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Thread: A personal appeal for ZOGbux from David Duck

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    Default David Duke is a liar and idiot

    David Duke is a liar and idiot . . .

    . . . and wants mudshark hibernigger coontang!!!


    David Duke suggested to Sinead McCarthy that her picture with the negro might be a photoshop by jewish trolls.

    Here is the picture:

    Sinead McCarthy with her nigger friends from before she becum a "White Nationalist"



    BOTH Sinead McCarthy & Kyle Hunt have acknowledged that the authenticity of the photograph and stipulated to the fact that Sinead frolicked with the people in the picture and had relationships with black rappers. Kyle Hunt has acknowledged this very recently on Renegade Broadcasting.

    David Duke is a liar, fraud and idiot. Anyone who sends him money is the same.

    Duke is attempting to lie and cover up for Sinead Mcarthy who he has promoted but did not do any due diligence on. Duke himself is a fraud, the man who used took donations for his “very important work” and used them for vices such as casino gambling.


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