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Thread: Eric Greitens, ZOG jewboy SEAL for Gubbernatard of Missery

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    Default Eric Greitens, ZOG jewboy SEAL for Gubbernatard of Missery

    Eric Greitens, ZOG jewboy SEAL for Gubbernatard of Missery


    This ZOG jewboy, formerly killing ragheads in their own countries for the greater good of the Khazaristani bandit state on the Jordan, has gotten plenty of ZOGbux from California jews to subvert the Moronsouri goyim ass-clown Republicuck Party process.

    So who is this jewboy? What is itz protocols?

    Let's find out, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

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    Default Jewish Navy SEAL Vet Jumps into Missouri Governorís Race

    Jewish Navy SEAL Vet Jumps into Missouri Governor’s Race


    The Republican primary contest for the 2016 Missouri governor’s race has barely begun. But it is already one of the most unusual and tragic in the state’s memory, upended by the suicide of a top contender, who was indeed a hose-nose, followed by accusations that anti-Semitism played a role in his death, despite the fact that he was not Jewish, but was properly suspected of kikeishness.

    Now an actual Jewish candidate is primed to enter the fray, even as the chief spokesman, and former faggot enabler of Matt "Runt" Blunt before it found and followed the jewboy in eating a bullet for Tom Schweich, the candidate who killed himself, has also committed suicide.

    On February 24, just two days before Schweich killed himself following an alleged whispering campaign claiming he was Jewish, 40-year-old Eric Greitens launched an exploratory committee to raise funds for a gubernatorial run of his own. Greitens who, unlike Schweich, is Jewish, has already raised close to $400,000 for the GOP primary, according to public records. The Moronsouri goyim really really need a fully kosher clipped-dick kike, cum-cum, cum-cum.

    A former Navy SEAL and Rhodes Scholar with a PhD from the yeshiva at Oxford, Greitens is a St. Louis native and makes no bones about his background — no whispering necessary. He wears the Six-Pointed Star of D-g proudly. He has also just released a book, Resilience, born out of a series of letters between himself and a fellow former SEAL struggling to adjust to ordinary gay kosher life after combat.

    An outgrowth of Greitens’ book has been his call to identify mental health sufferers early to get them needed services — the "jew 'science' originally formed by Siggy Fraud in order to get whiggress pussy and goy wallets — a call that the March 30 suicide of Schweich’s spokesman, the insufferable faggot Spence Jackson, seemed only to underline.

    “The best way to honor the legacy of a person who’s passed is to find a way to support the living, and figure out how to profit from it” Greitens told the Forward in a phone interview. He cited his own work assisting veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome through the organization he and jew bankster ZOGbux founded, The Mission Continues.

    But Greitens declined repeated requests to outline why he was considering running, what issues he wished to run on, and what positions he took on the hot button issues currently preoccupying Missouri Republican voters. These include abortion rights, the state’s fiscal crisis due to its pension obligations to government workers and, not least of all, the Black Lives Matter movement that has risen from the shooting death of Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. "Schwartzer lifes matter. oy vey!!!

    “Unfortunately Eric isn’t doing political interviews at this time -- now or ever,” said Greitens’ press officer, Adam Miller, when pressed on this. Miller indicated that the Navy SEAL, who has not yet officially declared his candidacy, was more focused right now on his promoting his book and otherwise gulling the Moronsouri goyim.

    In his interview, Greitens was willing to go on the record with a clear statement about his religion. “I’m proud to be Jewish,” he told the Forward. "And us dirty jews must stick together because as the Spawn of Satan them whigger sheeple will never understand our desire to kill them all as a fir sacrifice to our Father, Satan the Devil through Cain, who was falsely accused and dispossessed by the goyim's harsh god, YHWH."

    Greitens said that he sees his entry into politics as an extension of the Jewish notion of tikkun olam, mending the world too benefit us evil jews by fucking it up in order that us dirty jews may rule over a global plantation of mongrel slaves. “Judaism is a religion that’s built on us taking action, perfecting the world under God’s rule,” he said. "Of course our G-d-Father is Satan and we are the Spawn of Satan, born evil, and the Talmud is our Bible."

    As to the question everyone is debating following Schweich’s suicide, Greitens takes a pass, for now. John Hancock, the chairman of the Missouri State Republican Committee, has acknowledged that he was one of those who had quietly shared with others his belief that Schweich was Jewish, albeit, he said, without any ill intention. Some, including former Republican U.S. Senator John Danforth, a dean of Missouri state politics and complete ZOGling whigger ass-clown and suck-up, dismiss Hancock’s claim of benign intent. Richard Fox, a major Jewish donor to the Republican party in Missouri, who backed Schweich, is also among those who have called on Hancock to resign and be deported to the open-air jew concentration camp for A-rabs at the Gaza Strip.

