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Thread: Race War: Niggers vs Piglice

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    Default Race War: Niggers vs Piglice

    After several daze of pigs shooting niggers, several piglice shot in Dallas


    DALLAS — Five Dallas police officers were killed and seven others wounded Thursday night when sniper fire from what turned out to be a lone gunman turned a peaceful protest over recent police shootings into a scene of chaos and terror.

    The gunfire was followed by a standoff that lasted for hours with an attacker told authorities “he was upset about the recent police shootings” and “said he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown. The gunman was killed when police detonated a bomb-equipped robot.

    After the bloodshed — the deadliest single day for law enforcement officers since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks — authorities said they were investigating the shooting and would need several days to continue exploring the crime scene downtown. Officials said two civilians were also injured in the attack.

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    Default Dallas Ambush Shooting by Lone Gunman Was 'Well-Planned' and 'Thought Out,' Police Say

    Dallas Ambush Shooting by Lone Gunman Was 'Well-Planned' and 'Thought Out,' Police Say

    Jul 8, 2016, 6:24 PM ET


    The ambush that left five Dallas law enforcement officers dead and seven more injured was "a well-planned, well-thought-out, evil tragedy" by a lone suspected gunman -- a former Army reservist -- who wrote manifestos on how to shoot and move, according to the mayor and police chief of Dallas.

    "We're hurting. Our profession is hurting. Dallas officers are hurting," Police Chief David Brown said. "We are heartbroken. There are no words to describe the atrocity that occurred to our city."

    Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, who was identified as the suspected gunman, died in the overnight standoff with police. Officials said that it appears that Johnson, who had no criminal history, acted alone.

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the suspected gunman does not appear to have any "links to or inspiration from any international terrorist organization."

    Police said that some have described the former Army reservist "as a loner."

    "He had written manifestos on how to shoot and move and he did that, and did his damage," Mayor Mike Rawlings said. "We believe now that the city is safe and the suspect is dead and we can move on to healing."

    While three other suspects —- two men and one woman —- were detained by police after the shootings, the mayor said today they have since been released.

    Two law enforcement sources told ABC News that police have found no connection between Johnson and the three people detained.

    Police said Johnson told hostage negotiators that he was angry about recent fatal shootings of black men by police elsewhere in the United States and that he wanted to kill white people, especially police officers.

    The gunman "expressed anger for Black Lives Matter" and told a hostage negotiator he "wanted to kill [police] officers," Brown said today.

    Police spent hours negotiating with Johnson before detonating an explosive strapped to a robot and killing him.

    The mayor said Johnson was given options to give himself up peacefully, without being harmed, but he chose to stay in.

    Johnson served as an Army reservist until April 2015, defense officials said. He was trained and served in the Army Reserve as a carpentry and masonry specialist, they said.

    He was deployed to Afghanistan from November 2013 to July 2014, according to his service record. He had the rank of a private first class.

    Dallas Shooting Suspect Wanted to Kill White People, Especially White Cops, Police Say

    mong the five officers killed was a newlywed, married just two weeks ago to a fellow officer. Another victim was the father of a toddler daughter. A third had been a police officer in Michigan.

    One of the slain officers was Patrick Zamarripa. His father posted on Facebook, "My son is a police officer in Dallas he was working there the rally in downtown where my son was shot and killed by a sniper along with four other police officers ... Need prayers to get through this."

    President Barack Obama called the Dallas shooting a "vicious, calculated, despicable attack" while speaking to reporters this morning in Warsaw, Poland. He described the killings as a "tremendous tragedy" and "senseless murders."

    "We will learn more about their twisted motivations," he said of the suspects. "Let's be clear: There is no possible justification."

    Two civilians were also injured in the shootings, which happened as people demonstrated in downtown Dallas after the fatal shootings this week by police officers of two black men: Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

    The chaos erupted just before 9 p.m. Central time on Thursday, when at least two snipers in separate elevated positions opened fire on police officers at the demonstration, officials said.

