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Thread: Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, The Five Minute Tour

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    Default What is Christian Identity?

    What is Christian Identity?


    Quote Originally Posted by Covington Supporter

    Martin: Could you explain to me exactly what Christian Identity is? I am a Christian (a long road from Baptist to Methodist, Unitarian and Episcopalian) and now not active, although I do take communion and believe. Thanks for any information.
    OK, I'm a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pastor. The easiest way to explain it is that all branches of Christian Identity say that Western and Northern Aryan Whites are the 'lost' Thirteen Tribes of Israel. The One-Seedliners say that Adam was the first man and that the jews are actually Canaanites/Edomites and that there was a world-wide flood.

    The Dual-Seedliners say that YHWH created the non-white Beasts of the Field on the Sixth Day, without souls, and Adam, the first White Man with a soul on the Eighth Day. That Satan seduced Eve and she gave birth to Cain, the first jew. And that there is Genesis 3:15 enmity between the Evil seedline of the jews and the Good Seedline of the White Adamites through Abraham/ Isaac/Jacob-Israel. That the Great Flood was a local flood. That today's ZOG is also Babylon the Third and Final.

    So the political conclusions from this racial religion are that those who support the current political/economic Babylonian System are the damned and will die in a Great Tribulation, soon. And thus does ZOG/Babylon, rule Under Satan's Administration, need to be destroyed as it will be in this Great Tribulation, now undergoing.

    Because of these religious and political beliefs, Christian Identity, especially the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity variant, is hated and feared by ZOG because it is the White Man's Racial Hate Religion. If you do not believe and in believing obey, and in being obedient to YHWH fight against Satan, Satan's biological spawn the jews and Satan's adoptive spawn the jewdayo shabbes whiggers, then you are the damned, having lost the potential to be saved from death by being given eternal life in the Kingdom of YHWH. The Spawn of Satan hate and fear us with a Genesis 3:15 enmity, and we hate them back with a Genesis 3:15 enmity.

    Insofar as the Sixth-Day Beasts of the Field and their miscegenated bastard (mamzer) abominations are concerned, as they have no souls and no rightful place in White Adamic/Israelite society, they are to be exterminated or driven off to their own place, outside the Pale of White Civilization. Thus the niggers and beaners and red niggers and gooks and the rest have no place in White society, and are to be driven out as possible, along with the whigger race-traitors who brought these trespassers into our place.

    You can read more at my v-bulletin forum on this matter on this thread:

    It is because Harold Covington is at least respectful to Christian Identity and not any hindrance or impediment to our racial, political and religious beliefs, thus I have decided to ally politically with Harold Covington even though we have our political disagreements. Christian Identity believes that this Great Tribulation will be worldwide, even though there are places, like the Northwest, where things will be safer. I am not going to move to the Northwest, although I do agree that if you are a young White man or woman living in a mud-infested shithole like California or Florida or New Jersey with no property or prospects, might as well move to Valhalla-land while you can.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Christian Identity IS What Christian Identity IS

    Christian Identity IS What Christian Identity IS


    Quote Originally Posted by apollonian View Post

    CI Needs To "Cut Crap," Get A Clue, And Emulate Pastor Carlson
    (Apollonian, 18 Aug 10)

    "Strike 3," thanks again for ur response -- it isn't very strong for substance, u know. By the way, note it isn't clear at all that Hal Turner was a "rat" against true patriots -- BECAUSE HE COULDN'T HAVE BEEN. For no one among real patriots would have given him any information -- because real patriots don't need to violate any real laws to be effective. For our greatest weapon and tool is STILL that simple, but yet MIGHTY--INFORMATION.

    Further, no one--certainly not any real patriot--in his right mind would gratuitously reveal any serious compromising info to someone they didn't really even know--it's too bad u can't figure this out.

    Further still, note Hal Turner was prosecuted for his genuine right to free-speech saying he thought traitorous scum (judges) should die which then idiots serving on a jury agreed w. scum Fed "prosecutors" should be prejudicially construed as a "threat."

    Obvious fact is ONLY JEW PROVOCATEURS would be bold enough to solicit Hal Turner and divulge criminal information--and this was what Hal Turner was surely un-covering--the SPLC and ADL plants within the "patriot" movement, and then turning over such info to FBI--which then worked to foil MOSSAD operations, which their Jewwy agents didn't like. Too bad, u can't figure this out, as I say.

    And "Strike 3," good comrade, let's be honest: u can't get into a "debate" as u just don't know what u're doing regarding theology, not to mention logic -- U'RE JUST OUT OF UR ELEMENT, is the real truth u can't bring urself to face, that's all. And u're simply at a loss for reason regarding these simple theses I bring-up for us.

    NT is obviously definitive as it clarifies and refines Christ's msg for what he preached regarding prior Mosaic law in OT; that's all. And when Christ tells us and everyone the way to achieving "eternal life" is by means of (a) loving God and (b) doing justice--THIS IS DEFINITIVE--which u have such pathetic difficulty admitting, I'm sorry to say. There's nothing about any idiotic "covenant" or race.

    Get it straight, "Strike 3": NT is the FILTER for any/all of OT--NOTHING STANDS FM OT but as it is confirmed in NT where Christ definitively speaks--PERIOD.

    Any basic, honest scholar knows if it's really true about Christ being "in" and "all over" OT, U NEED TO GIVE REFERENCES AND CITATIONS. And just exactly WHAT are u talking about regarding Roman church keeping "scriptures away"?--be specific, say what u're talking about--but u can't do that either, can u? CI people seem to have difficulty w. basic HONESTY, I note.

    And get this straight most of all, comrade 3rd "Strike," TRUTH is NOT mysterious or "rocket-science" either. All u gotta do to "find truth" is to BE HONEST, which is sooooooooooooooo difficult for u CI people, evidently--to judge fm the looks of it all, w. all ur brainless mumbo-jumbo and babbling fm OT.

    Most of all, u CI people really seem to be just babbling FAILURES -- what have u accomplished?--not very much, to judge fm things. Look at dear Pastor Carlson of Whtt.org who goes out and confronts those scummy, traitorous "Judeo-Christians" (JCs) at their places. Where are the CI people? -- what are they doing?

    CONCLUSION: So anyway, I submit CI people need to get a clue and drop this brainless, stupid OT crap they babble. Proper preaching of Christianity is more like what Pastor Carlson does, I say. Christians are simply those who (a) love God, hence TRUTH and honesty, and (b) do justice -- CI ought to start doing some of that, I suggest.

    Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian
    Hello Apollonian:

    We've had this 'discussion' before in which you try to change Christian Identity to something you think will be 'better.' Hearing that you come from the Papist bunch simply explains a lot. The Popish Roman Catholic religion is within Christian Identity deemed to be nearly as big a Babylon as jewrusalem is.

    Now the basis for Catholicism is racial. The Mediterraneanoids are a sinful lot of mamzers who simply cannot and will not obey any law, and thus they have derived a racial religion which lets them fall prey to theyz' inner mamzer and then they go to a baal-priest who lets them off with a penance of simony -- the first poop was Simon Magus -- and a bit of idolatry for the more poverty-stricken in order to go put and commit more bestial acts. Pastor John Britton alluded to this sort of 'religion' by correctly saying that Catholicism is derived from sundry fertility cults such as Cybele, which originated from the Old Hittites, progeniturds of the Khazars.

    Now the Aryan/Nordics, as soon as militarily and politically feasible, and after much patience, put up with Romish ways for approximately 500-1000 years, and upon the advent of the Reformation decided that little guidos and wops and other lesser breeds didn't need to have the Aryan White man support this amoral scum headquartered in the New Babylon of Rome.

    Now it was another 150 years or so before the Mediterraneoid religious parasites got the message, but after a little event called the Thirty Years War, in which the ancestors of myself and Pastor John Britton would routinely perform the religious ritual of Das Swedentrunken, in which several thousand mackeral-snappers were asked to show that they had faith by being forced to try to turn boiling Swedish piss into the blood and Swedish turds into the body of Christ, and theyz' failure to have sufficient faith to actually do theyz' popish kikeshit, the papist dogs decided that 'freedom of religious faith' for the Aryan Nordic Israelite man might be the best policy. Me, myself am looking forward to a little 'Swedish waterboarding' in the future as payback for this Catlick bitch holding a mock ecclesiastical hearing in defiance of RSMo 610.180 and voting that I was "not a member of a state-recognized religion." That's the problem with you Catlick mother-fuckers: You don't ever get the message until the pliers and gelding and skinning knives are applied, and then you are only ever so willing to behave.

    Now we've had this argument before in which you've tried to explain how Christian Identity needs to be changed to fit your notions, Appy. And I've simply blown it off as you have no idea of what the fuck you are yapping about. Indeed, you are unable to understand Christian Identity, because it is indeed an Israelite thing. But I am positive that you can learn from the Swedish waterboarding of other papists that the Christian Israelite isn't someone you ever want to fuck with.

    Now Jett Rink is from what I gather a natural-born whigger solipsist. In 'normal' life Jett Rink would join Cousin John Q. Whigger and the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd Hardy and openly worsheep hisself in the First Church of Solipsism. But Jett Rink doesn't live in normal times, and being a smart, somewhat smarmy little whigger fuktard would probably be more than happy to mouth Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) dogmatic platitudes in order to skin out regime criminals, and take theyz' property and pussy as a DSCI-sanctioned warlord, just like Constantine and Clovis and Charlemagne. You see, Jett Rink knows about as much about religion as Paddy's Pig, but being a sort of Linder-lite is always open to the main chance. Like Lenin at the Third Communist Congress, ArchBishop Lindstedt might have to acknowledge that out of 100 DSCI warlords that 69 are criminals, 30 are fools, and but one out of the hundred are true Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, but that the Great Tribulation was fought with what we could get.

