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Thread: Golden State Skinheads / Traditionalist Worker Party Rally in Sacramento

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    Default Golden State Skinheads / Traditionalist Worker Party Rally in Sacramento

    Golden State Skinheads / Traditionalist Worker Party Rally in Sacramento


    On Sunday June 26th, GSS, the California affiliate of the Traditionalist Worker Party, will be marching in the city of Sacramento to protest against globalization and in defense of the right to free expression. The state’s Marxist paramilitary groups and local gang members have vowed to stop the march through violence, and because of the mass subsidization of these groups by Non-Governmental Organizations in California, we are estimating that their mob may outnumber our men up to 10 to 1.

    After carefully weighing the pros and cons, we have decided that this would be our Thermopylae, no matter what it costs or what it takes the march will go on! After witnessing the brutal assaults these cowards, drug addicts, illegal immigrants and criminals committed in orchestrated pogroms by Zionist agitated colored people against elderly people, women, children, and even the disabled at Donald Trump events throughout the Golden State, we concluded that it was time to use this rally to make a statement about the precarious situation our race is in. With our folk on the brink of becoming a disarmed, disengaged, and disenfranchised minority, the time to do something was yesterday!

    California is a textbook example of the neo-liberal globalized dystopia that awaits us all if we don’t fight back. The contemporary union of global capitalism and New Left Marxism has manifested itself in a pincer attack on white workers in Sacramento, where economic exploitation and dying wages don’t keep up with exploding costs of living, while at the same time, their family’s are undersiege from the lumpen-proletarian of third world rapists and murderers being foisted into their communities and public schools. In California, the elites destroy working and middle class neighborhoods, while they themselves live in exclusive gated communities, while their children attend public schools.

    But we too have a human right to live, work, and have our kids be safe. Enough is enough!

    As we saw in San Jose, where police looked on with apathy as white people using their right to free speech and politically assembly were beaten before their eyes, it is clear that the established system is not only not on our side–it enables and empowers the so-called “radical” anti-white terrorists.

    We will march out numbered. But this time the cowards will have to contest with adult men who love their people, and this love makes them ferocious. We will defend ourselves by any means necessary, and if the police in Sacramento do not protect our right to speak, we will do it ourselves.

    God Be With Us,

    Hail Victory

    Matthew Heimbach, Traditionalist Worker Party
    Golden State Skinheads

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    Default Mass stabbing at neo-Nazi rally leaves at least ten hurt and two people with life-threatening injuries as racists and counter-protesters clash

    Mass stabbing at neo-Nazi rally leaves at least ten hurt and two people with life-threatening injuries as racists and counter-protesters clash


    Ten people were stabbed and rushed to the hospital on Sunday when a right-wing white nationalist group holding a rally outside the California state Capitol building clashed with counter-protesters.

    California Highway Patrol Officer George Granada said about 30 members of the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) were gathering for a rally around noon Sunday when they were met by about 400 counter-protesters and a fight broke out.

    'I don't think there was any verbal exchange, just full on fight,' Granada said according to the Los Angeles Times.

    Sacramento Fire Department spokesman Chris Harvey said emergency crews transported those who were stabbed, two of them with life-threatening injuries, and that many other people had cuts, scrapes and bruises.

    According to KCRA, nine men and one woman, ages 19 to 58, were injured during the massive fight and taken to UC Davis Medical Center.

    He said the Capitol remained on lockdown three hours after the large fight broke out, but that things had calmed down and only about 70 'anti-fascists' remained in the area.

    The LA Times reported that California Assemblyman Jim Cooper, who is a former sheriff's captain, said that employees at the Capitol were sheltered inside the building's basement level during the incident.

    Some staff and tourists were still inside the Capitol when an email was sent to legislative staffers about 3.30pm saying that the building remained on lockdown.

    'They came ready to fight,' Cooper said, referencing how some of the protesters came dressed as if they planned to battle it out.

    Harvey said: 'There was a large number of people carrying sticks and rushing to either get into the melee or see what was going on.'

    While it is not yet known which group the wounded belonged to, one neo-Nazi broadcasting the march online bragged that 'they got one of ours but we got six of theirs'.

    Emergency crews were called to the area at 11.45am and found victims strewn across the grounds outside of the Capitol building.

    Around an hour later police had cordoned off parts of the area and most of the demonstrators had left, according to the LA Times.

    At least three individuals were stabbed at the State Capitol while the others were injured in a neighboring park.

    As people tried to leave the area, smaller fights broke out, Granada said. He said no arrests had been made as of Sunday afternoon.

    Police were forced to use tear gas and pepper spray in order to disperse the demonstrators, according to local reports.