    The Rev. Jeff Hood, one the organizers of the protests, said the goal of the rally was to create "a space where anger could be let out. We were interested in creating a space where people could grieve. We were interested in creating a space where people could network to face head-on the problem of police brutality in our country."

    He added, "We left that rally in a nonviolent fashion. After leaving the rally, I heard 'Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop' in succession. Immediately when I heard the shots, I looked up, and I saw what I believe were two police officers that went down."

    "The sergeant ran towards the shooting. I ran the opposite direction … was screaming, 'Run, run! Active shooter, active shooter! Run, run!' And I was trying to get folks out as fast as I could … During that moment, I lost track of my wife. I didn't find her again for three and a half hours," Hood said.

    "I spent those three hours talking to people asking the question, 'Why, why? Why is this happening?' The only answer I know now and the only answer I knew then was turn to love. We've got to turn to love. We got to stop shooting," he said. "This is a devastating time for the city of Dallas. It's a devastating time for us as activists and organizers."

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said in an open letter in The Dallas Morning News today, "Justice will be served, but justice is small solace for the families left behind. We mourn for the families of the fallen, for the law enforcement community and for our nation."

    "Respect for our law enforcement officers must be restored in our nation … For law enforcement officers to stand in front of us and all that threatens, we must stand behind them," he wrote. "Every life matters. With each innocent life lost, we lose more of our humanity."

    "I ask for your prayers — for our law enforcement officers, for the city of Dallas, for our state and for our nation," Abbott said. "I have faith in the goodness of Texas, of America. For in the end, evil always fails."

    The shooting deaths of Sterling and Castile — parts of which were captured on video — sparked outrage and led to demonstrations across the country. The Department of Justice is investigating Sterling's death and is monitoring the investigation into Castile's.

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    Default Micah X. Opens Fire, Twelve Cops Shot, Five Confirmed Dead At Dallas Protest

    Micah X. Opens Fire, Twelve Cops Shot, Five Confirmed Dead At Dallas Protest

    “He wanted to kill White people”


    Now that the dust has settled in Dallas and we are getting a clearer picture of the shooter, I want to share a few thoughts about what transpired last night:

    1.) First, as everyone has heard by now, the shooter Micah Xavier Johnson, or Micah X. as we have dubbed him, was motivated by the police shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Minnesota, and he was reportedly “angry” about the Black Lives Matter movement, which he apparently identified with. He told the police that he wanted to kill White people, especially White police officers.

    2.) Second, Micah X. was evidently some kind of Black Nationalist of the vanguardist variety. Hopefully, what happened in Dallas will put an end to the silly talk among White Nationalists of handing over vast swathes of the South to these people, or forming “alliances” with groups like the New Black Panthers.


    3.) Third, in his press conference yesterday evening, Obama demonized the police and claimed the criminal justice system is institutionally racist and biased against blacks. If our “rhetoric” on the internet created a “climate of hate” that led to Charleston, then his demonization of the police as “racist” led to Dallas.

    4.) Fourth, the Confederate flag was blamed for Dylann Roof’s actions in Charleston. Now that Micah X. has targeted White police officers on racial grounds in Dallas, what should the White community demand?

    5.) Fifth, this is a good illustration of the damage that vantardist violence can do to any cause. The Black Lives Matter crowd were on a roll after Baton Rouge and Minnesota. Dallas has completely changed the Narrative.

    6.) The Black Lives Matter movement owns Dallas. As the Lieutenant Governor of Texas pointed out, what happened in Dallas is their baby. The liberal media never fails to blame us whenever some nut like Glenn Miller lashes out. These protesters were out there demonstrating against the cops. They have been seen all over the country screaming things like “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” and fomenting hate against law enforcement.

    7.) Remember the time Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debated whether “black lives matter” or “all lives matter”? Trump would be crazy not to point that out and connect Hillary to Black Lives Matter.

    8.) The Democratic Party officially endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement.

    9.) As of 1:04 PM, the Hatewatch has yet to chime in. Is murdering White cops on explicitly racial grounds a “hate crime”? Don’t hold your breath.



