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Thread: Hillary the Sick Evil Corrupt Downer Cow Goes Down

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    Default Clinton falls ill during 9/11 memorial service in New York

    Clinton falls ill during 9/11 memorial service in New York


    Video of Clinton’s departure seemed to show her buckling and stumbling as she got into her van.


    NEW YORK -- Hillary Clinton fell ill during a New York memorial service marking the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and video of her unexpectedly early departure showed her buckling and stumbling as she got into her van.

    The video, circulated on Twitter, appeared to show the Democratic presidential nominee leaving the commemoration at Ground Zero. Flanked by several Secret Service agents who are regulars on her detail, Clinton can be seen leaning against a security bollard while agents prepare to help her into a black van. As she steps forward, Clinton can be seen falling as agents help lift her into the van.

    A campaign spokesman confirmed that Clinton, 68, had suffered from overheating and left the ceremony early.

    "Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen," spokesman Nick Merrill said. "During the ceremony, she felt overheated, so departed to go to her daughter's apartment and is feeling much better."

    The incident quickly renewed attention to Clinton's health. Her rival, Republican Donald Trump, has repeatedly questioned her well-being, saying that she doesn't have the "strength" or "stamina" for the presidency and accusing her of being "exhausted" and sleeping too much.

    Neither Trump, who is 70, nor his aides responded immediately for requests for comment Sunday. But the attacks have intensified in the past month as unverified and often debunked theories about Clinton's health have floated around the Internet. And Sunday's incident prompted an avalanche of speculation on social media.

    One individual familiar with the incident confirmed that Clinton felt ill and wobbly at the event.

    And a former agent said that the detail’s movements show they had not planned for her to leave that early and had to make up some rushed security plans on the fly. The detail leader, normally in charge of sticking by her side at all times, had to leave her momentarily to open the door of her van.

    "However, all details were reporting heat related matters/issues," the first individual said. "This is actually common and anticipated for events such as this."



    Later, shortly before noon, Clinton was seen leaving daughter Chelsea's apartment. She hugged a child, waved and departed in her motorcade.

    "I'm feeling great, it's a beautiful day in New York," Clinton said as she walked out of her daughter's apartment.

    Clinton arrived at the memorial at 8:18 am and greeted Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and his wife as she exited her van, according to the pool.

    "Hillary and I chatted for quite a while about our remembrances of 9/11/01 and our families," said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who also attended the ceremony, in an emailed statement. "It was pretty hot out there, but she seemed fine to me, and left on her own accord."‎

    Reporters traveling with Clinton became aware about 9:36 a.m. that she was no longer in the place where she had been standing. By 9:48 a.m., her campaign confirmed that Clinton had left the viewing area but offered no more details until about 11 a.m.

    Clinton's daughter lives on East 26th Street, in the Gramercy neighborhood of lower Manhattan -- about a 15-minute drive from Ground Zero.

    Just before noon, it was 82 degrees and humid at Ground Zero, though it was probably a bit cooler when Clinton left two hours earlier. Reporters traveling with Clinton could not see her directly, but the politicians around her were all standing and packed tightly together. It was not clear if she was standing in direct sunlight, but there was not much shade anywhere at the service.

    Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.), who stood near Clinton at the ceremony, said “everything seemed normal when I greeted her. She gave me a big hug and a kiss.”

    “I’m not shocked to hear she got a little light-headed because of the stifling heat,” Crowley said, adding that he and others were sweating through their shirts. “I needed a gallon of water myself.”

    Crowley said it is unfortunate that this episode will feed into conspiracies about Clinton’s health. He said anyone could have been similarly affected and Clinton tends to be held to her own “demigod” status.

    Clinton walked out of Chelsea Clinton’s apartment wearing the same dark blue suit and sunglasses she had been wearing at the memorial. She waved, smiled and paused to talk to a young child.

    “Yes, thank you, very much,” Clinton responded when asked by a reporter whether she was feeling better.

    Clinton has been generally healthy as an adult, with the exception of clotting in one leg in 1996 and a concussion and associated health problems from a fall in December 2012. But she has been repeatedly criticized by conservatives and accused of hiding more serious health issues.

    Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, a close adviser to Trump who is regularly at his side on the campaign trail, said last month that he thinks Clinton is "tired" and "looks sick."

    "What you've got to do is go online," Giuliani said on "Fox News Sunday” in late August, accusing the media of hiding information about Clinton's health. "So, go online and put down Hillary Clinton illness, take a look at the videos for yourself."

    If he wins, Trump would become the oldest president ever elected. In December, Trump released a four-paragraph letter signed by Dr. Harold N. Bornstein of Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan that contained few specifics but declared that Trump would "be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency."

    A coughing episode on Labor Day, meanwhile, prompted a fresh round of questions about Clinton’s health. During a speech during a festival in Cleveland, Clinton started coughing repeatedly at the outset of her remarks, took several sips of water and a lozenge and continued to sound hoarse as she spoke. Later that day, she interrupted a question-and-answer session with reporters in the back of her plane after she started coughing. Clinton told reporters her condition was due to “seasonal allergies.”