    You are in rebellion against YHWH's Law because you are not an Israelite and thus the Law of YHWH is not written on jewr heart -- or so it would seem. Or perhaps you are yet another typpycull whigger fool. You see, Chaos is coming, and it is us DSCI people, highly lawful, who will bring Order -- as well as a Sword -- upon the Great Tribulation carrying away 150 million whiggers and 140 million jew muds, cruds, and mamzers. My political goal is to make Dual-Seedline Christian Identity the White Man's Racial HATE Religion, to get Ten-Thousand Warlords to rule absolutely over Ten-Million surviving Whites. Now whether of not any of these warlords or the surviving White population really truly understand Christian Identity, and in understanding, believe, is not my concern. For it is Jesus Christ, holder of a Rod of Iron and a Double-Edged Sword, who decides who He calls, who are His sheep, and only His sheep can hear His voice. I am a Servant of Jesus Christ, not Christ's master, and thus I cannot say who Christ calls or why. What I can do, and do indeed do, is to drive out baal-priests and mamzers and scrofulous whiggers from the above-ground Church, re, Sci-Fi Faber and jewromy Visser.

    So, Apollonian, Christian Identity needs not emulate some other character who does what you want. Indeed, your support of a self-admitted ZOG snitch/agent provocateur Hal 'Diamond' Turner shows that you are a complete idiot regarding who can and who cannot be trusted. All ZOG did was to turn on a thieving rat who pulled a 'Madoff' on ZOG, stole a couple hundred thousand from ZOG, made ZOG look like a bunch of Fumbling Bumbling Idiots (FBI), actually didn't end up sending any 'domestic terrorists' to a jewlag, and had no further use other than to try to keep the rest of the Corps of Informants and ZOGbots in line. You have insisted on being a fool, indeed a dogmatic buffoon, whom everyone in the bowel Movement thinks must be an honest idiot. It is sort of pathetic that you are dumber even than Sci-Fi Faber, who seen the handwriting on the wall a year ago, and decided that he should put some non-copulatory distance from Hal Turner. You are going to be to Hal Turner what WhiggerSwill is to Cosmotology -- the last, final and only True BeeLIEver.

    Lastly, Appollonian, I have no problem with you being on this StumbleInn forum, on the Lindstedtania subforum, or even being on my Christian Nationalist forum. Why? Because you give those like Strike 3, JA Whiteman, and others a chance to polish their arguments concerning Christian Identity on a typpycull, but outstandingly stupid, bowel Movement ZOGling whigger or mamzer ass-clown. You might be ass common as kudzu, but the unpracticed need to exercise their theological talents on ZOGlings. It might be as unproductive as trying to get to a turtle in itz shell, but eventually a smart eagle learns to take the turtle and let gravity provide the meal by dropping the turtle upon the rocks. There is more than one way to skin a whigger.

    Or, you could learn to simply leave us Christian Israelites to be what we be, as you do what you do in the Movement. You write good essays most of the time, at least until you decide to turn that which you do not understand into something you want us to be which is more in line with your limited understanding. As said before, you are unable to understand Christian Identity with either your head, and certainly not with your heart at this time. So rather than try to make us into your own image, let us be what we be, while you be what you be, and let us live in amity.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Quote Originally Posted by JA Whiteman View Post

    Hey Appy, I went out on a limb for you, mostly just wanting to clear the air about you being ixaturd but you now come into Pastor Lindstedt's CHRISTIAN IDENTITY subforum and go on the attack.

    Seems to me that you are only using the NT as a vehicle to flame the fire of antijewism which in itself can't be a bad thing. My question to you is, why do you come here and intentionally insult those that hate jews and love YHVH/Christ?

    Pastor MLD Lindstedt refers to CI as the white man's hate religion. How is that any different from yours? The results should be the same in that we get the goyim to llsten to us.

    You are welcome to post what you wish but you will win no friends in this subforum by spitting on our faith. Your views are welcome but your delivery sucks. You are among possible allies but choose to attack them. It's one thing to puke in the direction of jewt stink but WTF?

    You always want references to everything and that's fine but please, why not start another thread where you question our scriptural interpretations point by point? Wouldn't that be more constructive and educational for all? YHVH's laws are forever. You will get no converts to your ideas by first spitting in our faces.

    I liken your entrance to this subforum to us inviting you to dinner and you sitting down, letting a long, loud smelly fart and wiping your boogers on the bottom of our table. You then reject our food as substandard. We don't like it much and some will just ignore you but you can expect for the Pope of Lindstedtania to chime in and you might not like it but you certainly are asking for it. You may even hear from the Archbishop of L on this too. Me? I have said my piece and refuse to debate my LOYALTY to YHVH as being misplaced or distorted in some way with you.

    I don't agree with you on HT issue either but I do see how you come to your conclusions and do not attack you for them. You know my position on that fat fucktwat fedsnitchbitch. He got burned because he is greedy and wanted to play both sides of the fence. He grabbed a tiger by it's slippery tail and got bit hard.
    Hey, JA:

    I think above was a good response, as was Strike 3's, and Pastor John Britton's. You need not explain yourself to those who cannot understand because they are not called by Christ, nor likely will ever be called by Christ. But someone must make up the Legion of the Damned, and be the vessels of wrath, just as we are the vessels of mercy, cf. Romans 9:13-23.

    But I think that Apollonian is useful as a sort of foil, as someone who is useful as a sort of 'training whigger' who has deliberately crippled hisself by having a man-crush on Hal Turner. Yes, Hal Turner was entertaining -- actually pretty talented -- as a bowel Movement radio yapper. Far more clever and funny than jewdas Roid Rage Retard Giles. I know because I've been listening to the 'Best of' both Hal Turner and Triple-R, of Harold Covington and myself using my new mp3 player when doing chores.

    The ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns we will have among us always in our bowel Movement -- at least until the Great Tribulation carries them all off. And thus we need our 'training whiggers' and 'training mamzers' and if they be superficially funny or learned or talented, and fun to fight with, then all that more the better.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default You can't make a DSCI gelding knife out of a hybernigger catlick whigger's ear.

    You can't make a DSCI gelding knife out of a hybernigger catlick whigger's ear.


    Quote Originally Posted by apollonian View Post

    Honest Discussion Of Christ And Christianity Never Hurts Anything--Except Jew Lies
    (Apollonian, 19 Aug 10)

    Hello Pastor Martin: yes, we've discussed things before, so u might well have considered urself warned I'm going to give things thorough examination as I proceed to speak truth (best I can, anyway).

    Yes, we have indeed gone through this before. You suffer from the very same problem as all jewdayo whiggers in the bowel Movement -- people wanting to claim to be nice to the vast majority of Christian Identity activists on the edges of the bowel Movement -- yet wanting to change us to theyz' own brand of jewdayo-khazarinsanity as if we are a bunch of stupid niggers living in Afreeka or gooks living in Chinkland as if that Ol' Tyme Religion good enough for their Pentecostal Lint-Head or Babtist Hobbyist or Papist Hybernigger sainted horse-stealing, egg-sucking grandma whose very sainted urine would etch glass is good enough for those of us who actually studied our Bibles and converted to Christian Identity.

    The vast majority of us came out from 'Babble-on,' from the faggotty whorehouses and baal-priesteries that is modern jewdayo-whigger-insanity and solipsism. We turned our back on the major and minor denominations, we swore we wouldn't go back to being stupid jewdayo whiggers and baal-priest fellators and butt-clowns and pocketbook jewdayos.

    Now Pastor John Britton has the benefit of being born into the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church of Pastor Wesley Swift and growing up to see what Pastor Richard Butler made of it, and got to see first-hand the shambles that little whigger and mamzer criminals made of it. As such, I often ask how things were done -- for good or bad -- back in the day.

    But I have the advantage of a long period of religious instruction in British Israeliteism/One Seedline from the age of 11 to 21 years of age listening to Herbert Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God, and I had the advantage of seeing pastorial neglect and oppression. I have over 2000 hours of OSL instruction -- far more than any seminary student -- and thus know what a congregation of Christian Israelites is supposed to look like and act like. As a result, I'm probably the best and meanest hatchet-man and enforcer of dogma in Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, because I've seen all manner of whigger playing at CI and all manner of mamzer trying to sneak into the Congregation of Christian Israel.

    There are 150 million whiggers in the ZOGland, and they all think that they invented theyz' own semi-private brand of masturbation. When in actual fact, you have one style of whigger multiplied 150 million times, processed like a chicken in the Whigger Factory that is pub[l]ic skruling. The wonderfool thang about whiggers is that they think they's the only one.

    And you, Apollonian, simply can't let it be. You 'think' that you are going to change Christian Identity to suit your prejudices and that is NEVER going to happen because you ain't even a pimple on Wesley Swift's or Bertrand Comparet's ass.

    Note I essentially challenge u CI folks to say what u're really all about. And what this discussion now has come to is what Christianity really and truly is--needless to say, this is important subject--what in heck are we talking about, anyway? What is Christianity?

