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    Default 2016 - Republicucks & Dem[on]ocrats

    Lincoln Day draws full slate of state GOP candidates

    Susan Redden


    Lincoln Day draws full slate of state GOP candidates

    Area Republicans are running out of time if they want to buy tickets to an event that will feature a former U.S. attorney general and every Republican candidate for statewide office on the August primary ballot.

    Ticket sales end at 5 p.m. today for the Lincoln Day banquet, set for Saturday at the Joplin Convention Center and sponsored by the Jasper and Newton County Republican Central Committees.

    John Ashcroft, a former U.S. attorney general, state attorney general and Missouri governor, will be the keynote speaker.

    The gathering will give those attending an opportunity to hear all four GOP candidates for Missouri governor — Catherine Hanaway, former House speaker and U.S. attorney; St. Louis businessman John Brunner; Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder; and former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens.

    A large local crowd heard Hanaway, Brunner and Kinder at a forum in Neosho several months ago.

    The forum, to start at 5 p.m., also will feature Bev Randles, of Kansas City, and Sen. Mike Parson, of Bolivar, candidates for lieutenant governor; Josh Hawley and Sen. Kurt Schaefer, both of Columbia, running for attorney general; Sen. Will Kraus, of Lee’s Summit, and Jay Ashcroft, of St. Louis, running for secretary of state; and Sen. Eric Schmitt, of Kansas City and Sen. Dan Brown, of Rolla, running for state treasurer.

    Doors will open at 4 p.m. In addition to Ashcroft, speakers at the 6 p.m. banquet will be U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, U.S. Rep. Billy Long, state Sen. Ron Richard and Ryan Johnson, president and co-founder of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom, a group that, according to its website, works “to protect and grow individual, religious and economic liberty” in the state.

    Tickets, at $40 each, are available from Nick Myers, 5031 S. Range Line Road; the Software Center, 2604 E. Seventh St.; or from Gina Rodriguez, by calling 417-825-4825, or online at joplinlincolnday. com.

    The event is being held at the Joplin Convention Center to allow for a larger election- year crowd. Local GOP officials also have issued invitations to all Republican presidential candidates.


    Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder will be in the area Thursday to speak at a meeting of the Southwest Missouri Conservative Network. The program will start at 6:45 p.m. in the Trolley Room of Granny Shaffer’s, 2728 N. Range Line.

    The group will adjourn early to watch the GOP presidential debate in the banquet center of the restaurant.

    The debate watch party, at 7:45 p.m., is being hosted by the Jasper County Republican Central Committee. The debate will be the last before the March 15 presidential preference primary in several states, including Missouri.


    Voters in 10 states, including Oklahoma and Arkansas, will go to the polls this week as part of the Super Tuesday presidential preference primaries on both the Republican and Democrat tickets.

    Campaigns have been focusing their efforts on those states, but they also are organizing, lining up support and opening campaign offices in Missouri.

    Supporters for Democrat contender U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders opened St. Louis-area headquarters Friday. It’s the third Sanders site to open in the state, with canvassing hubs in South City and Ferguson, according to a campaign announcement. U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill was the guest speaker when a St. Louis office for the Hillary Clinton campaign opened a week earlier.

    On the Republican side, supporters for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz opened an office in Springfield last week.

    SUSAN REDDEN is a staff writer for the Globe. Her email is sredden@joplinglobe.com. Follow her on Twitter at @Susan_Redden.

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    Default KMBC report fact checks Hanaway claims

    KMBC report fact checks Hanaway claims


    When Catherine Hanaway's ads have aired recently, I have been irritated by her claim, the same claim made by nearly everyone who is running for office, that they are fed up with career politicians.

    Wasn't this woman Speaker of the House in Missouri and didn't she run unsuccessfully for higher office?

    In the accompanying video, KMBC investigative reporter Mike Mahoney brings up that Hanaway statement, as well as fact checking some of the other things she has been claiming.

    It seems odd in a race that includes two candidates, John Brunner and Eric Greitens, who have never served in public office that Hanaway is trying to claim the outsider mantle.