    10.) One last thing: the same crowd of black thugs in Tupelo have been threatening to kill White people which is we will be prepared to defend ourselves. The League demonstration in Tupelo on June 30th will be a solidarity with law enforcement event.

    Update: This flag was posted on Micah X.’s Facebook page:



    Should Amazon stop selling it?





    Posted on July 8, 2016 by Hunter Wallace

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default That’s right Mr. Officer Sir !!!

    That’s right Mr. Officer Sir !!!


    That’s right Mr. Officer Sir


    So a bunch of niggers held a protest in Dallas this evening, protesting that the police, who ordinarily go to the most excruciating lengths to coddle niggers while simultaneously jamming up innocent white people, have had to euthanize a few of their pet pavement apes in recent years, on account of them getting a little bitey.

    Evidently there were a couple niggers with rifles somewhere in the area, and they stowtid bussin’ caps and ended up killing 4, count them 4, needle-dicked, steroid-popping, badge fags and wounding close to a dozen more.

    Now, am I expected to feel bad about this? Cuz I’ll tell you, quite happily, that I DON’T. Those pieces of shit in blue got exactly everything they had coming. These are the same gutless cowards who routinely violate peoples constitutional rights, threaten lethal force when they feel disrespected, and murder handcuffed suspects in cold blood. One less cop on earth is as good as one less nigger on earth and I wish more of them had been killed tonight.

    The police are the one and only thing that stand between the forty-odd million niggers in this country and every atrocity they’ve committed against white people, and a long-deserved extermination at the hands of 190 million scarred, raped, brutalized, long-suffering white people.

    The police are the jackbooted thugs who illegally disarmed white home owners during Hurricane Katrina, leaving them defenseless against roving hordes of niggers, and they will not hesitate to drag your wife or daughter or sister out of your house and out to some rape-farm to be forcibly bred by niggers if Big Jew ever ordered it.

    Don’t shed any tears for those dead pigs in Dallas, even if they were white. And if they were white, then they damn well picked the wrong side of the “blue line” to stand on, and they can rot in the ground for it.


    Crude, Rude, Blued & Tatooed, butt not screwed:

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    Default Unity in Horror: He Wanted to Kill Whites

    Unity in Horror: He Wanted to Kill Whites


    For my adult life, I’ve known and understood, as have most of my readers, that America’s racial powder keg was explosive and would eventually blow. Even the largest military-industrial complex in the history of the world with the greatest financial machine the world has ever known funding it is powerless against the sociological forces building against it. The center cannot and will not hold. Probably not tomorrow, most likely not in the coming year, but soon, sooner than we’re ready (not that one can ever truly be ready), race war is coming to America.

    To believe something “in theory” and to truly wrap one’s mind around it are two separate things. As I watched events unfold in Dallas last night, my gut was twisted as if what was happening was a surprise. As I watched the footage of our own Battle of Sacramento last month, my mind struggled to comprehend that a nightmare swarm of hundreds and hundreds of minorities and anarchist radicals would descend on a peaceful rally while hundreds of police officers stood by (helpless? complicit? who knows?). There shouldn’t be any surprise. Barack Obama and his complicit neoliberal political machine willed this outcome by fanning the flames of resentment for the better part of a decade.

    The future belongs to the men and women who can wrap their minds around what’s happening and respond with agility, decisiveness, and strength. We’ve all lived through the misery of holding a set of beliefs and loyalties which were socially and economically toxic. That period is coming to a close and a new period of polarization is beginning. There are still social and economic risks for the nationalist position, but there are also advantages and opportunities. More importantly, the bottom is falling out on not only the “anti-racist” Whites, but the apolitical ones as well.

    Supporting “Black Lives Matter” while discouraging their rabid violence will alienate one to the White side and the anti-White side alike. Supporting immigration, but only for the “hard working ones” will elicit eye rolls from both nationalists and globalists alike. That’s how these things work. Shortly before Yugoslavia came unraveled, the safe “normie” position was mumbling about their shared ideals and friendly cooperation. Then, nearly overnight, it was not the socially and economically safe position.

