Me & David Duck Are Staging a Fifth Retreat for Da Nutzis to See Da Squirrels

Fifth Annual Stormfront Summit 2015!

Weekend of October 31st. That's Halloween Bowel Movement ZOGtards!!!

Registration is now open. This is a private event. It's not open to the public. No reporters. Nobody critical and shit.

If you are a pro-White activist willing to go ass-to-mouth with me and Da Duck, or if you want to become cum-cum, cum-cum one, you are welcome cum-cum, cum-cum.

Like last year, the registration fee is $85. This includes catered meals for the main event all day and evening Saturday. Location is, once again, just outside Knoxville in a secret state park which will be picketed by the ARA and spied upon by the $PLC, with which we have a symbiotic relationship.

For those arriving early, we'll begin with a reception at a nearby location Friday evening at 7:00, cumplete with roulette wheel and Da Duckettes.

Scheduled speakers include Dr. David Duke -- Da Duck of Deaf itzself, Dr. Patrick Slattery, Canadian pretend free-speech activist Paul Fromm, Stormfront Radio cohost Truck Roy, legendary pro-White publisher Dr. Edward Fields, along with other bowel Movement leaders with assorted huemamzer debris of our Cause. As always, I will be MC. Master Chump.

This year, original music performed by Robert Lloyd.

For those staying over, informal events Sunday will include a mountain nature walk, led by Dr. Duke. Them East Tennessee squirrels will finally get a crack at sum real nuts!!!

Nearby hotels, cabins and camping facilities are still available, with recommended locations listed in our private forum, accessible to those registered.

You can still send the $85 registration by mail, if you don't want to use a credit card through the link below.

Stormfront (or Don Black)
PO Box 6637
West Palm Beach FL 33405