Sieg heil. Another Nazi fanboy of St. Trump is onto this $PLC militia-general mischiling with jew ass-GAIDS

Usually I censor critical comments but my bleeding quasi-kike bunghole was bleeding and I can't openly support Bernie even though muh bunghole "feels the bern" so I'll support Big Rickie Cruz



In response to my post Harbinger below, another brave "Anonymous" helps me make my point as a crypto-kike $PLC militia-general with a bleeding bunghole and this heavily censored blog. It is printed below in its entirety for once as Heidi and Mark Potok told me as a hireling for Moreass Dees:

Quote Originally Posted by Someone onto Red Mike the $PLC militia-general Vanderbogus-kike

Yea, don't vote for Trump, vote for one of the Goldman Sachs backed candidates... I am sure that liar Cruz will really help our cause! Mike used to be a member of the Communist party... and probably still is... he likes to infiltrate the conservative militia movement then lead us astray.

Hitler was a nationalist, and a lot of the things they say about him was completely made up to demonize the man and his nationalist party. He was against gun control, the big banks, and for helping his (the German) people (you know the same stuff you guys claim to support)... yet he is demonized, even to this day (how long has the war been over?). And why is this? Because if you ever learned the truth of what happened to Germany, you would suddenly be awake to who is ruining America today...

Just google the story on that picture of the Nazi shooting the woman and child on his side column. In actuality, he is shooting past the woman and child, at communists, who were attempting to fire upon the Germans evacuating their kin. But don't expect the 'former' commie Mike V to tell you that. No, just remember, the Nazis are evil, and so is any other white person who loves their race and doesn't wish to see it destroyed. Oh, yea, and the Jews totally love you dumb goys. Keep fighting for Israel suckers! LOL

Google the 'long march through the institutions', only this communist didn't choose an institution, he choose the militia movement. Let's face it, Mike V, is leading you guys astray. You need to get behind a strong leader (And yes, I will admit Trump is not perfect, but who is?) who has the power to do something.

How many years has the militia movement been around? What have they accomplished? Just a bunch of headstrong wanna-be commandos in-fighting with each other, and doing dumb shit that doesn't gain much public support. And now a strong leader shows up, who can't be bought with Jew money, and he is demonized.... yes he isn't perfect, but this is the best chance to get someone sympathetic with our causes in the White House, and you got ass clowns like Mike V coming out against him, because god forbid he does more for you in 4 years, then the militia movement has done for us in 30 years....

But yea, I am co-intel pro, I am this, I am that.... you people are your own worst enemy. I am not using a VPN, I am not bothering to really hide my info, I am sure you can track me down, and the gov't definitely knows who I am. The gov't hates you Mike, and won't do shit to me, and neither will you Militia punks. Go clean your rifles one more time, and bury some more ammo... LOL.

But yea, Mike probably won't post this, just like he hasn't posted my other truthful comments (except for the one on March 6th), because he has an agenda to sell you people, and my thoughts can't be allowed to creep into the commentary.

Bottom line, Mike is a judas goat, and you people need to get behind Trump, because we don't have any more time for this shit.

But Mike won't have the balls to post this, just like he hasn't posted the vast majority of my other comments. Mike V is Bill Ayers biggest fan! So, the trolling will continue. Fuck you Mike V! May you rot in hell with your pals from the synagogue of satan!