Secession means having to say that you are a non-violent pussy

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The Strong do what they can, the Weak endure what they must

Really Brad?

Your own motivations are hard for the rest of us to decode, yet you know the motivations of a foreigner who is a full generation older than you?

Perhaps this middle-aged loser with no future simply decided to finish off a whiggress traitor who enhanced the paki invasion and rape of small white children as at Rotherham in Northern England.

What would you do if some raghead or beaner molested your children or grandchildren after being taken away and sold by say, the local korts and law enforcement acting upon the legistreason enacted by Republicuck legistraitors in the state capital?

Your problem is that you don't hate enough. You have lived a life which has been soft. Myself, after having my grandchildren bought and sold like cattle to who knows where -- I have not seen them since April 9, 2004 -- when in lieu of taking direct action I swore to YHWH that I would send screaming to hell every single pig, politician, lawyer, judge and their spawn.

Today I'm writing a reply brief for The Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri, et. al., vs Newton County Missouri, et. al. 16-1489 before the 8th Circus Kort of Appeals for the Newton County Sheriff's Department, and the judges Selby and Perigo who sold my grandchildren and sent me to the Nuthouse for telling my brother to go ahead and loot my mother's estate and to kill my mother for $2.3 million. The Missouri Attorney General's Office and other regime-criminal defense lawyers argue that they have "absolute immunity" to do whatever they please. I totally agree. Law is nothing more than what those in power say it is. The CONstipation and Bill of Goods are toilet paper. The only legitimate form of government is a military dictatorship by warlords. Thus it is just and moral to skin out regime criminals and their families and to use a civil war to become the new regime, which will rule with a rod of iron over the whigger survivors. When their pelts are dripping outside the burnt out ruins of their kort-houses and jails, they will have no further use for their property gained through treason and corruption.

So yes, I'll never denounce Dylan Storm Roof or Robert Lewis Dear or this Thomas Mair for what they took a mind to do as their part, even as Lone Tards. In fact, I feel a lot more affinity for those closer to my age like Robert Lewis Dear and this Thomas Mair than Dylan Roof, because they are the very few Baby Boomers worth a shit. James vonn Brunn, an acquaintance of mine, decided to pay back what he had done in killing his cousin Germans as a hero at Anzio by going to be killed at the Holohoax kikeshow.

Nor do I have any problem with 313Chris, even though he is an asshole, for what he might or might not do. The only bowel Movement Tard I despise is TraitorGlenn Miller, who gunned down three mongrels outside a jew center as arranged by ZOG. Our bowel Movement is nothing other than jews and mamzers and whiggers, most of them paid off by ZOG/Babylon anyway.

Let it be understood my Resistance motivations: Religious and racial civil war in which 80% or more of the 100 million pure-blooded whiggers are dead, 99% of the muds and jews, and those who betray their kind are rewarded for their racial treason by being put on reservations, and theocratic military dictatorships by Ten Thousand Warlords over the remainder of the 10-20 million surviving ex-whiggers. THAT is my bottom line -- which is inevitable. It really doesn't matter whether or not I am heard, and it really doesn't matter what others say. What will happen will happen.

So what is it you are trying to accomplish in the eleven years or so of running forums and blogs anyways, Brad? The 100 beaner faggots gunned down by a raghead or the traitor Brit-skank MP gunned down by Lone-Tard, regardless, will soon enough be overshadowed by the economic collapse in which the carrying capacity of the world is reduced by 90% and thus the critters upon it are reduced by 95-99 percent. What will bitching about whether some Lone Tard might have gotten the Engli-whiggers or Engli-pakis to vote to stay in the EU when neither Brussels collectively nor WhiteHall nationally can save Brit-ZOG or itz pisspul?

Does it really matter who is "oafishully" in charge of the collapse? Whether it is some Licensed Clinical Social Worker bitching about how the Collapse was caused by not enough free post-birth abortions of baby whiggers or Mufti Muhammed claiming that there were not enough Brit-skanks in burkas with cliterodectomies or Rabbi Linder claiming that it was caused by not enough tards naming the jew other than it?

As was the case during the Peloppenesian War 2400 years ago, the Strong do what they can, the Weak endure what they must. Whining about how the bowel Movement weak want to get in one last peck while they are on the kill line and thus scare to death the regime criminal traitors isn't a workable plan, Brad. In fact, when deranged jewboys like Jared Lochner guns down kikess kongress-kritters and a federal judge, just like this Lone Tard shot and knifed a Member of Parliament shows that no one is safe from violence, not even our [d]rulers.

You are on the wrong side of History, Brad. Collapse is inevitable, ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final is futile.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
Disqualified LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri 2016

Even if I were inclined to do something like this, I would have waited until after the vote. The only reason someone would strike out like this is to stop secession. My guess is that he did it because he believes "worse is better."