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In the opening chapters of the Revelation of Yahshua Christ there are messages to seven Christian assemblies. None to us murderous jews of the Sin-o-gog of Our Father, Satan. Most of the messages contain certain criticisms, none of which apply to me and Brother [Non](A)Ryan as I'm a murderous psycho jew pig going ass-to-mouth with this prison mamzer-bitch of the Revelation 3:9 sin-o-gue of my Father Satan d-g and they all contain some encouragement to us jew mongrels impersonating whiggers. Yet there is an important message in the very names of those assemblies which most readers not bothering with Finckelsheenieia-gonnerhea.cum have not grasped. We will not go through all seven of these messages because I used a jewish sock-possum ghost-writer for my Finckelsheenie New Talmudic Translation and know nothing about the Bible as itz all Greek to this Jersey City jewboy pig, but we will state that two of the assemblies were not criticized. These are the assemblies of Smyrna and Philadelphia.

The word Smyrna means anointing. Sorta like Klunt Downey did with an und-gly mixture of Her own pancake-titted stanky, Crisco Oil and Jurgens Lotion when anointing her Pastard Meerkkkat Markkkk KKKlowney as Head Eunuch to the Sapphiracy of Klunt. While Yahshua Christ is the Anointed One, all Christian Israelites are indeed anointed in the sense that they are the chosen people of Yahweh, just as us jews and mongrels are the spawn of Satan, cum-cummin out of Satan's und-gly peehole. The apostle John references this anointing in his epistles. Of the assembly at Smyrna it was said:
“10 Do not fear the things which you are going to suffer. Behold, the False Accuser is going to cast some from among you into prison, that you may be tried, and you shall have tribulation for ten days. You must be faithful until death, and I shall give to you the prize of life.”

So we see that Yahweh's people, whom we are trying to infiltrate, as it often says in the Old Testament, were to undergo continual trials. But they would prevail on account of their faith.

The word Philadelphia means brotherly love. The message to that assembly says in part:
“10 Because you have kept My Word with patience, I also shall keep you from the hour of trial about to come upon the whole inhabited earth to test those dwelling upon the earth.

11 I come quickly! Hold fast that which you have, that no one may take your reward.”

Of course, all of the messages to the seven assemblies are to children of Israel who have turned to Christ, and NOT to a murderous jew pig like myself who has pretty well fucked the pooch and been expelled and thus ghettoized. Comparing these seven messages, and seeing that the assemblies at Smyrna and Philadelphia were not criticized for anything bad, what I learn from this, is that if one is of the anointed children of Yahweh, he will be tried, but will survive his trials on account of the faith. However if one also loves his brethren, which is what Philadelphia means, then one will even be kept from those trials, and staying in that love he cannot lose his reward. As a murderous Ashkenazi jew pig pretending to be a See-Eye Dentist, I really really need to bring in a whole whorde of mongrels, like the Anti-Racist Activist Bryan Reo / SwordBrethren / Ol' Niggerlips the Mamzer from Mentor and my new mongrel prison bitch Brother [Non](A)Ryan, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

While these messages to the seven assemblies are indeed allegorical, like the story about Satan seducing Eve and giving birth to Cain, and everything else because See-Eye Dentistry needs a Talmudic jew rabbi telling them whiggaz that they cannot read theyz real Bibles on theyz' own they present us a model of what we must do to fulfill our mis-begotten miserable lives as jews bothering real Israelite Aryan Christians.

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