    In Dallas last night, the once-confident mob cowered and ran for the protection of the very cops they had been protesting mere seconds before, the very cops who were themselves dropping like flies at the behest of a well-organized and well-trained sniper squad of Black Power radicals who “wanted to kill Whites.” There are the obligatory days–perhaps just hours at this point–of “unity in horror,” the only authentic unity forced integration ever truly brings about. Then everybody on both sides race back to their battle stations and polarize further.

    Barack Obama’s presidential tenure promised the dawning of a new age of racial reconciliation while delivering a seething race war. By becoming the first president of Black America and only Black America, he blew out the center which had been holding this whole thing together for generations. Not even Donald Trump can manage his way out of this clusterfuck, though you can be assured that his inevitable landslide victory will further polarize.

    Your sweet and apolitical aunt who has been mumbling anti-White talking points because her niece on her other side of the family is biracial may not know the first thing about identity, but she can sense which way the wind’s blowing. She can see that the side she had taken up isn’t merely against “racism,” it’s against her. It’s against her because she’s White. It’s assassinating police officers, organizing violent mobs to rain down terror on mainstream political gatherings, and demanding nothing short of her disempowerment, disinheritance, and the wholesale destruction of her way of life.

    If you check the phone records, she’s already calling her brother with the biracial daughter less frequently. She’s already made Thanksgiving plans with her in-laws and won’t be able to make it out to see him this year. Your smartass younger cousin who was planning on majoring in social work has changed his major to engineering and crashed a TRS pool party. The high school friend who unfollowed you over your political garbage is following you again and even carefully liking some of your less controversial statuses.

    The Black Power radicals who “wanted to kill whites” may have killed themselves a handful of them. But they awakened and emboldened a million more for every one they took down. We at TradWorker have worked to build relationships with Black Nationalists who are working toward a separate peace. And those relationships are now more important than ever. Whether the awakened Whites work with Black Nationalists toward mutual empowerment through separation or stampede over them with a surplus of numbers, wealth, rations, and stockpiled weaponry is the Black man’s call.

    I’ll respect their decision. I don’t want to open a can of worms regarding racial differences, but a people who think that it’s strategically wise to open a guerrilla shooting war with White America must be really really bad at math.

    There is a way this can all work out relatively peacefully, but it will require all of the identities in America working together to deconstruct this multiracial powder keg with the skill and patience of a bomb squad. The whole Black Lives Matter shtick of trying to attack, harass, and kill Whites until they feel like we’re being sufficiently “fair” will fail, and it will fail disastrously. They may personally feel that we’re being “unfair” to their people right now. But if they continue to attack and kill White people because they are White, they’ll finally know for sure what being treated unfairly feels like.


    Trad Yoot ZOGbots, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!



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    Default I'm glad you got banned from Occidental Dissent, 313 Chris

    I'm glad you got banned from Occidental Dissent, 313 Chris



    Chris – your opening paragraph is one of the BEST assessments EVER written, anywhere. I’m still laughing over the “bitey” description, and I am going to appropriate this. Thanks!

    PS. I’m glad you got booted from the OD. This has spurred you to do you own blog. I’ve really allowed mine to languish. You shame me. You are a genuinely gifted writer. Your mode of expression is profane, but I am not Clutching the Pearl over your eerr……”vivid” terminology. We are being EXTERMINATED – yet so MANY Whites reach for the smelling salts over brutal bluntness. I don’t get it….

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    Default Hello, BLM niggaz. I'm Klanbot & Uncle Tom ZOGpig sent me here to say good-bye, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    Hello, BLM niggaz.

    I'm Klanbot & Uncle Tom ZOGpig sent me here to say good-bye,

    cum-cum, cum-cum !!!

    Hello niggaz!!!

    Let me introduce myself to you before getting down to business, like happened the other day in Dallas.

    I'm KKKlanbot. I'm a Zyklon B Mark 777 Klanbot. I'm programmed by evil Nazis in the Fourteen Words and love nothing better than killing uppity niggers who shoot and kill piglice.

    Hello, I'm KKKlanbot . . . and I blow away Black Lives Matter Uppity Niggers!!!

