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Thread: 1488 is the Gateway Drug to the Alt-Right, not the Other Way Round

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    Default 1488 is the Gateway Drug to the Alt-Right, not the Other Way Round

    1488 is the Gateway Drug to the Alt-Right, not the Other Way Round

    by Colin Liddell


    The Alt-Right is both a medium and a message. This is confusing for a lot of people. Don’t blame them. It’s tricky.

    As a medium, the Alt-Right is an aspect of the internet and social media that makes use of a number of simple psychological tricks and which exploits a number of factors, including youth, anonymity, boredom, egoism, and shock value. This translates essentially into memes, trolling, shitposting, Tweeting, and various forms of LARPing and (usually anonymous) signalling. Its operatives are typically anonymous individuals, except in cases where they have been too stupid to ensure this.

    The Alt-Right-as-Message, however, is a collection of ideas and moral positions that, like any ideology, has an inherent tonality and consistency (or not, in which case it needs to work harder at this). These ideas and insights involve anti-liberal, anti-globalist, and anti-egalitarian positions on things like gender, race, identity, materialism, and even economics.

    Compared to the anonymity of the Alt-Right-as-Medium, the Alt-Right-as-Message has a pedigree and is associated with actual named persons – people like Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor, Stefan Molyneux, Dr. Greg Johnson, Richard Spencer, and many others.

    The Alt-Right-as-Medium is basically stupid, visceral, edgy, and fun. The Alt Alt-Right-as-Message is intellectual, cerebral, balanced, and hard work (especially for those with lower IQs or for those with high IQs narrowly focused – i.e. the autistes in our movement).

    Understanding these two aspects of the Alt-Right will save a lot of time and trouble in the future, as most of the controversies of the Alt-Right are generated by an inability to understand this distinction.

    Understanding this distinction will also help the leaders of the Alt-Right behave more correctly, as sometimes the hard work done by the intellectual wing of the Alt-Right can be damaged by lapsing back into LARPier territory. Rather than give actual examples, of which I am aware of several, imagine if the greatly respected Dr. Kevin MacDonald, no longer satisfied with just being called a “Nazi” by groups like the SPLC, was caught on camera sieg heiling and shouting “Race war now! Gas the Kikes!”

    That would be a riot, and of course some would praise it as a forceful “rejection of Leftist moral framing,” etc. But would it be effective? The obvious answer is no. Indeed, it would be highly destructive, as his lifetime’s work would be easier to dismiss as the work of a “Neo-Nazi nut job.” So, ponder this hypothetical example next time you are unclear about these two aspects of the Alt-Right and how they interrelate.

    An interesting real-life case is that of Ramzpaul who seems to be frequently embroiled in Twitter spats with what are known as 1488ers. As a talented vlogger, active Twitterer, and uber-troll, who also seeks to hold an intellectually and morally consistent position that goes down well with young Eastern European women, Paul kind of straddles the divide between Alt-Right-as-Medium and Alt-Right-as-Message.

    The problem however is not Ramzpaul, the problem is the anonymous 1488ers, most of whom are simplistic and anonymous. Paul is routinely lambasted for not being purist and hard-core enough. He also picks up flack for his “normie” tone and for being soft on the Jews, even though he has frequently criticized Zionism and Jewish double standards.

    There seems to be a misperception among 1488ers that they represent the hard core of the Alt-Right and that those in the Alt-Right who don’t constantly signal a similar Vantard position haven’t been red-pilled enough. When they do defend Ramzpaul, as some of them do, they usually say things like, “He’s a good entry point into the Alt-Right for normies.” People like Stefan Molyneux are viewed in a similar way, allowing the young, anonymous, autistic 1488er to have a sense of intellectual superiority.

    In short, the 1488ers believe that they represent the core and a higher level of the Alt-Right and that all other aspects of Alt-Rightism – Ancaps, the Manosphere, pagans, trad-Caths, etc. – are merely lower levels of red-pilling for the normie masses leading to them. Is this view valid in any way?

    It is early days, as most 1488ers seem to have only been 1488ers for around six months or less. I suspect that a great many of them – especially the more intelligent and balanced individuals – will mellow out and seek a morally and intellectually valid position instead of something shockish and sockish.

    But we can also answer this question by surveying the general characteristics of the two kinds of Alt-Righters.



