US Supreme Court Denies Gay Marriage Appeals

After striking down the Defense of Marriage Act in the Windsor decision, the 5-4 “conservative” majority on the US Supreme Court has decided not to wade into the issue of federal judges striking down state bans on gay marriage:
“WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court refused to get involved in the national debate over same-sex marriage Monday, leaving intact lower court rulings that will legalize the practice in 11 additional states.

The unexpected decision by the justices, announced without further explanation, immediately affects five states in which federal appeals courts had struck down bans against gay marriage: Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Utah…”

Let us never again hear the argument that we can “reform the system” by voting for Republicans or that we must hold our nose and vote for the likes of John McCain in order to get “conservatives” on the Supreme Court.

Among other things, the “conservative” majority on the US Supreme Court in Washington has sanctioned miscegenation, abortion, affirmative action, sodomy, open borders, and now gay marriage. It is part of the problem, not the solution.

The solution is DISUNION.


Posted on October 6, 2014 by Hunter Wallace