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Thread: Call for Papers -- The Alternative Right

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    Default Call for Papers -- The Alternative Right

    Call for Papers -- The Alternative Right


    This fall, Counter-Currents will publish an anthology of original essays called The Alternative Right. The goal is twofold. First, the book will explore all aspects of the Alternative Right. Second, it will also serve as a manifesto of sorts, much like the anthology I’ll Take My Stand served the Southern Agrarian movement. Topics include:
    The origins of the Alternative Right
    The Alternative Right webzine
    The Alt Right and the conservative movement
    The Alt Right and paleoconservatism
    The Alt Right and White Nationalism
    The Alt Right and the New Right
    The Alt Right and post-libertarianism
    The Alt Right and the European Right
    The Alt Right and the manosphere
    The Alt Right and Traditionalism
    The Alt Right and religion
    The Alt Right and race realism
    The Alt Right and Jews
    Rolling back political correctness/SJWs
    Memes, image boards, and troll armies
    Blogs, podcasts, and YouTube
    The Alt Right and Donald Trump
    The Alt Right in the real world
    The future of the Alt Right

    If you wish to propose an article on these or other topics, please contact me at editor@counter-currents.com. There will be an honorarium of $100 for each accepted article. Articles should be no longer than 3,000 words. The deadline is September 1st, 2016.

    Greg Johnson

    Counter-Currents Publishing
    Books Against Time

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    Default The Alternative Right is a sub-section of the Bowel Movement which will be replaced by The Ten Thousand Warlords

    The Alternative Right is a sub-section of the Bowel Movement which will be replaced by The Ten Thousand Warlords


    Having been in The [Bowel] Movement -- my name for our "little thang" as opposed to the new-fangled 'Alt-Right' or the 'Racial Right' or 'White Nationalism' -- since forming two militia groups in SouthWest Missouri after Waco a year or two before the Internuts 1.0 becum popular, I've learned that most of the Bowel Movement is either ZOGbots if suckcessfool and retards when not.

    The Christian Identity, i.e. See-Eye Dentist portion is even worse. Most of it is nothing but jews like Baal Finck, a Jersey City pig who murdered a Puerto Rican sneak thief in the Jersey City jail getting 15 years in prison and then cummin' out of prison a "Greek Scholar" who is given a New Talmud Translation of the New Testament which advances post-millennial "papist-preterism" and instead of being Two/Dual Seedline preaches "No Devil" Sheldon Emryism instead of Orthodox Comparetian Dual-Seedline Christian Identity. Then there are the Ashkenazi melungeon Dan Johns (since 1999) brought in by Wick-The-Dick Wickstrom (ZOGbot), the Chicago Sephardic jew Joseph Stalin November (formerly Kutz/Putz) brought in by Dan Johns, and then Baal Finck brought in by Captn' Senility the Sicilian Sephardic jew Anti-Comparetian Clifton Emahiser (snuck in in 1997). This doesn't include the mass of petty criminals brought in under the Aryan Nations brand of Auggie Kreis, Ray Redfearin (died of a heart attack brought on by a cocaine overdose in 2003), the convicted crackhead Mo Gulett (who I foolishly associated with until MoGulett threw me under the bus for a plea-'bargain') and all the rest of the petty criminals now claiming to be Aryan Nations. Then there is the ANUSS-MC, which is a coalition of mamzer criminal CreaTards playing Aryan Nations, which is at war with Kommandork Jeff Schoep over which ZOGtard organization can have the highest fuktard membership. In short, there is precious little doctrinal Christian Identity to be found in this mass of mongrel criminals and no understanding of even the basics, much less the finer points of DSCI theology.

    Pierce's National Alliance -- formed by $400,000 in Order Loot -- is nothing more than factions squabbling over what remains of what Pierce built selling trinkets, books and garage-band muzak. The Order gave TraitorGlenn Miller $250,000 and TraitorGlenn Miller enabled a Virtual Colostomy Bag of a forum run by one sick recycled jew in which a full one-third of the ZOGbots don't post on Yom Kippur. And $permFart sucks off much of the geezer-gelt and whiggaz-mites which circulates in the bowel Movement. What are left is blogs, a few declining forums, and a few tards going to rallies and feeding in banquet rooms. The Internuts and their Tard Corrals -- that is your 'Alt-Right'/Bowel Movement today. ZOGbots & Fuktards, nothing much more.

