The Revolution Shall Take Work

. . . by ZOGtards on 'Our' Side

by Matt Parrott, Traditionalist Yoot

Too many Nationalists think like underpants gnomes. The underwear gnomes from South Park had a plan to make a vast fortune. They would sneak into people’s homes, steal their underwear, and then came the issue: The underpants gnomes thought that if they stole the underwear they would then make profit, but that middle part of their plan–how to make profit–was left with a giant question mark.

The nationalist movement in America in many ways has been acting like the underpants gnomes. As demographics shift away from a White majority, “retaking America” has become an impossible proposition. Demographically to move all non-Europeans out of America would be an undertaking that would be impossible, and within the ideology of nationalism we must support sovereign nations for all peoples.

Each ethnic community deserves the right to have a nation for their Faith, family and folk. America is too out of scale to be governed as a single nation and there is plenty of room and resources to divide among the various ethnic communities in the United States.

White advocates have by and large come to terms with the fact that we need to create a nation of our own, but many either don’t know or seem to want to put a real plan to realize our dream.

The plan for the creation of a Homeland for our people cannot be;
Step 1. Get people to become ethnically aware.

Step 2. ?

Step 3. Ethno-State!
The response many people give me is that we don’t need to build a mass movement. Instead we can just wait for the economically capitalist and culturally Marxist System to fall to pieces. Many people point to the writings of militia groups or post-apocalyptic novels on how when the economy or social strife hits a certain level, people will awaken overnight and we will march to victory. This model has never happened before in human history and it is not going to work for our struggle. While it would be nice if this magical “mass awakening” would happen with the downturn of the stock market or a flick of Obama’s pen on a new gun regulation, the reality has proven it’s just not so.

By that logic, Americans should have revolted dozens of times within the past few decades. The Southern people revolted when the Federal government simply threatened to overwhelm State sovereignty and taxes were by our current standards, very small. The American Founders revolted over not having a say in Parliament and not wanting to pay taxes to refund England for fighting a war against the French and Indians. The modern media, educational system, and White Guilt have silenced a part of the White mindset that must be awoken before any movement can go forward.

Wall Street was able to take unknown billions of dollars from taxpayers as pensions. Wages and jobs were shredded to pay for the new bonuses and private jets of the elites. We impeached Nixon for deleting sixteen minutes of tape and wiretapping an office two generations ago. Now our government admits that high ranking politicians can delete thousands of classified emails while spying on every email, phone call, and text that we make.

Our government lied to us about the war in Iraq, sending thousands to die and trillions of our dollars into a failed quagmire for the interests of Israel. The Feds have let an immigrant invasion into our nation, changing the demographics and culture of America in a short period of time all while sending close to fifteen million industrial and blue collar jobs overseas.

The average White American is poorer than his parents. He has less of a say in his government, community, and even his family. He’s under attack more now than ever in history. The vast majority of people want to do something, but they haven’t been organized to fight for their best interests. That is where a Political movement is necessary to get the people to be able to work in an organized fashion to achieve quantifiable political goals.

People use that supposed point of just “waiting for it all to fall apart” to justify inaction and avoid doing the hard work that has to be done. Fantasizing about strolling into power isn’t activism and it isn’t helping, only real sacrifice and work will get the job done.

We must work to first educate White Americans on who they are, their history, and what vision will provide the best future for them and their children. After this is done, we cannot sit and wait for something to happen; we must make it happen through our actions. Political revolution can occur after we have educated and mobilized the White population to believe in the dream of an independent and sovereign ethno-state. The ethno-state will not appear magically, we must wage political warfare to make it come into being, just like every other nationalist revolution and liberation movement has done.

The struggle is not always going to be sexy or exciting. It will take countless hours of leafleting, holding meetings, going to demonstrations, knocking on doors for candidates, more cups of coffee than could be counted, freezing our butts off in the winter and boiling in the summer while out on Party activities and the actions of thousands of people to make our dream a reality.

The Revolution will not be “Mad Max” or “The Turner Diaries” it will be a political and social movement based on our people demanding a Home for our people and by our people, just as dozens of ethnic communities have done in the past. White Americans must view this struggle as one for liberation; liberation from the powers of International Jewry, liberation from a tyrannical government and liberation from a failed multicultural experiment that is demographically and socially displacing our people from the continent.

We need to look to what the Kurds, the Palestinians, and numerous other ethnic communities do as they fight for their own nations. We as White Americans must work on building a nation of our own and to grow an independence movement. This will take a lot of work and political organizing, but it can and must be done. The Traditionalist Worker Party is a movement that will fight for economic, social and political justice and independence for White Americans.

If the NSDAP or the Blackshirts or the Legion or the Falange had stayed in their beer halls and fantasized about power and never actually built a real political movement to seize power their nationalist movements never would have taken off. We need to embrace the spirit of Revolutionaries, and that means taking to the streets and working, sacrificing and being willing to give up our freedom or our lives in the battle for Faith, family and folk. Victory will be ours, but only if we seize it.