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Thread: The Show-Trial of TraitorGlenn Miller, Drunken ZOGbot Lumbee Melungeon Rat

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    Default The Show-Trial of TraitorGlenn Miller, Drunken ZOGbot Lumbee Melungeon Rat

    The Show-Trial of TraitorGlenn Miller, Drunken ZOGbot Lumbee Melungeon Rat


    The drunken Lumbee Melungeon Rat wants a show trial. So it gets one, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

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    Default Miller trial in Overland Park triple killing begins Monday with jury selection

    Miller trial in Overland Park triple killing begins Monday with jury selection

    BY TONY RIZZO trizzo@kcstar.com
    14 August 15


    "Look assholes, if I'd wanted to kill me a jew asshole there was one bleeding out the kike bunghole in Kirksville Missery
    that I could have plugged like Peaches Jenkins in the back seat of an Oldsmobile, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!"


    Almost from the moment of his arrest 489 days ago, F. Glenn Miller Jr. has demanded his “day in court.”

    That day comes Monday, as the first group of Johnson County residents arrives at the courthouse in Olathe to determine who will be picked as jurors in the county’s first death penalty trial since 2002.

    The 12 who are ultimately chosen will be asked to decide if the 74-year-old southern Missouri man is guilty of capital murder in the April 13, 2014, shooting deaths of three people outside the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom Care Center in Overland Park.

    If he is found guilty, the jury will next decide if he should be sentenced to death or life in prison with no parole.

    Although death penalty trials are typically among the most complicated criminal prosecutions, Miller’s trial promises to be unusual because he has chosen to represent himself.

    That will be a first in a Kansas death penalty trial.

    “It’s just a nightmare for a trial judge,” law professor Laurie Levenson said of defendants acting as their own attorneys.

    They tend to be unfamiliar with basic courtroom procedures and etiquette, and often have little incentive to follow the rules, said Levenson, a professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

    Levenson said that while the judge’s job is to ensure a fair trial and maintain order in the courtroom, defendants bent on self-representation are often more concerned with making speeches to jurors or espousing their beliefs without being properly sworn in and subject to cross-examination.

    “Judges tend to give them some leeway,” she said. “But he can’t allow him to hijack the trial.”


    "Look, Drunken Lumbee Melungeon ZOGbot Rat-tard, jewr subpoena to have jewr
    Federal Shitness Protection Program Caseworker to testify on jewr behalf that you were
    on a 'Mission 4 ZOG' is hereby DENIED, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!"


    Miller, who has been prone to arguing with District Judge Kelly Ryan and speaking to people in the courtroom during pretrial hearings, has been warned by Ryan that such outbursts during trial could result from his removal from the courtroom.

    That would be well within a judge’s discretion, Levenson said, but like all aspects of a capital murder trial, it would face intense scrutiny from the appellate courts.

    “The judge has to show enormous patience,” she said.

    Ryan, a 1985 graduate of Washburn University law school, was appointed to the bench in 2008 by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. He served a stint early in his law career as an assistant district attorney in Johnson County.

    Throughout the pretrial process, he has mostly ignored Miller’s attacks on his personal integrity, though at times he has firmly admonished Miller to behave himself.

    Miller, also known as Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., is an avowed Nazi and anti-Semite, who for decades has been active in the so-called “White Power” movement. He has sought elective office on a number of occasions.

    In an interview with The Kansas City Star last fall after his arrest and in subsequent oral and written statements, Miller has said he was trying to kill Jewish people that day.

    However, none of the victims — 53-year-old Terri LaManno, William Corporon, 69, and 14-year-old Reat Underwood — were Jewish.



    All of TraitorGlenn Miller's victims, especially those pictured above, are much whiter than the drunken Lumbee Melungeon ZOGbot rat.


    Miller fired his court-appointed lawyers, in part, he said because they were paid by the government which he has called “my enemy.”

    Those three experienced death penalty litigators are now acting as “stand-by” counsel and will be present in the courtroom. But Miller will be conducting his own questioning of potential jurors, and during trial will cross-examine the state’s witnesses and make his own legal arguments.

    If he is removed from the courtroom or if he refuses to participate in the trial, Ryan said the stand-by lawyers would then be asked to step in and continue the trial without him.

    One of those attorneys, Mark Manna, said that they would pursue a defense much different than the one Miller wants to use.

