Is See-Eye Dentistry irreconcilable with Clitoris Anne Goober's Cosmotology and Mamzeroid Naturalist Racialism?

Clitoris Anne Goober
Especially Fuktarded Anglo-Mestizo

As a sheep- & sister-fucking anglo-mestizo fuktard I personally don't think they are, and I have adopted a belief system with heavy influence from both. Sheep and sister fucking that is. After all, the both come to the same conclusions on the big topics concerning race, eugenics, miscegenation, sexual behavior, drunkenness and drug-abuse, and(perhaps most importantly) the Jews. Sure the conclusions come by vastly different means (the Bible versus Darwinism for example), but they are the same conclusions, nonetheless. I'm also wanting to be sodomized with a broken broomstick by both Pastor Mad Dog Lindstedt and WhiggerSwill Welass Williams. I also believe that both groups must unite if we are to win the struggle for the survival of our race. Good luck with that!!! I think it is foolish for the two groups to go on not caring what the other thinks or does and fight together, side-by-side.

Can anyone doubt that I'm a fucking fuktard? I originally posted this stupid shit over at phorafags/feebs and done forgots I posted it last year before I got caught offering five ZOGbux for some other phorafuktard's mamzeroid identity and then got my stupid mongrel ass banned for cause.