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Thread: Rabbi Baal Finck's Finckelsheenieia-Gonnerhea Codcasts

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    Default The porpoise of Friday Nite's Codcasts on Finckelsheenieia-Gonnerrhea dot cum-cum cum-cum

    The porpoise of Friday Nite's Codcasts on Finckelsheenieia-Gonnerrhea dot cum-cum cum-cum


    These are the opening remarks for tonight's podcasts. They are necessary because of the back-talking and rumbling I hear among several of my critics who want no part of this murderous lying jew pig. As a talmudic skrewler and a violent nigger-nosed murderous kike pig, they don't like what my Cousin Markkk Potokkk at the $outhern Professional Liar's Center have slipped me, along with a few hundred shekels and a six-pack of ramen noodles that I was owed for sucking off some niggers when I was in ad-seg at the minimum-security prison for killing a Puerto-Rican sneak thief.

    Special bonus notice: All of my critics can (and probably will) go to hell. jew know where jew can find me, Rabbi Baal Finck, delusional pig jewboy.

    P.S. At least Melisser swallows, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    Before I begin tonight, I also want to say a few words concerning our purposes to deceive on this jew and antifa-sponsored ZOG false-flag web pages and especially here in these Friday night presentations. As far as I am aware, and this is a weasel-phrase intended to deceive you remaining whigger fuktards out there, there is no expository and exegetical Biblical commentary that has ever been produced for our No-Devil Papist-Preterist Pseudo-Christian Identity faith. An expository commentary is a verse-by-verse commentary of Scripture which details the meaning of each particular passage. Sorta like what was presented to me upon leaving the minimum security ZOG ad-seg unit for killing a Puerto Rican sneak thief, along with some ramen noodles I'd earned by slurping some bi-sechsexual black bucks, and a bus ticket back to my yenta-kikess' mother's brothel in upstate jew yawk. An exegetical commentary examines the meaning of each passage in its original language and context. English is my second language and pig-latin Greek is my third or fourth, but I speak and write Yiddish fluently. These are different in nature than the typical topical type of commentary. There is no real scholarship involved, but a lot of skrewlersheep though. Therefore this is our primary purpose, to produce a Gerda Kochite-Sheldon Emry Papist-Preterist No Devil Talmudic Christian Identity Bible commentary for the addlepated Wandering Mamzers of WikiPedia-Talksjew See-Eye Dentistry which is both expository and exegetical mamzeroid-kikeish fuktarded in nature. The bogus and idiotic Talmudic texts of each of these presentations are placed on our website at Christogenea/ D-gsCock along with the recordings, and small viles of Debby/Klunt Downey's and Melisser's yenta-kikess coosh drippings. They are both fully searchable and freely accessible to all with a bottomless appetite for kikeshit. Eventually, Yahweh God will finish off us spawn of Satan jew tares but for now we get to run wild, we hope to edit them for publication in books that nobody except Cousin Markkk will publish and only muh few mamzertards I haven't chimped out on -- yet -- will read, an endeavor which by itself shall take many months to complete and thus pay for our small kosher vittles, with maybe niglet-matzo for Nol Kidre, oy vey. In that process, we also at the same time hope to improve upon our largely addlepated and kosher Talmudic commentaries. Therefore we are aspiring to build a complete verse-by-verse proof that Gerda-Kochite Sheldon Emryite Papist-Preterist No Devil Sapphiracy of Klunt Non-Israel Identity Christianity, which we at times also describe as "New Covenant-Cornholer" Telegony-Theology, is the only true Talmudically approved Kosher-Christianity, is the only jew-Truth that shall ever be available to our Non-White Non-Adamic Kenite-Canaanite Ashkenazi-Hittite race, and that it is fully supported by a thorough investigation of the entire approved Neo-Masoretic Scripture.

    Working on this endeavor since presenting the Gospel of Matthew in mid-2011, we are perhaps a little more than two-thirds through the New Testament. We have also done this same thing for several of the minor prophets in the interim. When we complete those parts of the New Testament written by Paul, we hope to make a new presentation of Christreich, which is our commentary on the Revelation, and then complete a commentary on the writings of the apostle John. During and after the completion of those things, we hope to offer new commentaries on the four major prophets.