    After a preliminary hearing earlier this year, Miller demanded a speedy trial despite the protests of his then-attorneys who argued that they would need at least a year to prepare an adequate defense.

    The judge granted the request, setting the Aug. 17 date. Attorneys said it was the quickest that a death penalty case has gone to trial in the state. Miller is also the oldest person in Kansas to be charged with capital murder.

    He is also charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault and shooting into an occupied building.

    More than 800 potential jurors were mailed lengthy questionnaires earlier this summer. Of those, 200 have been summoned to the courthouse Monday to begin the selection process.

    Prosecutors have said they expect jury selection to take about a week.

    Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe and Assistant District Attorney Chris McMullin said it will take about a week to present their case in the guilt phase of the trial.

    It is not known what evidence and testimony Miller intends to introduce. Ryan has denied his use of a “compelling necessity” defense during the guilty phase.

    However, if the trial proceeds to the penalty phase, he would have wide latitude in what type of evidence he could present.

    Prosecutors have filed notice that they will seek a death sentence because more than one person was killed and because the killings were “especially heinous, atrocious and cruel.”


    Look drunken Lumbee Melungeon ZOGbot rat-tard,
    behave or no shot of Jim Beam
    or conjugal visit from Peaches Jenkins
    or bagel from Rabbi Linder, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Brace yourselves for this wretched legal drama as a neo-Nazi goes to trial

    Brace yourselves for this wretched legal drama as a neo-Nazi goes to trial

    Editorial, Kansas City Red Star,
    August 15, 2015


    he circus continues on Monday in Olathe. But this is no entertainment and no laughing matter. Jury selection is slated to begin in the capital murder trial of F. Glenn Miller Jr. in Johnson County District Court.

    Miller is the accused and confessed killer of three good-hearted and innocent people. He is also one of those fools bound and determined to represent himself in court. One feels sympathy in advance for the judge, jurors and onlookers who will be forced to witness an almost inevitable debacle. The families of his victims, in particular, deserve better.

    To follow Miller’s outbursts and blatherings in court proceedings up to now is to watch the mind of a delusional and deranged soul in action. His principal argument for his own defense, rejected by Judge Thomas Kelly Ryan, has been his belief in the “compelling necessity” to exterminate Jews before they conquer the “white race.”

    Miller, also known and charged as Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., is 74 and in ill health. Time was running out for him, so the convicted felon and onetime snitch got some guns and went into action.

    Of course, even as he took three lives he blundered badly. For one thing, the astoundingly dense and single-minded Miller failed to ascertain that his victims on April 13, 2014, were Jewish, which they were not. As if religious identity in this case really matters.

    For those tempted to chalk up the tragedy of that Sunday afternoon in Overland Park as the act of a “lone wolf,” a raving domestic terrorist operating undetectably and off the grid, it’s important to remember that Miller is not really one of a kind. His kind of hate is shared by hundreds if not thousands of organized anti-Semites and white nationalists in the United States.

    The Star has reported on some of those groups and how some support Miller but others regret the attention by association that his shotgun attack has wrought. Miller has been on the radar of law enforcement and those who keep track of hate groups for at least three decades, though regrettably he’d slithered into the background even as he flung web postings and verbal poison from his southwest Missouri home.

    Some legal minds convincingly suggest that Miller should have been found incompetent to stand trial. Yet Kansas has a relatively low threshold for competency. Now, with capital punishment on the table in the second phase of the trial, Miller will have the right to harangue and harass witnesses and test the patience of the system. If convicted — and no matter the sentence — Miller will surely die in prison anyway, given the long road to the ultimate punishment in Kansas.

    “Every jury trial in the land,” a jurist and author of the popular novel “Anatomy of a Murder” once wrote, “is a small daily miracle of democracy in action.”

    The trial we are about to witness in Johnson County will sorely challenge that homily.

    Area residents would do well in the coming weeks to keep comforting thoughts for the families of Terri LaManno, William Corporon and young Reat Underwood. Surely they will need the uplift in light of the wretched performance Miller will attempt while exercising his right to a fair trial.

    More important, the families’ record of grace and community building in the horror’s aftermath should be remembered and treasured.

    I am The Librarian

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    Default I know TraitorGlenn Miller, Mongrel ZOGbot rat since 1976

    I know TraitorGlenn Miller, Mongrel ZOGbot rat since 1976


    In late July 2000, just after Pat Buchanan denounced me for racism as a Reform Party candidate for U.S. Senate but before Patsy chose a crazy negress as his running [pri]mate to throw the [s]election to Dumbya Bush in August 2000, TraitorGlenn Miller ran out of my office because he thought I'd kill him as a known rat.