    Christian Identity overall is the belief that Western and Northern Aryan Whites are descended from the 'lost' thirteen Tribes of Ancient Israel. Thus the One-Seedline/British Israel portion of CI is otherwise fundamentalist in that jews are dirty parasites who are no good because they murdered Jesus Christ and the non-whites are lesser breeds. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity teaches that jews are the literal spawn of Satan through Satan's seduction of Eve, that non-whites are the Sixth-Day Beasts of the Field, and thus these evil spawn of Satan are to be exterminated and other non-whites run off from White homelands. Us DSCI also believe in a local flood, which is why we still are plagued by jews and muds. Thus Christian Identity -- with its hundreds of thousands of OSLers and tens of thousands of DSLers -- is the White Man's Racial Hate Religion. Everything doxological derives from these basic beliefs and principles.

    Now above is the thirty-second explanation. If you were to get into Christian Identity there would be far, far more of 'chrome.' But I am a political pastor, who works on taking DSCI dogma and use it to create Ten Thousand Warlords who will rule absolutely over Ten Million Whites/former whiggers as ZOG implodes. Thus I do not create any 'new' DSCI dogma, as I think Pastor Wesley Swift and Bertrand Comparet got it down good enough by 1973 or so.

    Now I think I'll decline to try to jewstify CI on some jewdayo whigger who has tactically decided to misunderstand what basic Christianity is all about.

    "Jett" is NOTHING but a Jewwy troll who speaks, thinks, and acts like NOTHING but a Jew--now there's a Jew for us, who shows what a Jew is, does, and talks like--he's great example/model of utter reduction-to-absurd. I'm actually rather amazed "Jett" is still here at place like Stumble Inn--but like u seem to indicate, he's expedient model for reductio-ad-absurdum, regardless, as I note.


    I've not figured out whether Jett Rink is a typpycull ZOGling whigger or a mamzer ass-clown. And yes, Jett Rink is an irritating little critter who has been banned from VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF. But Jett never bothers to pretend to be CI or even Christian. In fact, Jett Rink tells everyone upfront that it is an a-theist. I think it is a solipsist, and should join Cousin John Q. Whigger and the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd at the First Sin-o-gog/Temple/Church of Solipsism and jewst admit that it worsheeps itself and cut out the baal-priest middlemen.

    So knowing that Jett Rink is a congenital solipsistic asshole and making allowances for it means that sometimes Jett Rink can be useful in bothering others -- hopefully the gut-sick guido weasel with jew ass-cancer collecting ZOGbux from the petty cash drawer of the Department of ZOGland InSecurity through TraitorGlenn Miller.

    Let's also allow that Jett Rink, for all his numerous faults, isn't trying to change Christian Identity whatsoever. So why should I dislike Jett Rink? If Jett Rink figured out that he could skin alive piglice and take theyz money and property and pussy, Jett would be the first to glibly claim that he always loved CI, make no mistake of that!

    So Pastor, what is Christianity?--can u say?--one must wonder.

    You need to get onto $permFront and join Klunt Downey and her Past-her Meercat Markkk Clowney's 'Secret Fake-OSLer CI Telegony Section' and then you could have at least an argjewment with baal-priests.

    Is Christianity something on the order of "rocket-science"? -- I doubt it, for if it was it would be impractical and unaccessable for far too many people.

    There is a reason why neither you nor other typpycull whiggers can understand: You simply are not meant to understand, for you are not called to understand:

    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew Chapter 13:
    10And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables?

    11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.

    12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

    13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

    14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive:

    15 For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

    16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.

    17 For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.
    John 10:26 But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you.

    John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
    Why would I dare presume to save that which Christ has condemned to die in ignorance?

    So then is Christianity MYSTERY?--it almost seems like it is, doesn't it?

    Christianity is a mystery to you.

    So this issue over what Christianity really is is why we have that magnificent New Testament (NT) literature and aestheticalist dramatization (much like Homer's Epic Poems, regarding preceding Greek culture) to refer to for definitive ideas as it is here in NT that Christ speaks--as nowhere else, including esp. Old Testament (OT).

    What to say to someone so ignorant that they haven't gotten the basic Biblical knowledge that Christ lived 500-some years after the last books of the Old Testament were drafted, namely in the time of Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah?

    Christ, the un-questionable main character, who speaks so forthrightly as he does, is OBVIOUS reason NT is DEFINITIVE, OT mere supplement--U NEED TO GET THIS STRAIGHT WITHIN UR MIND.

    What to say to someone so silly that he wants to delete nearly three-quarters of the entire Bible, namely the Old Testament?

    I propose that you simply create the Apocrapull books of First Appy, Second Appy, and Third Appy and put them after the Epissul of Mong[r]ol-Lloyd.

    Thus pastor, I submit it's in NT where Christ tells us definitively WHAT "IT'S" ALL ABOUT. And "it's" ALL ABOUT TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8)--and this is made abundantly clear in glorious, magnificent Gosp. JOHN, to which I make it a virtue to refer so often as u surely notice.

    Yeah, I've noticed.

    This may come as a complete surprise to you, but I suggest you read the following of Matthew Chapter Five:

    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew Chapter 5
    17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

    18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

    19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.
    The Law and the Prophets IS the Old Testament. Christ makes it quite clear as to how Christ supports the Old Testament and the Law and the Prophets. In fact, without an Old Testament and the People of the Old Testament there can be no Christ and New Testament. Christ didn't simply spring, like Minerva, from the brow of YHWH.

    Why can't you obey Christ? Christ says to obey the Law and the Prophets. You don't want to obey Christ. Since the Law is written on your heart if you are an Israelite, then there should be no idle talk of not being able to obey Christ's easy burden and yoke.

    St. Paul is more complex, and rather seems to be more concerned with other stuff that comes after the strict subject of TRUTH. Truth then orders everything else for us, including "peace," "faith," "love," etc.--everything is understood according to this PRIMARY value, truth. But correct me if u think I'm wrong, of course.

    You cannot understand Paul unless you understand the Old Testament, because like Christ, Paul too was a product of the Old Testament/Old Covenant and a descendant of Ancient Israel.

    For that's the great human struggle and quandary, Pastor Martin, as I'm sure u'd eventually agree--what is truth?--it's a life-or-death question, esp. as we're all born into an otherwise difficult world of GREEK TRAGEDY, this world dominated by liars, criminals, conspirators, murderers, and (literal) cannibals who worship the devil--LIKE JEWS, the topmost CRIMINAL gang of all-time, who worship lies (JOHN 8:44) and whom Christ explicitly reviled and called-out and exposed soooooooo definitively, hero as Christ is and was.

    Unlike most pisspul on the Internut, I did a search of 'Apollonian' and found out that it is the opposite of Dionysian.

    So I am pretty sure that while you love the Greek Tragedy aspect of matters, it also means that you do not love or understand the Israelite foundations of Christianity.

    So u see Pastor Martin, how simple "it" all really is? For then, after dear Gosp. JOHN, we have gosp.s of MARK 12:29-31 and MATT 22:37-9 who/which record what Christ tells us about "heaven" and "eternal life"--all u need do is (a) love God (hence TRUTH--which is what God is, according to Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and (b) do justice--what's soooooooooo difficult or complicated?

    You need to join Moan-a MountCummery and enjoy your value-meal takeout Churchianity. Moan-er 'judges' the Bible and picks and chooses what she wants to believe as well.

    You may not understand this, but when you pick and choose what portions of the Bible you will believe and obey, you might as well go Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd and Cousin John Q. Whigger and worsheep jewrself and cut out the baal-priest middle-man.

    Why do u need this idiotic "covenant" crap?--what good does it do?--what problem does it solve that isn't already taken-care of? Do u think u're going to SUE God?--take him to "court"?--it's idiotic--don't u see u just need to drop that brainless, idiotic "covenant" bull-shit?

    YHWH is only concerned with His People -- The Christian Israelites. You propose to take yourself out from under the Covenant that YHWH has made with Christian Israel -- which is as it should be because if you are not Israelite then you cannot understand YHWH, YHWH's Laws, YHWH's Covenants -- and thus it is all 'crap' to you.

    Remember, Christian Identity says that Aryan Whites are YHWH's Servant Nation, YHWH's Servant Race. Thus YHWH and YHWH's Son Jesus Christ has no concern nor covenant for the spawn of Satan, the Sixth-Day Beasts of the Field, nor the miscegenated bastard abominations known as 'mamzers.'

    The Law is Your Life. You have no Law, you have no Life, no soul, no place or future with YHWH. And if you cannot understand this on some level, it is because YHWH is merciful in not promising you or even giving you a glimpse of something you cannot attain because you cannot understand, any more than my little rat terrier Buddy the Poopy Dawg/Lil' Cujo/Baalzepup.

    There's NO idiotic "covenant"--u just do as God demands--OR ELSE, that's it--that's all there is to it, PERIOD. And it's same for all races.

    Above is the exact opposite of Christian Identity teaching and practice. Since Christian Identity is a racial religion in which there is a special deal with YHWH, then your hostility either is based upon Genesis 3:15 enmity or simply being a stupid typpycull whigger.

    For what is un-questionably anti-Christ is trying to take something that's really simple--like TRUTH--and now making something complicated out of it--or making it into something else. Note that's how Jews so often work: first making something "complex," and then out of that into something entirely else altogether.

