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Thread: Hell Hitler!!! The Dog is Dead!!!

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    Default Hell Hitler!!! The Dog is Dead!!!

    Hell Hitler!!! The Dog is Dead!!!


    This is my wonderful best pal, Gravy, who recently passed away after eight wonderful years. Every retard should have a dog because dogs are non-judgmental, especially of us mixed-race inbred retards. So Heil Hitler, the Dog is Dead!!! Cum-cum, cum-cum!!! It happened right after Christmas.

    Clitoris Anne Goober and Goober's Smarter Dead Dog "Gravy" -- named after Clitoris's favorite food group.


    He was a big 'ol Dane/Bull 140lbs. bundle of pure joy. Please help me give him a send off fit for a king. Because he was the King of All Dogs! We would mount sheep & sisters together, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

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    I'd rather be atop a sheep or a sister


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