cum for the White Nationalists and me and Klunt banned them too, blah blah blah. Well, I look at it as spiritual warfare on the one hand; and on the other, Stormfront is merely a tool to plant the seeds of CI. jewniversal "No-Devil but in Debbie-el" Gerda-Kochite Sapphiracy of Klunt seeds. Many of our brethren have been banned, usually by me and Klunt Downey for venturing out into the open forums proselytizing. Yes, any secular website claiming White Power without Christ as me and that barren worn-out coosh Klunticum-cums define it is a lost cause. That's because they are without a prayer if they are stupid enough to let someone like me and Klunt run it into the ground. But, that's why I'm here, to be a beacon of light like Lucifer to those who are in darkness, in need of His, my Father Satan's marvelous Light whether they know it or not. If you can't hack or stomach getting begged by Milton Munster or The Duck for whiggaz-mites and geezergelt and the apparent futility of leadership gone awry, then I would suggest you go to the next best thing where CI is unencumbered by us jewish Marxist change agents, crypto jews, pancake-titted and slack-twatted old skanks and police informants. Visit this forum for a refreshing breath of air:


    Of course, if you like us jewish and whiggrish Marxist change agents, crypto jews, pancake-titted and slack-twatted Sapphiracy of Klunt temp-el prostitutes and catamites and Jersey Shitty murderous sociopathic police informants, visit this forum for a refreshing stank of flatulence:


    Cum-cum, cum-cum. The Holey Twatt-hole of Klunt awaits jew!!!


    No Satan, No Seedline
    But Theyz A Debbil In Mrs. Klunt!!!

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    Default Meerkkkat Markkk Klowney and Klunt are all pissed off that Moan Pisser-Possum is posting over at $permFart

    Meerkkkat Markkk Klowney and Klunt are all pissed off that Moan Pisser-Possum is posting over at $permFart


    I've noticed that Downey is really going insane over the fact the Pastor Visser is posting his sermons at SF. See the thing with Clowney is that SF was the only place where he had any kind of real sense of empowerment, He can't sell his paintings so his wife is supporting him like some black or Hispanic and he can't spew his anti DSL rubbish in either the real life ministry of Don Elmore or at Bill Finck's so he kinda saw SF CI as his personal domain, as evidence by his constant mindless attacks on anyone he didn't want to post there. Now he is wailing and moaning about Pastor V because the fact that not only is no longer the king of the flamers over at SF Visser is actually posting there and gaining listeners while Finck's podcast and forum are declining so bad they can't even compete with Marty, forget about even trying to compete with Visser. And as a result all they can do is attack what they can't beat through debate, just like Marty. It really is sad to see that Bill Finck has allowed Downey to drag him down so far that he may never recover.

    My goal is to convert and edjewmacate those who are open to the [s]will of Klunt & her Meercat Markkk Downey and the teachings of of their jewnitarian 'No-Devil' baal-priest doctrine while pretending to be Dual-Seedline. I'm such an 85 IQ (on a good day), 250-lbs of dogshit in a 150-lb sack, alleged niglet-niece molesting delusional mumps-nutted KookKluddKlown snitching Son of Belial.

    So you have any niglets I can molest?

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