    If you cannot and will not obey Jesus Christ, why bother to call yourself a Christian?

    To my very good comrade, friend, and bro. in spirit, "JA Whiteman," I would only assure that here I'm just trying to get these CI folks to come out and say exactly what this CI stuff is really supposed to be all about. Note we already have NT, and they gotta speak things in their own words--don't tell me to go reading "Atlas Shrugged" or "Decline of the West," or "War and Peace"--just say it simply in ur own words--if u can't, how can u be sure for urself u even know?

    JA Whiteman is a Christian Israelite and knows what is expected and demanded of himself to earn Eternal Life. He won't be siding with you, Appy.

    To good Pastor Martin, I caution u to beware wishing horrible things upon the world as u seem to do w. such un-caring non-chalance--this is tooooo dangerous, chancey, and presumptuous--we should be much more Christ-like, warning folks, unceasingly, how horrible things ALREADY are and how things threaten to be even MORE SO. People need re-assurance, Pastor--what good does it do smirking and chortling at the horrendous things that could very well happen?

    The Great Tribulation is part of the Gospel, i.e. Good News. Since it is quite clear that for now further quotation of the Bible would be wasted on you at least right now, let me point out that you seem to love ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final and thus belong with those who would mourn the Fall of Babylon, cf. Revelation Chapter 18.

    You belong with Lot's wife, Appy. A music break will be provided at the end of this Epissul to the Clueless for your edjewmacation and eddyfuckation.

    And note the ORIGINAL "catholics" (which actually just means "universal"--thus good and appropriate in generic sense--for all peoples) were the psychological warriors and "chaplains" of St. Constantine's army as they were going about things which weren't necessarily all sure-fire and cut-and-dried in those dangerous days when Jews were still strongest element of Roman empire.

    I have already mentioned the DSCI view of 'Catholicism.'

    However, if it will 'help' you any, I will commend you to the care of Teacher William Finck, ex-Catlick albeit non-Hybernigger.


    By the way, you also need to listen to the following:


    Original catholics were the ones who kept the army together and in proper, necessary spirits as they faced the Jew-headed and -funded enemy with all their lies and psy-ops of the time. "Catholics" then had to consolidate the empire after the initial victories to making sure, for example, kikes wouldn't and couldn't come back. Remember, even during time of St. Constantine and even well after, MOST people were NOT Christian.

    Later, the catholics definitively missionized and converted (to a great extent, anyway) the Germanic and Slavic peoples of northern Europe.

    Who as Aryan Nordics left for Protestantism and as Alpine Slavs for Eastern Orthodoxy as soon as possible, leaving you Mediterraneanoids and Hyberniggers to wallow in wretched popery.

    And never forget those magnificent, original patriots and catholics are the very heroes and saints who accomplished and effected the ONLY successful, culture-wide Jew-Expulsion of all time. So the catholics deserve great respect and admiration, I say, and present-day "Christians" do well to take note of the original catholic heroes and soldiers who accomplished soooo much against such otherwise overwhelming odds.

    Something you need to try to remember while undergoing Swedish waterboarding/Das Swedentrunkening.

    CONCLUSION: So I think I've here covered things sufficiently so u KNOW I'm honest Christian soldier. We've all got NT to consult with, so I think I've made a good case for my HONEST understanding of it. CI seems to be too top-heavy w. FAILED ideas, esp. like "covenant." Christianity is really much a matter of simple REASON vs. mysticism and confusionary dis-info and psy-ops fm the Jews. Christians do best w. plain HONESTY, reason, and simplicity, as I've noted. Jews want to intimidate folks w. complexity and mysticism. Those are the two basic opposites, TRUTH vs. Jew lies--thus Christian reason and simplicity vs. mysticism and confused complexity.

    You have certainly proven to my satisfaction that you are a papist Hybernigger, Appy. Something which could have been said far more concisely by the following:

    Ich ben ein Papist Hybernigger.

    Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    What more to say, Appy? Time for some moving pictures to speak a million words, if you haven't been able to figure it out by now:

    Relic of Ancient Law Triumphing Over New Testament of Invading Race In The New World

    And, Appy, you really do need to figure out something pretty damn quick that Lot's wife wasn't never ever quite able to understand:

    Somewhat blasphemous, yet succinct.

    So Appy, now able to understand a bit of Christian Identity dogma and why we do what we do? Hmmmmmm? Not even a little now that I dropped the parables and the moonlight over the magnolias?

    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew Chapter 13:

    10 And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables?

    11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.

    12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

    13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

    14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive:

    15 For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

    16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.

    17 For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default The First Church of Appy

    The First Church of Appy


    Quote Originally Posted by apollonian View Post

    Christian Truth, Hence Reason, Opposes Jew Lies, Subjectivism
    (Apollonian, 22 Aug 10)


    Pastor Martin, I think I can restate things for our dialectic here in far more economical and incisive manner, so let me first refer to the saying or motto regarding "faith" given in ur second video u included in ur last posting, this thread. That saying goes, "faith is the excuse we give ourselves to believe things without good reason."

    Thus "faith" and its proper meaning then is precisely the problem. For we should NEVER believe anything without reason--for God requires everything human proceeds by means of reason, that faculty he gives us by which to function.

    "Faith" then properly ONLY means LOYALTY. Thus we're properly loyal to God and Christ. To imagine "faith" means anything else is horrific mistake--and DISASTER if it's now construed to mean something is made true by our believing it is true.

    Thus we observe the word and term "faith" has been subjected to gross equivocation fallacy, the same word, "faith," used now for a perverted meaning, fm original LOYALTY, now to a kind of God-like power whence someone pretends to making something true simply be insisting and believing it's true--like a child playing "make-believe," only this "faith" being taken far more seriously as a kind of magical -type power.

    For note the horrific mistake if we imagine something is true--because we say it's true--for thus we make ourselves God. And "faith" doesn't make something to being true--it's true ONLY if it's true--it has nothing to do w. our "faith" or wishful thinking pretending it's now true because we want it to be so.

    Note this sort of wishful-thinking "faith" (distinct fm loyalty) is precisely the sort of false "faith" of Judaism by which Jew lies are made to being now the truth we believe.

    And it's precisely this sort of degenerate "faith" which happened to the Roman "Vatican" which caused that degeneracy of the original Roman institution against which Protestants rebelled, for example--though now we observe Protestants themselves have fallen into exact, same error.

    And this issue of false "faith" by which humans attempt to play God, creating "truth," gets to the heart of the very issue of Christianity which affirms the TRUTH of Christ, esp. as in Gosp. JOHN 8:32, Christ assuring us there is such thing as TRUTH--hence the Aristotelian OBJECTIVE reality--distinct fm Judaic subjectivism and mysticism, basis for their lies.

    So u see Pastor Martin, the issue of Christianity once again is regarding TRUTH--Hegelian anti-thesis to Judaic lies. Christ affirms existence of OBJECTIVE reality which then provides criterion/standard of truth to which we only need to heed to know truth (which then makes us "free").

    And it's in Gosp. JOHN 8:44 where Christ explicitly tells us about Jews and their subjectivism, basis for their lies.

    Hence then this issue regarding truth and objectivity (the standard/criterion) is CRUX for present day and the false Christianity, owned by Jews, which preaches this sort of false "faith" by which they pretend to creating the false "truth."

    Thus again, the ideal of Christianity is it endorses and affirms HUMAN REASON against mysticism which mysticism (subjectivism) is promoted by Jews, against truth.

    CONCLUSION: Thus our great task in this present-day and -age is to promote this rationalism, objectivity, and rationalist Christianity which endorses and affirms human reason--AGAINST Jew mysticism and subjectivism, foundation of all their lies. Thus everything else about theology and religion can so well and easily be understood according to this foremost Christian virtue and principle of TRUTH, objectivity, and reason.

    Honest elections and death to the Fed.

    When living in the ZOGland, amongst ZOGling whiggerdumb, those of a Christian Israelite bent have to figure out that we are living in a post-Christian Age, one in which the whiggers and sundry muds & cruds might claim to have been 'saved' from death by means of the very Christianity that they know nothing of, either in their hearts or theyz' 'minds.' So back in 1996, I wrote a piece called 'Cult of the Me-God' in which I revealed what most of the critters running around worsheep, i.e., theysselfs. Solipsism is the true religion of ZOGling whiggerdumb.

    So to cut to the chase, Appy has no use for the Old Testament injunctions of obedience to YHWH's Law -- which is supposedly written on the heart of a genetic Israelite and absent from the heart of a jew or mamzer. Nor, in keeping with the Nordic Protestant faiths in which they attempted to worship YHWH as best they could and for which to bridge the gap between mortal and immortal, between the necessity of obedience and the likelihood of sin, they used 'FAITH' in YHWH, their Deity, none of such can Appy possibly understand.

    So what to do? What to do with Appy? Appy has neither faith nor works. Appy worsheeps hisself. Appy believes in the fervent power of Appy's 'Reasoning' even though Appy fatuously is the only one in the bowel Movement who has any 'FAITH' remaining in Hal Turner.