    The characteristics of the 1488ers’ modus operandi – simplicity, repetitiveness, purity spirals, puerility, anonymity (sock value), virality (shock value), etc. – place it squarely within the Alt-Right-as-medium part of our scheme, and suggest that it is strongly a lower and subservient form of Alt-Rightism.

    The main characteristics of the non-1488er’s modus operandi – logic, evidence, insight, moral and intellectual consistency, the reliance on abstract thought, social outreach, a desire to exist beyond the basement, willingness to learn from successful political groups in Europe – suggest that it is the higher and more evolved form of the Alt-Right.

    So, does this mean that the 1488, shitposty, memey side of the Alt-Right should just curl up and die? No, far from it!

    Because of the way in which the mainstream media is skewed in favor of hegemonic Liberalism, we need to have skilled skrimishers and asymmetrical warriors, even if they are obsessive, unwashed autistes in basements, who spend more time online than is healthy for them. It might even help for them to think they are the cutting edge and center of our movement as they find new ways to trigger the normies and push them in our general direction – as long as those really at the center of our movement don’t get too carried away and make the same mistake.

    Colin Twinker-Liddell


    Alt-Right Not-Bright Whigger Faggot

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    Default A piss-fight between the Alt-Right Whigger Faggots & The 14/88 jewboys and mongrels

    A piss-fight between the Alt-Right Whigger Faggots & The 14/88 jewboys and mongrels


    The past year or so has seen the rise of the term "Alt-Right" from what used to be known to the rest of us in the [bowel] Movement as "them intellect-jew-all whigger faggots" as opposed to the never-ending collection of jewboys such as William Finck and mongrels like Bryan Reo, Sven Pakishanks, and Andre "the nigger" Anglin. The "Alt-Right whigger faggots" have always been renting Holiday Inn banquet sites and selling stuff since David Duck was a pup, and looking down on the rank and file Klansmen while wanting to put the moves on the womenfolks and wallets.

    Ever since William Pierce found an abandoned jewboy and set it up with a virtual colostomy bag in 2000, the bowel Movement has had a collection of jewboys and mamzers installed as "Fearless Leaders" who are more Hitler than Hitler. They appear, such as Andre "the nigger" Anglin fresh from sex-tourism in the Phillippines and a history of being an "anti-racist activist" or a Baal Finck Jersey City prison guard murdering a Puerto-Rican sneak thief, and re-emerge as papist-preterist "No Devil" Greek scholars teaching that "Hitler is the Arch-Angel Michael, and that the Roman Catholic Church put Satan in the pit of Hell, where Satan died and now the jews are Satan, and spawned theysselfs, etc., etc.

    These jewboys and mongrels are more nazi than actual Aryans and Comparetian Orthodox Christian Identity. But some of us know what they profess to pretend to believe is nonsense and in no way knowing what they are supposed to know. Hitler is not the Arch-Angel Michael, and YHWH made sure that the Confederacy and the Third Reich lost so as to make a place for the Great Tribulation which is dead ahead. Thus what these so-called "14/88ers" claim to believe is not only nonsense, but un-Scriptural. In no way what they are supposed to believe when claiming to be one of us. But then again, how can they believe what they are supposed to believe given that they are not one of us and thus cannot understand, much less internalize any of it?

    When I got into the bowel Movement in 1993 just after Waco, there were plenty of militias in Southern Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and even Kansas, and all of them were less than 20 people lead by veterans who were either Klansmen or Christian Identity (or usually both). And then, just before Oklahoma City bombing, here cum some suburban whiggers claiming to be a "CONstitutional militia." And while we initially humored them in looking for new talent, the end result was that these politically correct suburban whiggers started bitching about our racism and contempt for the CONstipation and Bill of Goods and wanting an apocalypse to cull the herd. They got to bitching about Klansmen having a rally at Lone Jack, where Quantrill won and so Lone Jack was destroyed by Union General Order 11 during the guerrilla war in Missouri. They also started buying SKS chink rifles, and arming Troost Avenue Kansas City niggers for a "Central Brigade" and talking to the FBI. Whereas we simply went back underground, and when Y2Kaos went bust, the militia movement was dead for over 10 years. There Ain't Any Such Thang as a CONstipational Militia because the Founding Felons in theyz' precious CONstipation did away with militias at the township and county level and set it up to where the states establish "select militias" which are federalized, hence the "National Guard."