    Whenever some tard does listen to the "Alt-Right" and then proceeds to do some "direct action Lone Tardism" -- and I'm specifically mentioning Dylann Storm Roof as one such "Lone Tard" -- pretty much all of the Bowel Movement, er, Alt-Right, pisses down theyz' legs and runs for the tall grass, telling everyone in and outside the Bowel Movement even thinking of hunching over to pinch off a loaf of Lone-Tardism that "Nooooooooo!!! We don't mean a dang thang of our own bullshit. We's good ZOGling whigger & mamzer ass-clowns, who wouldn't harm a pubic hair of the hi-yaller pinkish-grey gummed Muslim-yid faggot Head Nigga In Charge's nappy haid, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!"

    That said, I like the Alt-Right memes and sundry bullshit posted on Andre 'the nigger' Anglin's Daily $permer and other like places. Far funnier than the "We's all doomed by Janet Reno cummin' to Wacoize us Militia-Mattoids" from the mid-90s. But other than the lulz, what is accomplished?

    I made peace with Harold Covington's Northwest Front back in March 2009. I maintain the peace by not interacting with Harold's bunch. Piss between bowel Movement leaders is only possible when they don't cumpete for the same slop for their troughs. There can be no piss between Bowel Movement Ober-shiessen-kopfen-feeben-fatten-fuktard-fuerhers cumpeting for the same slop in theys' trough.

    Yet the Rise of the God-Emperor /Wrecking Ball Donald Trump has unleashed all manner of Tard, especially in the bowel Movement and particularly that particular species of feces calling itzself the "Alt-Right." There is no shortage of lulz.


    The Mighty Evil Empire of ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final isn't doing too well. The 'minorities' are killing each other and ZOG's piglice as well. So rather than as the current Bowel Movement "thinking" of whining and begging ZOG for one racial ethnostate -- in some cases like the LOSers and CofCC and Hunter Wallace wants right in the middle of 90% niggerstans -- how about simply getting Ten-Thousand racial ethnostates dominated by Ten Thousand Warlords in which what with the collapse of ZOG/Babylon leaves only 20-30 million ex-whiggers. Wouldn't a racial ethnostate or 9,999 be possible or even likely given the complete collapse of ZOG/Babylon and liquidation of its [d]ruling class of addlepated corrupt whiggers run by jews?

    Now I don't expect the Bowel Movement or Alt-Right of ZOGbots & ZOGtards to change even based upon reality when it kicks the Revolutionary door in. But those who cannot perceive dire Reality shall soon enough die.

    We get along, Dr. Greg, like Jack Sprat and his wife because we don't compete for the same followers holding the same beliefs. You have no designs on Granby Missouri; I have no designs on Sans Fagscrisco. We both get along with Harold Covington. Totally different slop in totally different troughs. Where there is competition for tard attention there is conflict, like me with the jew & mongrel See-Eye Dentists, you with the Matt-oids.

    So with the inevitable collapse of ZOG, what is inevitable is Bowel Movement de-centralization. "Unity" is of the jews since Nimrod. YHWH destroyed the "unity" of the First Babylon by confounding the common tongue used by those descended from the Beasts of the Field through the Garments of Power made of such Beasts -- including the two-legged ones -- given to Adam and Eve inherited by Noah and stolen by Ham for Nimrod. The True Sons of Adam have never needed or wanted an Empire in which they are the slaves of the muds.

    Anyone who knows trucking or railroads or agriculture knows how fragile the current System is. And that System is likely to collapse given financial distress far worse than in 2008. So when the trucks stop how long will it take for the unfed animals to go looking to kill whiggers for food? Ninety-six hours from Revolution. The Revolution inevitable shall not produce a Washington or a Cromwell or Napoleon or even a Hitler or Stalin, but given the mongrel population more of a Mao or Pol Pot.

    So the challenge of the Bowel Movement and itz Alt-Right propagandists shall change from metapolyticks of begging ZOG/Babylon for one, just one white ethnostate to try to make a tenuous living like Pine Ridge Souix, but rather Ten-Thousand Warlords ruling absolutely over a population of white survivors of a few thousands but in which the land -- and our People are purified, without a jew idea or gene to be found whatsoever from the Atlantic to the Pacific and if jews or muds are allowed to exist at all it will be none but a few thousands in their own reservation(s) in which they are isolated absolutely.

    Yes, I have a Dream -- A Stainless Steel Dream -- of The Ten Thousand Warlords in which there is a place for every White to live according to their own Notions as long as they can convince their local Warlord. A place where my friend David Lane -- I refused to become one of his Woden-Priests -- said, "We must ensure the Existence of our People and a Future for White Children."

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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