    I had mentioned how he needed to get a computer because it enabled communications like between myself and Louis Beam and David Lane's wife. TraitorGlenn Miller turned greenish and stammered about how he was in the Federal Witness Protection Program, but "nobody went to prison as a result of his testimony."

    So upon contacting Louis Beam and David Lane I made arrangements to be TraitorGlenn's keeper and to pull a TraitorGlenn Miller on TraitorGlenn Miller. Which worked until March 2004 when TraitorGlenn Miller refused to run for US Senator against Kit Bond while I ran for governor against Runt Blunt. Whereupon we've been open enemies ever since.

    TraitorGlenn Miller isn't even white, but rather a Lumbee Melungeon mongrel from birth. In 1976 or 77 TGM was caught passing out Klan fliers while in the Army and became a snitch to get in his 20 years retirement. TGM was the second snitch who ran like a coward at the Nov 1979 Greensboro Incident. The Order gave TGM $250,000 of Order loot. TraitorGlenn Miller is also a homosexual who murdered a blackmailing jew bookstore owner and killed some of the clientele in the Shelby County Bookstore caper, and plumbed the congoid secrets of "Tranny Peaches". Then TGM cut a deal with Morris Dees and the $PLC, declared "War on ZOG" and pissed itsself when caught with most of the weaponry of a North Carolina militia group. In order to get out of serious jailtime TGM resumed snitching at Ft Smith and elsewhere.

    Since getting back into the [bowel] Movement TraitorGlenn Miller has, with the connivance of the State of Missouri and the Republicans, Democrat, LibberToon and CONstipation Parties, made it impossible for "White Supremacists" to run for federal, state or local office by refusal to accept filing fees.

    TraitorGlenn Miller has James von Brunn envy. So TraitorGlenn Miller made an arrangement to gun down whatever didn't look jewish in the jews' parking lots. When TraitorGlenn Miller asked, "Are you a jew?" it was to make sure that it didn't kill any of them. After all, there were plenty of old sick jews in the buildings next to the parking lots.

    So what us genuine "White Supremacists/Nationalists" or Christian Identity leaders think is that just like at Greensboro, or Shelby County or Ft. Smith and now at Overland Park is the workings of your "domestic anti-terrorism" tax dollars at work. TraitorGlenn Miller has worked for ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final / The Beast / Under Satan's Administration since 1976 as a mongrel agent provocateur. Or what we call a "ZOGbot."

    What "normal" herd animals know about "White Nationalism" is what the jewsmedia tells them. There is no organized "White Nationalists" or Christian Identists or anything which isn't funded directly by ZOG or compromised by the inclusion of jews and mongrels. Always I have discouraged revenge on TraitorGlenn Miller and not because I'd be the prime suspect but because anyone who associates with TraitorGlenn Miller is a jew or mongrel and a ZOGbot tard. Why not use TraitorGlenn Miller as a "judas mongrel?" Alex Linder is a jew. If TraitorGlenn Miller wanted to kill a jew then he could have killed a sick jew in Kirksville right easy.

    James von Brunn went to the Holohoax Museum to die. Dylann Roof read some nonsense from the Council of Cucksevantive Citizens and having no future, decided to gun down some negroes in Denmark Vesey's church. And TraitorGlenn Miller decided to do one last service for ZOG. TGM arranged it in advance with itz ZOG handlers like before for a show trial which is now commencing.

    The purpose of any real White Nationalist or Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Resistance soldier is one of mutual delegitimization. There is no political or legal solution. We don't want peace -- we want the absolute destruction of the current system of government and the extermination of those who live amongst us who are not us. There is a Final Solution coming. Our propagandistic task is to enable a total racial, religious and class civil war in which there is only left from 10-30 million ex-whiggers who are ruled over by Ten Thousand Warlords acting under a theocratic military dictatorship whose racial religion is Dual-Seedline Christian Identity. There is no political problem which cannot be solved by the extermination through the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse killing off between 250-300 million and the resulting Balkanization into warlord despotism of ten thousand petty states in which only whites will survive. We as Resistance soldiers must destroy this Post-Western Civilization to preserve the White Race.