    Do I argue with Buddy the Poopy Dawg/Lil' Cujo/Baalzepup, who has a little bit of obedience in Law -- Daddy's Law, Pastor Lindstedt's Law -- and a measureless Faith that I will be fair and just and not give Baalzepup a flea bath more than once a week? No, because Buddy is my Faithfool servant, and hope springs eternal -- small 'f' faith -- in little Poopy Dawg hearts that me and Roxie will take him for a ride in the Cadillac if only Buddy conquers its little inner Baalzepup and shows Daddy and Mommy that it is a big dawg no longer belonging on the porch. In that way, Poopy Dawg is a natural-born-again jewdayo-xian. But Daddy's Law and Daddy's Will says that little poopy dawgs will only get into trouble, and so Buddy is left in the house, sounding like a combination heartbroken coyote and grandchild when me and Roxie goes to town and its crapture-cult turned hollow and it is 'Left Behind'.

    But let's take Appy. Appy believes in Appy's 'Reasoning,' such as it is. And so Appy worsheeps Appy. And thus when Appy is dead,then YHWH owes Appy . . . . nothing. Appy got life somewhat by the accidental mating of sperm and egg, and thus has as much moral impact as a Tyson's white chicken, specifically bred to be in the egg for three weeks, to be grown for six weeks, then turned into KFC, or Chicken McNuggets. In short, from nothingness into nigger-shit in 10 weeks with nothing to show that it ever existed.

    And so Appy, I will refer you to a religion which is right up jewr alley: Solipsism. You need to join Cousin John Q. Whigger and the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd Hardy and openly worse-sheep jewrself. Cut out the middle-man, cut out all the sky-pilots and baal-priests. Live every day as it may be jewr last, all for jewrself, for one day jewr sure to be right.

    Because, Appy, since you worsesheep jewrself, there is no place in your heart or 'mind' for either Law or Faith. And since you have been born crippled, it would be presumption for me to disobey Christ and to cast that which was beyond all price -- the Kingdom of Heaven -- bread to the dogs and the pearls before swine who are damned to destruction, cf Matt.10:5-6, 13:10-17, 15:13-14, 21-29.

    For unless YHWH and Christ call you, I cannot as a Pastor of YHWH's Servant Nation bring in strange flesh which doesn't belong, which might infest the entire flock, and which has no place within Christian Israel. Deuteronomy 23:2.

    However, all is not lost. I commend you into the paws of heathen LinderMillerite VNNF meercatism and the claws of Klunt Downey and her little past-her Mark Clowney of the $permFront Crapulent Telegony section. Or, perhaps you can fall into the arms of some Preterists and you call all argue forever over that which you do not understand until the falling of the participants.

    Appy, by acting like a mad cow with its shit-encrusted tail in its few remaining teeth figuring out that it has found the meaning of 'life,' you and your 'reason' do not serve YHWH or Christ or White Nationalism. Since you are apparently too far gone to ever figure it out, then I leave you to your lone masturbatory efforts.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default DSCI is a racial religion for Whites only.

    DSCI is a racial religion for Whites only.


    Quote Originally Posted by Wotan View Post

    Is there anything in the Bible scriptures to instruct people on race ?
    Christian Identity says that Western and Northern Aryan White People are the descendants of Ancient Israel, the 'Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity says that the Bible is about the Aryan House of Israel versus the spawn of Satan jews. The non-whites are merely the Sixth-Day Beasts of the Field. Thus jews are to be exterminated and non-whites driven out of living amongst Christian Israel. This is why Christian Identity is the White Man's Racial Hate Religion and common within the [bowel] Movement.

    Thus DSCI is a racial religion for Whites only.

    The Bible contains numerous commandments against racial mixing and the history of the Israelites versus the Cainite/Canaanite/Edomite jews who were the enemies of Israel. The main one is Deuteronomy 23:2.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deuteronomy 23

    2 A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.
    The word 'bastard' is a misnomer. Back then there were no marriage licenses and the Hebrew word 'mamzer' meant someone racially mixed. Someone racially mixed was not to be allowed to live amongst the Israelites, lest they produce even more mamzers.

    Thus Christian Identity is a racial religion.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Both YHWH's LAW and Ability to Have FAITH are Written On the Christian Israelite's Heart

    Both YHWH's LAW and Ability to Have FAITH are Written On the Christian Israelite's Heart


    Religion: Synthesis, Reconciliation Of Intellect, Sentiment
    (Apollonian, 5 Sep 10)


    Comrades: ck my entries in "Lindstedtania" which the moderator has now titled, "Appy happy, yappy, crappy"--which title I don't endorse, but what can I do w. such a "moderator"? Regardless, below are basic considerations in intro for general subject of religion, thence specifically, Christianity.

    What you could do with such a moderator is to honor his wishes and post your material where anyone really wanting to read it could go and do so as opposed to having it litter his entire subforum. Or you could ask the Administrator for your own sub-forum to post your material so that again, people who want to read it could do so as well.

    I've pointed out in other threads that you obviously know nothing about Christian Identity nor even Christianity. You have made it clear that you are unable and unwilling to learn anything outside jewr own silliness. I've come to the conclusion that you are a deranged Hybernigger ex-catlick whigger who really needs to try to stop trying to recreate Churchianity it jewr own image and who needs to join the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd Hardy and Cousin John Q. Whigger and cut out the sky pilots and worsesheep jewrself. Solipsism -- that's what Appy suffers from.

    My own mother is dumb as a bag of rocks herself. I learned early on that the way to 'win' an argument with her was through the use of ridicule. She never was able to learn anything other than that arguing with me was painful, and thus not to be engaged in for long until I unlimber my heavy artillery. And so it is with all whiggers -- and jews and mamzers and others. They have nothing to say because they have nothing new to think. They are not able to think. They have been crippled since birth.

    (1) Why "religion"?--it's the (best) synthesis/accommodation/reconciliation of intellect w. sentiment in accord w. habit of subconscious, this consistent w. intellectual conviction. Note intellect isn't too easy for folks--it's something one eases into gradually as one gets older and more clever.

    Religion is a racial matter. If you are of Israelite descent, the Law of YHWH is written on your heart. You know how to behave because it is part of your very make-up. That is why Whites are able to create civil societies and a working social order.

    If on the other hand, you are a jew, then the Way of Satan is written in jewr ichor because you derived out of Satan's pee-hole, like my friend Pastor John Britton's mother put it. You as a jew will be able to do nothing but evil because you are the spawn of Satan and a parasite.

    If you are a deranged mamzer suffering from the schidzoid tendencies resulting from Peter-Dunkin, then you will be yapping like a mattoid about something you will never be able to understand.

    So Appy, you will now show that you belong in Category 3, and we are about to hear a wave of silly-squawk in which the whiggers, mamzers and jews will be on like flies on shit.

    (2) Thus religion is aesthetic, and for Christianity, note it's aesthetic dramatization based upon literature of New Testament (NT). The "Christian Identity" (CI) people want to ignore NT and revert to Old Test. (OT)--which then negates the Christ which is only found in NT--just one of the serious problems w. CI.

    No, the problem with Christian Identity is that it isn't strong enough yet to give importunate Hybernigger mackeral-snappers, mentally deficient whiggers, Peter-Dunkin deranged mamzers, and Genesis 3:15 motivated jews a good pokerizing for witlessly yapping about that which they know nothing about.

    Appy makes the dogmatic assertion -- every dog has itz dogma -- that the New Testament depends upon cutting out the Old Testament. A typpycully ignorant and idiotic ASSertion, which Appy is wont to make. The New Testament derives from the Old Testament. Thus all portions of the Bible are understood and obeyed. Something that Appy is never going to understand.

    The only way to explain this to Appy, is to erect a scaffold in which Appy is standing with a noose around its unwashed Hybernigger catlick neck atop two sets of wooden blocks. You paint the nine-inch block blue and label it the "Old Testament." Then there is a four-inch block painted red labelled the "New Testament." Then you go ahead and tell Appy, "Appy, you solipsistic catlick Hybernigger ass-clown dumber than paddy's pig, as per jewr request, we are about to kick out the "Old Testament" out from under jewrself altogether. Any last words?"

    Of course this is only after Swedish water-boarding/Swedentrunkening hasn't worked.

    (3) But note outright, formal "philosophy," by itself, is so DIFFICULT for most people, thus the religion (of sentiment and style) is something easier to learn first--by which then one can move into (the) philosophy. Thus as small child I learned about dear, little baby Christ born in a manger, etc.

    Appy put the 'Special' in 'Special Edjewmacation.' Appy is so very clever, managing to dig an undigested peanut out of an entire hogshead or dozen of Catlick papist shit -- or so Appy 'thinks.'

    And note then Christianity is actually the mother culture of all the good and great things we have fm Western civ.--specifically, modern science fm N. Italy and Galileo (then Newton), and legal tradition, including the social contract (also fm Renaissance Italy), thence Hobbes, Locke, and the US Constitution.

    All of which goes to show that Appy hasn't read Hobbes or Locke. The antithesis of Hobbes was John Milton. Hobbes was an 'intellectual' for the Stuart dynasty arguing about the mythical 'Divine Right of Kings.' Milton was the Parliamentarian Puritan arguing that Kings had to obey the Law as put out by the People's representatives in Parliament. John Locke was more on the LibberToonian set of the fence, arguing that there was some sort of 'social contract' under which whiggerdumb and mamzerkind and jewboys could somehow live in harmony.

    As noted before, Race makes Religion. Adamic man is able to create a social order. Israelite man is able to create a civilization. Race makes for Religion. The Law of YHWH is written on the Israelite's heart. Thus man's regimes or the jew-lies which underpin it, are of no legitimacy. YHWH sat by and let the Israelite kings be overthrown by rebels, and in a few instances, brought about regime change, cf. Jereboam and General Jehu versus the House of Ahab.