    Harvey said that the group of 'right-wing extremists' were met by a huge number of counter-protesters.

    'It's unclear at this time how much of this was planned and how much of it was sort of a sudden reaction to what was going on here,' Harvey said.

    Demonstrations by the TWP had been planned for several weeks, while posts on social media suggest counter-demonstrations were also well-organized.

    The TWP had scheduled and received a permit to protest at noon Sunday in front of the Capitol.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center has described the TWP as a group formed in 2015 as the political wing of the Traditionalist Youth Network, which aims to 'indoctrinate high school and college students into white nationalism.'

    Matthew Heimbach, chairman of the Traditionalist Worker Party, told the LA Times that his group and the Golden State Skinheads organized the Sunday rally.

    Vice chairman Matt Parrott, who was not present at the Sacramento rally, said it was a peaceful march and blamed 'leftist radicals' for instigating the violence.

    Some people at the rally hid their faces with masks and scarves to conceal their identity.

    On it's website, the Hitler-inspired group says it 'is America's first political party created by and for working families.

    'Our mission is defending faith, family, and folk against the politicians and oligarchs who are running America into the ground.

    'We intend to achieve that goal by building a nationwide network of grassroots local leaders who will lead Americans toward a peaceful and prosperous future free from economic exploitation, federal tyranny, and anti-Christian degeneracy.'

    A post recently uploaded to site of the Traditionalist Youth Network said TWP members planned to march in Sacramento to protest against globalization and in defense of their right to free expression. They said they expected to be outnumbered 10-to-1 by counter-protesters.

    'We concluded that it was time to use this rally to make a statement about the precarious situation our race is in,' the Traditionalist Youth Network statement said.

    'With our folk on the brink of becoming a disarmed, disengaged, and disenfranchised minority, the time to do something was yesterday!'

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Fundraiser: Our 'Sacramento Spartans' Prevail

    Fundraiser: Our 'Sacramento Spartans' Prevail


    Our Golden State Skinhead comrades went up against over ten-to-one odds and won! Regretfully, one of our men was injured and is currently in the hospital, though at least five of the antifa who instigated the violence with their cowardly tactics and improvised weaponry were sent to the hospital. Absolutely all of the credit goes to the Golden State’s courageous warriors, proving that proven street fighters are absolutely vital to our sacred cause of defending our White American families.

    We delivered the message we intended to deliver today; We will not be intimidated. We will not stand down. Our event was a victory by all metrics. We won the physical fight. We provoked the leftists into showing their true colors. The national media story about our event is becoming a conversation about how our attempt to peacefully demonstrate was viciously attacked by the leftist mob.

    Christians, pagans, and skeptics marched as one today, fighting and winning as one. Wealthy businessmen and the unemployed battled side-by-side. High school dropouts and the college educated stood their ground against what was the single greatest show of anti-white force ever organized in America…and won! Today was not only a victory against the forces of the Left who wish to exterminate our people, but against the voices on the Right who would divide our cause up by religion, class, and background.

    No clever “metapolitics” can work around the fact that our enemies want us dead. While blog posts and social media debates are excellent work for our cause, they’re not a replacement for men who are willing to risk injury or even death to guarantee that our message is heard and our voices are not silenced or marginalized. I was not out there today and neither was Matthew Heimbach. We fully trusted the leadership of GSS to host a successful event, and they succeeded against staggering odds. We all owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.

    But we also owe them a real financial debt, as well.

    We’re working to get fundraising tools online, though the left has become adept at shutting down and interfering with fundraising efforts on the mainstream online fundraising tools. Our goal is to completely cover all of the medical costs of our injured comrade in addition to the legal costs which will surely come as the leftist thugs apply their “lawfare” against our men.

    All of the donations flagged for “Sacramento Spartans” will be carefully tracked and will only go to medical and legal expenses of the men who risked and sacrificed so much today. All administrative and secondary expenses will be covered by the Party and/or the Directorship, ensuring that every penny donated here goes exclusively to the heroes who risked everything for your race, your nation, your children, and for you. Please give generously.

    As more specific information comes in about the costs, we will be as transparent as possible.

    Check or Money Order

    Pay to: TradWorker

    P.O. Box 606

    Benson, NC 27504


    Trad Yoot ZOGbots, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!



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    Default Sacramento Thoughts - Should Free Speech be Tolerated?

    Sacramento Thoughts - Should Free Speech be Tolerated?


    Approximately 125 Communists attacked 25 Nationalists in Sacramento yesterday. The Nationalists had a permit to speak in the state capital. The Communist organization previously threatened to attack the rally with violence. But the Nationalists decided to hold the event and not be intimidated.


    Before the Nationalists could speak, the Communists attacked the Nationalists with knives and bats. However, the Nationalists fought back and were able to take some of the knives and bats from the communists. The Nationalists then used these knives to stab the Communist attackers. No nationalists were arrested as the police determined that they were clearly acting in self-defense.

    Increasingly, the people on the Left think they have the right to physically attack anyone they disagree with. We saw them attack people attending the Trump rally in San Jose a few weeks ago.

    In Sacramento the Communists were shocked that the Nationalists fought back. And the Nationalist group was not your usual genteel beltway Republican types. As such, even though they were outnumbered, they defeated the gender queer Communist attackers easily.




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    Default CNN: At least 10 injured -- some stabbed -- at California rally, authorities say

    CNN: At least 10 injured -- some stabbed -- at California rally, authorities say

    By Ralph Ellis, CNN
    Updated 9:17 AM ET, Mon June 27, 2016


    (CNN)Ten people were injured Sunday after violence broke out between a white supremacist group and counter-protesters, said authorities in Sacramento, California.

    Two of the injured had critical stab wounds, Sacramento Fire Department spokesman Chris Harvey said.

    The nine men and one woman were between 19 and 58, the fire department said in a tweet, and all had multiple stab and laceration wounds. One of the injured refused to go to the hospital, Harvey said. It was not clear how many remained hospitalized Sunday night.

    The Traditionalist Worker Party, or TWP, whose leader describes it as a "white nationalist" group, had a permit for a noon rally near the state Capitol, said Officer George Granada, California Highway Patrol public information officer with the Capitol Protection Division. Another group showed up "to stop them from carrying on their permit," he said.

    "They (counter-protesters) showed up ahead of time in a large group, probably 300 or more," Granada said. "They were positioned around the Capitol to stop them (TWP demonstrators) from carrying on their permit."

    Around 11:45 a.m. PT, TWP members and supporters came out to a location south of the Capitol building, he said. It's unclear how many TWP members participated, but they were clearly outnumbered.



    "At that point the word spread pretty quick and a mob ran in that direction and they clashed immediately with each other," he said.

    Video showed people running and being pursued by others with sticks. Some of the people hid their faces with scarves and masks.

    The victims had stab wounds that required critical medical care, said Sacramento Police Department Officer Matt McPhail. Their conditions were not immediately known but it's believed the injuries were not life-threatening. Other people had scrapes and bruises that didn't require hospitalization.

    It was unclear which groups the injured were associated with, McPhail said.

    Yvette Felarca, who said she was a member of the group By Any Means Necessary, told CNN she came out to let people know that racist and anti-immigrant viewpoints would not be tolerated.



    They're not welcome," she said of the TWP rally. "If they trip and fall in the process, good. We succeeded in shutting them down."

    Matthew Heimbach, leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party, was not at the rally but told CNN that TWP members armed themselves with knives, with blades within the California legal limit. He said they'd been threatened on social media forums. An affiliate group, the Golden State Skinheads, joined them for the rally, he said.

    The TWP was charged by a group that describes itself as anti-fascist, he said.

    "The anti-fascists used knives, bottles, bricks, and chunks of concrete they broke off a construction site. When they attacked, our men defended themselves to be able to drive the attackers off," he said.

    Heimbach said two "comrades" were hurt -- one stabbed and the other hit in the face with a bottle.



    The TWP called off its rally and a group of counter-protesters remained on the scene for about an hour, McPhail said.

    So far, nobody has been arrested, authorities said.

    McPhail said a loaded firearm was found on the ground where the brawl occurred, but police did not yet know who it belonged to, why it had been brought to the scene or whether perhaps it was a lost or stolen weapon. The type of firearm found was not disclosed.

    According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups, the party was founded in January 2015 as part of a right-wing extremist "umbrella group that aims to indoctrinate high school and college students into white nationalism."

    The clashes Sunday at the state Capitol apparently were not unexpected by the TWP organizers of the rally. A website promoting the gathering in advance said:

    "The upcoming rally this weekend on the 26th promises to be one to remember, due to the fact many stand to stop us yet we refuse to yield!"

    Under the party's banner, "many Nationalists will unite and take a stand ... Although, our enemies have already openly planned to gather and use violence against us, as always we will stand our ground."



    Heimbach appeared on television news reports about a March 1 Donald Trump rally in Louisville, Kentucky, at which anti-Trump demonstrators were harassed.

    A federal lawsuit filed against Trump, Heimbach and others alleges Heimbach shoved a woman protester and shouted "leftist scum" at her.

    Trump and others have filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. The plaintiffs have until Monday to file a response to that motion.

    The counter-protesters marched around before the clash, with a leader chanting "When the Nazis and skinheads come to town, what do we do?" and the rest of the group answering, "Shut them down!"

    Felarca complained that the TWP was allowed to protest at all.

    "They never should have gotten a permit to begin with," she said. "The police were out here protecting them. One of our main chants is, 'Cops and Klan go hand in hand' because we know the police are out there to back them up."

    Art Roderick, a CNN law enforcement analyst, said it's common for opposing groups to hold simultaneous protests, but law enforcement usually keeps them separate. It appears the counter-protesters simply overwhelmed the TWP, he said.

    "They (the counter-protesters) were there for one reason and that was to use violence to break the other group up," Roderick said. "It looks like anywhere from 100 to 200 of them showed up against 30 of the other."

    CNN's Carma Hassan and Tony Marco contributed to this report.

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Victory In Sacramento!

    Victory In Sacramento!



    Sunday afternoon, a gathering of about 30 members of the Traditionalist Workers Party held a public demonstration on the California state capital grounds in Sacramento. Outnumbered at least 10 to 1, they were physically attacked by a mob of niggers and communists and antifa thugs armed with clubs and knives and mace.

    The intent of this attack was no doubt to make another headline of a bloodied, downcast, white face having been overwhelmed and beaten into defeat by a howling mob of muds. The intent was to inflict yet another crushing psychological blow against white Americans’ will to resist our own extermination. It was going to be an object lesson, demonstrating to white people that this isn’t our country anymore, and that any of us who dares not to accept that, will be immediately subjected to physical brutality at the fists of a black and brown horde.

    That’s how it was supposed to play out. But Sunday afternoon, it didn’t. Sunday afternoon, Matthew Heimbach and the TWP physically FOUGHT BACK. They fought back with knives, they fought back with their enemies own clubs, and they fought back with their bare fists and sent 6 of those worthless bastards to the emergency room and sent the rest of the mob running.

    So I bow humbly to you guys in the TWP. You won a stirring victory for white people yesterday, and you have my deepest respect for it.

    Years from now, when the Great Race War in America is being fought at full pitch, people will remember and celebrate the Battle of Sacramento as the beginning of the time when we finally began to FIGHT BACK.



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    Default Where Are The Indictments?

    Where Are The Indictments?

    by Karl Denninger, Market-Ticker.org


    The so-called "counter protesters" must be indicted and imprisoned.

    Quote Originally Posted by CNN
    The Traditionalist Worker Party, or TWP, whose leader describes it as a "white nationalist" group, had a permit for a noon rally near the state Capitol, said Officer George Granada, California Highway Patrol public information officer with the Capitol Protection Division. Another group showed up "to stop them from carrying on their permit," he said.
    Now note that the so-called "TWP" folks are, by their own admission, "white nationalists."

    So what?

    We have a First Amendment in this country. The "counter-protesters" intent was to prevent these people from being able to exercise their First Amendment rights, they initiated violence for that purpose which ultimately resulted in several serious knife wounds and they succeeded in destroying the TWP's First Amendment right to free speech.

    Quote Originally Posted by CNN
    These nazis made it to the capital steps and were attacked with sticks and concrete. #nonazisinsac pic.twitter.com/xyKFf4WDTS


    Yvette Felarca, who said she was a member of the group By Any Means Necessary, told CNN she came out to let people know that racist and anti-immigrant viewpoints would not be tolerated.

    That is a clear declaration of both intent and execution of a plan to violate the First Amendment rights of a group that wanted to speak in a way the second group disagreed with.

    The cops arrested.... nobody.

    Folks, nobody ever tries to censor speech that isn't disagreeable. The First Amendment was written specifically to protect speech that is disagreeable to those hearing it, because that's the only time it matters!

    If we have no functional First Amendment and no functional Second Amendment we no longer have America.

    The people who intended to and did prevent the exercise of the First Amendment have committed a federal offense and those police officers who have refused thus far to arrest said "counter-protesters" have blatantly violated both 18 USC 242 and 42 USC 1983.

    All must be immediately held to account, and as citizens we all have an obligation to demand and back that demand up with boycotts and a general strike until said arrests and indictments issue.

    The entirety of the Constitution has been under severe attack for decades and at this point it is approaching vestigial status.

    We either act as citizens -- now -- to reverse this or we can kiss what we call America goodbye.


    I am The Librarian

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    Default Outnumbered Sacramento Spartans Rout Leftist Scum; A Call For Nationalist Solidarity

    Outnumbered Sacramento Spartans Rout Leftist Scum; A Call For Nationalist Solidarity


    A new chapter in the national worker’s struggle has been written. The tide is turning and this renewed spirit of world history begins to peak through the clouds gathered over our people. We are on the brink of the dawn of a new era, and no amount of money or violence from the foot soldiers of world plutocracy can halt its overwhelming might.

    On June 26th, the Golden State Skinheads and California Skinheads alongside TradWorker sought to peacefully assemble on the steps of the Sacramento capitol grounds to protest globalization, neo-liberalism, and the unrestricted violence of deep state Marxist paramilitaries who traditionally have made it impossible for anyone to give an opinion that is the right of George Soros. For two months, we received hundreds of death threats, and an “Anti-Fascist” coalition made up of feral social justice warriors, upper middle class college “bohemians”, and California gang members meticulously plotted their attack.

    A Left-wing paramilitary organization called “By Any Means Necessary”, led by (((Donna Stern))), organized this rabble in a campaign vowing to block our right to express ourselves through the utilization of violence. This organization, along with “Antifa Sacramento”, pasted fliers and stickers throughout Sacramento, asking people to attend the rally withbricks and baseball bats in an open incitement to violence. It appears the curvature of Ms Stern’s nose allots her the privilege to be above the law.

    GSS and TradWorker have been receiving death threats for months, and weeks before the rally, ‘Antifa’ openly collected funds for weapons, hospital bills , and bail money. What happened in Sacramento was an attempt at a premeditated act of domestic terrorism that failed catastrophically, and the fact that the effort collapsed should hearten all those who stand for the defense of free expression and civil liberty.

    The numbers at the counter-revolutionary demonstration are reported to have been between 250 and 400, against 25-30 nationalists. We knew what the odds were, due to the widespread support and resources California’s (((“liberal”))) NGOs were expending to get their paid activists to stop our march. After seeing the orgy of mindless brutality by these groups against vulnerable little people at San Jose Trump rally’s, we decided it was time to demonstrate to rise against the awaiting challenge. Aside from the horrifying scenes of women, old and disabled people being beat up by grown men from Left-wing groups at the Trump rallies in the Golden State, even the tepid Conservative pundit Lauren Southern was subjected to violence from “Antifa” groups across the Atlantic. When Southern complained to the apathetic police who refuse to arrest any Leftists they see assaulting her and her entourage, the police responded by giving her a lecture on why you should not express a different opinion when the communists, immigrants, and NGO Left are bussed into town to demonstrate with the intent of indulging in mindless violence.

    But we are not impotent conservative organizations. We scoff at their bourgeois nose-pinchers and understand the political reality in modern day America, we realize that the only way to change it is through coordinated and selfless resistance and self-defense. There is evidence that the police in Sacramento enabled and allowed the Antifa to attack our men. In this clip you can see police on stand by, yelling while stationary from a distance, as a mob of leftists beats a Nationalist who is on the ground right in front of them, and here mounted police look the other way and whistle as a member of the Mexican supremacist group “Brown Berets” (seen attacking people at Trump Rallies as well) casually walks up the steps and hit one of our men in the head with a bat without any provocation. With that said, there were also good policemen, who reported what they saw fairly, and thus vindicated our men legally.

    The confrontations at the rally were all like this one , where GSS and TWP members went through painstaking lengths to AVOID physical violence, until it was no longer feasible:




    Eventually, it became clear the police would do nothing to protect our permit, and our men–armed with nothing but shields and flag poles–drew the line in the sand. Back to back and shoulder to shoulder, these heroes showed no regards for their personal well-being, and engaged in an intense uphill battle against overwhelming odds. Baseball bats and knives were wrestled away from Marxist attackers, and six Antifas have been hospitalized in critical condition, with many more being treated for lesser injuries.

    We only suffered one significant casualty, a comrade who was stabbed by a coward from behind in an artery. He is in good condition and recovering swiftly, but our brothers in California require our solidarity, financial support and thoughts. Their morale remains high albeit the stab wounds, aches, and scars, and their sacrifice and courage are actions that elevate the human spirit through new plateaus; the collective unconscious in all of us. What a few brave men can accomplish is no myth from comic books and action movies, it is how Western civilization was created, how it thrived. It is the regeneration of our ancestors and their archetype, the guardian of honor and justice, in Sparta, at the Alamo, the Romans and Vikings, the Reconquista, to the 20th century’s War of the Worlds. Our new social and national philosophy is the vehicle for an old one, a genuine tradition above the materialist rat-race and the sterile cosmopolitan “nu-male”.