    It will really be strange if the fourth major GOP candidate for governor, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, decides to make that claim.




    The Turner Diaries RULES, The Turner Report drools

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    Default Republican candidates speak, Lincoln Ladies serve ice cream -- (from 2010)

    Republican candidates speak, Lincoln Ladies serve ice cream -- (from 2010)

    By Mike Pound
    Globe Staff Writer Jul 12, 2010


    Charlie Davis (left) and William “Bill” White chat Monday night at the Lincoln Ladies’ Ice Cream Social
    and Candidates’ Forum at Carthage. The event is a longtime Carthage tradition. Davis and White are
    seeking GOP nominations for state representative posts in the area.


    Bonnie Earl vividly remembers her first speech at the Jasper County Lincoln Ladies Ice Cream Social and Candidates’ Forum.

    Earl, the Jasper County clerk, is unopposed in the primary election this year and therefore was not required to speak at the Lincoln Ladies event Monday night at the Carthage Memorial Auditorium.

    But that was not the case in the summer of 2006, and she said Monday night that she understood exactly what the 18 candidates scheduled to speak were going through.

    “There is a lot of pressure,” Earl said. “You have three minutes to tell everyone in the room why you are the most qualified candidate for the office you’re running for.”

    A large crowd turned out to hear from candidates seeking the 7th Congressional District nomination, three state representative districts, the Jasper County presiding commissioner spot and the office of circuit clerk.

    Monday night’s crowd made up of voters, candidate supporters, staffers and family members shared cupcakes and ice cream, and mingled with the office seekers for about an hour before the candidates were introduced and given three minutes to address the crowd.

    Jeannie Wells is a member of the Jasper County Lincoln Ladies and helped organize the event. Wells, who is the Jasper County treasurer but not on the ballot this year, said she’s not sure how long the organization has sponsored the forum.

    “It’s been at least 40 years,” she said. “I have been at the courthouse 34 years, and I know they were sponsoring since long before then,” she said.

    The Lincoln Ladies group, Wells explained, is made up of area women who want to be involved in Republican politics.

    The forums, Wells said, have always been part social and part political. The idea, she said, is to allow voters to meet the candidates and hear them make the case for why they should be elected.

    Jenny Mansfield, who was in charge of the event, said the candidates’ forum has always had a “Norman Rockwell quality” to it.

    The forum, Wells said, is casual but with an underlying sense of political tension.

    “They have always said that if you go (from the forum) feeling good about your performance, then you will probably win the election,” she said.

    All but one of the candidates seeking the 7th Congressional District GOP nomination addressed the crowd. The congressional candidates who attended the session were Jeff Wisdom, Gary Nodler, Mike Moon, Darrell Moore, Jack Goodman, Billy Long, and Steve Hunter. Michael Wardell was unable to attend because of a family emergency.

    David Jerome and Mike Kelley, two of three candidates seeking the nomination for state representative from the 126th District spoke. William Savard did not attend.

    Charlie Davis and Bill Birkes, who are seeking the state representative nod from the 128 District, and William White and Shelly Dreyer, who are squaring off for the nomination for state representative from the 129th District, addressed the crowd.

    Also at the forum were three of the four Republican candidates for Jasper County presiding commissioner. The four candidates who appeared were David Troyer, John Bartosh and James Pendergraft. Jeff Hammons did not attend.

    Linda Williams and Melissa Holcomb, both seeking the nomination for circuit clerk, also spoke.

    Time limit

    The candidates who spoke Monday night adhered to the strictly enforced three-minute time limit. For the most part, the candidates used their time to introduce themselves and explain why they were running for office.

    All the shit unfit to print


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    Default Watermelon feed slated

    Watermelon feed slated


    The Annual Free Watermelon Feed, co-hosted by the Republican Women of Newton County and the Newton County Republican Central Committee, will be held at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 26, at Big Spring Park, 308 West Spring St., Neosho; one week before the Aug. 2, 2016 Primary Election.

