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Thread: Billy Roper & Paul Mullet -- ZOGbot See-Eye Dentists

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    Default An Unfortunate Truth about ZOGbot Silly Roper and that Crackhead Paul Mullett

    An Unfortunate Truth about ZOGbot Silly Roper and that Crackhead Paul Mullett


    I was forced to put Paul Mullet and Charlie Bryant into this catogory because they are trying to pull off a huge scam on the DSCI community. They have a site called The Rise of the Aryan Nations and have forged court documents to slander Eric Kreiger (whom I do not know) and a couple other individuals.

    They are charging $20 a month but beware! I ordered a Bible Study Course from Divine Truth(?)Ministries and set up a monthly publication donation to continue to pay for it. The only problem is the Bible Study Course does not exist! When I questioned Paul about that he promptly refunded my $. Why did he wait till I found out it doesn't exist to refund my donation? What would he have done if left unquestioned?

    These are hard questions I have had to ask myself after allowing him free reign of this ministry almost since it has existed. He had his own channel here and I was trying to help him since all his other attempts failed. And now why the forged court documents on a member of the DSCI community? Because he also new the hard truth that I would not accept until today.

    Then I received a very angry phone call "Pastor" Paul after exposing his lies about the donation and the scam he and Charlie Bryant are perpetuating on the DSCI community. That is the hard truth.

    Charley Bryant it turn out is not who he claims to be and that Bryant is an alias. I trusted him with the administration on a facebook page some of you are familiar with because he banned you on The Remnant Christian Identity facebook.

    Why? Because, for some strange reason, he thought I was dead. On facebook he threatened me and now denies it. But I have the screenshots to prove it. I will post in depth tomorrow the scam they are trying to pull over on a trusting DSCI community.

    Charley confronted me, on facebook, after calling me on the phone just yesterday. More to come...It didn't take long.

    I had to remove Billy Roper's post because he perpetuates the lie that he and Paul Mullet were original AN members. Alater message from a real AN original member who both Billy and Paul insist was not.

    Quote Originally Posted by James McAnus

    Billy's a pathological liar with very selective memory. Billy made false allegations saying in the during the 2004 Aryan Nation World Congress.

    That a young lady was violated. Had such a thing actually happened Pastor Butler would have personally had me arrested. Pastor Butler did not tolerate such disrespect or nonsense. . . .

    Truth was FBI informant Rick Spring was Billy Roper's best friend. Pastor Butler used to assign Rick Spring to be my personal chauffeur knowing I didn't have a license since 1983.

    Rick couldn't get the car Because he didn't have a credit card. Billy allowed Rick Spring to use his. The girl did throw up because she had too much to drink.

    When Billy went and returned the car the next morning instead of calling me and discussing it with me he got charged for the car and was mad. Have you spoken to me I would have gave him the money the car rental place was charging to have a clean. That's factually true.

    Anyone has been around any substantial time will tell you Billy Roper ran around with Rick Spring In Arkansas. They were running partners.

    . . . His an imaginary story of being high on cocaine isn't even plausible.

    Think about this one just logically Aryan Nation New Jersey State Leader going through an airport carrying cocaine not the brightest of moves. . . .

    The entire conversation can be viewed on my facebook page Wayne Phillip which is my name in reverse. Phillip Wayne Morrow.

    @ https://www.facebook.com/wayne.phillip.5059

    Passtard Swill Morrow in Booze Alabama

    I'll miss your big rock of ZOG-crack you pathologtical liar ZOGbot Silly Roper,
    but D-g is gonna call one big fat ugly sick & dying prison-mamzer bitch home to heck soon.

    Passtard Phil's Rejects of Isn'tReal Mamzeries See-Eye Dentist ZOGbot Crackhouse

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