Hi, guys:

Oh, this is going to get me in trouble. The Goat Dancers will twirl and leap and turn flips.

Please listen carefully. First off, this blog is a sideline. I am not defecting, or quitting, or retiring, or turning into a Rush Limbaugh close, or having delusions that I am Rush Limbaugh, or WTF else gets thrown at me. I am attempting to translate our racial message into a language that your average “low-information voter”, as Limbaugh refers to dumb-ass Whites, can understand. I am dumbing it down and that is a compromise, yes, but only here. The rest of the NF message remains as radical as ever.

It’s simply an experiment I am trying to see if anything can be done with it to the advantage of the Northwest Republic. Are we clear on this?

And yes, I have some ideas on expanding this into a whole psycho-political guerrilla warfare effort against both parties, given time and enough help. I told you that I was looking for something that can be done by middle-aged and elderly men with nothing but computers, which is frankly what the bulk of the White Nationalist movement is these days.

The younger people with families who are still employed, and still trying to live some kind of lives for themselves, we need to concentrate on relocating into White communities here in the Northwest. When we get some young (or at least younger and fully societally-functional) boots on the ground here, and we can inspire them to individual initiative without me personally having to micro-manage them and give them permission slips, then the street stuff can begin. Or we can find ways to raise enough money to pay and house some of the T-shirt youth and see if we can get some political mileage out of them. A lot of the best Nationalists of today started out as T-shirt youth in past decades when the Movement still had buildings and enough of a donation base to afford small salaries and bunkhouses.

Please refrain from pelting me with e-mails screaming about how I am betraying the very gods themselves by soiling my keyboard fingers in System politics, and think about what I have been saying on Radio Free Northwest and elsewhere. Yes, yes, I know, we are all supposed to keep on hiding in our little cyber-caves while we continue to preach to our tiny little audiences of two dozen people, but I think it’s time we started trying to force our way at least onto the periphery of actual politics. We can continue to be “pure” or we can at least try to accomplish something. I’ve decided it needs to be Door Number Two.

Also, let’s take all adverse comments about Republicans as read, shall we? I am well aware of their multifarious faults and will in fact be commenting on those facts extensively on the blog.

I’m kind of curious: how many of you actually get this and understand what I am trying to do here, even if you don’t necessarily agree with it?