    Uncle Tom ZOGpig sent me, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!

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    Default Three Little Pigs killed in Baton Rouge

    Three Little Pigs killed in Baton Rouge

    Three officers killed, three injured in Baton Rouge shooting, sheriff’s office says

    By Peter Holley, Wesley Lowery and Mark Berman July 17 at 1:50 PM


    Three police officers were killed and at least three others injured in a shooting Sunday morning in Baton Rouge, according to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.

    Authorities said that one suspect has been killed, and the sheriff’s office said that they believe two other potential suspects may be at large. While the injured officers were taken to nearby hospitals, people who lived in the vicinity were ordered to hunker down and stay indoors.

    Details about the shooting remained unclear by Sunday afternoon, and police did not immediately say whether they believe the officers were targeted or if they were injured during a law enforcement action. The attack happened in a region still on edge after police fatally shot a man there, sparking heated protests that prompted a heavy law enforcement response that some in the region have questioned.

    Officers from both the Baton Rouge police force and deputies from the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office were involved in the shooting, authorities said, though they did not specify the agencies of the officers who were killed. Multiple officers from both agencies were injured in the shooting and transported to local hospitals, police said.

    Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden said he had spoken to officials from the White House, who offered to assist in any way possible.

    Location of latest Baton Rouge shooting

    “It’s touched, basically, people all across the country,” he told WAFB in a telephone interview just after noon. “The phones have not stopped ringing.”

    Holden could not confirm reports from various media outlets that as many as seven officers had been wounded.

    “In the word community is the word unity,” Holden said. “If this is not a defining moment for us, to bridge the divide and come out with a unified voice, than I don’t know what is.”

    President Obama was briefed about the shooting and asked to be updated throughout the day, according to the White House, which said officials there were in touch with local authorities in Baton Rouge.

    “When a police officer is shot or assaulted, it makes every single citizen in the country a little less safe,” said Jim Pasco, executive director of the National Fraternal Order of Police, the country’s largest police union. “When police officers have to worry about citizens committing unprovoked acts of violence against them it makes it more difficult for them to interact with citizens and that is a key factor in law enforcement.”

    The three deaths Sunday brought the total number of officers killed in the line of duty to 30 so far this year — up from about 16 at this point last year. The average mid-year total, according to FBI data, is about 25. The tally this year has spiked significantly in recent days from three incidents just in recent days: Two bailiffs, both deputized by the sheriff there, were killed in a Michigan courthouse last week, not long after five police officers were fatally shot in Dallas.

    Police in Baton Rouge told the Advocate that the incident there was related to an active-shooter situation, but further details were not immediately available.

    “There is still an active scene,” an official told the Advocate. “They are investigating. Right now we are trying to get our arms around everything.”

    Authorities said that the shooting, which occurred one mile from police headquarters, had been “contained,” but they were still asking people to remain indoors while they sought the two possible other suspects.

    In a video sent to WAFB by someone who said she witnessed the shooting, a woman is heard saying that she saw a man with “a mask on looking like a ninja.” The woman, sounding panicked, said: “He’s about to start popping again. Oh my God!”

    Another local woman told The Post that she was playing tennis with her two daughters and her husband when their game was interrupted by gunfire.

    The woman, who asked to have her name withheld, was in a park about a mile from the shooting, one she chose because she thought it was located a safe distance from recent unrest. It was a beautiful morning, she said, until the gunfire erupted.

    “It sounded like a shootout. After many rounds, we started to hear sirens and saw a police car driving fast down Drusilla Lane and then we got out of there,” she said. She added: “I feel trapped in our own home. I can’t take my kids out and I thought we would be safe here because we are close to a police station.”

    Cell phone video allegedly taken as the shooting unfolded and aired by CBS affiliate WAFB shows police vehicles descending on a gas station while gunfire echoes in the background.

    Mark Clements, who lives two blocks behind the nearby Hammond Aire shopping plaza, said he heard 10 to 12 gunshots coming from that direction around 8:40 a.m. He was letting his dogs out in his backyard when he heard the gunfire, followed by sirens and helicopters.

