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Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap. While having a brain fart while driving my truck hauling produce when not humping nigger lot lizards I cum up with the following witless drivel which is unreadable by anyone, even the Wandering Mamzers & jewboys of Wikipedia-Talksjew See-Eye Dentistry:


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Christian Identity theology promotes a racial meaning for a biblical idiom–beast of the field. Christian Identity holds the idiom a pejorative for Negroes and other non-white, non-Israelite races. And as a sort of jew related to Baal Finck and Mark Potok of the $PLC, I don't much care for them niggers unless they be lot lizards, and it is all pink on the inside. I'm a jewniversalist. This Homily will prove that Christian Identity apparatchiksespecially Cousin Baal Finck and Captn Senility Cliftoon Emahiser have both wrongly identified and falsely defined the idiom, beast of the field.

This Homily will prove that the beast of the field are neither people nor races. The biblical idiom, beast of the field is a poetic symbol for offices of authority within the ancient Aryo-Semite customs of government. Yes, it is. Really! On my honor as an addlepated Mormon-kike who fed my own spawn nothing but watermelon and thus nearly starved him to death and as it is stunted his growth permanently.

This Horseshit Homily will prove that the idiom is pastoral poetry that is neither pejorative nor racial in its meaning–rather it is diminutive and mildly affectionate in its meaning like myself when I'm trying to get sum coontang without expending ZOGbux in the truck stop parking lot whether used by The God or by men of high political standing.

Herein will be shown that some spirits among mankind are destined to become beasts of the field and pull The God’s golden plow across the field of nations. The God will bring the beasts to Adam, and Adam will give each one a name of authority, and an office of administration within His Government–until from out of Himself, a woman becomes the bride of Adam, a woman who is a holy nation, that leads the beast of the field in plowing the field of Christ’s world. Nevermind that Adam is long dead and that it was Satansspawn Cain who built the very first shitty on Genesis 4:17 and named it after its son. I sure wish that Adam was alive to name me and muh town like Bear "Nutty kike" Fink. I hate being named after Christ.

This extremely fucked up and ridiculous article which is the work of a delusional jewboy who isn't nearly as sociopathetic as Cousin Rabbi Nigger-Nosed Baal Finck, the murderous Jersey Shitty jewboy pig, will elaborate on a few important scriptural doctrines that are completely ignored in the modern world by anyone of any sense or Biblical knowledge: