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Thread: Missouri Repubicucks & Dem[on]ocrats don't want a Representative Domocracy Form of Government

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    Default Missouri Repubicucks & Dem[on]ocrats don't want a Representative Domocracy Form of Government

    Missouri Repubicucks & Dem[on]ocrats don't want a Representative Domocracy Form of Government

    By Lauren Lapka | llapka@nexstar.tv
    Published 01/26 2016 07:39PMUpdated 01/26 2016 10:42PM


    JOPLIN, Mo.

    Two new potential bills passed by the Missouri House of Representatives, would require voters to show photo ID's before casting ballots. The new measures are getting responses from supporters and critics alike.

    "Only the people who are legally registered to vote, should vote. And on election day, the easiest way to confirm that is with a picture ID that has not only the name and address of the person, but also their pictures," said Nick Myers, Certified Public Accountant.

    "It's just an attempt to prevent a certain segment of the population from being able to vote, from being able to register to vote," said William Fleischaker, civil and criminal attorney.

    Supporters argue that the laws aren't inconvenient because a majority of residents have some form of photo ID already.

    "Voting is important, so it's important that the right people who are registered to vote, actually do go out and vote. So, I think voter ID and what the Missouri Legislature is doing is a good idea," Myers explained.

    Critics believe those without an ID should not need to purchase one just to vote.

    "Our Constitution is built on the idea that it shouldn't cost anything to vote, and you know, it's been decades and decades since we abolished pole taxes and now we're trying to reinstate the same thing by making people have photo ID," said Fleischaker.

    One of the main issues surrounds voter fraud and whether this bill will prevent it or bring up a problem that doesn't exist.

    "I believe it's really important that people who are legally registered to vote are the only people who actually vote and have their votes count," said Myers.

    "We're trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist, and there is really an ulterior motive," said Fleischaker.

    There have been several attempts in stricter voter ID laws in the last decade. Current Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoed several voter ID bills in the past. For now, the bills will wait to be approved by the Senate.

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    Default Davis: Vast majority of public officials are good people

    Davis: Vast majority of public officials are good people


    (From Rep. Charlie Davis, R-Webb City)

    As the state moves closer to Election Day and campaign season is in full swing, the negativity continues to ramp up and the publicís perception of candidates and elected officials oftentimes becomes more jaded. When you add in some of the recent stories about inappropriate behavior of a few people in and around the political process, itís easy to understand why some citizens have a negative view of government and government officials.

    Itís at a time like this when the importance of voting must be stressed, and it is imperative that citizens be active and informed about the candidates they may elect to office. The people truly do have the power to decide who will represent them in the halls of government, and it is a power that should never be taken for granted. That is why it is important not only to vote, but also to be informed and to make educated votes for the candidates who will fight for the best interests of the people.

    Itís equally important to note the vast majority of the men and women who seek out and obtain public office are conscientious citizens who are involved in politics for the right reasons. This fact often gets lost amid the mudslinging and negative news articles that dominate the spotlight during election season, but the truth is the vast majority of folks in politics are good people who are trying to help their communities and constituents.

    It cannot be denied there are a few bad apples from time to time whose inappropriate actions can cause all political figures to be viewed in a negative light. These individuals abuse their power and the trust placed in them by the people who elected them to serve, and in doing so they tarnish the reputation of all public servants. However, the truth is these individuals are in the minority and not at all representative of the average elected official.

    In Missouri, the State Capitol is filled with hardworking men and women who are more than just elected officials. Just like the citizens they represent, these individuals are loving spouses and parents, successful professionals, business owners, farmers, and community activists. In a nutshell, they are representative of the diverse population of Missouri, but they have the common goal and interest of doing what is best for the state and the willingness to put in the long hours of work to accomplish this goal.

    With all of the negative ads and stories that run during campaign season, this is a fact that can be hard to see, but it is important to remember there are good people working hard to do good things for the State of Missouri. On November 8 the people of Missouri will again have the opportunity to elect the folks they think will do the best job in office.

    Posted by Randy at 9:26 PM Monday October 24, 2016


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