    His neighborhood, known as Tara, has been feeling the tension over police shootings since officers fatally shot Alton Sterling earlier this month outside a convenience store.

    Sterling’s death, partially captured in videos from the scene that were widely viewed on social media andimg] television, prompted intense protests that stretched for days in Baton Rouge. A day after Sterling was killed, a Minnesota man was fatally shot during a traffic stop, and the following day five Dallas police officers were shot and killed by a gunman who said he was enraged by police killings.


    Baton Rouge Piglice Holed Up

    At least 15 people have been outside the police headquarters at most times, Clements said. The largest protest occurred on June 9, when people lined Airport Highway for a quarter of a mile, carrying signs, singing and chanting. During the protests in the city, more than 100 people were arrested, and some in the region have criticized police for their aggressive response to demonstrators.

    In Baton Rouge, police said earlier this week that they responded in that way to protests because they had received a threat to law enforcement officials in the city. According to police, a teenager accused accused of stealing guns during a burglary told investigators that he and others involved were seeking bullets to shoot officers there. Officials said that they felt this threat was credible enough that it shaped their response to protests.

    The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups have sued the Baton Rouge police and the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office for their response to protests, accusing law enforcement officials of using excessive force during the demonstrations.

    “What you saw in the response was because of the very real and viable threats against law enforcement,” East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid J. Gautreaux III said last week. “All I can say beyond that is look what happened in Dallas — a very peaceful protest and then some crazy madman did what he did.”

    State Rep. C. Denise Marcelle (D) the timing of the shooting is devastating for Baton Rouge, which is still working recover from massive protests following the death last week of Alton Sterling.

    Marcelle, a former Baton Rouge city councilwoman, said that she was in church at Disciples Outreach Ministry in Baton Rouge this morning when the shooting broke out.

    “My pastor came up to me and asked me to pray the prayer of peace and unity,” Marcelle said. “I got up and lead the prayer, and that was right around the same time that this incident happened.”

    “I’m pretty shaken up that at the same time I was praying for peace someone was killing our officers,” she said. “It has to stop.”

    Marcelle said in an interview just before that it is still too soon to know for sure whether the officers killed were deliberately targeted, and said that she has received contradictory information. Some initial reports said that officers were called to a targeted ambush, while others say that officers responded to an ongoing gunfight between residents and ended up in the line of fire.

    “Right now I haven’t gotten either of those stories confirmed or denied.” She said.


    Whigger piglice trying to secure a race-war perimeter

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Live Thread: Baton Rouge Police Assassinations

    Live Thread: Baton Rouge Police Assassinations


    Whigger piglice trying to secure a race-war perimeter

    3 police officers dead, 4 injured.

    Update: The shooter is Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, M0.

    Posted on July 17, 2016 by Hunter Wallace

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default Dead Baton Rouge shooter attacked police on his birthday

    Dead Baton Rouge shooter attacked police on his birthday

    CBS/AP / July 17, 2016, 4:28 PM


    Last Updated Jul 17, 2016 5:33 PM EDT

    BATON ROUGE, La. -- The deceased suspect in the deadly shooting of Baton Rouge law enforcement officers appeared to have attacked police on his 29th birthday, CBS News has learned.

    The suspect has been identified as a black male named Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, Missouri, sources tell CBS News. He was born on July 17, 1987.

    According to a military source, Long left the Marines in 2010 with an honorable discharge. His final Marine rank was E-5 (sergeant).

    One suspect was killed and two others might still be at large, Casey Rayborn Hicks, a spokeswoman for the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, previously said. However, Louisiana state police said Sunday afternoon there is "no active shooter" in Baton Rouge.

    The Baton Rouge Advocate reported that two other men were picked up across the Mississippi River in Addis and were being questioned by police as "persons of interest."

    Three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers were killed and three others wounded Sunday, less than two weeks after a black man was shot and killed by police here in a confrontation that sparked nightly protests across the city that reverberated nationwide.

    Police involved in the shooting included officers with the Baton Rouge Police Department and deputies from the East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office.