    A drunken Lumbee Melungeon ZOGbot rats shooting and killing three anglo-mestizos or whiggers in a jew parking lot as arranged in advance with itz ZOG handlers don't cut it. But watching the ZOG dog&pony show-trial can be amusing.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Jury selection begins in F. Glenn Miller Jr.ís death penalty trial

    Jury selection begins in F. Glenn Miller Jr.’s death penalty trial

    BY TONY RIZZO trizzo@kcstar.com
    17 August 2015


    Shocked Sober Lumbee Melungeon ZOGbot Rat TraitorGlenn Miller tries to get the judge to accept one of itz bogus motions for trial.
    "Sure wish I still had the jewboy like Linder who ghost-wrote muh rat memoirs to write muh stoopid motions, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!"


    About 200 potential jurors were called to the Johnson County Courthouse on Monday to begin the selection process in the capital murder trial of F. Glenn Miller Jr.

    The 74-year-old Missouri man is charged with capital murder in the April 2014 killings of three people outside of the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom care center in Overland Park.

    Questioning on Monday only concerned whether potential jurors had an “extreme hardship” that would prevent them from sitting through a trial expected to last at least three or four weeks.

    Possible jurors were called in groups of 20 to the courtroom where District Judge Kelly Ryan gave them an overview of the case and instructed them on their duties as jurors.

    Those who indicated they had a possible hardship were then questioned individually by the judge, attorneys and Miller, who is representing himself.

    Those not excused Monday were told to return this morning, when they will be questioned about their opinions on the death penalty and their ability to be fair and impartial.

    Ryan told prospective jurors that the selection process would take most of the week.

    Opening statements and testimony are planned to begin next Monday unless jury selection has not been completed.

    lying jewspapers

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    My Side of The Story

    The Whigger Fuktard Party

    My FBI Ghostwritten Book - "A Whigger Mamzer Rat Sqeaks Out"

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    Default Jury selection underway in the Jewish Community Center shooting trial

    Jury selection underway in the Jewish Community Center shooting trial

    By: Amy Hawley
    5:18 PM, Aug 17, 2015
    3:45 PM, Aug 18, 2015




    OLATHE, Kan. - Jury selection began Monday in the capital murder trial of the man who described himself as anti-Semitic.

    Frazier Glenn Cross, also known as Glenn Miller, is accused of shooting teenager Reat Underwood and his grandfather, Dr. William Corporon, at the Jewish Community Center and mother Terri LaManno at the Village Shalom Care Center in April 2014. All three were Christians.

    Cross, on trial for capital murder and facing the death penalty, has said he committed the crimes and has claimed he doesn't care if he dies for the killings.

    Cross has also said he wants a public court forum to explain his actions.

    What happened in court on Monday

    Cross wore common clothes for the first time in court as officers wheeled his wheelchair into Judge Kelly Ryan's Johnson County courtroom.

    He asked people in the galley if they liked his tie.

    Cross didn't have any outbursts in court like ones he’s had in the past. But Cross, who is representing himself, asked the judge to lift all gag orders on prosecutors and his stand-by attorneys so he can have a “totally open trial.” The judge ruled no.

    RELATED | Judge: JCC shooting suspect can represent self in case

    The first 200 potential jurors out of 1,000 arrived to court for jury selection.

    The court dismissed dozens who said they had too much of a personal hardship to attend a trial that will last for several weeks.

    Cross called the Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe "Howdy Doody" at one point and asked if he could switch seats so he could sit closer to the jury.

    Attorneys observing the case said Judge Ryan will only give Cross a little leeway for bad behavior now that jurors have arrived.

    MORE | All KSHB coverage on the JCC shooting

    "He will give this defendant a lot of latitude, but there could come a point where the judge believes that, in the interest of justice, that the defendant must be removed," said Daniel Ross, Attorney at Law.

    On Tuesday, potential jurors called back will be questioned, including how they feel about the death penalty.

    Jury selection could last one week.


    Amy Hawley can be reached at amy.hawley@kshb.com .

    KSHB-TV Channel 41


    Source of jewr TraitorGlenn Miller Trial News, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

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    Default Potential jurors in F. Glenn Miller Jr. trial are questioned about the death penalty -- Day 2

    Potential jurors in F. Glenn Miller Jr. trial are questioned about the death penalty -- Day 2



    The Lumbee Melungeon ZOGbot Rat-Tard harangues the jewry pool demanding that they impose the death sentence.
    "I'd prefer to be gassed in Peaches Jenkin's nigger butt crack, but a case of Jim Beam or a carton of Camels will do in a pinch."


