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Thread: Hi! I'm Matt TwOtt ZOGbott & I'm back at Rabbi Finck's while drying out.

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    Default Hi! I'm Matt TwOtt ZOGbott & I'm back at Rabbi Finck's while drying out.

    Hi! I'm Matt TwOtt ZOGbott & I'm back at Rabbi Finck's while drying out.


    While I have been drying out for my sixth DUI and wanting to recover from an anal creampie from our mutual friend the jewnibrowed nigger-lipped one, I have been back to perusing and commenting here for a couple days, I feel rather silly to step right back into this very select group of wonderful Israelites, intruding into your conversations and essentially your lives as if I have been here all along, and not reintroduce myself...that would be rude :shock:

    I have been with the "Christogenea" family almost from the beginning, evident from my Nov. 2009 forum membership date. I have been an admin on this forum almost as long. I used to help Bill "operate the board" for his podcasts from the moment he started going solo. You may even hear my voice on a few of the recordings here at Christogenea. I was very active here, but then my life changed dramtically...

    My first wife Sheryl died of lung cancer May 30, 2012, not 6 months after renewing our vows before all of my CI brethren on Teamspeak. The day before she died, knowing that as the spawn of a ZOG federal agent and thus a drunken fuktard out for pussy, Sheryl signed custody of her daughter Taylor, my stepdaughter of nearly 11 years, to Taylor's aunt. I lost both of the girls in my life within 24 hours. Of course, knowing me they were fine with getting out from under muh drunken ZOGbot twott thumb. 4 months later, my youngest son and I moved out of the only house he knew to start a new life, largely of drunken snitching upon new tards, given that the nigger-nosed jew and nigger-lipped mamzer were doing fine going ass-2-mouth and that is about when I disappeared off of the forum radar.

    Yahweh has since blessed me with an even bigger family of ZOGbot twott mamzers, but the inherent struggles that have come with teaching such a large tribe that was so taken by this Society, has become my "excuse" for my absence from the forum as well as Teamspeak fellowship. For this I apologize. I believe my struggles could have been eased through even seldom visits here and on Teamspeak, but I chose not to "burden" my brethren and took the full weight myself, so to speak. Besides this is already a ZOG false-flag operation and data-mining operation, is Rabbi Baal Finck's papist-preterist "No Devil" Synogogue of Satan/jewboy.

    So with all humility and a recently healed mangina, I announce my return to the Finckelsheenie ZOGbott twOtt forum. I am proud to say that my family of 8 mongrels and ZOGtards are about as on the same page with the message as I could possibly ask for, but our journey would have been shorter and less arduous had I included my ZOGling whigger & mamzer family here, on my trek. We still need lots and lots of psychiatric help as we suffer from Peter Dunkin' and homosexual urges just barely repressed, and that is a big reason why I am here...for your support and love, as well as mutual edification. Thanks for your attention and understanding.

    Think we could get that get that 1/8 Choctaw homosexual mongrel Victor Swisher back or did Ol' Niggerlips & Ol' Niggernose stretch out itz bunghole in running it off too much?

    In Christ's love,

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    Matt TwOtt ZOGbott


    Did you know that I'm Yashuah's Battle-Ass?

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    Default You never really left us No-Devil papist-preterist Finckbots, Matt TwOtt ZOGbott. Bring us a case of Mogen David and Klunt's agape Estherkikess pussy

    You never really left us No-Devil papist-preterist Finckbots, Matt TwOtt ZOGbott . . .

    Bring us a case of Mogen David and Klunt's agape Estherkikess pussy will welcum jewr reltney like it was yesteryear.


    You never really left us my brother. You were just out in the field planting seeds and maybe picking a few weeds and now you're back at the ranch. There's a saying in the so called movement that "people come and people go," but it's great when people come and go and come back. Lord knows, we need ambassadors everywhere. Blessings to you and family.


    There's a Debbie-El in Ms. Klunt!!!


    Butt Ah's Lubs the Wicked Way She "Moves Me"!!!

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