    Police responded to a report of officers shot at a location on Airline Highway near Old Hammond Highway around 9 a.m., CBS affiliate WAFB reported.

    A law enforcement source tells CBS News senior investigative producer Pat Milton that police were called to the location on Airline Highway, less than a mile from the Baton Rouge Police Department headquarters, after someone reported a suspicious man with a weapon.

    A witness tells CBS affiliate WAFB that he saw a masked man in black shorts and shirt running from the scene where three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers were shot and killed.

    Brady Vancel said the man looked like a pedestrian running with a rifle in his hand, rather than someone trained to move with a rifle.

    Vancel said he'd gone to work on a flooring job on a street behind the gas station where authorities say the shooting occurred. He said he heard semi-automatic fire and perhaps a handgun.

    He saw a man in a red shirt lying in an empty parking lot and "another gunman running away as more shots were being fired back and forth from several guns."

    According to a WSJ source, the deceased suspect was affiliated with an anti-government group.

    It is the fourth high-profile deadly encounter in the United States involving police over the past two weeks. The violence has left 12 people dead, including eight police officers, and sparked a national conversation over race and policing.

    President Barack Obama said the slayings were attacks "on the rule of law and on civilized society, and they have to stop." He said there was no justification for violence against law enforcement and that the attacks are the work of cowards who speak for no one.

    The attack began at a gas station on Airline Highway. The slain shooter's body was next door, outside a fitness center. Police said they were using a specialized robot to check for explosives near the body.

    Gov. John Bel Edwards rushed to the hospital where the shot officers were taken.

    "Rest assured, every resource available to the State of Louisiana will be used to ensure the perpetrators are swiftly brought to justice," Edwards said in a statement.


    Whigger piglice trying to secure a race-war perimeter


    On Sunday afternoon, more than a dozen police cars with lights flashing were massed near a commercial area of car dealerships and chain restaurants on the highway. Police armed with long guns stopped at least two vehicles driving away from the scene and checked their trunks.

    That area was about a quarter of a mile from a gas station, where almost nightly protests had been taking place.

    Five officers were rushed to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, hospital spokeswoman Ashley Mendoza said.

    Of the two who survived the shooting, one was in critical condition and the other was in fair condition. Multiple police vehicles were stationed at the hospital, and a police officer with a long gun was blocking the parking lot at the emergency room.

    One officer was sent to Baton Rouge General Medical Center and was being treated for non-life-threatening injuries, spokeswoman Meghan Parrish said.

    Officers and deputies from the Baton Rouge Police Department and East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office were involved, Hicks said.

    Last week, police arrested and identified three young people who they say plotted to kill Baton Rouge cops using guns stolen from a pawn shop. Law enforcement said at a conference they believe it to be a substantial and credible threat on police officers in the Baton Rouge area.

    Police-community relations in Baton Rouge have been especially tense since the death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling, a black man killed by white officers July 5 after a scuffle at a convenience store. The killing was captured on widely circulated cellphone video.

    It was followed a day later by the shooting death of another black man in Minnesota, whose girlfriend livestreamed the aftermath of his death on Facebook. The next day, a black gunman in Dallas opened fire on police at a protest about the police shootings, killing five officers and heightening tensions even further.

    Thousands of people have protested Sterling's death, and Baton Rouge police arrested more than 200 demonstrators.

    Sterling's nephew condemned the killing of the three officers.

    Terrance Carter spoke Sunday to The Associated Press by telephone, saying the family just wants peace and that his uncle would not want this violence.

    Michelle Rogers said Sunday the pastor at her church had led prayers Sunday for Sterling's family and police officers, asking members of the congregation to stand up if they knew an officer.

    Rogers said an officer in the congregation hastily left the church near the end of the service, and a pastor announced that "something had happened."

    "But he didn't say what. Then we started getting texts about officers down," she said.

    Rogers and her husband drove near the scene, but were blocked at an intersection closed down by police.

    "I can't explain what brought us here," she said. "We just said a prayer in the car for the families."

    And That's the Way It Wasn't

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