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Thread: Third Presidential Debate -- 19 Oct 16

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    Default Third Presidential Debate -- 19 Oct 16

    Live Thread: Third 2016 Presidential Debate

    The Final Debate


    Third Debate Stage

    Open thread.

    Note: The Horserace will resume shortly after the debate.

    It is pointless to keep track of all these bouncy polls. It is notable that the IBD/TIPP poll out today has Hillary +3 in the 2-way race and Trump +1 in the 4-way race. This was the most accurate poll in 2012 and I have been waiting for a while to see it updated.

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    Default hird Presidential Debate Tweets of Pastor Lindstedt -- 19 Oct 2016

    Third Presidential Debate Tweets of Pastor Lindstedt -- 19 Oct 2016










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    Default Final Debate Thoughts

    Final Debate Thoughts



    The third and final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton concluded tonight. Like the second debate, the result was more or less a draw.

    Donald Trump missed opportunities to land what could have been debilitating blows against Hillary Clinton, specifically when the subject of his past treatment of women yet again came up. Trump dismissed fresh accusations against him as fabrications by Clinton’s campaign, but he could have put her on the canvas by bringing up the fact that she threatened and intimidated women who accused her husband of rape.

    Trump did well when he called out Hillary on her accepting money from countries that violated women’s human rights, and dared her to give the money back. He also got a good shot in toward the end, when he said that she just uses niggers and spics for votes, and then tells them to come back in four years.

    The rest of the debate was just the two of them talking over each other and feining outrage over things the other said or did, war-mongering over Iran, and fear-mongering over Russia’s sovereign right to keep an arsenal of nuclear missiles. At least neither one of them mentioned Israel, which was actually refreshing.

    The development coming out of tonight that has me amused and somewhat excited actually, is that Trump is suggesting that he won’t accept a losing election result as legitimate. The possibility that America’s gun-toting, nigger-hating, Pepe-meming “Deplorables” and “Irredeemables” might actually be incited to violent revolt in the wake of a Trump loss, is honestly giving some of the shitliberal MSM pundits a case of nervous bowels, if the post-debate commentary on the major networks is anything to go by. So I gotta give Trump respect for that. Well done, sir.

    Barring the Russians hacking those Diebold machines, Trump is still headed for a big defeat. But it is the aftermath of the election, every waking moment after the election is called for Clinton, that I’m so looking forward to. Hillary Clinton’s coming term is going to find her and her shitliberal circle-jerk elite consumed with apprehension and paranoia that the monster that’s been growing in America’s basement is going to come busting up through the floor at any moment and savagely devour everyone in the room. And they should be afraid. History has demostrated over and over again that tyrannies don’t die gentle deaths and revolutions don’t spare the penitent.

    America is too often celebrated by those less-familiar, for it’s tradition of democracy and the civil and peaceful change of power that democracy facilitates. But we who are generational Americans understand that it was only the spilling of blood that ever made our country and our democracy possible, and it is the spectre of inevitable and renewed spilling of blood that will decide whether America survives as a democratic republic in the image of and for the posterity of its founders, or if it descends a tragic decline into Afro-Brazilification presided over by a cabal of degenerates who provoke its someday nuclear annhialation.

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