    Other Victims

    Antifas and nationalists weren’t the only people who fought at the event. The Antifas, after their defeat, began aimlessly attacking policemen, their horses, random journalists, and even people on their own side who just so happened to be white men–likely in impotent racist rage. Frances Wang of ABC10 was there, and documented an independent journalist live-streaming the event getting hit with a bottle and stomped on, while the camera crew from the Sacramento Bee was also attacked for no real reason by the street criminals paraded by the large corporate media conglomerates as “defenders of human rights”.

    The ideologically motivated “counter-protesters” (who, unlike us, did not have a permit) are usually a minority, the bulk of the crowd was composed of sadists looking to hit someone–anyone. But this time the bullies got bullied back. As much as they might declare “victory” while begging for blood donations on social media, while controlled Zionist wires like Associated Press purposely publish misinformation that this was was Ku Klux Klan rally, and while the Southern Poverty Law Center gets immediate access through its tribal network to tell lies on CNN, what every honest observer saw (including local media, police, and passerbys) was Leftists picking a fight and losing badly.

    The Sacramento Spartans are an example to us all. It’s time everyone stop letting people like the Martin Luther King middle school teacher (and member of BAMN) Yvette Felarca bully us into silence. It’s time everyone looking for a place to stand, a place to speak, a place to express themselves hold their ground and make the feeling of self-righteousness these vermin get when they attack the helpless actually have a price of admission.

    We will defend our people and our cause within legal bounds, no matter what the odds are, WE HAVE TO WIN! We either do what it takes now, even if it means we have to risk our lives and health, or doom our children and their children to the fate of the South African Boers. If the anti-white “intersectional” coalition is already acting like this, where will you run to once white people are a minority?

    Honest men have nothing to fear. Whoever you are, whatever group you belong to: stand up and be counted, stand your ground when someone comes to oppress you. Protect your rights and don’t give in!

    As long as there are heroes, there is hope. For those foes who have not learned their lesson, be forewarned, we will contest you for space again and again. And you will lose–the will for freedom is stronger in us!

    Long live the Sacramento Spartans long live the Golden State Skinheads, long live the Traditionalist Worker Party, long live the heroic rebirth of the Occident.

    Until the Final Victory,

    Golden State Skinheads

    California Skinheads

    Matthew Heimbach, Chairman, Traditionalist Worker Party

    E. Striker, Ministry of Media, Traditionalist Worker Party

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    Default Exclusive — Officer: Left-Wing Extremists Started Sacramento Riot

    Exclusive — Officer: Left-Wing Extremists Started Sacramento Riot

    by LEE STRANAHAN, Breibart.com
    27 Jun 2016


    A California law enforcement officer speaking exclusively to Breitbart News on condition of anonymity said that the group of 30 permitted demonstrators from the extremist Traditionalist Workers Party were physically attacked Sunday in Sacramento by a group of about 400 protesters organized by a group called By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

    While media reports focused on the fact that 10 people were injured after a “clash” between white supremacists and leftist radicals outside the state Capitol, the words and actions of the violent (BAMN) showed that it was a preplanned attack.

    Reuters reported: “At least 10 people were injured at a rally outside the California state capitol in Sacramento on Sunday as members of a white supremacist group clashed with counter-protesters, authorities said.”

    Then Reuters quoted one of the left-wing leaders:

    “We have a right to self defense. That is why we have to shut them down,” Yvette Felarca, a counter-protester wearing a white bandage on her head, told reporters after the clash.

    The attack was not “self defense,” as Felarca claimed and the media repeated. In the United States, free speech — even, and especially, offensive speech — is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

    The full name of Felarca’s group is The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary — but it is usually shortened to By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

    The group and Felarca herself have a history of gain engaging in violent protest.

    In 2012, Felarca was described as a “Northern California Coordinator of BAMN and a middle school teacher in Berkeley.” She was an activist in the Occupy movement and in Black Lives Matter-connected protests at the University of California at Berkeley, where she told the New York Times she thought “militant” actions were appropriate:

    “Riots are the voice of the unheard,” said Ms. Felarca, a Berkeley alumna. “You can never replace the lives of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but you can always replace broken windows.”

    Felarca was also involved in the Burlingame, California protest that forced Donald Trump and his Secret Service detail to leave their vehicle:

    Activist Yvette Felarca declared victory. “To force Donald Trump to have to hop a fence, to sneak into the back entrance?” She laughed triumphantly. “Yeah, he was humiliated. But it’s not about just today, it’s about building a movement. This is just a beginning.”

