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Thread: We stupidly expose Ourselves as ZOG pigs, jews, perverts and femnishevik cunts

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    Default We stupidly expose Ourselves as ZOG pigs, jews, perverts and femnishevik cunts

    We stupidly expose Ourselves as ZOG pigs, jews, perverts and femnishevik cunts


    This show starts as "normal" with the usual cast of tards listening in as what will be revealed as a cadre of ZOGpigs (Tom Bowie), a fat whigger pervert into licking the hairy shitty anuses and snatches of niggresses (Rich Ouroboros of $permFart Radio NW), a LaRouchie jewboy that took over Metzger's site for the $PLC (Boob of DC / Wolfowitz Wailing-Wallstein) and this insufferable mudshark that ovulates to Andre "the Nigger" Angelin while wanting to censor all White Men. Tattered Flag kicks off the show by trolling even before Boob of DC/Wolfowitz Wailing-Wallstein shows up and gloats about how these $permFart fuktards have censored him. Pastor Lindstedt shows up to fight and the ZOGpig Uncle-Tom Bowie proceeds to chimp out as a stupid pig and censors Lindstedt. Then NIM-Buster fuktards hear about this and promptly pile on while this stupid mudshark with delusions of adequacy shows her mangy fortyish nigger-stretched twat while her son, Long Island Brian is torn apart by how everyone haets an uppity whigger whore wanting to meat the spawner of her next niglet, i.e. Apedre Angeloon the hi-yaller Roehmist Rump-Ranger and Anti-Racist Activist and underage Phillipiness sex tourist.

    The end result is that Pro-Whigger AmurriKwan ZOGpig Show gets revealed as a $permfart-based ZOG false front.

    Talksjew Channel: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web...=132549&cmd=tc

    Download Link of show: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-132549/TS-964634.mp3 2 hours, 57 minutes

    Pussy-Whupped Amurrikwan Presents:

    UncleTom ZOGpig Bowie & Bitch Booberous Going Ass-to-Mouth 4 Entrapment of Mamzers


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    Tom Bowie is offline Potomac ZOGpig spying on tards Member Tom Bowie has a little shameless behaviour in the past
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    On a ZOG false-front web site spying on YOU for ZOG


    Uncle-Tom ZOGpig Bowie of the DHS

    Neander-zogpig Tom Bowie sucking lemons & dicks with some tedious tards . . .
    . . . Spying for the Department of Homeland Security around the District of Corruption.
    Once a pig ALWAYS a pig!!!

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    Default Tom Bowie situation busted

    Tom Bowie situation busted


    alright pastor lindstedt i believe you are very correct about tom bowie and he is a very dangerous person creating a very dangerous situation for the unwitting. i was bored today and went into this chat stormfront nw just to look around and troll and what they were playing was a recording of louis farrakhan at first i wasnt sure so i was asking is that who it is. but who started talking was that sidekick of tom bowies who does the show with him on friday nights i dont know his name...AS RICK OUROBOROS. i dont know if they put a recording of the show up and you will see why when i am done explaining all this. ok when i went in the room i asked if it was louis farrakhan. here is the screen shot AND...the other person who was on call but NOT talking was from washington (tom bowie perhaps) heres the screen shot im guest 4 http://i.imgur.com/BDvhER2.jpg more of the conversation http://i.imgur.com/Rxdqptk.jpg . after the apocalypse now comment i left. then went back because it piqued my interest. However this time guests were being muted and rich ouroboros (toms side kick) went on about guests being antifa, jews, retards, feds, etc, etc so i stayed muted but the white geNOcide person asked why i was muted and thats when rich ouroboros went into his antifa/jew tirade here is the screen shot http://i.imgur.com/JevOr16.jpg and as you can see, shortly after that, they ended the show abruptly. im sure you can get it all on chat grabber. but anyway when they ended the show and left they muted both of us http://i.imgur.com/kDCgANU.jpg oh and here is a close up of the rich ouroboros and the washington caller http://i.imgur.com/q26DADA.jpg . Something else was said in there that compels me to warn you to be careful of dbz (who i also believe is vissersockpuppet) also. something only he knows about me. hes a huge rat too. heres a link to the show http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web...=131555&cmd=tc

    thanks and be careful pastor


    I'm Little Butt I'm Loud!!!

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    Mudshark Spawner of Three Mamzers is offline Pro-Censorsheep of White Men & Sucking nigger Andre Probationary Member Mudshark Spawner of Three Mamzers has a little shameless behaviour in the past
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    Mudshark Spawner of Three Mamzers


    When I'm not censoring White Men
    I'm Mudsharking & Shitting out niglets

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    Default Muh name is Bitch, I love to catch -- and sometimes pitch

    Muh name is Bitch, I love to catch -- and sometimes pitch


    If I find a host to carry on while I am gone this summer......Stormfront Northwest will continue it's regular Tuesday's at 5 pm pacific broadcasts on Talkshoe.

    TalkShoe - Call - Stormfront NW

    It seems that many are afraid to participate lest the boogey man suddenly discover their hiding holes. Recanting all the paranoid excuses with which I have been presented would sound unbelievable. As if anonymity isn't the greatest illusion of all in this emerging Soviet style takeover of Western nations.

    There is a lot of "yeah, let's do that" when semi-public venues are suggested. When it gets down to putting genuine action behind the brave words.........this land of cowardice and home of the totally owned shows it true face. It seems no amount of free booze and food is enough.

    We do have public events meant to draw together local nationalists but they are kept secret ..........there is a self defeating reality there

    I've long left the ANUSS-MC but I still love UncleTom ZOGpig Bowie



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