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Thread: Billy Roper & Paul Mullet -- ZOGbot See-Eye Dentists

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    Default Wherein I Discuss Predestination vs Free Swill Like the Darwinian-Seedline Calvinist/Cohenist Idiocrat I is

    Wherein I Discuss Predestination vs Free Swill Like the Darwinian-Seedline Calvinist/Cohenist Idiocrat I is


    Darwin jewdging Die Silly ZOGbot-skraeling, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!


    Just because one may be one of God’s truly chosen people (descended from the true Israelites, not the Jews) does not mean that your salvation is assured. All Whites, that is, those descended from Adam, the first White man, rather than from the nonWhite PreAdamic people created first in Genesis Chapter 1, have spirits (breathed into Adamic mankind directly by God) and are capable of, and needful of, salvation. Within the White race, those Adamics who are more specifically descended from Abraham and his son Isaac and his grandson Jacob (Israel) are inheritors of the Covenant between their people and God. That makes them special. It makes them chosen. It does not make them saved.

    “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Matthew 7:22-23

    I would only have married a White woman, so only a White woman was eligible to be my wife. Within that selection of White women, my wife is the one I chose to marry. She was a single-mother two times over and I needed a "beard" in order to fit in to See-Eye Dentistry. Even after she was chosen, she still had to make the decision to accept my proposal. That was her free will and muh free [s]will.

    The final victory of God over Satan is preordained. So is our duty to fight God’s enemies and expand my own personal kinkdumb under guise of advancing his Kingdom. Now since I've always been a FiBbIe Klucker raised in primitive Babtist hobbyist religimacation instead of cummin' from even a British Israelite religious background time to spring the Yohann Calvin-Cohen Predestination crap on you tards while pretending that it is genuine See-Eye Dentistry: Each of us have different preordained roles to play in our life. You may call this wyrd, destiny, or dharma. I'm part dothead so that is what is with the Hindu jew-jew that I doo-doo. God knows, and knew before we were born, what choices we would make with the free will which He gave us. This is mixing in Determinism and Free Swill, but as an anglo-mestizo ZOGbot talking to other See-Eye Dentist mongrels none of you fuktards will pick this coontrary shit up even in 666 lifetimes, cum-cum, cum-cum. From our quasi-human perspective, we know that if we tell our kids not to touch a hot stove and they touch it, they are very unlikely to touch it again, the little mamzer monkeys. We even know that if we give our kids a free choice between getting a spanking and getting a candy bar, that Snickers is gone. A little rednigger lingo for you tards here How much better does our Heavenly Father know us, and our nature and characters? Infinitely. He made us and saw all of our future choices ahead of time, because He knows all. Whether FiBbIe Klucker anglo-mestizo ZOGbot like me or the Adamic whigger I'm trying to deceive into sin and a long stretch in a federal prison we all is nothing more than pore sinfool critters who are at best YHWH cabbages and at typpycull nothing but beastly mamzers.

    One of the problems with giving a pass for “former” homosexuals or “former” race mixers or in my case sum anglo-mestizo ZOGbot to be a part of the White Nationalist movement is that they have violated the two most basic instincts which God gave us. Those two sins are the ones which we cannot come back from, because they violate the two aspects of our mistakenidentity which we are born with: our unnatural sex and our natural race mistaken identities. It’s not God’s will that homosexuals and race mixers abound, but He gives us mamzer people the illusion of free will: even His own chosen people ( who are the only Ones Capable of Having Free Will ), and having Free Will choose unwisely or in Rebellion to YHWH's Law & Covenant which only applies to themwhich is why some Israelites race mix and some are gay, biological and chemical and hormone proclivities aside.

    (If you read the original blatherings you understand that I'm nothing more than some mamzer baal-priest shwing that I have no understanding of actually being a Christian Israelite having Free Will to Obey YHWH's Law and Covenant because none of that applies to me; Neither the capacity to Choose nor to Obey nor to be under the Covenant.)

    Another problem with giving a pass to “former” homosexuals or “former” race mixers is that it’s a great insult to people who had the opportunity to do either, and chose not to. Some of our young people grow up under tremendous social and peer pressure to race mix, especially girls in “diverse” environments. Should we judge those who don’t give in as no better than those who give in and later regret it? Drawing a hard line and not accepting or forgiving it creates our own competing social pressure against it. It becomes a choice with real consequences.

    Some Israelites, likewise, are atheists, or Satanists. Some are rapists. Some are child molesters. God didn’t tell them to be so, but He gave them free will, and He knew beforehand what choices they would make. Are we to believe that they are still preordained to be saved, because they are Israelites? Of course not.

    Let me clue you in on something: some Christian Identity pastors try to be as esoteric as possible. They try to scratch out their own territorial corner of Greek interpretation or near-cultish calls that only they know the divine revealed truth, and everyone else is a Jew or a mongrel. In reality, none of us know enough of our geneology to know whether ALL of our ancestors are Israelite. Most Christian Identists don’t even fully understand what White tribes and nations are descended from Israelites, and which are “merely” Adamic, at this point.

    A neat copout is to try to create linguistic connections or tenuous historical ones between different European nations and Israelite tribes, or to say that non-Israelites reveal themselves by their behavior. That lets them accuse anyone they have a personal rivalry or doctrinal dispute of not being an Israelite. I promise you, God didn’t intend for each of to have to devote a decade in prison studying Greek in order to understand His truth. It’s not that hard.