    The mess we have here is because whiggers have edjewmacated away the White Man's Racial Religion. This Israel has again, like with the Adamites before the Flood under Cain, and under Nimrod after the Flood, created ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final, which is due to collapse because of a lack of White Man running things.

    My task as a DSCI pastor is not to teach evil jews about the White Man's Racial Religion. Nor is it to teach whiggers or mamzers, for nothing can be done until they die in the Great Tribulation. I am sent only to the self-found sheep of the House of Israel.

    (4) But now then, specifically about dear old Christianity--how exactly to characterize it and identify it?

    Appy, as a deranged whigger or mamzer cannot find that which does not exist within Appy. Neither Law nor Faith can be detected within Appy.

    (5) Thus Christianity is reverence of and for TRUTH--Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8. For Christianity is all about TRUTH, and God is TRUTH, and everything else, like "love," "peace," and "faith" is ordered accordingly. Thus greatest ethical virtue is HONESTY, obviously, in honor of truth.

    Appy couldn't identify TRUTH or HONESTY if it came up to him in the guise of a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity minister and punched Appy in the nose.

    As Ezra Pound pointed out: Americans can only at best be trained, like animals, not educated, like humans. It is such a small remnant able to understand the Will of YHWH, having eyes do see, having ears to hear do hear, having minds to understand do know and obey, and thus hearing Christ's Voice do come and be saved. cf. Matt 13:10-17.

    Appy is not one of YHWH's sheep, and thus cannot hear Christ's Voice.

    (6) For note that's our great human quandary, as Pilate asked in Gosp. JOHN, "what is truth?" For human life is the great struggle to know (this) truth--esp. against all the horrific corruption, conspiracy, and lies we must wade through and contend with, as we search and struggle for that precious truth.

    Appy is the unmanageable whigger or mamzer in the bowel Movement who contributes to the chaos and noise which will bring ZOG/Babylon down.

    (7) And consistent w. philosophy, Christianity then is perfectly understood in contrast to, and as Hegelian ANTI-THESIS of the preceding Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44). Naturally then Jews emphasize SUBJECTIVISM (see RevisionistHistory.org and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo).

    Appy sees and hears Hegelian jew-jew voo-doo doo-doo and thinks that it is of some danger. But not to the Christian Israelite, who does not hear -- or fear -- D-g's Voice.

    Never fear the chaos of the Great Tribulation, for it is the whirlpool in the Great Toilet Bowl which will swirl the jews, mamzers and whiggers down the drain to their deaths by the billions.

    My ministry is simple: Stay alert, stay strong, come out of Babylon, survive as best you can giving trust and faith in YHWH, and when ZOG/Babylon is no more, await the Return of Christ. You are islands of Order in a sea of Chaos.

    But in between, there are many tasks necessary for survival, which you must do.

    (8) Thus note how Christ affirms Aristotle and the objective reality (Gosp. JOHN 8:32), assuring us there's such thing as TRUTH--which necessarily requires objectivity as criterion/standard (the "God-given" reality).

    First Plato, then Aristotle, Appy. Maybe itz time to go Dionesian, and enjoy the w[h]ine and goat pizzle.

    (9) So these above notations are basic things for proper understanding of Christianity and Christian religion and philosophy. Observe such philosophy isn't too critical or urgent as things are going well in civilization and economy--u can often very well just sit back and watch TV all day--esp. for the weaklings and inferiors of society, as we see.

    You understand NOTHING about Christianity, Appy. Pagan Greek philosophers didn't either.

    The Foundations of Christianity are Law and Faith. Only the pure-blooded Israelite is able to have either and both. Not being of Israel by blood, you can not see and hear and understand this, any more than you are able to hear what a dog hears and smell what a dog smells. Your brain is unable to derive it, and certainly not in a papist-approved book of G[r]eek phili-[stine]sophistry.

    CONCLUSION: (10) It's only when the Jews and cohorts start to really take over and killing lots of people in mass quantities that sinners begin to take notice and leave off w. the football games to ask, "duhhhhhhhhhhhh geeeeeeeee, but what's going on?"--this is when people start to "getting religion"--it's a CYCLIC phenomenon ("religion") in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

    Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    Appy, if you read Oswald Spengler, Spengler railed against '[j]universalism' which Spengler said was a characteristic of the Whigger empires and would be the death of Western man. You see, mighty Evil Empires always bring in mud slaves, allow jews to run wild, and destroy the Founding White Stock which made the infant social order, then the Empire possible. Today, we see the end result of ZOG/Babylon, in which [d]ruling regime-criminal whiggers 'think' that we will be living in multi-culti, multi-racial harmony -- if only the evil racist White Man is dead or imprisoned as slaves.

    Now if you were honest, as opposed to being a deranged whigger or mamzer, you would support the efforts of Christian Identity in gaining its birthright as the White Man's Racial [HATE] Religion which will destroy ZOG/Babylon. The jews hate Christianity in general and Christian Identity in particular. But you can't seem to make the connection, Appy. You come out from popery, which was all about imposing Rome upon the Aryan man so that guidos and spics and other miscegenated mamzers could live off the White Man. Against which, Aryan Israelite Nordic White Men rebelled, setting up a thousand Protestant denominations in which in some harlot churches, like the Puritans, the Law was paramount, in some like the dunkin' Babtists and Pemtecostal Lint-heads, Faith was paramount.

    Christian Identity has both Law and Faith incorporated into it and we use the entire Bible to guide out lawful faithful hearts.

    Something you will NEVER understand, Appy.

    But by all means, say -- usually witlessly -- what you intend to say, but if you are gonna be a whigger or mamzer papist ass-clown, please confine jewr endeavors to the appropriate thread.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Christian Israelite White Men have Free Will; papist hybernigger mamzers have Determinism

    Christian Israelite White Men have Free Will; papist hybernigger mamzers have Determinism


    Quote Originally Posted by apollonian View Post

    Answer The Question, Pilgrim
    (Apollonian, 5 Oct 10)

    "6Killer": why don't u answer the theologic question, coward?--do u have a perfectly "free" will?--this isn't rocket-science--give us a simple yes or no, stick-nigger. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    Aryan Christian Israelite White men have free will. We are true men, the highest order of humanity, and when Christ calls, being His sheep we hear His voice, we listen and obey for the Law of YHWH is written on our hearts. We are given Free Will so that we can choose to obey or to disobey.

    The jew, being the spawn of Satan, does the work of its father. John 8:44. They have a sort of anti-soul which enables them to dimly understand, as well as hate, their anti-thesis, the Son of YHWH. Such have no free will, their end is already predetermined to be vessels of wrath, cf. Romans Chapter 9. Thus jews are the ultimate materialists, and create ZOG/Babylon in which the Adamic/Israelite White man is to be enslaved and destroyed, be it Khazar Communism or Khazar Capitalism.

    The non-whites and mamzers are the soulless Sixth-Day Beasts of the Field. They have no souls, no hope, no choice. Accordingly, they have invented their own racial religion like Hinduism or Buddhism in which they are cursed with Eternal Life under Determinism, until such time, be it 84,000 life cycles or some shortcut, by which they can achieve nothingness or Nirvana as they call it. The Orientals like the Chinese and Japanese live not for the future, but entirely for the present, which is why their inherent racial religions are a mixture of animism idolatry, ancestor worship, and live-for-today moral codes like Confuciousism and Tao.

    The three subraces of Europe are the Alpines, the Mediterraneans, and the Nordics. The racial religion of the Alpines is Eastern Orthodox in which these mainly mamzers worship idols but perform some works. I don't know that much about such, but imagine that their religion is a mixture of determinism and free will. At least they have not been parasitic upon the Nordic White Man and live without thinking that they are going to force their religion upon the Nordic White Man. That may be because they have always been stupider and more backward savages and barbarians, that the Swedish Rus could rule over Slavs and Pechennigs.

    The Mediterraneans are the Italians, Spanish, Welsh, Irish, etc. Their racial religion is Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholicism is a 'universalist' religion which took the Babylonian Trinity/Gaia/Cybelene worship and mixed with it a lot of Greek paganism/pederasty. Being racially mixed mamzers, they believe in determinism and in lawlessness in which when these no-longer-quite-White critters act lawlessly, sin can be taken care if by idolatry to the idol/demons or by simony to the baal-priest, or, if sorta nubile, by pederasty to the above-mentioned baal-priests. A farrago of Babylonianism was mixed up and made into a racial religion for parasitic mamzers who like the jews think that they ought to live off of the Nordic Aryan White Man, called Roman Catholicism. Founded by Simon Magus, imposed by baal-priests, curtailed by the Protestant Reformation.

    Being a bunch of parasitic mamzers and baal-priests, Roman Catholics view Aryan Nordic White Men following their racial religion as 'heretic' slaves to be harnessed to let you muds and mamzers 'feed and breed' at our expense. White Men used to understand this, which is why they despised papists and especially papist hyberniggers. cf. Gangs of New York.

    Now the Nordic/Aryan/Israelite White Man has a racial religion of Protestantism, in which a mixture of both Faith and Works are expected. The diverse mix as to how much Faith and how much Works explains the denominational differences. The understanding is that of course White Men have Free Will. We have none of the fatalism of the muds and mamzers. This is why the Protestant White Man conquered the entire world. Our mistake was in breeding more mamzers and letting the lesser races live amongst us, for which we will pay, pay hard and pay bloody.

