The Danger Of Faggotry


Twenty years ago anyone in the American media supporting "gay rights" would have been tarred and feathered and run out of Hollyweird on a rail. Today it's just the opposite. Watch any show, I don't care if it's a movie, sit-com or crime show; they all treat conservative views on homosexuality as something downright criminal. They call us bigots, homophobes, prejudiced and any other expletive they can dream up. We are the bad guys. And to make matters worse, the Jews that instigated this outrage have forced their views down the throats of every other western nation on earth. Is it any wonder the Moslems call us the "Great Satan"?

Our approval of this perverse lifestyle is one of the cornerstones of their hatred for America, and rightly so. Personally I'm ashamed to be an American these days. It represents nothing but depravity, communist lies, immorality, decadence, hedonism, gluttony, and a complete lack of national shame in our behavior. The only thing left literally, is to approve pedophilia and believe it or not I see that becoming a reality as well, in the near future. That may sound fantastic, but how many of you would have believed we would publicly proclaim faggotry as "wholesome" and normal? I can't think of anything that disgusts me deeper than faggotry unless it's pedophilia. Just thinking about the act of two men getting it on flat turns my stomach and instills in me a rage that I can barely contain . . .

It's an unnatural, filthy act that spreads all kinds of virulent, deadly diseases and promotes the destruction of the family unit, the backbone of society. Anyone still thinking clearly about this issue knows beyond any doubt that AIDS was brought into this country by a South African faggot back in the early 80's. Patient zero was a frequent flyer on international flights, and he stopped off in faggot bath houses, gay bars, and even airport bathrooms, screwing every faggot he could get his hands on, spreading his disease like wildfire. The first reported cases in this country were in San Francisco. Ever since the disease was finally identified, fags have violently fought to deny they are responsible, blaming it on heterosexual men instead. The trouble with that excuse is that the disease started with faggots and jumped to normals through a couple of bisexual lowlifes that came home and gave it to poor innocent little wifey. This world is jam-packed with lowlifes . . . sigh . . .

I remember when that worthless piece of shit Bill Clinton first let fags into the military. I knew it would be chaos, and it has. The Jew run media has done its level best to suppress the truth about it, refusing to run any story that reports trouble in the ranks. And trouble there has been. Tons of it. Fags cannot work in close quarters on a ship full of nice, juicy young men without drooling and trying their damnedest to screw everyone. One of the most common complaints from servicemen has been that these homos will sneak into their bunks at night and try to perform oral sex on them . . . without their permission, and in other cases trying to rape the smaller more defenseless ones. That's because homosexuality isn't an "alternate lifestyle" as the liberals so love to label it, it's a mania, an obsession that fags can't control. It's as if they're possessed by some demon of perversion that forces them to seek out as many partners as possible, as fast as they can. A homo
will have sex with a hundred men in one night if he can find that many. There is literally no limit to their lust . . .

But as bad as all this is, there's another, even darker side to these lowlifes. Pedophilia. The National Law Enforcement database reported five years ago that a fag is 50 times more likely to molest a child than a straight person. God's beard! 50!! And knowing this, the liberals and their Jew masters have been pushing hard to get them allowed to teach our grade-schoolers. Do you want these freaks anywhere near your kids or grandkids? Of course not. But how many of you, knowing this grim fact, did anything to try and resist it? I did, but sadly, I'm in the minority. Most people did the same thing they did when liberals started taking over the government, and when creeps like Obama got "elected". Absolutely nothing. This is why I said I'm ashamed to be called an American. When will people finally say "Enough!"? That's the question I ask myself all the time. I walk through a crowd and look at all the faces as they pass, wondering how these sheeple can blithely go about their daily lives knowing that they're directly responsible for the evil that is now running not only our homeland, but most of the free world. They just don't seem to care at all. And that scares the living hell out of me . . .

The time will soon be upon us when it will be too late to take any action of any kind, no matter how limited. Freedom is a funny thing. When in full bloom it is a powerful and undefeatable thing. But once it has been eaten away even a tiny bit, it loses its invulnerability and evil can begin to worm it's way inside and eat at it until it crumbles like a worm eaten piece of furniture that suddenly collapses one day under the weight of it's own rotten wood. We are now at the point where so much has been damaged that we will soon be beyond repair. At least I'll be able to say I had no hand in it, that I fought tooth and nail to prevent it. Can you?


"Political correctness is a form of bigotry behind which cowards hide."

--James Von Brunn