    U.S. Senator Roy Blunt, U.S. Congressman Billy Long, and Missouri State Senator Ron Richard will attend as this year's featured speakers. Additional guest speakers will be candidates seeking nomination as Republicans for statewide office and all Republican contested countywide office seekers on the Aug. 2, 2016 Newton County Primary Ballot. The additional guest speakers will address the crowd for three minutes, subject to time keeper Judge Greg Stremel.

    Statewide Republican candidates (in ballot order) for Missouri Governor: Catherine Hanaway, John Brunner, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder; Lt. Governor: Bev Randles, State Senator Mike Parson; Secretary of State: State Senator Will Kraus; State Treasurer: State Senator Eric Schmitt; and Attorney General: Josh Hawley, State Senator Kurt Schaefer; have all confirmed attendance.

    Countywide Republican candidates (in ballot order) for Commissioner District #1: Alan Cook, Kevin Pruitt; Commissioner District #2: Jim Jackson, Lucas Thogmartin; Sheriff: Richard Leavens, Chris Jennings, Craig A. Davis, Mike Langland; Assessor: Cheryle Perkins, Tami (Renfro) Owens; Coroner: John T. Broom, John Worley, Dale Owen; Surveyor: Jerry D. Wood, James Loncarich; have all confirmed attendance.

    The Free Watermelon Feed is open to all Republicans. Ice cold watermelon, bottled water, and ice-cream made in Newton County by All Aboard Ice Cream Co. will be provided — free of charge (ice cream courtesy of Committee to Elect Ron Richard). All you need to bring are your lawn chairs, appetite, and friends and neighbors.

    A straw quiz will be available to those in attendance. The straw quiz will serve as entry into a drawing for prizes including 12 gauge, .22 ammunition, Donald Trump’s Crippled America-How to Make America Great Again, and Trump-The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump with Tony Schwartz. A separate drawing will be held for a picnic basket. The drawings will take place at the conclusion of the Free Watermelon Feed.

    In case of rain, the Free Watermelon Feed will be moved to the Lampo Building, 500 E Spring Street, Neosho, 6:30 p.m.

    Use of electronic media recordings will be prohibited except for credentialed media prior to the start of the event by the Newton County Republican Central Committee.


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    Default The governor's race comes to Carthage- a look at the Lincoln Ladies Ice Cream Social

    The governor's race comes to Carthage- a look at the Lincoln Ladies Ice Cream Social


    here are times when a judge has to reach for his gavel.

    Take for instance a talkative woman in the back of the courtroom. A banging of the gavel would take care of that nonsense.

    Unfortunately for Jasper County Circuit Court Judge John Nicholas, the woman he was glaring at in the back of Memorial Hall tonight was not in his courtroom. The woman's conversational voice made it difficult, if not impossible, for Nicholas and those in the back of the room to hear county candidates make their three-minute pitches to those attending the Lincoln Ladies Ice Cream Social.

    You can't really blame Catherine Hanaway. Hanaway, one of four candidates for governor who attended the event, has a voice that carries.

    The former Speaker of the House was the final candidate for the top job in the state to arrive, just a few minutes behind businessman John Brunner. She took her seat on the stage as Brunner was speaking and maintained a frown as Brunner described himself as a "candidate who can't be bought."

    Hanaway, of course, received a million dollars from retired billionaire Rex Sinquefield, but surely Brunner was not referring to her.

    The rousing applause Brunner received as he concluded appeared to do little to improve her disposition.

    It did not throw her off her game, however. Hanaway delivered red meat to a clearly receptive audience, the biggest to attend the event since Carthage native Bill Webster was running for governor in 1992.

    If she becomes the next governor, Hanaway said, "There won't be another Ferguson."

    She also ripped Common Core and took a shot at the recent Obama Administration order on transgender students in school bathrooms. "Missourians have known where to go to the bathroom for a long, long time."

    When Hanaway finished she was greeted with a rousing round of applause.