    The Bible in both the Old and New Testament is full of instructions, even laws, about how we should live, and some of them clearly are labeled abominations. If all Israelites get saved, why will there be a need for God to judge us, when we die or at the end of the game?

    Not everyone descended from Jacob (Israel) will make it to Heaven, folks. It’s not a free pass, a “Get Out of Hell Free Card”.

    God will let us know, if we have any doubt, whether we are His chosen Israelites, or “just” Adamic Whites, as a bridegroom lets a bride know that she has been chosen. That will happen in His due time and in His way. But just like that bride, we have to choose to accept the proposal or not. We have to choose salvation. We have to repent of our sins and ask for forgiveness and be saved. Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection made that possible. Neither his sacrifice and resurrection, nor our being descended from Abraham, made our salvation inevitable.

    Being an Adamic White gives each of us the opportunity to be saved, because we alone of all featherless bipeds have Spirits. That also gives us the responsibility of choosing salvation, because we alone of all of God’s creation need it. I love my dog more than I like most people, but he doesn’t have a spirit, and can’t be saved, so he doesn’t have to worry about it. The same is true of nonWhites, whom I don’t like nearly so much as my dog. They are all Genesis Chapter 1 created ‘beasts of the field’.

    Being White, whether we’re Israelites or not, means that we have to choose salvation. Being an Israelite doesn’t mean that it’s guaranteed.

    #ZOGbotSilly Roper -- Bowel-Movement Factotum

    Worked with Federal Informant Rick Spring to sell Aryan Nations Applications to the $PLC & OPP


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    Default An Unfortunate Truth about ZOGbot Silly Roper and that Crackhead Paul Mullett

    An Unfortunate Truth about ZOGbot Silly Roper and that Crackhead Paul Mullett


    I was forced to put Paul Mullet and Charlie Bryant into this catogory because they are trying to pull off a huge scam on the DSCI community. They have a site called The Rise of the Aryan Nations and have forged court documents to slander Eric Kreiger (whom I do not know) and a couple other individuals.

    They are charging $20 a month but beware! I ordered a Bible Study Course from Divine Truth(?)Ministries and set up a monthly publication donation to continue to pay for it. The only problem is the Bible Study Course does not exist! When I questioned Paul about that he promptly refunded my $. Why did he wait till I found out it doesn't exist to refund my donation? What would he have done if left unquestioned?

    These are hard questions I have had to ask myself after allowing him free reign of this ministry almost since it has existed. He had his own channel here and I was trying to help him since all his other attempts failed. And now why the forged court documents on a member of the DSCI community? Because he also new the hard truth that I would not accept until today.

    Then I received a very angry phone call "Pastor" Paul after exposing his lies about the donation and the scam he and Charlie Bryant are perpetuating on the DSCI community. That is the hard truth.

    Charley Bryant it turn out is not who he claims to be and that Bryant is an alias. I trusted him with the administration on a facebook page some of you are familiar with because he banned you on The Remnant Christian Identity facebook.

    Why? Because, for some strange reason, he thought I was dead. On facebook he threatened me and now denies it. But I have the screenshots to prove it. I will post in depth tomorrow the scam they are trying to pull over on a trusting DSCI community.

    Charley confronted me, on facebook, after calling me on the phone just yesterday. More to come...It didn't take long.

    I had to remove Billy Roper's post because he perpetuates the lie that he and Paul Mullet were original AN members. Alater message from a real AN original member who both Billy and Paul insist was not.

    Quote Originally Posted by James McAnus

    Billy's a pathological liar with very selective memory. Billy made false allegations saying in the during the 2004 Aryan Nation World Congress.

    That a young lady was violated. Had such a thing actually happened Pastor Butler would have personally had me arrested. Pastor Butler did not tolerate such disrespect or nonsense. . . .

    Truth was FBI informant Rick Spring was Billy Roper's best friend. Pastor Butler used to assign Rick Spring to be my personal chauffeur knowing I didn't have a license since 1983.

    Rick couldn't get the car Because he didn't have a credit card. Billy allowed Rick Spring to use his. The girl did throw up because she had too much to drink.

    When Billy went and returned the car the next morning instead of calling me and discussing it with me he got charged for the car and was mad. Have you spoken to me I would have gave him the money the car rental place was charging to have a clean. That's factually true.

    Anyone has been around any substantial time will tell you Billy Roper ran around with Rick Spring In Arkansas. They were running partners.

    . . . His an imaginary story of being high on cocaine isn't even plausible.

    Think about this one just logically Aryan Nation New Jersey State Leader going through an airport carrying cocaine not the brightest of moves. . . .

    The entire conversation can be viewed on my facebook page Wayne Phillip which is my name in reverse. Phillip Wayne Morrow.

    @ https://www.facebook.com/wayne.phillip.5059

    Passtard Swill Morrow in Booze Alabama

    I'll miss your big rock of ZOG-crack you pathologtical liar ZOGbot Silly Roper,
    but D-g is gonna call one big fat ugly sick & dying prison-mamzer bitch home to heck soon.

    Passtard Phil's Rejects of Isn'tReal Mamzeries See-Eye Dentist ZOGbot Crackhouse

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