    Christian Identity is the racial religion of the Ultimate Nordic/Aryan/Israelite White Man. We have both Law, thus Works, plus Faith, thus Grace. And because Christ chooses us, we in turn have a choice as to whether to hear and obey, thus Free Will.

    So to sum it up, us Nordic/Aryan/Israelite Dual-Seedline Christian Identity believers like myself and Pastor John Britton have Free Will. A stupid typpycull degenerate papist hybernigger mamzer idol-worsheeper like jewself, Appy, have nothing but Determinism left. Today you are a regrettably free-range papist hybernigger mamzer, tomorrow rightfully a dead dirt-dog-doomed papist hybernigger mamzer who might feed a Hindu embarking on the first few hundred of itz 84,000 cycles as a maggot.

    Now lest you stomp jewr little hybernigger feet and pout and piss and moan and threaten me and Pastor John Britton with Purgatory, Appy, let me remind your pointy stupid hybernigger mackeral-snapping head of one indisputable fact:

    Purgatory is nothing but a baal-priest fable told to dumb-ass papist mamzers in order to get them to work on the baal-priestery, and give their ZOGbux when old and asses when young to the baal-priests. Das Swedentrunkening/Swedish Waterboarding is something real that real mean Aryan White Men inflicted in order to teach you lesser idolatrous papist whiggers and mamzers to not fuck with the White Man or to interfere with the White Man's racial religion.

    Only one more question remaining to be answered, and only by Appy. How many buckets of our piss and shit, Appy, do me and Pastor Britton have to put over the fire, then apply, before you get it?

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Are non-Whites entitled to ANY humane treatment according to religious law?

    Are non-Whites entitled to ANY humane treatment according to religious law?


    Mandalore asks

    When the shit hits the fan, is it permissible for a full-blooded White man to:
    1)Kill nigger and spic children and ENJOY doing it?
    2)Rape Jewesses raw before disemboweling them?
    3)Steal the property of muds and traitors?

    Are these things considered 'sinful' by DSCI ?
    Are non-Whites entitled to ANY humane treatment according to religious law?

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Rules of Land Warfare During the Great Tribulation.

    Rules of Land Warfare During the Great Tribulation.


    Mandalore asks:

    When the shit hits the fan, is it permissible for a full-blooded White man to:
    1)Kill nigger and spic children and ENJOY doing it?
    2)Rape Jewesses raw before disemboweling them?
    3)Steal the property of muds and traitors?

    Are these things considered 'sinful' by DSCI ?
    Are non-Whites entitled to ANY humane treatment according to religious law?

    There are no 'rules' in a racial, religious and class civil war. There are only sides. Win the war and write the history and you will be on the 'right' side. it is always the losers who are said to have started the war.

    When the Great Tribulation comes items #1, #2, and #3 are permissible acts of civil warfare against regime criminals and whiggers, much less non-Israelites and spawn of Satan jews. Not that it won't happen regardless of DSCI 'permission,' but will happen regardless because such is the nature and always has been the nature of warfare.

    There is a Great Tribulation coming. As Jesus Christ said, this Great Tribulation will be like nothing seen before and its like will never be seen again. If not for Christ's return no flesh shall be saved. Jeremiah Chapter 16 predicts that Israelites will suffer grevious deaths, and are not to be mourned or buried.

    The current situation with non-whites amongst the whiggers is unnatural. And when this unnatural state seeks its final solution the end result will not be pretty. As it is, the jews and whiggers plot the end of White Civilization, not understanding that when the White man disappears then so shall the whigger and the jew. The reason that the jew exists is to ensure that Heaven is none too crowded. That is why Hitler couldn't have killed all of them even if he would have been able to do so.

    When Rosa Parks died, and all the stupid whiggers and whigger-mestizos were yapping about how awful it was, I said that the stupid nigger bitch helped destroy any hope of racial peace. By destroying segregation in which both black and white could live in peace separately, the stupid bitch made race war inevitable. When a race war starts, it ends up like Santo Domingo or the ZOGland will end.

    I don't think that anyone, not even myself, appreciates how vicious this present civil war will become. It will be a racial war, like Santo Domingo. It will be a religious war like the Thirty Years War. It will be a class war, like the French and Russian Revolution. And it will be bloodier than all these wars rolled up into one.

    I was watching Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" this morning, watching the Mayan Evil Empire raping and pillaging the village of hunters. And in that film, the children were not killed, but crying as their parents were taken away, the ones alive that is, they were left to starve. And the oldest little girl, like my Helen, said that she would 'take care of the little ones.' How? When even the hero didn't come back to save them but only his wife and baby. Did not those fictional children starve slowly.

    And then I was back to thinking of the events of April 9, 2004, when my grandchildren were taken weeping from their home, especially my Helen. And I swore an Oath to YHWH that I would destroy the families of every single regime criminal and whigger supporter of ZOG, high or low, and make their children scream before being sent to hell. So, likewise I hear that my Helen cries when she cannot help her youngest two half-brothers.

    Mel Gibson's story about the Maya was somewhat historical. The Maya suffered from a parasitic upper class and their empire ended well before 1000 AD, 550 years before the appearance of the Spanish in this movie. But Mel Gibson's movie was not about the Maya -- it was about ZOG.

    I have come to where I am today in DSCI because I refuse to disclaim violence. I advocate war against ZOG. If I am going to torture the spawn of regime criminals who have wronged me, and if I read the jewspaper to find yapping whiggers who have just yapped out their death warrants, then how can I go against those who will use this civil war to destroy their regime criminal and whigger enemies. The only thing that will keep me from executing my thieving treasonous whigger brother is what my father might reproach me with, saying that he forgives his treason against himself, why couldn't I forgive his treason against me? My sister, also a thief, is a regime criminal DFS/welfare baby stealer, and whatever the aggrieved do against her and her family has my complete approval.

    Folks, DSCI shall win this war. The reason is because we have no problem with escalating the violence. We will obey the Duet. Chapter 19 Rules of Warfare. Surrender all the regime criminals or the entire city is destroyed. And the weaponry is lying around. Likewise the Arabs will win their war, even though all that is left of Palestine is a glass parking lot.

    Now I thought this way before ZOG destroyed my family. I got into a big fight with the jewess Claire-the-jewkel-Wolfe back in 1998 over the question of rape. I said that I'd pay off my troops in pussy, among other things. Rape is part of war. And just like today, there were the militia generals and feebs who had a fit about it. Yet, I remain and they ran off. Doubtless they are saving guns so as to turn them over when O'Nigger takes them away.


    On this listserver, there are a number of whiggers who grow uncomfortable with my militantcy. They seek to play at whigger nutsionalistism in which the muds, like the whigger-whimperer Edgar Steele and Peterless Skank 'think' will somehow just segregate theysselfs peacefully and spare Whiggery. They look askance at those of us who would take care of the problem the old fashioned way, through extermination. And they whine about how I should censor myself.

    All non-whites according to DSCI are animals without souls. All jews are the biological or adoptive spawn of Satan. And whiggers, while they have the potential for having what little Holy Spirit grow from the soul they were given as their birthright because they were born Israelite, most of them die with no more moral relevance than a Tyson's white chicken, hatched in three weeks, fed for six weeks, and processed for meat afterwards.

    And thus the DSCI believer finds that he is in the middle of dealing with animals who are especially dangerous because they have something in the way of intelligence and who almost always choose evil. Only one in 20 of the whiggers have any leadership ability. And they too choose evil most of the time. And their evil will spell the death of the White race if things are allowed to proceed. Just as the First Babylon was before the Flood, when sinful Adamites misceginated with muds and demons and YHWH sent a local flood to destroy them, and like the Second Babylon, founded by Nimrod and Semiramis sought to misceginate away the Whites under color of building a tower, so too does ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final seek to destroy the last Whites. See Daniel 2:42-44.

    So the vast majority of whigger ZOGlings deserve to die, should die, and will die. And what I seek to build is a Church which will bring this battle to ZOG/Babylon so that Christ will return to find something worth saving. And since I am a Believer, I can take whatever ZOG dishes out with patience and good humor.

    Which is why I always evaluate whigger nutsionalists harshly. Someone who is inherently weak and effeminant to begin with, and has no religious belief, like Kevin Alfred Strom, will fold and confess to whatever he is told to confess, just as piglice and jewdges and lawyers and whiggers will confess to end their pain under torture. DSCI activists hang much stronger because of our belief system. A whigger nutsionalist is in whigger nutsionalism simply because it suits his vanity to be so. When things go wrong, he will fold and beg for mercy. DSCI activists neither ask for nor grant mercy.

    Also, DSCI functions well under chaos, because we have self-discipline. Whiggers have no such thing.

    The Bush Administration and regime criminal whiggers repealed 1000 years of White Civilization in legalizing torture. They will live to regret it when they are tortured themselves.

    Accordingly, I offer ordination to Whites of pure bloodline to use DSCI as both Sword and Shield to destroy ZOG. If, they along the course of the civil warfare develop a soul while depriving vicious animals of their lives and property and all the benefits of civilization that they never could create and cannot maintain, then all that more to the better. I wrote eight pages of an article to that effect while in jail that I need to finish. In any case, DSCI is the White Man's Racial Hate Religion. I think it is about to take off like Christianity did post AD 33, and Islam did post 632 AD.