    BAMN is not a fringe group, however; it has union connections and a penchant for “direct actions.” In an article from 2012 entitled “BAMN Pushes Teachers Unions Toward Radicalism,” the leftist site In These Times talked about the group:

    A student-teacher alliance that operates as a joint caucus within the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and National Education Association (NEA), BAMN uses litigation and direct action to combat racial inequality throughout the public education system. Its work ranges from organizing against school closings to fighting for greater black and Hispanic representation at public universities.

    Deeper in the article, however, the group’s violent nature and intimidation tactics emerge:

    BAMN has critics of its own. The group’s no-wait, rough-and-ready tactics have rankled craft-oriented teacher unionists, federal officials, and segments of the Left who view its brand of militancy as overly divisive. Several teachers and observers (who agreed to comment on condition of anonymity) cited run-ins with pushy or persistent BAMN organizers, or accuse BAMN of alienating potential supporters by inciting physical confrontation at actions or taking overly uncompromising stances.

    In that 2012 article, Felarca makes exactly the same claim of “self-defense” while justifying her groups of violent behavior.

    “Accusations of violence should be directed against the police or administrators … in instances of confrontation,” Felarca says in response. “We believe every movement has a right to defend itself.”

    But aside from their past statements, the dead giveaway that BAMN’s claim of “self-defense” is simply a euphemism for attacking the free speech rights of people they don’t agree with comes from the group’s website.

    In an article entitled “NO ‘FREE SPEECH’ FOR FASCISTS!,” BAMN provides Exhibit A against itself and its history of openly planning and carrying out violence.

    The leftists of BAMN proudly proclaim they plan to “mobilize in full force” to shut down the peaceful gathering of what it determines are “fascists.” And by fascist, they make it clear that they mean not just National Socialist groups like the Traditionalist Workers Party, but also Donald Trump and anyone they feel is committing racism, chauvinism or anti-Muslim bigotry.

    Here’s the chilling document in full:



    • No Racist Demagogy! No Anti-Muslim Bigotry! No National Chauvinism, Fear Mongering, or Immigrant Scapegoating!

    • Latina/o, Black, Native American, Arab, Asian, and White, Immigrants With and Without Papers, We are ALL Californians!

    • Open the Borders! Full Citizenship Rights for All Undocumented Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum-Seekers Now!

    • Build the New Independent, Integrated, Mass Militant Youth-Led Civil Rights and Immigrant Rights Movement!

    On Sunday, June 26, the fascist Traditionalist Workers’ Party, the Golden State Skinheads, and other neo-Nazi/KKK supporters are planning to hold a public recruitment rally on the West Steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento to launch a campaign of racist terror in California. They are not rallying to merely talk and listen to each other and then go home. They want to use this rally to recruit new members and organize for racist attacks, beatings, murders and genocide. Their immediate aim is to capitalize on the growing political polarization in this nation, most clearly expressed in the presidential campaign of Republican candidate Donald Trump, to turn back the advance of the new civil rights and youth movement that has electrified California and inspired the nation. These racist, would-be murderers have no right to organize their racist violence in California or anywhere. Their rally must be stopped by any means necessary.

    Donald Trump’s campaign for president on a platform of open racism, xenophobia, and national chauvinism has given a green light to neo-Nazi/KKK political forces. The far-right wing is on the ascension – they feel it, they’re emboldened, and they’re looking to use Trump’s campaign as a pole of attraction and venue to organize their political program of racist violence on a mass scale and to an audience previously unavailable to them. This has led directly to an increase in racist attacks against Latina/o, black, immigrant and Arab communities across the country.

    While Trump’s openly racist positions on immigration, especially against Latinas/os and Muslims, represent a new and dangerous level of extreme right-wing demagoguery, the Democrats hardly utter a peep in opposition, while carrying out their own national policies against the Latina/o and immigrant communities – not in words, but in practice – with the continued raids and deportations and attacks on public education. Only an organized, mass militant, integrated youth-led movement that is politically independent can mobilize the social forces necessary to defeat the Nazis/KKK, stop the rise of “Trumpism,” and finally put this nation on the road to progress once more.

    This demonstration will be an opportunity for Latina/o, black, anti-racist white youth and California’s strong and proud majority-minority communities to unite to send a loud and clear message to the Nazis/KKK and their supporters: we will not tolerate organizing of racist and bigoted violence. All who oppose racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-gay and other bigoted attacks should mobilize to show their opposition. A determined opposition prepared to assert our collective power through mass militant direct action can shut these Nazis down and deal the fascists and white-supremacists a decisive tactical defeat.


