What Now?

Where do we go from here?



After a year of hard work, we got what we wanted: Donald Trump won the presidency.

It is an unbelievable result. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it. I haven’t had much time to think through where we go from here, but as we move forward into 2017 a few obvious directions come to mind:

1.) Interest Group – We’ve got to organize and become an interest group. President Trump made all sorts of promises during the campaign and has to be held accountable. He ran on a strong nationalist message. He laid out a bold, strong national populist agenda. In doing so, he moved the Overton Window and created the grounds – pretty good grounds, considering where we were – on which he can be criticized in the future.

2.) Nationalism, Inc. – If we learned nothing else from this election, it is that we need to beef up our own institutions. We have some very potent ideas. We have a strong message that resonates with White people. Millions of White people now believe in our ideas, but until now we were missing the spark to ignite the explosion. We need to invest in creating our own institutions to compete in politics. We’ve got Breitbart, but its meteoric growth suggests there is an audience for a much stronger brew.

3.) Taboos – Hillary Clinton said shed going to show the world that love was going to trump hate. She ran against hate groups, the alt-right, Pepe … and she lost. Political correctness has never been more vulnerable to a challenge. If we break the Left’s stranglehold over our culture and its values, many more political victories will follow. We have a lot of taboo smashing to do and many snowflakes to melt.

4.) Organizing – I don’t know about you guys, but wouldn’t you like to leave behind this anonymous underground scene and start organizing and having meetups in the real world? I’ve been doing it for years now. We need President Donald Trump to open up the cultural space to where we can start organizing in the real world. That’s the most important thing he can do for us as president to reward us for our support. If this were possible, we could rapidly become a far stronger political force than we are now.

5.) Crackdown – It would be real nice to have the Justice Department crackdown on anti-White groups that engage in mob violence, harassment of our activists and violation of our civil rights. We need President Trump to cut off the federal government’s support for those groups. Maybe even have the FBI investigate them.

6.) More Trumps – By destroying the Washington establishment, President Trump has opened up political space for others to run for office on his platform. Obviously, we need more people like Paul Nehlen running for office in state and federal races. There are plenty of #NeverTrumpers out there like Linda Graham who are prime targets.

7.) European Spring – It is my understanding that Breitbart is expanding its operations into continental Europe. That’s wonderful news. We need to pivot to pushing forward the European Spring to bring other nationalists to power in Western Europe.