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Thread: Goodbye Cruel Whigger Nutsionalism

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    Well if this bizarre sitcom is coming to an end, I’ll close by saying:

    Harold Covington is a mentally deranged man-child, and most likely a boy-lusting faggot.

    Reg is scorned faggot who will always carry a torch for Harold’s dick in his rectum.

    April Gaede is a tasteless, unethical, attention-whore.

    Jack Ryan is a pathetic, lecherous, alcoholic, customer of prostitutes.

    Martin Lindstedt is a baby-felating, girly-voiced little man with a beached whale for a wife.

    Will Williams really let me down when he gave up his quest to destroy Tubby.

    Cori is a strange individual, but at least she loves her children.

    Look me up in hell, motherfuckers!


    Crude, Rude, Blued & Tatooed, butt not screwed:

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    Default My trip [back home] to Alaska must have done me some good

    My trip [back home] to Alaska must have done me some good


    Yes Harvey, I doubt Harold has held a job during your lifetime. You’ll do fine.

    You forget my work is more a calling than a job. If I have my way I’ll do it until I die. Literally. Like the day after my 80th birthday or something. The night before, I will have had a huge plate of nachos, and I’ll be at work the next morning, working on a body and then I’ll remember something funny and laugh so hard I burst a blood vessel in my brain and fall down on the floor right after I finish the body, and hopefully the owner will find me right in time and be like, well, as long as she’s already here in the room…

    The consensus around my workplace is that my trip to Alaska must have done me some good because I seem a lot less pissed off all the time. The guys were like, “Maybe she just needed a vacation…I worked with her all day yesterday and she didn’t call me a dumb manchild once…”

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    Default Axis Skanky is Ailing; She's got as many botched plastic surgeries as Michael Jackson

    Axis Skanky is Ailing. . .

    She's got as many botched plastic surgeries as Michael Jackson!!!


    [12/3/2016 8:25:12 PM]Martin

    [12/3/2016 8:36:49 PM]I'm very worried about Skanky!!! As you know I've always had a soft-spot for her and would have loved to have had her as my partner & soul-mate and in spite of what you say, she's actually of Swedish descent from a family named 'Olsen'.......anyway, she's in big trouble Martin! On a 'youtube' video posted today she's anounced that she's lost 30 pounds of weight, she seems confused and, on her website has stated that she feels "close to death"......I'll give you the link to the latest 'youtube' video but also try and watch the other video as well as there's two new ones. As each video nears the end she seems confused and frightened, unable to get her words out and in one of them the tears are welling up in her eyes. It seems she's had 7 serious surgical proceedures which she now regrets. Indeed, she looks like a different person, almost resembling a small boy or something parodying the 'Hitler Youth'! You can hardly tell it's Skanky Martin! Gone is the brash, showy body-builder; instead she seems fragile, uncertain and scared. I wish I could contact her, travel to Seattle and meet her......Reggie it seems is also history and I suspect he never looked out for her properly!





    I'm Little Butt I'm Loud!!!

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