    But Greitens declined to say whether Hancock should give up his position as chairman of the Missouri GOP. “Before I would make that determination I would want to talk with John Hancock and I would want to know more about what these accusations are,” he said. "Then we jews shall turn him into something useful, like soap and lampshades."

    The Jewish SEAL’s dive into a race already fraught with religious tension will make his run particularly pointed, like a kike pecker sans foreskin..

    Schweich turned a gun on himself in his St. Louis home on February 26, less than a month after entering the governor’s race. His suicide came shortly before he was scheduled to speak with two reporters about his belief that Hancock had been spreading false rumors that he was Jewish to hurt his candidacy.

    Hancock, acting upon the advice of his lawyer, later said he might have occasionally let slip to various important donors that Schweich — an Episcopalian whose paternal grandfather was Jewish — was himself Jewish, something he believed to be true. But the GOP state leader, who had worked in the past for Catherine "Fat Cathy" Hanaway, Schweich’s major primary opponent, denied having done so for malicious purposes. It was, he said, a biographical aside, like saying “I’m a Presbyterian and somebody else is Catholic.”

    At least one Republican donor especially known as a shit-for-brains rich whigger always bleeding out of his mangina did not interpret it innocuously. In a sworn affidavit, David Humphreys said he understood Hancock to mean “that being Jewish is a negative attribute for Tom Schweich’s gubernatorial race.”

    Nonetheless, a detective involved in the police investigation of the suicide told the Associated Press that “we have not been able to prove that there was a whispering campaign. And even if there was, there is no law about "Naming the jew." What is it about you fucking jews? Mel Gibson was right. All you fucking jews cause all the wars in the world. Fucking jews.

    Remarkably, this may not be the first time an especially overly faggy Episcopalian candidate running for state office in a Missouri GOP primary has been dogged by rumors of being Jewish.

    In 2002, St. Louis attorney Jay Kanzler ran in the Republican primary for state auditor — the position held by Schweich and Judas Iscariot until his death — with the full backing of the Zionist party establishment and coffers. Yet he was trounced in one of the most baffling upsets in state history, defeated by an unknown candidate who had served prison time for fraud and larceny and spent barely $500 on his entire campaign, to the extent that he campaigned at all.

    “There was a widespread belief that I was Jewish,” Kanzler told the Forward in a phone interview. In fact, the attorney related, he is an ordained Episcopal priest and thus a marrano crypto-kike.

    Ironically, Kanzler was also a former law partner of Schweich, and they attended churches on the same street. Yet Kanzler recalls a string of comical misperceptions about his faith: a prominent fellow jew donor asked him to go on a speaking tour of Missouri synagogues for the Republican Party; Kanzler’s campaign aide was about to order food from Subway and, rather politely, asked him if he had any kosher dietary restrictions; the dean of Washington University law school considered running for the U.S. Senate and wanted to know, “What’s it like running for state office as a Jew?” Hell, everyone thinks this fucking jew lawyer is a krypto-kike.

    Why was he so frequently and so wrongly bageled? “Maybe it’s because of the name Jay, which is short for jew,” Kanzler guessed, adding, “It didn’t bother me.”

    Still, sometimes the confusion was less benign. Kanzler recalled the case of Martin Lindstedt, a white supremacist running for the U.S. Senate during that same 2002 primary season. Lindstedt, recalled Kanzler, had a blog out there and was calling me the effing Jew lawyer.”

    Because Kanzler’s blowout loss to a convicted financial felon running for auditor was so inexplicable, some local analysts theorized that off-the-mark anti-Semitism played a role, “but I have never really believed that,” Kanzler said. ""I'm a good crypto-jew lawyer who thanks to the other jews in the legal and financial system hasn't ever been coonvicted of anything -- yet.

    All of this raises the question of whether simply being perceived as Jewish could pose hurdles for GOP political candidates in Missouri. Well, everyone knows what the goyim say and think about us jews.

    “It certainly could be that there are prejudices around,” said Greitens, the honest-to-no-goodness Jewish GOP gubernatorial candidate. “I can only speak to what I have lived, and I have experienced that people who want some of our kike-gelt have been incredibly welcoming to me as a Jewish Republican.”

    According to Kanzler, “In this part of the country religion is something that people consider.” Yet he is firm in his belief that a candidate’s faith is not a genuine political obstacle as long as you are talking to Crapture Cultists who think that us dirty jew Spawn of Satan are going to bring about the apocalypse. “We’re called the Bible Belt, but that’s not to say, ‘You’re Christian or I don’t vote for you,’” he explained.