    The 2012 episode led to a brief hospitalization for a blood clot in Clinton’s head. Details on Clinton’s condition were initially hard to come by, but her State Department office eventually provided extensive medical information.

    Clinton wore special corrective glasses for some months afterward, and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, told an audience in 2014 that it had taken about six months for his wife to recover fully. Clinton herself has said she was surprised by the illness, because she had not experienced anything like it before.

    Clinton’s campaign released a memo from her personal physician, Lisa Bardack, last summer, pronouncing the candidate healthy and suffering no lasting effects from the concussion.

    The 2012 concussion caused concern among Clinton friends and supporters who hoped she would make a second run for the presidency, and some of whom predicted correctly that the episode would fuel speculation that Clinton was too frail to be commander in chief.
    Her campaign dismisses any suggestion that the candidate, who is 68, is not up to the job, while suggesting that the speculation is an example of a sexist double standard not applied to male candidates.

    Clinton seemed upbeat and sometimes jovial as she engaged with reporters several times on her campaign plane last week. However, as rumors have mounted about Clinton’s health in recent weeks, her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, has inserted a short section into his speeches about how much stamina she has.

    During a keynote address Saturday night at a Human Rights Campaign dinner, Kaine said he is “amazed when Donald Trump makes fun of Hillary Clinton’s stamina and energy because I got added to the ticket 100 days out, and I’m already getting lapped by her.”

    “I can’t imagine the stamina and energy it takes to run this campaign for 18 months,” Kaine added. “This is one determined lady.”

    Sarah Dirkes, Jamie Relle, Caitlyn Cockran, and Elizabeth Ward were sitting at brunch at the Black Barn, a restaurant next door to Chelsea Clinton's building, when they saw Hillary Clinton emerge at about 11:45 a.m.

    "She looked fine," said Ward, who was just finishing up her brunch.

    "Great sunglasses," added Dirkes.

    A little girl also ran up to Clinton and asked for a photo with her. The Democratic nominee obliged, and waved to other brunchers at Black Barn before getting in a car and departing.

    Gearan reported from Washington. Kayla Epstein and Philip Bump in New York, and Jenna Johnson, Carol D. Leonnig and John Wagner in Washington contributed to this report.

    lying jewspapers

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    Default Hi!!! I'm Hillary the Downer Cow & I'm Running 4 Quean of the Herd!!!

    Hi!!! I'm Hillary the Downer Cow

    & I'm Running 4 Quean of the Herd!!!




    Hi!!! I'm Hillary the Downer Cow & I'm running 4 Quean of the Herd.

    Due to muh age and years of fighting Mad Cow, I am uniquely suited to running for the jewb of Head Heifer Charge, cum-cum, cum-cum!!! Plus itz "muh turn."

    I just got a little bit of pneumonia which I'm going to spread to muh calf, Chelsea, and to muh grandcalfs. But iffn I'm coffin' then it must be nothing but muffballs from you younger kebab heifer Moostafala Abodine.

    I'm with her & I'm deplorable, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

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    Default Weekend At Hillary’s: The Medical Episode

    Weekend At Hillary’s: The Medical Episode

    Hillary faints at 9/11 ceremony



    Update: Check out the zoomed in video. Unbelievable!

    She stumbled on the curb, fainted, and had to be helped into the van at the 9/11 ceremony. The whole country is watching and this is where she chooses to go down!

    Imagine that … the #LyingPress spent all of August telling everyone she was FINE and anyone who said otherwise was a CRAZY CONSPIRACY THEORIST. What else are they hiding about this woman?

    Note: Start imagining President Tim Kaine. It is a real possibility.




    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default The Fall of Hillary Clinton

    The Fall of Hillary Clinton



    976 words

    On 9/11/2016, Hillary Clinton collapsed at free-fall speed into her own footprint, after making an early exit from a 9/11 commemoration in New York City. At first the Clinton campaign said she was overcome by the heat. But I am sure that at least 88 scientists can be found to sign a statement that temperatures in the 70s, a gentle breeze, and low humidity are not sufficient to cause knees to buckle.

    Obviously, her entourage has seen this kind of stuff before, for instead of rushing her to the hospital, they whisked her off to her daughter Chelsea’s multi-million dollar Manhattan apartment. Later in the day, she emerged saying she felt great. And Clinton’s doctor claimed that she had been diagnosed on Friday with pneumonia.

    Oh what a tangled web.

    Those of us who follow politics have long been convinced that Hillary Clinton is hiding severe health problems that would disqualify her from being president in the eyes of most Americans. The alarming seizures, the persistent coughing fits, her need for help up stairs, her long “bathroom” break during a debate, her rare public appearances, her general low energy, and now this all point to something seriously wrong. The politically informed also have known for a long time that Hillary Clinton is too dishonest, selfish, and corrupt to be trusted with the presidency.