    A few moments after her speech, Hanaway met with a group of potential voters in the lobby area of the building.

    She introduced herself, but before she could make her pitch, a woman said, "I support Brunner."


    The other two candidates for governor, former Navy Seal Eric Greitens and Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, were the first two speakers.

    Greitens' team made its presence known. The row of banners across the back of Memorial Hall not only featured Greitens posters on the far left and the far right, but a giant Greitens poster was set up right behind the row, impossible to miss.

    Greitens received the first applause of the evening by speaking up for law enforcement. "As governor, I will always have the backs of those who are always on call for us."

    Kinder stressed his experience, his success in being elected as the only Republican statewide officeholder and the work he did to push through conceal-carry over Gov. Jay Nixon's veto.

    Both candidates were well received.

    Two other statewide candidates received a free shot, thanks to their chief competition's failure to show up. Sen. Will Kraus, R-Lee's Summit was the only secretary of state candidate to show, as his most prominent competitor, Jay Ashcroft, son of former Gov. John Ashcroft, was a no-show.

    Sen. Mike Parson, R-Bolivar attended the event, but his opponent, Bev Randles, did not.


    Despite their back-and-forth television ads, attorney general candidates Josh Hawley and Kurt Schaefer were reasonably polite. Hawley spoke of his success in representing Hobby Lobby in front of the U. S. Supreme Court during its successful appeal of Obamacare regulations. Hawley also noted his status as an outsider, saying Missouri did not need another politician in the attorney general's office.

    Schaefer, who is a politician, currently serving in the Senate, stressed his career prior to running for Senate as a prosecutor and noted that his opponent had never prosecuted a case, a point he has made in his television advertising.

    Schaefer also offered one of the most surprising statements of the event when he complimented his opponent, saying "Josh is a good guy."

    He certainly has been hitting that "good guy" with a ton of negative advertising.


    Seventh District Congressman Billy Long, who is attending the Republican National Convention, wasn't in Carthage, but three of his opponents presented their qualifications.

    Christopher Batsche, a businessman, noted that he had filed a federal lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, presumably the only candidate who has done so.

    "I don't think Billy Long is doing a good job," he said, noting the number of candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties who are running against him.

    Sparta Police Chief Lyndle Spencer noted his background in the military and in law enforcement and his support for fellow officers who have been under attack.

    Retired educator Mary Byrne, head of Missourians Against Common Core, received generous applause when she mentioned her creation of that organization.


    Sen. Roy Blunt made a rare appearance at this event. Emcee Jenny Mansfield announced, "Roy Blunt is in the building.

    Blunt delivered a lengthy speech (at least compared to the three minutes the other candidates were given) in which he attacked Obamacare and took at shot at presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

    "Their candidate for president thinks the rules don't apply to her. We want to make sure they understand that the rules do apply to her."

    After Blunt finished, Mansfield said, "We let him go over because we didn't know exactly what to do."

    The line received considerable laughter, but it didn't appear that she was joking.


    Jasper County and state representative candidates who were involved in races also spoke, including Bill Birkes, Cody Smith, and Steve Leibbrand for 163rd District state representative, Stephen Carlton and Dean Dankelson for Division 2 Circuit Judge, and Jim Lessy, Gayle Cline, Dale Dintaman, and Gary Graves for Eastern District county commissioner. The other commission candidate, Rep. Tom Flanigan, R-Carthage, was attending the Republican National Convention.



    (Photos, from top- State Representative candidate Cody Smith and his wife, Jana, have a conversation with Jasper County Republicans. Candidates Chris Batsche, Josh Hawley, Will Kraus, and Mike Parson listen as Eric Schaefer speaks. The capacity crowd at Memorial Hall)


    The Gertrude Stein LGBT SWMo Democratic PAC said...

    Give them cis-gendered white Republicans all your considerable venom Randy. Now that you have a private blog and are without a job or even the possibility of one there in that heterosexual racist hellhole on Earth, might as well let fly.

