Christian Identity According to Billy Roper

What Is Christian Identity?

by Billy Roper

Some of the members of Writer's Beat have read my use of the term "Christian Identity" to describe my faith. A couple have asked me what the heck that means. Others have asked me not to go there, lol. But, needs must. Where to begin?

Well, Christian Identity is a denomination, as the name implies, of Christianity, but is as different from mainstream Judeo-Christianity as Mormonism is, in a different way. All Christian Identists believe that there were prior earth ages and creational epochs wherein pre-Adamic man, of two or three different races, were created. These featherless bipeds created in Genesis chapter one (beasts of the field) lack souls, however, and lived outside the Garden of Eden. Miscegenation with these nonWhites (Adam was the first White man, created in Genesis chapter two, from whom all Whites are descended) is the true sin of adultery, which means “to mix”. Christian Identity has many denominations and different doctrinal sub-theologies, as does mainstream Protestant Christianity. Some Christian Identity people (a slight majority) follow Old Testament dietary laws, such as not eating pork, catfish, or even mushrooms, while others do not. Some are anti-alcohol, while others are not. A small minority of Christian Identity adherents practice polygamy, but most do not. A major tenet of Christian Identity is that the European nations are descended from the Israelite tribes. The most significant division within Christian Identists, however, is between single and dual seedline adherents.

The majority of Christian Identity adherents in the United States are single-seedline Christian Identists. They believe that Whites are descendants of the Israelites in the Bible, the ten tribes who were in captivity, then migrated northwards through the Caucasus mountains and eventually into Europe. British Israelism was a precursor to Christian Identity which held that most of the Biblical Israelites had been regathered first in the British Isles and then in America as the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples, but Christian Identity draws a direct line of theological inheritance from what it views as the orthodox Biblical Christian tradition. Single seedline Christian Identists believe that those who call themselves Jews today, the Ashkenazi Jews who are the overwhelming majority of American, European, and Israeli Jews are descended from Eastern European Khazar converts to Judaism. The Khazar kingdom, a mixed race European and Turkic nation in southern Russia, converted to Judaism several centuries after the diaspora. When the Khazar kingdom was conquered, the Ashkenazi Jews scattered throughout Eastern Europe. Key to single seedline Christian Identity belief is the rationale that since the Jews’ claim that they are God’s chosen people is based on the idea that they inherited a covenant between God and Abraham, if the Jews are the descendants of converts to Judaism then they are not descended from Abraham and therefore did not inherit any covenant between Abraham and God, and therefore are not God’s chosen people, and have no right to Israel, the country.

Single seedline Christian Identists believe that the Jews were pogromed in one European nation after another due to their outsider status. They were scapegoated and blamed, justifiably or not, for many crimes such as the blood libel, killing of gentile children, poisoning of wells, and practicing usury. Their dominance of the banking industry and wealth early on during the middle ages led to their patronymics with prefixes of “Gold”, “Silver”, et cetera. Over time, their isolation and inbreeding turned the Jews into a genetically identifiable separate subrace of their own. Ashkenazi Jews are physically identifiable and can even develop a genetic disease, Tay-Sachs syndrome. Today, they are one of the only people with their own racially based state. Through their ownership or control of almost every aspect of the mainstream news and entertainment industry, they have an exponentially disproportionate degree of influence over the American electoral process, and on foreign and domestic policy. Over time, the Jews began to realize that they were less likely to be pogromed in a multiracial society where they were just one of several minorities all squabbling for their slice of the pie, and the loudest and most shrill minorities get the largest slice, than in a homogeneous society where they are quickly recognized as outsiders. That is why Jews always support the counterculture, and the civil rights of minorities, against the majority. In the United States, Jews have been in the forefront of promoting abortion, open immigration, the homosexual agenda, and in opposing collective White interests. These are expressions of their collective group survival adaptation. The oppression they faced gave them solidarity stronger than most peoples, and great strength, as has their control over first banking, and now the media. The Jews have usurped the identity of the Biblical Israelites, as that served their interests, as well, even though they know that they are the descendants of converts, rather than of Abraham.

The smaller but more hardline dual seedline branch of Christian Identity, of which I am a follower, believes that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was Satan, and that the allegory of the apple was actually the serpent’s seduction of Eve. In dual seedline Christian Identity, Cain and Abel were twins with different fathers, and Cain was the son of Satan. After he slew Abel, he went into the land of Nod where he found some preAdamic (nonWhite) peoples and built a city and took a wife. In dual seedline Christian Identity, the Jews are quite literally descended from Satan, so when Jesus says “ye are of your father the devil” and “they say they are Jews, but are of the synagogue of Satan”, he means it quite literally.

Most Christian Identists, unlike mainstream fundamentalist Christians, do not believe in a pre-tribulation rapture of believers leading to an apocalyptic battle of Armageddon. Rather, they believe that multiracial democracy, uncontrolled immigration, and economic collapse will lead to the balkanization of America. With the collapse of central authority, Whites will recongregate away from more racially diverse areas, leaving both coasts and the southwest and southeast to consolidate in the heartland of America. Following the battle between good and evil, the earthly kingdom of Christ will be established here on Earth for a millennium.

To a Christian Identist, knowing who Whites are, as the descendants of the Israelites and God’s chosen people, is key, and having love and loyalty for all fellow Whites, even those who are not aware of their Identity, is paramount. In fact, the two most basic and important tenets of Christian Identity, more important than an understanding of seedline theory or following dietary laws or anything else, are to love God, and love your people.

Okay, the floor is open to questions or insults, fire away.