    There are no innocents in a civil war, my friend, only sides.

    Don't let yourself become damaged while disposing of dangerous animals, some in the very image of Satan. They have no rights that you have any burden to respect. I don't see any purposes in torturing non-whites other than as individual acts of revenge and to persuade any that we do spare to get on the boat without trouble. On occasion it might be best to grant mercy to whiggers as a reward for doing what you demand, without question and upon unconditional surrender.

    I stand as a rock on the DSCI right, and say, that there is no sin in doing away with evil by doing away with evildoers.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Originally posted on StumbleInn on 01-05-2009, 09:40 PM

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    Default Answering some sundry questions

    Answering some sundry questions


    On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 5:30 PM, xxxxxxx wrote:

    Hi Martin,

    Is there a simple answer to why Yahweh, in Exodus 3:22, told these supposedly Aryan Israelites to steal from the Egyptians?

    "But every woman shall borrow of her neighbour, and of her that sojourneth in her house, jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment: and ye shall put them upon your sons, and upon your daughters; and ye shall spoil the Egyptians."

    Borrow? lmao. They are stealing and running away with the loot never to return it again!


    The Israelites has been enslaved in Egypt for 400 years. Sort of like the wage and tax slaves of today, but far worse.

    So therefore, for back wages, YHWH simply put the Egyptians to paying for services rendered under whip and lash, leaving the Egyptians with the capital improvements and merely taking the temporary portable wealth. The Egyptians got to keep the capital improvements that the Hebrew slaves had created, not only monuments, but canals, reservoirs, and irrigation projects. Thus if fewer gold and silver jewelry and costly garments were not buried in some pharoah's tomb, then what of it in the overall general scheme of things.

    Also to be understood is that the Hebrews lived in Goshen, i.e. the Eastern Delta of Upper Egypt, where the Hyksos, Persian, and Macedonian invaders had mounted invasions on Egypt. In all effects, the common people didn't get the brunt of having to pay out the spoils, just as they didn't get the benefit of the slavery. As back then as now, you had the corrupt elites living off of the commons, and usually acting against their detriment and against their interests, which is why there are few or no pure-blooded Hamitic Egyptians around today, but rather mongrelized Arabs. In fact the word 'Arab' was originally a word like 'mestizo' and 'mulatto' and meant racially mixed.

    It is difficult in these godless times in which the [j]universalist religion is solipsism to refrain from judging YHWH in the light of that which we think is fair and just. Yet the Bible doesn't contradict itself, and in looking at questions the best answer is when you do not know all the whys and wherefores is to admit as much, as opposed to jew baal-priests like Eliar James and Rabbi Finckelsheenie to simply make shit up and have the mamzer and whigger ass-clowns eat all that stupid shit up.

    But this is not the case here. The Israelites had been in Egypt for 400 years, invited there probably around the time of the Hyksos kings, and then enslaved and put to work as unpaid laborers. The capital improvements made were going to be left behind, so YHWH instructed the Israelites to take portable baubles with them as back wages. These spoils were used for both bad -- like making golden calves -- and for good, like building the Tabernacle. That these Israelites, our ancestors, made valuable slaves, is not in dispute, in that if they had been jews or niggers, not even able to live on their own, then Pharoah wouldn't have bothered to try to keep them.

    Looking at the historical record, one finds that there is no real agreement until about the time of the Assyrian Empire, which kept records. Nebuchadnezzars son Nabondius supposedly was the first archeologist to try to collect ancient clay tablets. However, today we no longer have access to original sources, and thus must rely on authors living around late Classical times, like Josephus and Philo and Vergil, who were not immune to political pressures of their time.

    So what is today's Christian Identity pastor to do? Shall we follow the jew Eli James, trying to bring in new doctrine like the Books of Nostradamus or the Mayan Calendar, claiming that nigger-gook mamzers like Bryan Reo and the Mayans were and are Israelites? Or like the Jersey City jewboy criminal William Finck [el-sheenie] and the delusional Captn Senility Clifton Emahiser, creating new and even more idiotic dogma such as that Hitler was the ArchAngel Michael and that everyone is both a Canaanite jew, while letting in mamzers like Bryan Reo and jewdass the jewst and Jeromy Visser as 'Aryan' Israelites? Neither Eli James nor William Finck, being jews, know or understand anything about Christian Identity. Clifton Emahiser, given his hatred and inferiority complex vis a vis Bertrand Comparet, has been changing doctrine in order to claim that everyone is a jew except, of course, William Finck and Bryan Reo, who are now 'Aryan' Israelites, in defiance of simple eyesight.

    The Christian Identity pastor is to understand the basics of his religion, then where he doesn't know to simply say so. The basics of Christian Identity say that modern Whites are the 'lost' sheep of the House of Israel. The basics of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity says that there are two seedlines, one good, of the House of Israel through Adam to Seth to Noah to Shem to Abraham-Isaac-Jacob-Israel, and one that is evil, of Satan through the line of Cain, then some through Canaan, and then some through Esau. That Noah's Flood was only a local flood to destroy miscegenating Adamites. And that a Great Tribulation is soon coming to finish off the Age of Mankind living without YHWH. And thus anything outside these doctrinal issues and effects are of really no great instance. Thus we can believe in dinosaurs and that which happened at any time before Adam was created (Septuagint dating) approximately 7,000 years ago. That it but in the nature of speculation on that which does not really matter.

    So therefore I do not create any new doctrine as do Eliar James, William Finck-el-sheenie, or other baal-priests of D-g.

    Someone asked me who else in Christian Identity should be trusted. Answer, Mike Hallimore of Kingdom Identity Ministries, who is really nothing more than a bookseller and republisher of Wesley Swift and especially Bertrand Comparet. By all means send in $100 for the AIT correspondence course, but do not send in $200 because all you will get is some questions which repeat the course verbatim graded by females, and thus a waste of time and money because you won't get it all at once if you sign up as a student.


    Does Mike Hallimore lead anyone? Not that I know of. But of course neither do I lead anyone because my mission is to decentralize both White Nationalism and Christian Identity because the Great Tribulation will kill most of the whiggers and all of the muds, and thus the survivors will be lead by warlords, practicing a primitive form of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity.


    Can you name 3 people in CI or White Nationlism (besides yourself) that are on the up and up? I am talking about public figures or quasi "leaders".

    I've named Mike Hallimore as a 'CI Leader' when in fact Hallimore is actually a bookseller of established DSCI doctrine, and not really a leader, but rather a teacher and expounder of Comparet and Swift.

    Two White Nationalist 'leaders' I would say are legitimate and relatively honest are Billy Roper and Harold Covington.

    Billy Roper is level-headed and has administrative ability. He treated me fairly at the Topeka Anti-Brown Rayy in May 2004. If Pierce would have been allowed to give it to Roper, there still probably would have been a National Alliance around today, which is why Pierce was made to give his organization founded on $300,000-400,000 in Order money to Eric Gliebe, who pissed it all away, what Pierce wasn't forced to disgorge in order to die at his compound in Hillsboro, West Virginia. Pierce ran a sort of Elohim City for CreaTards and CreaTurds, and National Alliance was a false-flag operation run by ZOG to keep track of the largely anglo-mestizo skinheads.

    So given all these abilities what is Billy Roper's vision? Right now running for president next year which has as much chance of success as Roper's running for governor of Arkansas last year. I'll support Billy Roper's run over John DeNutjob Nugent, and David Duck, but what will come of it? Nothing.

    Now Harold Covington has a vision of Northwest Migration and then revolutionary colonial war against ZOG and the setting up of a racial homeland for Whites. Covington is the best writer in the bowel Movement by far.

    But Covington's flaws are an inability to organize anything, inability to find and attract people of iron character, and an unwillingness to "carry through" with what Covington proposes. For example, Covington has a whiny tubal-kenite Pictish mamzer who is a follower of the Chicago sephardic jew Eli James, a blustering buffoon named Commandork McBragg/McFagg/Steve Elder. Additionally, a collection of dysfunctionals like a Connecticut gliberal whiggress gradjewate of Guru U versed in Tantric F_lying, a delusional whigger from Pittsburg named Richard Glieke who cannot stand revolutionary violence and a number of young jews at the self-hating teenage years. The end result is that Covington will get some 'traction' but will find that he can't go forward with the dysfunctionals that he has accumulated. Nor does Covington have the stomach for a purge of his dysfunctionals or an understanding of the Internut enough to run a real business from which to get rich, like David Duke/the Duckster. This is not only my conclusion
    because others have remarked on these matters.

    Thus while I have no problem with Billy Roper and Harold Covington as being relatively honest White Nationalists, they want to build up organizations which attract dysfunctional piss-pul in the face of destruction during the teeth of the Great Tribulation. Nothing shall or can be built today, and their visions run afoul of reality in that there is no political solution given a degenerate population. Any bidding talent is to be kept underground and be used for purposes only of destruction of ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final. Their visions, if any, shall never come to pass in the face of decay, destruction and dissolution. Only the Great Tribulation can save YHWH's Servant Nation by using fire and sword to exterminate most of the whiggers and all of the muds and jews parasiting upon whiggers -- with the whiggers' indulgent and cowardly assent. Not until this Great Collapse is done and over with, taking all of the corrupt and dissolute, and all problem makers are gone with the whirlwind, can anything get done.

    So, have I answered all of your questions?

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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