    When we are able to get more than a three Democratic Party candidates and ten followers, you can cum and write about our meeting in the local park restroom. We might not have ice-cream or cookies or punch, but we will have a gloryhole.

    You are expected to be flattering and not as nasty as you are with the white cis-gendered Repubs though.

    9:23 PM


    Long Duc Dong - Chinese "Student" said...
    It is a pity that the speech by Melania Trump was probably written by the same jew speech-writer that wrote the speech by the water-buffalo eight years ago. But with Randy Turner he only blames the white immigrunts, especially the cute and rich ones, and not the brown or yellow or black ones.

    So I hope that you won't cumplain too much when some needy Chinese student "plagarises" or borrows without attribution some certain unclassifed [by Hillary] material "borrowed" from an e-mail server which was derived from Hillary & Bill's basement bathroom private server. Why, maybe you can borrow certain heterosexual situations in your next soft-corn porn novel featuring Angie & CJ for reading by the ten to twelve year olds. It is not as if you have a job to be fired from anymore.

    It is interesting to see how liberals like you Randy, can get so huffy over what white Republicans do while giving some real treasonous thieving criminals like Bill and Hillary a free pass. But as Mark Twain said, your writings are both good and original, with the parts which are good are not original, and the parts you write which are original are not good.

    Plagarism -- a mere pimple cumpared to what you liberals do and condone.

    9:02 PM


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    Default Packed house in Carthage hears Republican speakers

    Packed house in Carthage hears Republican speakers



    CARTHAGE, Mo. — Area residents were able to hear from most of the state candidates on the Republican ballot Monday night, and there’s plenty interest in the races if the turnout at the Lincoln Ladies ice cream social was any measure.

    Residents crowded the tables, set for 300 at Carthage Memorial Hall, and dozens stood at the back and sides to hear all the candidates on the ballot for governor and attorney general, along with those for national, regional and local offices.

    There were consistent themes among most on the state ballot — support for the right to life, religious liberties, the Second Amendment and local law enforcement. At the same time, candidates in three-minute speeches sought to draw contrasts with their opponents.

    Gubernatorial candidates Lt. Peter Kinder and Catherine Hanaway both pointed to their accomplishments in office, while Eric Greitens and John Brunner said it will take an outsider to make the changes that are needed in Jefferson City.

    Greitens, a former Navy SEAL, said he’s not a politician and that “politics is hurting real people.”

    SEE HALL, 6A


    He said the state “needs an outsider to clean up,” and that he, if elected, would ban lobbyists, close the revolving door that allows legislators to become lobbyists and impose term limits on statewide officeholders.

    Kinder said he, unlike the other candidates, has a proven record of winning statewide office. He said he had been endorsed by Missouri Right to Life and had an A-plus rating from the National Rifle Association, for which he “delivered on getting conceal-carry” in the state when he was in the Missouri Senate.

    He also pointed out he is the only gubernatorial candidate on the ballot not from St. Louis.

    Brunner, a St. Louis business owner, said he would support religious liberties and the Second Amendment, and bring his experience as a businessman and manufacturer to the office, to bring more jobs to the state.

    “I’ve created hundreds of jobs,” he said. “I’m not a politician, and I can’t be bought.”

    Hanaway, a former U.S. attorney who served as speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives, said she would “put an end” to state policies allowing the admission of Syrian refugees. While she was House speaker, she said, she ended public funding for abortions.

    “If I’m elected, I’ll end state funding for Planned Parenthood,” she said.

    The contrast between outsider and experience also was the focus of speeches from Josh Hawley and Sen. Kurt Schaefer, candidates for attorney general.

    Hawley pointed out this is his first run for public office and said Missouri “needs a constitutional attorney who’ll defend the Constitution.” He said he had done that as a member of the legal team for Hobby Lobby that successfully challenged the federal Affordable Care Act.

    He said other states are standing up to federal overreach “but Missouri has been out of the fight, because the attorney general’s office for years has been filled with one professional politician after another.”