    Today there are four or five times as many paramilitary organizations post 2009 as there were post 1993. They call themselves "preppers" or "doomers" or "survivalists" as opposed to "militias' now. I myself call them the "pre-Warlords." All they need, as were the pre-militias of 1993, is a political and racial indoctrination of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity and then you will see not one or a dozen or twenty regional ethno-racial states, but what I call The Ten Thousand Warlords.

    So what are the "Alt-Right" whigger faggots and the 14/88 jewboy & mamzer betas going to do and on the Internet? Why more Internet, of course!

    This is a time of ferment, of course. The piss-froth rises to the top like on a plastic jug of Dos Lindstedt's Premium Urine Sipping Beverage & Asparagus Fertilizer. Is there any downside to the Alt-Right Whigger Faggots sucking each other off in their blogs and banquet rooms? Or in the 14/88 jewboys and mamzers LARPing for the lulz? Probably not.

    But what exactly is the up-side? Are there not more political and military and organizational lessons to be learned looking at episodes of "The Walking Dead" than in reading Amren, Ramzpawl, Occidental Observer, Counter-Currents, Trad Yoots, and Daily $permer combined?

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Recently Disqualified LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri


    Colin has a hard-on for the 14/88 jewboys & mongrels who are more Hitler than Hitler. Colin reminds me of the suburban whigger militia-generals of 1995-99 versus the Christian Identity and Klan militias of 1992-96 when we were there first. They got all politically correct on us when they knew we were all incorrigible racists and they took to buying SKS rifles and giving them guns to Troost Avenue Kansas City niggers and talking to the FBI. So we went back underground and some of the them suburban militia-tards went to prison for something or another because they talked to ZOG.

    Anyways, wrote an article making fun of the piss-fight between the Alt-Right whigger faggots versus the 14/88 jewboys & mamzers over on Counter-Currents. Maybe you can approve it

    It is not as if there ain't enough Internutz to go around so that every little blight-wing ding-a-ling piggy nots gots slops for itz trough. Nor is it not as if we like the very same flavored slop in what should be segregated butt unequal troughs.

    I think it is a result of each of the factions hating each other. For example, right now Bryan Reo and Baal Finck have sued me in federal court and I've got a counter-suit before the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals asking that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act be declared unconstitutional as it allows Reo and Finck to take down Aryan Nations of Missouri Christian Identity web pages, cf. Reo v. Lindstedt 15-3756.
    Bryan Reo is also suing me in three separate lawsuits in Lake County Ohio and the Mentor Municipal Court and got a fraudulent stalking order against me over 900 miles away. In turn I'm counter-suing and will haul "Ezra Pound: and other Baal Finckite mongrels into the litigation.

    What I see in the bowel Movement is sheer hatred of each against all. Colin Twinker-Liddell can't understand that the British are as diseased as the Germans, if not more so. So he proposes "breaking up" Germany into the 950 petty warlord fief-dumbs common during the Middle Ages. In fact, it was that history that I learned while stationed in a nuclear missile battalion in Germany that has lead me to The Ten Thousand Warlords program in dealing with a failed mighty Evil Empire. When we use the Great Tribulation to cull 80 million whiggers, why the 10-20 million ex-whiggers lead by 10,000 Warlords will find it a piece of cake to starve out 200 million mamzers and 10 million jews.

    So I'd laugh at these Alt-Right whigger faggots wanting "an ethno-state" for whiggers, just one, somehow to be "given" them by ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final. But right now I'm looking at a program ad on CNN with a Klansman dressed in a Royal Blue klan robe whining to this nigger that he to wants the same thang, so I suppose that coongenital fuktardation is not just an Alt-Right whigger faggot thang.

    I did get through 28 or 30 pages of Dr. MacDonald's turgid 495 page "Culture of Critique". Dr. MacDonald has the notion that jews are different than whiggers. I think it is because of six words: "jews are the Spawn of Satan."

    Anyways, I recently got kicked off the ballot as a LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri because of being a "White Supremacist." After the antics of that drunken Lumbee Melungeon TraitorGlenn Miller I much prefer to be called a "White Supremacist" anyways.

    But bless you for trying to be a Pissmaker between the lt-Right Whigger Faggots and the 14/88 jewboys & mamzers, Doctor Greg. As Jesus Christ would have likely said if He were here today, "Blessed are the Pissmakers because they shall inherit a 6-pack of Dos Lindstedt's Premium Sipping Urine and Asparagus Fertilizer."


    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Disqualified LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri

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