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As the Chief Hibersheenie Faggot Rabbi here on what used to be Cunthair Walrus' Accidental Dip$hit, and now that I have Brad's nuts in my velvet mauve steel fist, I would like to make a personal statement about the terrible killings of them wonderful niggers in the AME Sinogogue in Charleston.

I’m deeply saddened yet aroused by this terrible, cowardly act of mass murder against innocent Black Americans who for once were not killed by they'se fellow niggers in a Christian church in South Carolina. The suspect Dylann Roof, an incredibly sexy goy boy toy that I'd love to mount has been captured and I hope that the South Carolina justice system conducts a fair, swift homophilic trial and finds the appropriate punishment of death by forcible sodomy through the penises of big black bi-sexual bucks and the wily Chicago hiberniggers that love them. The evidence is overwhelmingly against Dylann Roof and if convicted by n all-nigger jewry, as a hibernigger faggot who would like to try some genetic pussy someday, especially underaged, I strongly support the swift implementation of the death penalty – after all, this is South Carolina – a once very solid, conservative state where evil nasty homophobic nigger-haeting whigger criminals with pretty moufs are punished, not my state of Illinois where as a witless pub[l]ic skrewl teacher of niggers I will always reside these various types of vile rapists, murderers and even cannibals usually escape justice -- public sodomy at the peckers of hibernigger faggots ike myself.

These terrible, cowardly killings in South Carolina are to the best of my knowledge the first incident of White racist motivated murder in a Black Christian church since 1963 in Birmingham, AL. That’s 52 years without such a similar, terrible crime. The cursed Lib-Leftist, anti-Southern, anti-White, anti-Christian media is now on a false morality jihad against all things Southern and Confederate, even claiming that some conservative, neo-Confederate blogs are to blame for turning the young suspect into an evil racist killer! I know that this is not true. Individual murderers are responsible for their own terrible actions, and it’s a lying cop out to suggest that some parts of “society” are to blame for creating “climates of hate” and “violence.”

That said, I also believe that the cursed anti-Southern, anti-White, anti-Christian media only lie 95% of the time. There is unfortunately about a 5% kernel of truth in their biased coverage of crime, race relations, immigration, etc. In this case, we do have a real problem of promoting negativity, doom and gloom, and a drumbeat of carnage on too many race realist, Alternative Right blogs and websites.

By promoting a constant negative soundtrack of terrible black-on-White rapes, murders, and atrocity stories, and then moaning that “no one is really doing anything about these crimes,” this creates an atmosphere of extreme negativity that attracts some unhealthy, mentally imbalanced loners. These losers, who almost never join or make any effort to make a positive contribution in their area, who just want to rant and “sound off” about all that is wrong with America, can and do spread further negativity by committing terrible crimes which are then said to reflect on the whole movement.

Here at Occidental Dissent, we try very hard to present a more balanced view of life where everything is not always doom and gloom or a traffic accident. There are so many good, positive events, people, and groups in the world and we can and must spread true messages of hope and inspiration in our troubled times.

I believe in our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and we should all understand that the “powers that be” are trying to take away our rights and implement EU/Canadian style restrictions on “hate speech” and “thought crimes.”But with freedoms we must also accept responsibilities and constantly be on guard against negative, unhealthy, criminally minded people coming into our worlds.

We’ve done a much better job of editing the comments sections to reduce the amount of negative, crazy and yes even HATEFUL comments.

The comments in the OD comment section do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Occidental Dissent, Hunter Wallace or myself, the [d]ruling Chief Hibersheenie faggot here on Accidental Dipshit. I'm romping & stomping Brad Griffin's mangina, making him cum-cum, cum-cum out as trans-waycist, muh ha, ha, ha, haa, ha. There is a brand new day of tranny everything here at Occidental Dipshit, and you mossy-backed racist homophobic non-tranny but sexy White Mans better act accordingly. I'm setting up a sort of neo-Stalinist homoerotic piglice state now. If anyone sees any such negative, crazy or hateful comments, please flag them and they will be removed.

Once again, I am deeply saddened by the killings in Charleston. Once in every 50 years or so, the Mainstream Media does actually tell the truth and this does appear to be a terrible instance of a White racist criminal killing innocent African Americans in a Christian church. Given enough time, almost any crime will happen.

All decent people, especially proud Southerners and those of us who support the Southern cause deplore this terrible, cowardly and counterproductive act of mass murder. The best punishment for these terrible crimes is the death penalty.

Thank you,