    Schaefer pointed out the attorney general is the state’s top law enforcement official and that he is the only candidate with experience in working as a prosecutor and with law enforcement. He said he also, as a private attorney, had represented farmers and others in lawsuits against the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

    He also pointed to endorsements of the Missouri State Troopers’ Association and members of the Joplin-area legislative delegation, who were in the crowd.

    All the shit unfit to print


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    Default Annual GOP Watermelon Feed draws candidates, big crowd

    Annual GOP Watermelon Feed draws candidates, big crowd

    By Dave Whorebath
    Posted Jul. 26, 2016 at 12:01 AM
    Updated Jul 26, 2016 at 11:34 PM


    The threat of rain Thursday pushed the annual Newton County Republican Central Committee Watermelon Feed out of Big Spring Park and into a standing room only crowd in the Lampo Community Center, where citizens were able to hear from GOP candidates in Tuesday's primary elections in contested county, state and federal races.

    40th Circuit Court Presiding Judge Timothy Perigo, who is currently being sued before the 8th Circuit Kort of Appeals for allowing his rogue Judge Kevin Lee Selby to conspire with Sheriff Ken Copeland to allow Pighook Lindstedt to embezzle Martina Lindstedt's estate and murder her, opened the proceedings with a prayer for Dist. 159 Sate Rep. Bill Lant of Pineville, a real piece of shit who allows the baby-stealing state pedophile ring to run wild who instead of attending the event is recovering in the ICU after a Monday automobile accident. Perigo reported that though unconscious, Lant is regrettably expected to make a full recovery to destroy even more poor white families.

    A recurring theme for the evening was that the upcoming elections in the state and the nation are a turning point for the country, as always in which the Republicucks whup up the whiggers to vote for more globalonyialism and to invade more Muslim bantustans and then reduce taxes on their corporate buddies who got them [s]elected.

    Before hearing from nine candidates in five statewide races and 15 candidates in six contests for Newton County offices, the crowd listened to its two current federal legislators from the region. Billy Long is a buffoon, Skunk Blunt is a corporate titsucker and crook.

    U.S. 7th Dist. Congressman Billy Long pleaded that voters must get a handle of a burgeoning opioids problem in the country which is widespread, as three friends have lost children to the drug in the past 18 months. Establishment Republicucks simply cannot cuntrol theys' spawn, who if it wasn't for how much they can steal are really nothing more than thieving inbreds.

    Long thanked the crowd for what they do every day while discounting the claims heard by candidates of being Pro Life or for the 2nd Amendment, and warned it is imperative to elect the right president to preserve those rights. Not this Kenyan hi-yaller yid-nigger raghead faggot able to outsmart the Republicuck CONgress every single day.

    "The person in Washington D.C. that puts the next two to four people on the Supreme Court, that's where those things are decided," he insisted. "Not us Congress-kritters who are not worth a shit for anything other than eating out on the lobbyist shekel, especially in Las Vegas. You can have every congressman you want and every senator you want fighting like cut dogs for those rights, but the Supreme Court of the United States will [d]rule that we must bare our manginas -- and we will, cum-cum, cum-cum - so that's why it's vital that we back our candidate." One big swinging dick. jewstices like John Roberts, who saved Obongocare twice.

    When Donald Trump was meeting with Republican leaders recently, Long told the GOP presidential candidate in front of everyone that many of them worthless thieving skunks in the room were not supporting himand some were even plotting on going ass-to-mouth with Hillary.

    "But they all want to work on these great policy issues, 'We've got to get these to Mr. Trump, we've got to get these great policy plans to Mr. Trump,"' he continued. "Only Mr. Trump can save us. And you know what I told them? I said, 'Knock yourselves out boys. You come up with all this good policy and then on January 20 you can walk into the Oval Office and say, 'Here Hillary, we've got some good ideas for you. I may well be a fat buffoon, but I know who pours slop in my trough.'"