    The reason that both of these truths are not widely known and accepted is simple: the Democrats and their allies in the media do not want them to be known. And to form dissenting opinions, one must draw independent inferences from large numbers of facts observed over a long period of time, something that exceeds the knowledge base, attention spans, and reasoning skills of the average voter.



    But now — praise Kek and his anointed one, the God Emperor — none of this matters, for the normies have undeniable visual proof of both theses. We can now see that Hillary is a sick woman. We can now see that she and her campaign have been lying about her health problems. And, we now know that these lies are not an aberration, but standard procedure — not the last resort but the first — because the campaign compounded them with two more lies: first the claim that Hillary was overcome by heat, then the claim that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.




    Why does the pneumonia diagnosis ring false, aside from the Clinton campaign’s long track record of lies? Pneumonia would certainly explain Hillary’s cough. But Hillary has been coughing for months. And it is not possible that she has been walking around for months with undiagnosed pneumonia. Besides, didn’t she claim during a coughing fit in Ohio that she was suffering from allergies? (The Clintons resort to lying so quickly that they don’t even bother making them consistent.)


    But Hillary is damned if she really does have pneumonia too. The doctors, of course, have not said what kind of pneumonia Hillary has, but if it is one of the contagious varieties, it would be incredibly callous, selfish, and irresponsible for Hillary to expose other people. More than 50,000 Americans die every year of influenza and pneumonia, most of them children, old people, and people with compromised immune systems. But Hillary Clinton has piled up mountains of corpses in Libya and Syria alone. So what’s a few more deaths to slake her ambition?

    But presumably, among those exposed to Hillary’s pneumonia are her two small grandchildren, born in 2014 and in June of this year, making both of them especially vulnerable. Were the babies in Chelsea’s apartment when Hillary turned up after her fainting spell? Would Chelsea have let her mother in if she really had pneumonia? Anything is possible, I suppose, given that we are dealing with sociopaths.



    One of the clearest signs of America’s decline is that there are no people who can say “no” to reckless ambition and folly. There is nobody looking out for the common good of America, because in an increasingly multicultural society, we have nothing in common, much less a common political good.

    But even within our leading political parties, there are no “elders” looking out for their long-term interests. There were no Republicans willing to say “no” to Ted Cruz’s candidacy, even though he is not a natural born citizen and thus not qualified to run for president in the first place. And there were no Democrats willing to say “no” to Hillary Clinton, even though she is a spectacularly corrupt and incompetent candidate. And if her past record did not disqualify her, gaming and cheating Bernie Sanders out of the nomination really should have.

    But the Democratic Party, like America as a whole, is in deep decline. How else could the political vehicle of the Eastern liberal establishment, surely one the most formidable oligarchies the world has ever known, fall into the hands of a criminal gang led by a white trash grifter from Arkansas?

    But in a sick society like ours, enough is never enough. Americans have been programmed with a profoundly self-destructive ideology, liberals especially. They will keep squeaking about Hillary’s vagina, dem programs, and the transcendent need to stop the hated fascist Trump and humiliate his deplorable white trash followers, until — like a pack of lemmings — they plunge to their doom. Unfortunately, they have the power to carry the rest of us with them.

    The Bill Clinton machine — and make no mistake, this is Bill Clinton’s grab for a third term in the White House — is so criminally selfish, criminally reckless, and just plain criminal that they would prop up Hillary’s corpse like El Cid and hope that it leads them to victory rather than admit defeat like honorable men.



    The only people who can say “no” to this insanity now are the voters, by electing Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton’s downfall is white America’s rise. Just watch.

    Counter-Currents Publishing
    Books Against Time

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    Default Sick Evil Crooked Hillary the Downer Cow

    Sick Evil Crooked Hillary the Downer Cow


    Well, there is a new video out cooncerning Crooked Hillary the Sick Evil Mad Downer Cow by the Les Deplorables Doctors of Veternarian Medicine at the 9-11 Holocaust Hamburger Mill & Museum. Crooked Hillary the Sick Evil Mad Downer Cow is running for “Quean of the Herd”. This is a short YOUTUBE video with the following notes:

    Crooked Hillary the Evil Sick Mad Cow just got out from a Goldman-Sachs fundraiser when she collapsed suddenly at the 9-11 Hamburger Holocaust Hamburger Mill. Her eyes rolled about and she drooled. Bill the Old Bull with Bangs was banging Monica the jew heifer. Trump the Pure-Bred MAGA-Orange Bull was studding some Eastern European heifers who throw strong calves. This incident was filmed by Les Deplorables Doctors of Veternarian Medicine. Crooked Hillary the Mad Downer Cow does NOT approve of this message.




    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
    Director, Gustavus Adolphus Clinic of 1636 Swedish Homeopathy
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    (Disqualified Libbertoon) Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missouri

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