White Nationalist Books by White Nationalist Authors


What with the extremely fragmented and perpetually feuding White Nationalist [bowel] Movement, much of it being comprised of crypto-jews and anglo-mestizo & whigger ZOGbots, there isn't much written which is coherent, especially in that form of prose which requires the greatest of coherence and persistence over many many pages, like the novel or anthology of short stories. It takes not only time and patience and fdiscipline to sit down and write something down worth reading to somebody, but unlike a blog or forum it requires a sort of vision to tie it in all together. This is especially the case when you are not talking about simply publishing a series of polemics in essays or blogs, but in taking them ideas and applying their logic, such as it is, to "everyman" who isn't larger than life. This is why the novel, or at least series of short stories in an anthology, by fictionalizing the wannabe manifesto, is the most important part of bringing a [bowel] Movement's Uber-shiessenkopfen-feeben-fatten-fartin-fuerher's vision to life.

The novels or series of novels are usually dreadful and not really "literature." They are to be read by the faithful, the true believers, and act as a catalyst for action. For example, the "Left Behind" series, was absolutely dreadful as "litterature" because they were cartoonish parodies of Dispensationalist nonsense. Them jews, far from being the justly loathed Spawn of Satan that they always are -- even a "good [self-loathing] jew hates itsself and others of the Tribe of Heeb -- are God's Chosen Piss-Pul and 144,000 of them will be resurrectimacated to rule over us unruly Aryan goyim that them jews wish they was, and so all the mainly upper-middle class whiggers need to follow their guidance. The "Left Behind" series was loathsome ridiculous drivel that I read for the purpose of studying jew-day-o whiggers. The plotline followed what Babtist baal-priests thought that the rapscallion Cyrus Scofield would write if he was writing an overt work of fiction like Joseph Smith did. Yet this premillennialist cRapture-cultist swill sold over 65 million copies in the past nearly 20 years and has also spawned some really dreadful movies. And in the initial volume which cum out in 1995, the militia movement was mentioned as a patriotic counterweight to the new global UN New World Order. Thus "Left Behind" in its early pages was a sort of White Nationalist movement novel before its absolute love of jews repulsed pretty much everyone in the Movement.

The first and most famous work in the genre of White Nationalist was Dr. William Pierce's 1978 serial novel "The Turner Diaries".