    Latina/o and black youth have taken and led angry, direct action of self-defense against Trump supporters’ violent provocations at his political rallies in California and across the nation. The Latina/o communities of San Jose, Costa Mesa, Burlingame, Anaheim, as well Chicago, New Mexico, and Virginia have come out strong and taught racist and fascist Trump supporters about the painful consequences of openly supporting Trump and his political platform of bigotry. Our movement cannot allow his Nazi/KKK supporters to grow in size and number.

    “Free speech” does not mean freedom to organize for racist terror, lynchings and genocide. Granting the Nazis a rally permit and providing them with thousands of dollars worth of police protection only perpetuates the long and sordid history of government officials citing “free speech” to protect racists by prosecuting black, Latina/o, other minority and anti-racist protestors who speak up against racism. It is outrageous and despicable that the City of Sacramento is planning to roll out the red carpet and spend huge sums of taxpayer money to ensure that the Nazis are able to rally while at the same time city and state workers are constantly being threatened with furloughs, layoffs and cut backs. If not for the protection of the Sacramento police and county sheriffs, these murderous scum wouldn’t get out of their cars – let alone hold a recruitment rally – when confronted with a massive, militant counter-protest. Whether Governor Brown or Mayor Johnson decide to protect the Nazi/KKK rally or not, we must mobilize in full force to stop their campaign to expand Jim Crow and build a right-wing racist, anti-immigrant movement in the United States.


    Some people will say: “Ignore them, stay home, they are too small to be a threat, protesting against them will give them the publicity they want”, etc. Those encouraging this kind of “do-nothing” strategy are either naive fools or deceitful traitors. Ignoring the Nazis/KKK gives them an open platform to recruit, consolidate their organization and build their campaign. If we do not organize to protest at the same time and same place as the Nazis/KKK, then the only people in attendance will be those who are considering joining their ranks. We must be there to make sure that anyone sympathetic to their message is unable to hear it and has an extremely discouraging day.

    By having a massive anti-racist, anti-fascist protest at the State Capitol on June 26, we will make sure that any publicity or news coverage of the day will show thousands of Latina/o, black, Asian, Arab and anti-racist white youth fighting for progress. If we stay home and allow them to have an open platform, any media coverage they receive will portray an unopposed successful event at which a small group of determined, proud racists were able to boldly assert themselves, recruit new members and advance a new campaign for racist terror and ultimately genocide. This is a scenario we cannot allow to happen. Instead, the racists must be sent scurrying for their cars as they are confronted with the strength of California’s powerful Latina/o and black communities. That is not the kind of publicity the Nazis want.


    The growing polarization and ongoing economic and social crisis will continue to bring new forces into struggle.

    In California, more than any other state in the nation, our new civil rights and immigrant rights movement has shown that we have the social power to change everything. Los Angeles had the largest civil rights demonstration in the country’s history, 2 million people shutting down business as usual during the 2006 movement for immigrant rights. Black youth led the mass, militant uprising in Ferguson, MO after the police murder of Michael Brown and inspired a wave of demonstrations and protest action against racism and racist police murder and brutality that swept the nation.

    The Latina/o and immigrant communities of California are the most dynamic political force for social progress and equality today. Our movement desperately needs a new generation of fighters and activists to come forward now and develop as independent political leaders for the movement. By learning from struggle, drawing political lessons from history, and utilizing the method and tactics that assert our collective power, a new generation of leaders can ensure our movement’s victory.

    The fascists exploit the discontent and economic hardship experienced by white, downwardly mobile middle-class and working-class youth. They offer fake, radical sounding solutions to the growing problems of unemployment, poverty and economic insecurity in the U.S. today.

    The fascists scapegoat and call for attacks on the immigrant, Latina/o, black, Muslim, Jewish, and LGBT communities and against the trade unions, leftists, and other progressive organizations.

    To this torrent of cynical racist lies, our integrated civil rights and immigrant rights movement must counter pose real, working-class solutions to the economic and social

    crisis. Latina/o, black, Native American, Arab, Asian, and white, immigrants with and without papers, we are ALL Californians! Open the borders! Full citizenship rights for all undocumented immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers now! Build an independent, integrated, mass militant movement of the oppressed to fight racism, sexism, anti-LGBT and all forms of bigotry, national chauvinism, and xenophobia.

    Our aim on this day must be to build our new movement. We must take matters into our own hands. Some will want to use this day simply as a means to contribute to the votes of the Democratic Party, whether that be for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. We cannot be distracted by that. Only the independent power of our movement can defeat the far-right forces of reaction. We need to make clear to every fascist and fascist-sympathizer promoting white supremacy and racist violence that they will face militant, organized, and determined opposition. This is our fight to make and our future to win.

    I am The Librarian

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