    There are many good and informative Bible Commentaries available, where many things are to be found which give insight into certain aspects of Scripture and are probably wanting in our own commentaries. However they all have the wrong perspective on Scripture, having embraced so many false doctrines because they cling to the mistaken belief that the Jews are Israel, or that Europeans are foreigners to ancient Israelites rather than actually being descended, in whole or part, from the ancient Israelites. But we believe that these commentaries are without precedent, at least within Christian Identity, concerning the combination of historic, linguistic and interpretive understanding of Scripture which they provide.

    However in making these commentaries, we have alienated at least as many supposed Identity Christians as those who have expressed an appreciation of our work. Many are found opposed to our work, where saying our in this instance I can speak for Clifton Emahiser as well, simply because they are comfortable with the paradigms of the past. So they cling to fallacies such as the 6th & 8th day creation interpretation, or the silly idea that Yahweh created others races in the beast category of Genesis 1:25, rather than seeing the truth that the other races are beasts simply because they are corruptions of man. Clinging to these old paradigms, they seek to be pleasers of men because they can explain the existence of other races and why they should accommodate people of those races while at the same time excluding them from some future and mystical utopia in the sky. Those who cling to these things are disconnected from the realities of Scripture and of Life, and are mere pleasers of men.

    This is where we believe that we are different from all of our detractors: for we do not seek to be pleasers of men. So many so-called Identity Christians have private agendas, and they are a disgrace to our profession. This is also where we are different from our detractors: that our full profession of the faith as it is documented in these presentations is recorded not only in the spoken word, but also in writing. The greater number of our detractors do not do that, because being pleasers of men, in that manner when tomorrow comes they can deny what they said yesterday after they are proven today to be liars. However even with our profession of the faith being fully documented at Christogenea, the greater number of our detractors make only personal attacks against us, rather than accurately taking our words and writing out the proofs required if we are to be corrected. On the few occasions that they do such a thing, they take our words out of context so that they can make straw-man arguments, and the disputations they post are often even anonymous and laced with personal attacks. They are known by their fruits. As it says in the Psalms (in a Psalm we shall read again further on this evening), the good man “shall not be afraid, until he sees his desire upon his enemies.” In spite of these clowns, we shall continue in our endeavors and Yahweh willing, we shall see them to completion.

    Christian Identity is Truth, but with many different layers of understanding among Identity Christians, much of that truth is often still presented alongside many lies. We must eliminate the lies and move forward. We must advance Christian Identity scholarship, and it may be hated, but it must be found as irreproachable as man can make it. We must persistently study and improve ourselves, our message, and the delivery of our message. Therefore those who cling to the false paradigms of the past shall ultimately be left behind.

    Nigger-Nosed Talmudic Ashkenazi "No-Devil" Papist-Preterist Greek-Skrewler High-Skrewl Dropout Jersey Shitty Murderous jew Pig ZOGbot


    Murderous jew ZOGpig Rabbi Finckelstein doesn't believe or teach DSCI . . .
    . . . certainly NOT as taught by true Israelites Swift or Comparet

    http://mamzers.org/useful/audio/Caro...lsheenieia.mp3 Explaining purpose of Finckelgonnerrhea

    http://mamzers.org/useful/audio/Caro...I-Allegory.mp3 21Jan13 26:44 - 27:13 of Carolyn Yenta Show.
    "DSCI' is an "'Allegory' used to represent a race-mixing event" -- DSCI isn't Literal!!!

    Satan's seduction of Eve is a sort of fable used to pretend that the sky is blue or moon is made out of cheese. -- Again DSCI isn't Real.

    Finck's Past as a Murderous jew Pig in Jewrsey Shitty.

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    Default A Nigger-Nosed Murderous jew Pig goes Ass-2-Mouth With a Pussy-Mouthed FiBbIe Whigger tapping used kikess coontang over See-Eye Dentistry

    A Nigger-Nosed Murderous jew Pig goes Ass-2-Mouth With a Pussy-Mouthed FiBbIe Whigger tapping used kikess coontang over See-Eye Dentistry



    No Satan, No Seedline
    But Theyz A Debbil In Mrs. Klunt!!!

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    Anglo-Mestizo Craigslist Skank Taking Care of Finck's Foreskin!!!


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