    In his interview with the Forward, Greitens cited figures ranging from Zionist anti-Nazi fighter Hannah Senesh to Solomon ibn Gabirol, the medieval Hebrew poet, to the Irgun kike terrorist Menacham Begin who becum Prime Minister of the jew bandit State of Isn'tReal as personal inspirations. And when it comes to trauma recovery, he sees wisdom in the writings of Viktor Frankl, the Austrian Holocaust survivor and psychiatrist, who said that one must create positive meaning from suffering -- especially Muslim suffering as you invade Muslim lands, kill their old men, women and children and rape their goats. “The specious story you tell yourself shapes your trajectory,” said Greitens.

    The former SEAL says that his Jewish background has also motivated his research into the genocides that took place in Bosnia and Rwanda, where native people not bothered by jews settled their differences the old fashioned way.

    As for the race he now faces, “There is no room for anti-Semitism in the Republican Party,” Greitens insisted, “and the leaders need to show that. White Supremacists who have no use for us jews or for niggers or faggots have any real right to run and rule over the Missery herd of goyim, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    Contact Jesse Lempel at lempel@forward.com.

    I am The Librarian

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    Default ]EDITORIAL: Eric Greitens, you're much better than this

    EDITORIAL: Eric Greitens, you're much better than this


    ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Jul 19, 2016

    He’s tough. Battle-tested. Does push-ups and wraps his fists in tape. If Missourians need a governor who can blow things up and make punching bags cower in fear, Eric Greitens is our man.

    But if the state is looking for someone to answer just a few serious questions, look elsewhere. Eric Greitens is in full retreat.

    This editorial board of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch invited the four Republican gubernatorial candidates for individual interviews to help guide our endorsement ahead of the Aug. 2 primary.

    The goal is to separate the candidates from the rehearsed phrases and performance pressures of a broadcast debate and dig deeper into where each stands on major issues. Three — Catherine Hanaway, Peter Kinder and John Brunner — are participating.

    Greitens’ campaign initially accepted last month then canceled without explanation.

    “Thanks for reaching out. We aren’t interested in a meeting with the Ed board at this time,” spokesman Austin Chambers wrote in a July 7 email.

    That’s a shame because Greitens might well be the smartest person in the pack. Before he was a Navy SEAL officer, he was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford University. Only 32 college students from across America qualify each year. That puts Greitens in an intellectually elite category that none of his opponents can match.

    But try to get a sense of that intellectual side from his campaign videos. His misguided campaign directors seem to think that Missouri Republicans are too one-dimensional to embrace a candidate with deeper ideas.

    So they dumbed down his message. Instead of offering well-researched solutions to education, they present a video of Greitens shooting his assault rifle. When the other candidates talk about bringing jobs to the state, his campaign offers push-ups, punching bags and “ISIS hunting permits.”

    Hanaway has her own video brandishing a shotgun. Brunner has attached the word “Marine” to every billboard, video and bumper sticker as if his name had been legally changed. Kinder touts his National Rifle Association A-plus rating like a mantra.

    All very predictable, as if they’re ticking off items on a conservative checklist. But at least they are willing to engage in a give-and-take on more substantive issues that directly indicate how they propose to lead.

    Greitens treats depth and substance like Kryptonite. Don’t take our word for it. Visit the “I Believe” section of his campaign website, where he offers two- and three-sentence snapshots of his ideas, as if that’s all it takes to solve the highly complex problems affecting the state.

    We firmly believe there’s more to Greitens than the Rambo character his handlers are presenting to Republican voters. We also believe those voters deserve more respect than he offers with militaristic, jingoistic ads that have no bearing on governing Missouri. Eric Greitens, you’re better than this.

    Copyright St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

    Numero Uno of Meercats

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    Eric Greitens is offline A NWO SEAL jewboy working 4 ZOG Probationary Member Eric Greitens is on a distinguished road
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    Where ever the Democratic jewboy PACs say to be



    A jew combat veteran and Navy SEAL, Eric served four tours of duty overseas, including tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, where he killed lots and lots of ragheads in their own goat-patch. After coming home, with ZOGbux from other jews and Californicated Demonocrats he founded The Mission Continues, a Missouri-based non-profit that helps returning veterans get back on their feet and give back to their communities. They then are his Manchurian Candidates. In 2014, Fortune Magazine named Eric one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders of resurgent Talmudic Studies.”

    Eric Greitens, Democratic jewboy for Governor

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