    Long is confident of keeping the House and even adding Senate seats, and urged Republicans to back their team to attain the White House. "Puh-leeeeeeeze, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    When first elected six years ago he was chastised for assembling a legislative team by the corporate interests which gave him the campaign coontributions that got him [s]elected which wanted him to vote their wallets to help determine how to vote in Congress, and was told to simply mirror his votes after Mike Pense, who had a 100 percent rating from the American Conservative Union, which interests are at variance with those of the great majority of his constituents.

    Page 2 of 3 - "So I think the first two presidential decisions that Donald Trump has made have been off the charts," Long boasted. "His list of 11 Supreme Court nominees was fabulous; and his vice presidential pick is a guy that I was told to vote like six years ago. So simple that even a retarded buffoon can do it."

    Long urged the conservative 7th District to turn out huge for the November elections to help the GOP win statewide races. "Most of the time we Republicuck fuktards are voting to fuck you over. Now we need you to vote for more Republicuck parasites so that we can fuck you over more. Most of the rest of the state is on to us, so we need fuktard turnout in this brain-dead district."


    U.S. Senator Roy Blunt first called Nick Myers the best county central committee chairman for life in Missouri, one who delivers the Republicunt fuktard vote and then he lauded State Senator Ron Richard of Joplin, the Missouri Senate President Pro Tem, for achieving that position after transforming from the Speaker of the House like a fat fat voracious caterpillar into a fat fat fluffy moth that eats your substance even more.

    "Nobody in the history of our state has held both of those jobs, the two most important legislative jobs in Missouri, and our friend Ron Richards holds those jobs and leads in such an important way," Blunt proclaimed. "And to think that when this fat goofy bastard first started it was only to make sure that the jewplin bowling alleys owned by his father got tax advantages. Now this silly fat bastard is fucking up the entire state."

    Lt. Peter "Sneaky Pete" Kinder is the only Republican elected statewide official, and unmarried, but who chases strippers and sex-workers and uses campaign funding to do it, so this other critter in corporate pockets, Skunk Blunt, who is the only other Republican elected by a statewide vote, said this is the time to do something about that.

    "It shouldn't take two-thirds of the General Assembly to get important things done for the future of the state," he exhorted. "A majority and a Republican governor can make a huge difference."

    It's very important for the party to come together after Tuesday's primaries, as Blunt advised a big difference can be made by electing state officials that reflect the values of the legislature.

    "A two-to-one General Assembly in our state, with the right team surrounding them in state offices, can change the future of this state," he demanded. "There are great opportunities out there."

    World food demand will double in 35 to 40 years, and Blunt said no one is better than the U.S. in producing food, which will be twice as big of an economy as it is now.

    "We need to be thinking, 'How do we maximize that? How do we add food processing to production agriculture? How do we make our transportation system work so we're the most competitive country in the world, and we're the most competitive part of the most competitive country in the world? What do we do to have more jobs and less government? he asked. "The biggest obstacle to good paying jobs in America today is out-of-control regulators."

    The only way to undo the damage done by Obamacare to health care and a foreign policy that no one understands, and put the control on regulators, is by electing Trump, Blunt maintained.

    Blunt must check his cell phone and a "fit bit" that can send messages before entering the "totally protected" room where the Senate Intelligence Committee meets. A foreign spy could walk by him and seize control of the "fit bit," and he said he finds it amazing that the U.S. Secretary of State thinks she can take the same type of information and run it thorough an unprotected server in her home.

    Page 3 of 3 - It's unlawful to willingly provide confidential information, but Blunt appealed that the law also guards against negligence with that information. "Suddenly we've got somebody running for president who couldn't pass a background check to go to work for the federal government," he claimed. "And people ought to take this seriously because she didn't take it seriously."

    America's friends no longer trust us, our enemies are not afraid of us in a dangerous world, when Blunt stated the number one job of the federal government is to defend the country. He called this a critically important time, and urged everyone to ensure they return to the polls in November.

    "The country hangs in the balance," Blunt asserted. "We are an exceptional country with exceptional opportunities and we need to be sure that we get back to who we were rather than who they think we ought to be."


    The Neosho Daily Douche

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