    Day two of jury selection in the F. TraitorGlenn Miller Jr. capital murder trial focused squarely on the death penalty.

    Potential jurors were questioned one by one about their ability to follow Kansas law and impose a death sentence if they find Miller guilty of capital murder.

    “We’re beyond theory,” Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe said. “This is the real deal. We need you to put away this drunken Lumbee Melungeon ZOGbot rat-tard, who all the other prostitutards have let run wild because it snitches for us real good, although the testilying is a problem because nobody believes the lying mongrel rat.

    Most of the 50 people questioned Tuesday at the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe said they would be able to impose such a sentence if the state proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt. They also swallow.

    But those who said that, because of moral or religious reasons, they could not impose that penalty under any circumstances were dismissed from the panel and thus got out of having to listen to the goofy mongrel ZOGbot rat bastard..

    TraitorGlenn Miller, who is representing himself and doing one hell of a job, challenged some of those who said they could not.

    He told one woman that the death penalty is the law and that if she didn’t follow it she is not a patriotic American. "I'm suffering from James Von Brunn envy. I need to be reASSurred that I'm something other than a drunken Lumbee Melungeon ZOGbot rat and a piece of self-loathing mamzer shit. You need to show me some haet, cum-cum, cum-cum."

    He asked another who opposed the death penalty if she believed in an eye for an eye and whether she supported the American wars in the Mideast.

    "Are you a jew? Let me tell you that if you tell me that you ain't a jew I'll have to gun you down in the parking lot like I did back in April 2014. I'm a tool of them jews."

    Miller also took the opportunity to ask potential jurors about their trust in the federal government and whether they believed the “mainstream media” is independent or controlled.

    "Want a subscription to this wonderfool piece of ass-wipe that me and this jewboy who is bleeding out the ass from Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS publishes every so often when the Department of ZOGland InSecurity check cums in? We call it "The Aryan Alternative" because us jews and mongrels want pure whigger cawk to plug our manginas."

    He also asked if they hypothetically believed the white race has the right to survive as a people. "I'm not actually White myself, but when I'm not snitching for ZOG I impersonate a White Supremacist leader so that I can find work snitchin', cum-cum, cum-cum!!!"

    The line of questioning mirrored some of the beliefs Miller has expressed in pretrial hearings and court documents in this case. In past cases TraitorGlenn would pretend that he didn't do nothing and shouldn't be held responsible for the misdeeds of those it had incited..

    Other potential jurors are scheduled to come to the courthouse Wednesday and Thursday for the same type of questions posed to Tuesday’s group.

    The final phase of selection is scheduled for Friday morning. Testimony is set to begin Monday. This farce is gonna finally hit the road.

    TraitorGlenn Miller, who is also known as Frazier TraitorGlenn Cross Jr., is charged in the April 13, 2014, shooting deaths of Terri LaManno outside the Village Shalom care center and William Corporon and his grandson, Reat Underwood, outside the Jewish Community Center. Both centers are in Overland Park. Both areas are parking lots which provide parking for jew Old Kike Homes and Cultural Centers and provide whiggers and anglo-mestizos for this long-term drunken Lumbee Melungeon rat to gun down.



    All of TraitorGlenn Miller's victims, especially those pictured above, are much whiter than the drunken Lumbee Melungeon ZOGbot rat.

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Jury selection continues in Frazier TraitorGlenn Miller trial

    Jury selection continues in Frazier TraitorGlenn Miller trial

    The TraitorGlenn Miller Trial -- Day 3


    TraitorGlenn Miller, Cork-Eyed Mamzer ZOGbo Rat

    Jury selection in the first degree murder trial of white suppremacist [sic] Frazier TraitorGlenn Miller of Aurora continued today with Miller serving as his own attorney. The public pretenders won't yap about how TraitorGlenn Miller managed to shoot only some whiggers or anglo-mestizoes in the parking lot of the Old Kikes' Home, including a 14 year old and didn't actually enter the buildings and actually shoot at some jews. Rather they will let the drunken Lumbee Melungeon ZOGbot rat yap about the end of the Whigger Rayce and how TraitorGlenn Miller was on a mission from ZOG, as from 1976.

    Miller is charged with killing three people at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park. That is the preferred narrative of the gliberal whigger butthole fag community and I'm sticking to it.





    The Turner Diaries RULES, The Turner Report drools

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